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  1. "Perhaps it is your imperfections... that which grants you free will... that allows you to persevere against all cosmically calculated odds. You prevail where the Titan's own perfect creations have failed." Deep within the Caretaker's Chambers, a door remains sealed tightly shut, but a timer beside it slowly draws to zero. As you enter the chamber of the Caretaker, a young man appears to be seated at a simple desk in the middle of the massive chamber. He appeared to be focused upon a scroll, writing down something in a foreign language. A more notable adventurer may recognize it as Titanic in origin. "You've come then, good..." Stated the echoing voice, emanating from the strange young man before you. But why had you come? What had drawn you to this new chamber within the facilities watched over by the Caretaker? Was it fate? Perhaps the Caretaker had more power in this world than we realized. "Since the time of Algalon's defeat, this one has questioned you... mortals." Said the Caretaker, his voice showing a tinge of distaste for the flesh cursed beings. The man raised his head, revealing brilliant glowing eyes, like a pair of blue stars staring into your soul. With a wave of his hand, the chamber shifted and changed. Titanic architecture dropped, making way for ancient elven stone ruins, covered in foliage and rubble. "Eldre'thalas... A notable homestead of the ones you know as Shen'dralar... There's quite the story to these people, you know. More than most will get to discover. You, however, will learn their story well." You raise your brow, questioning the being before you. How could this be? Did the Caretaker plan to send you back into the past? Did the Titans wish for you to rewrite history? No, they'd created guardians, the Bronze Flight, to prevent just that in the first place. "Your kind's abilities and thoughts elude even us Watchers. You are... Different from the kin we spawned here, upon Azeroth. Perhaps it is your fleshy composition that makes you as you are... I know not." A gentle sigh escapes the man's lips, the features of Dire Maul shifting, changing to show the original glory of Eldre'thalas. You now stood in the center of a great arena, cheering Highborne all about. The scene shifts again, to a great war. Demons and Highborne battling for control. Chaos and death all around you. "Your kind has faced many trials and survived. Why is it you survive in the chaos of this world? It is an imperfect world. Anarchy." You find yourself back in the original chambers, the desk gone, and the man before you standing tall. He was intimidating to say the least, staring at you with his starry gaze. He reached up, grasping lightly at your chin. "I will discover what it is in time. The experiments begin soon." In the blink of an eye, you find yourself standing outside the same doorway you had entered, but it was sealed shut. It looked as if it had not been opened in hundreds of thousands of years, but that was impossible. You were just inside, no? Beside the door, a ticker slowly counted down to zero... A voice rings once more in your mind. "At the timer's end, the way shall be revealed. The experiments of the Legends of Azeroth shall begin." "So, what the hell is this all about?" The following events are Caretaker events based around the completion of the Dire Maul storyline, before Cataclysm. Adventurers will get to face old favorites such as King Gordok and Immol'thar once more. However, a twist to this story, is the Caretaker's Experimentation factor. Through out the storyline, the Caretaker will change specific factors in order to attempt to find what grants Mortals their survival abilities. "Are you implying you're revamping Dire Maul's whole story?" Dire Maul will remain mostly the same, with a few exceptions. Some notable side quests will be adjusted and changed ever so slightly. This includes the Paladin Mount quest, for example. While not gone, the Ancient Equine Spirit's purpose will certainly shift. This also may include changes during specific encounters, such as Lethtendris' minion being upgraded from a lowly imp to something with a little more kick to it. "Will there be any secrets?" Trust me, keep your eyes open and explore the dungeon. There's going to be a lot going on in this place, and not all of it is going to be from Retail perspective. There will be easter eggs, hidden rewards, puzzles, and special challenges spread through every wing of this massive instance. Creative problem solving is going to result in some rather interesting tales and benefits. You'll still be expected to continue through the dungeon, as excessive lingering may very well have dark consequences in this cursed city. "How do I get that phat lewt?" You'll be provided multiple tokens through these series of events. One token will be