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  1. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    Hello. As you might have figured, I have left paragon, so the guild is no longer active. Real life takes too much time for me, with jobs, hobbies, friends and lovelife. I do, however, RP on another forum. If you wish to stay in contact with me, you can add me on Skype; Ringochan89. Thank you.
  2. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    Yeah, I am not going to reply to a post that is out of topic, and simply exists to try and rile me.
  3. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    No, Tyler. You told me that I should look over who I put in charge as officers, and all I said was that it was none of your business, yet you pushed about it, hence why I removed you from Skype. I am also slightly amused by you bringing up this matter, as we've already talked about it, and this whole occurrence was several weeks ago. So, I am highly suspecting you just did it to throw shit at me. By all means, correct me if I am wrong.
  4. Well, sheesh. So freakin' sorry for speaking out and trying to light up the topic. I'll refrain from discussing, since some people like to get on my case 24/7, even as they claim not to "single me out."
  5. Not all elves are nazis, people. Nor are all halfbreeds hated by their parents and society. I mean, Sylvana's sis has two kids with a human. Does that mean the kids are Mary Sues/Gary Stues? No. Y'all better fix that know in your panties before posting. Oh, and perhaps remove the pole as well. :D But, I agree that they'd be revokable race(s). My half-breed has a human father and a high elven mother. Y'know, since High Elves are sorta Alliance in most cases. And come on, what man, that is attracted to women, wouldn't want a beautiful and smart elf for a wife? Or let's see it the other way... No, actually... Love is blind. There you have it, folks!
  6. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    I heard Castien recruited you. :) Neat! Hope to meet you ingame tomorrow!
  7. You keep running, being chased by the most horrible thing on the planet... Futas.
  8. RinLin


    Dalish rp! No, but seriously... Less neutral chars, and a little more clashing with the opposing faction.
  9. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    The Knight Captain is back in action! Luinias will be around in Eversong and Silvermoon for a couple of hours, recruiting! :)
  10. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    With? Argues, insults, immaturity, hate, fighting eachother OOCly. Im not the most active guy on the forums, but thing is annoying. I haven't done anything like that? Unless you mean previous shit, caused by certain people who won't be named. No idea where you're getting all this from, lol. If you're just trying to bring drama, for me saying that RL is a prio for me, kindly scoot away. :)
  11. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    I can't be arsed with the weekly updates, since no one really reads them anyway. And with too much happening at once in my life, RP is shunned aside.
  12. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    No, Celen is not welcome back to the camp, considering her attitude.
  13. RinLin

    Crimson Sun Brigade

    Ah, you must have been that Orc, that told me that the Knights weren't allowed to use the Hall for meetings, and tried to sass me on lore. Sorry, I forgot how much of an ass some people turn out to be, once they gets a staff-position.