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  1. the mind boggles..

  2. Assuming neither work, family, hangovers or high water, then Krilari shall make his return to help save Christmas Winter's Veil once more!
  3. Howdy folks. Like most creatively-inclined internet-dwellers I've long had an interest in tools such as Photoshop, typically using it as a creative means to pump out fancy little graphics for impending events or character concepts. True to as I am, I'm currently looking to challenge and improve upon my pre-existing creative design space, which is where the lovely folks such as you come in on. I want to make shit for you. Avatars and Signatures are my main intention here since they're typically quick and easy to pump out, meaning I likely won't have to trifle myself with a long line of commissions or whatever have you. With that said I have done smaller forays into things such as still-editing to shape the WoW models to fit a more creative range, and I could be convinced to do a few of these though they will be at my preference mostly. So post, PM, find me on Skype. Whatever. Just make sure to include some details as to what you want and I'll do my best to fit the bill. Below will be some of my past work (My portfolio, if you will) as well as completed commissions. Some work for Runok. The Healing Hearth Banner. Advertisement for an incomplete Storyline. Visual for an unrealized guild concept.
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    Any chance we can get something for more primal races? Titles like 'Chieftain', 'Warchief', and so on.
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    Business Name: The Valor Guard Forge Location: Coastal Grizzly Hills Category: Blacksmithing, particularly mastercraft and magical armaments. Teleport: .t va_cap Owner: Abwan Valorstride
  6. Hey there everyone, I'm coming to you all with a bit of news here. As many of you are likely aware, I've tailored Abwan's Tribe and the land they claim to be a sort of Custom Town that would be the scene for casual RP as well as events. What's come to my recent attention is the intention for Custom Towns to be phased out of use, and this would apply to the Valorstride Guild interior as well. With this information coming to light I'm looking to take the guild and give it some very serious changes which will hopefully help it fall more in line with the current story of the world, taking part in it rather than being exclusive members of their own clique. What this means right now is that the Shards of Sunlight event line will be canceled indefinitely as I begin work on trimming down the guild territory and retooling the guild to fit a more proactive motivation. The one event that has happened thusfar will not be retconned, meaning that all who attended can keep the pay they received from Abwan as well as the general experience of the attack. With any hope, once things are settled, I will look back into running some guild-oriented events but for the time being there will be a lot of background work to do. I apologize for those of you who were really looking forward to this, and with any hope I'll make it up in the future. For now, thank you all for showing your interest and I hope you remain active with me as I look to get RP churning.
  7. That will be left up to Orochi mainly, given he will be the one running the events and the one having to deal with logistics. I do want to leave room for player antagonists, but they may have an easier time outside the span of the major events, rather than within. In other news, it seems events will mainly be between Friday and Saturday, twice a week. For times I'm considering between 3PM EST and 4PM EST. Y'all tell me how that sounds, and with any hope we'll have our first event this coming Friday.
  8. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ “ ... Kor'kron. Seven letters and a single grammatical mark alone elicit such a vile shudder. I remember the halcyon days under Thrall's hammer where they were the firm hand of the Warchief; harsh, though fair. I remember too watching that honorable name contort to a new meaning - a band of bloodthirsty beasts put to the beck and call of the most pathetic conqueror to grace Azeroth. Many good men died in those days. It began with reasonable warfare, but as madness escalated to previously unimaginable highs the Horde turned upon itself in decisive acts of self-mutulation. Darkspear corpses were strewn in the streets. Bloodhoof Tauren skulked in the shadows, deprived in their shame. Blood Elves and the Forsaken plotted their political futures decidedly deprived of the Warchief's command. Even the people rebelled in paltry masses. We fled to the wilds, to our enemies, to whomever could provide us shelter from the insatiable hunger of Hellscream's bloodlust. And so some of us came here to Earthshaker - to prosperity. For a time we ignorantly believed we had escaped the world and all it's factional warfare.I also remember the day that Kor'kron banners decorated the ridges that surround our village. I remember the flames that consumed our huts and despoiled our graves. †______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Over a year ago the Tauren of the Valorstride Tribe first set their hooves on the shores of the Grizzly Hills with one intent in mind: to make a home for themselves. Led by their Chieftain, Abwan Valorstride, they fled their begrudging lives beneath the Hellscream's eyes and sought their own amnesty in seclusion - where they needn't be judged for the race of their friends, nor fear execution from the bolstered Kor'kron. In the time hence these renegades of Horde law have expanded their border thrice over, festering outward from meager huts to a walled village, and from a walled village to a respectable citadel. Now as the stony spire of Abalo'she towers over the grizzly shores the Horde is reminded of these burdensome outcasts and their repugnant, cowardly notions of peace. Eager to rekindle morale amongst Horde soldiers world-wide, the conclave of generals have sent Legionnaire Kil'shi Rendtear equipped with forces befitting a siege to lay waste to these upstart Tauren once and for all. Join the Valorstride Tribe in this venture as they mount a defense over not just their ideals, but their very lives! War looms over-head and the Grizzly Hills will be the battlefield as ideals clash! Lives will be lost and villages will be crushed beneath the spiked treads of the Horde Warmachine, and as the irreparable damage sends the people of Earthshaker into a whirring panic a question arrises: Will they survive? An answer to be decided by the altruism of brave adventurers. Those who do not mind bloodying their hands over Kor'kron corpses stand to gain great glory and great coin, and those who establish themselves as true heroes may gain arms, weaponry, and trinkets befitting their noble status. Come write history - be it humiliating defeat or crushing victory - as you join the Valorstride and their pursuit for survival in Shards of Sunlight! - Hosted by the gracious Orochi. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Friday, September 30th at 4PM Server Time! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. Using his remaining tokens, Ausar claims [Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat] as well as the [scepter of the False Prophet].
  10. Ausar claims the [Regenerating Belt of Vek'nilash] and the [Ring of Emperor Vek'lor]. Otherwise he holds onto the remaining coin.
  11. Joke's on us. The event is April 18th, 2017.
  12. I'm prepared to travel back in time for this event.
  13. Literal what. Metaphorical Inquiry.
  14. If at all possible I'd actually like to switch out my characters from Krilari to Ausar. Character Name: Ausar Variation of Light-wielder: Seeker of Glorious Truths Continent: Nomadic. As for times- depending upon how my work schedules me - I'm good from 12PM Realmtime / 2PM Realmtime to 9PM Realmtime / 1AM Realmtime. A bit weird, I know. If there's a specific timezone you'd like me to translate to simply say so.
  15. Character Name: Krilari Dawnsend. Variation of Lightwielder: Paladin of the Argent Crusade. Continent: Eastern Kingdoms.