automatically provided for general participation in an event. You can earn additional tokens by showing proper participation and activeness in the group. Don't expect to stand in the background every event and qualify for the big daddy prizes. You'll need to be active in the events in order to earn your dues. On top of this, there will be hidden goodies as mentioned in the previous section of the FAQ. "B-but favoritism!!" Yeah, no. I think it's fairly obvious who actively participates during an event. You're willingly joining the event, not being dragged into it, so I'd better not hear complaints if you don't get an activity token alongside your participation token. This also brings up a big point. If you whine and bitch and moan, and hold up the event, you're gone from the event. We're mostly grown men and women here, so I expect you to act like one. Event Times & Dates Introductory - November 29th, 8:00am Server Time Deeper Inside - December 1st, 8:00am Server Time
  2. Boop. Update time. Seems I've breached temp DM rules a few times, so the event's being closed. Sorry to all that participated and were expecting cool stuffs for tokens. On a positive note y'all got a few neat prizes. (You guys suck at avoiding traps ♥) Event Over
  3. The Experiments Begin: Sul - Alive - 1 Token Incandessa - Alive - 1 Token Cenia - Alive - 1 Token Colby - Alive - 2 Tokens Aerylrin - Alive - 2 Tokens Ambreth - Alive - 2 Tokens Gunner - Heavily Injured - 2 Tokens Golka - Alive - 1 Token Minthe - Undead (Alive) - 2 Tokens Mugdhol - Dead - 1 Token The adventurers have released the Void Beast Immol'thar it prowls its old prison. The Prince awaits those who have betrayed his welcoming arms. The Vile Ancient Tendris has fallen. The Magister has disappeared. Illyana has finally been put to rest. The Equine Spirit has left. His treasure was not collected. The Faerie Circle was destroyed. It can no longer purify Illyana's blade. The Banshees were left be. The group will remain weakened when fighting in the Highborne Wing. The camp chest was collected by Golka. The Santum chest was collected by Minthe. The Ancient Compendium was granted to Colby by the Lorekeeper. The Holy Water was taken from the camp by Golka. Considering how a few people dodged a bit too much for my liking or took too much damage without really acknowledging it, expect the next series of events to be amped up a bit in difficulty. Next event is Tuesday December 1st at 8:00am Server Time.
  4. The event has been scheduled for tomorrow at 9:00am EST. This is 8:00am Server Time.
  5. I'm sorry but what ERP den are we talking about here? Pretty sure I don't have one of those. If you're talking about when I handled Thor's interior, it was both approved and I was given permission to take care of it because the builders at the time were backed up to high hell. If it doesn't have to do specifically with LoA, either PM me, or keep it to yourself. Thanks.
  6. No, after the last shitstorm caused by people making shit up, the DM Team tried to get me banned from DMing based on false information. My entire chain's ending was then forced in a new direction by staff, acting without asking for my own information regarding the event. When I presented the correct information to an Admin, the fuck-up was acknowledged but it was decided to not renege on the staff decision for whatever reason (even as it was made without all the correct information) because apparently they had to stick by said decision. tl;dr I can and am hosting because last time people lied and tried to get me in trouble based on lies. Lies proven false
  7. Information regarding this event has been updated.
  8. Definitely an event chain I can actually join. Expect Priestess Isa Valtierre for all for sure.
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    I think Phoenix is implying just ICly having Dellorne's permission to enter.
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    If Phoenix is up for it maybe we could do the nether dragon wednesday and then the eredar thursday so people can join one or the other or both.
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    Perhaps if we can get enough people Tass would be willing to do it the day before
  12. We still have all the scenarios and shit that will likely be taken by staff and DMs themselves. I'm incredibly stoked for how jam packed with events we'll be.
  13. This is 154 separate events. If we were to tackle this once a week, it would take us three years. Twice a week would take a year and a half. Even if we did three times a week consecutively, this is going to take us a year minimum. And I'm so fucking stoked for that. DUNGEON MASTERS AND STAFF, PREPARE YOUR ANUSES.
  14. If you need to find them go to and type High Arakkoa, then click one of their sound files and it will search all NPC's with that sound file.
