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  1. True aaaaaaaaaaaand... Yeah, that's pretty true. That's true and- yeah that's true. That's true. That's true- That's pretty true. That's pretty true, I mean- inhales ... That's true. Yeah. That's true. Uhm- That's true. That's fuckin' true. Uhm... That's how it is dude.

  2. Yeah, I feel like the presence of a Green Dragon calls for an enemy powerful enough to take on the dragon...
  3. Colby is now authorized to cast Mana Shield.
  4. Huh? Did you fucking ask my permission to take my pet moose?! No respect for the Canadian...
  5. One does not simply attack Elarine's home and live... