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  1. I grab my hair, falling on the ground And crying. Sent
  2. Well I don't think it's a "I believe in the light less now." Rejuvenating or not you can't just go and cast without a limit, there is a limit, but it isn't mana based. I don't believe light rejuvenated mental fatigue, in that case you can use the light to never sleep? Sent
  3. How about you just get tired the same manner you get from running and say that channeling the light fatigues you cause it's concentrating and stuff ya know. Mental fatigue. Sent
  4. Also uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @Casimir wants some headlight fluid, and a pound of electricity dust, mind fetching it? Sent
  5. Fort benning is for Americans ya dum dum. I am from Israel my boot camp was down at the desert in a base called Ranger Camp. The place is so bleak and morbid I heard the Staff Sergeant there painted all the rocks white so it will look even bleaker. I started off boot camp at winter too, had hypothermia twice. Good times, had to navigate desert ravines through hail in minimal clothing. God looking back I literally ate shit didn't I hahaha. I got a better life now, after graduating medic school and a year in service in ranger squads I was pulled to the clinic and now I am just a desk job addict. Clinic manager forever. My rotation ends in 4 months and I won't stay here in the army, I got other plans. Sent
  6. Rangers don't rp mang... Tho Tbh the cavalry recon is also integrated here but they all look like they want to smoke weed. Sent
  7. Usually infantry have little to no dnd players unless one batallion / company gets that stereotype so they shove nerds there I am the only one in my whole batallion of 700+ people who rp. Sent
  8. In what military branch do you serve at again? Also what's your role? Sent
  9. The third of February is Saturday not Thursday. Sent
  10. I raise my hand... T-thursday p-please? Sent
  11. Like, Thursday, I am free from there on out. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  12. Can Southport be ehhh heh.. ETA two weeks? Next week is a real doozy... Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk
  13. Daria will Join the Shadow Gather Event. Sent from my LG-H870 using Tapatalk