  15. Wow, I don't like posting from my phone. -Anyway- The following link is something I just found during my daily imgur browse while I'm bored. I thought perhaps it might help if people take some of these into consideration when RPing. It's also a really good guide for Dungeon Masters who want to make a story that tells a tale rather than "gib loot" or "kill dis". (The Journey 2 is a good example)
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    I got to face Medivh in chess. I'm happy.
  17. Avelin's Earthshatter Regalia has been imbued with the power of flame. {1/4 Quests Completed}
  18. As an efficient and successful production Hold, House Wolfheart has donated: Ten Bracers of Armor Three Edged Gauntlets (Three Bladestorms a Day) Fifteen Elixirs of Superior Strength Six Potions of Natural Armor Five Packs of Adrenal Powder Twenty Vials of Alchemical Oils (Five Fire, Five Frost, Five Lightning, Five Sonic)
  19. An old tome and three small relics were recently found at the remains of a campsite set up in the Ungoro Crater several years ago. Foliage and weathering marked the location as quite unused. There had been three dwarf skeletons at the camping ground. By the evidence found, it is believed the three had gone insane and killed each other in the midst of the night. The tome revealed itself to be the personal logbook of a Dark Iron Mage, likely of the Thorium Brotherhood, named Shaedra Molteneye who had been exploring the Ungoro Crater with her unlikely allies. These allies were Wildhammer Dwarf Farin Clawhorn and Ironforge Dwarf Kalec Ironheart. The journal itself appeared to be enchanted with extremely powerful magic so that the tome could only be read by the writer or by standing near the location where something had been written. Only so much had been written in the camp, it would appear. However, the information found was enough. The tome stated that the three dwarves had uncovered some sort of labyrinth of Titanic Ruins under the Volcano in Ungoro. While it did not go into detail as to what lie beneath, there was a riddle to start off the journey. Hidden below the liquid earth ye shall find A tomb of riches and bounties of every kind To unlock this great secret, use the key For you may only enter through the use of the three. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Adventurers are being encouraged to make their way to Ungoro to help solve the mystery of the facility nicknamed "Uldiris." The rewards will certainly be great and plenty for those that play an active role in the expedition. Though it is likely that such an expedition will also hold great danger, the possible rewards must certainly outweigh the looming chance of death. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Difficulty: Dangerous Rewards: Epic Loot System: Token Loot Tables Availability: Neutral Characters that were previously involved each chapter will have priority slots. There will be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 5 slots available. FINALE WILL BE: Saturday, March 28th at 1:00pm Server Time Tokens: Galen - 10 Mekkatix - 4 Bertram - 9 Mordanwynn - 10 Salaresh - 6 Ansel - 2 Brenda - 12 Meori - 5 Benitar - 6 Ellivari - 1 Abelas - 3 Hannah - 4 Zahariel - 3 Airen - 10 Janite - 5 Thorndir - 3 Ethyl - 1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ · POSSIBLE TITAN LOOT 2 Tokens: Uncommon Metal Resources 4 Tokens: Rare Metal Resources, Titan Themed Weaponry (Powerful Arcane and Frost Enchantment) · Windslicer · Stormedge · Lucky Old Sun · Earthshaper · Void Sabre · Stormrune Edge · Timeslicer · Pulsing Spellshield (Has high Resistances to Arcane and Frost) · Fordragon Blades · Icecore Staff · Golden Saronite Dragon · Avalanche · Deliverance · Rifle of the Platinum Guard · Scepter of Creation 6 Tokens: Epic Metal Resources, Titanic Weapon, Special Request · POSSIBLE QIRAJI LOOT 2 Tokens: Uncommon Trinket · Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron - A puzzle box that will spout insane comments at times. · Pendant of the Scarab Storm - A crowd of scarabs appear from the ground, attacking enemies for 6 seconds. · Titan Soul Mirror - Create a non-moving replica of yourself for 6 seconds. 