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  1. I hope no one steals your shit in puerto rico and coronavirus doesnt infiltrate u bby

    1. S P R O C K

      S P R O C K

      im 1000 feet tall and unstoppable, the coronavirus cannot touch me

    2. Sorum


      can i infiltrate u like corona but instead of the lungs, your nono-spot?

  2. Sorum, I want to come clean about my feelings. I love you. I'm not joking, I really love you. I think about you every day. It's fucking painful, Sorum. I'm constantly wracked by guilt that I did not protect you. I cannot believe you died in a freak RC helicopter accident that also wiped ten percent of your bloodline. I wish I had done more, Sorum. I wish I was a better man. I wish I could hold you in my arms, today... But alas. We are the solemn souls that survive, we unlucky few, to deal with the guilt and sorrow of living on without the person that you love.


    Rest in peace, Sorum. I love you.

    1. Nomit


      This opened some old wounds. Let's all take a breather and be sure to practice safe RC helicopter practices as well as follow all of the RC helicopter (and drone for that matter) safety instructions as per OSHA regulation. The rules are there for a reason, folks!

    2. Be Rad

      Be Rad

      Very hard read. Miss you everyday Sorun, every time I hear the whirring sounds of an RC helicopter outside my window I get a cold sweat. My entire existence feels like it's being ripped out of this world and the only thing I can think about is Sorun. Sorun and all of his wonderful half elves.... Their witty quips and desirable bodies! Please be safe during these trying times, everyone, and never pick up the controller without thinking first.



    3. Sorum


      I saw a dog today, 5/7/2020

  3. Should have hired a proper assassin!!!!!!!!!!! .....I have one....
  4. In the days around Love is in the Air, a few individuals went missing in the Elwynn Forest area. Recently however, one of them made it back to Goldshire and described the events that have transpired. From his sayings, every one of them was seduced and captured during Love is in the Air celebrations when they wandered out for a quick nature's call. He refused to explain what happened afterwards and is currently being questioned by the SI:7. He was however able to describe the kidnapper. Kidnapper's appearance: The Stormwind Authorities recommend care!
  5. Sorum


    Sadly, the dude left the server. I think this been over for a while now.
  6. Yo sign me up for Cordana as well on Zayel!!! <3
  7. Time to break into another bank... Who was at it for the gadgetzan heist? Let's do it my dudes.
  8. Sorum

    Clean up off-topic

    Are you guys ok?
  9. That's like 100% more people than in early EU time.
  10. Sorum

    IRL Pic Thread

    Think I've seen this pic on /r/bossfight lmao
  11. People also got finals and shit. I know this time of the year is bad for RP in general. The discord RP servers I am on are almost as inactive as paragon. Personally, been busy at work.
  12. Sorum

    Oh No

    haha nice meme REMINDER: If you catch a bee in a jar put it in your fridge. He’ll fall asleep in the frost. You can then put him in your mouth. He will eventually wake up as your mouth heats him up. Then you’ve got a free bee in your mouth.