4 Tokens: Rare Trinket · Blessing of the Old God - Become Silithid for 24 seconds. · Bones of Transformation - Become a large naga for 12 seconds. · Spurious Sarcophagus - Summon and hide in a sarcophagus for 5 minutes. Qiraji Themed Weaponry (Powerful Frost and Acid Enchantment) · Hammer of Ji'zhi · Blessed Qiraji War Axe · Dark Edge of Insanity · Stinger of Ayamiss · Sharpened Silithid Femur · Blessed Qiraji Pudio · Buru's Skull Fragment (Has high Resistances to Frost and Acid) · Barb of the Sand Reaver · Staff of the Qiraji Prophets · Claw of the Watcher · Huhuran's Stinger · Hand of Argus Crossfire · Larvae of the Great Worm · Eyepoker 6 Tokens: Epic Trinket, Fused Resonating Crystal (Add 2nd element to resonating crystal or get a resonating crystal), Special Request · Ancient Amber - Encase yourself in a shell of Amber to protect yourself from all incoming attacks. Can't attack but can move inside of the shell. · Obsidium Scarab - Become solid Obsidium for 30 seconds. · Orb of Deception - Metamorph into a different race for 1 hour. · POSSIBLE ELEMENTAL LOOT 2 Tokens: Uncommon Elemental Essences 4 Tokens: Rare Elemental Essences, Elemental Themed Weaponry (Powerful Sonic and Fire Enchantment) · Gatecrasher · Nightfall · Gladiator's Bonecracker · Herald of Woe · Firethorn Mindslicer · Cataclysm's Edge · Feeding Frenzy · Drillborer Disk (Has high Resistances to Fire and Sonic) · Hellion Glaive · Bloodfire Greatstaff · Fist of Molten Fury · Arathar, the Eye of Flame · Emberhawk Crossbow · Ruinblaster Shotgun · Trail of Embers 6 Tokens: Epic Elemental Essences, 5 Molten Armor Pieces, Special Request SIX TOKEN TITANIC WEAPONS: Tyrannical Gladiator's Mageblade - A unique blade with a chain. The chain can extend up to six feet and fights separately from the actions of the wielder, like a companion. Invocation of the Dawn - A white and gold hammer. It is quite heavy, but is able to release Holy Shockwaves hourly. Fragment of Oshu'gun - A crystalline shield that is able to heavily resist one energy type. The type may be changed using a full round action. Touch of Madness - A handaxe that is able to release arcs of fire energy. Drains directly from the user's mana pool. Runed Dagger of Solace - A dagger covered in runes. Can radiate anti-magic on its blade to negate magical protection. Hoperender - A malefic spear that appears to be near weightless. It can shrink down to the size of a wand when needed. Icebound Bloodmaul Spire -A staff that increases the spellpower of a specific element. The element type can be changed through the use of one full action. Brimstone Igniter - A wand that releases holyfire bolts. 15 max. Can be recharged in the sun for a full day. Theldurin's Fist - A glove that allows the wielder to break a doorway into any wall once per day. Can be used to destroy walls of force. Golemheart Longbow - This shockingly easy to wield bow is able to be folded and put away. It also doubles the strength and distance of any arrow shot from it. Talonstrike - Crossbow that makes all bolts explosive. Recoilless Rocket Ripper X-54 - A gun with very low chances to malfunction. Takes very large bullets. No recoil. SIX TOKEN QIRAJI RESONATING CRYSTALS: Black - Arcane, Red - Fire, Blue - Water, Yellow -Lightning, Green - Acid SIX TOKEN MOLTEN ARMOR PIECES: Plate: Battlearmor of Immolation, Molten Giant Battleplate, Colossal Dragonplate Mail: Cataclysm Harness, Earthshatter Battlegear, Flamewaker's Battlegear, Regalia of the Firebird Leather: Obsidian Arborweave Garb, Vicious Gladiator's Vestments Cloth: Balespider's Burning Vestments, Firehawk Robes of Conflagration, Firelord's Vestments
  20. Occultan Umbralus has been assigned by the City of Stormwind's Sanctioned Warlocks to assist in recapturing Gilneas. His paperwork has been transferred to the proper military officials for review and authorization before he will be sent over to ensure there are not hiccups with his presence in the battlefield. (Posted for authenticity purposes)
  21. Tokens are still there. Have at it.
  22. Aeryn sucked anyway :) (Nah he was actually pretty good in most of the events till he fucked up)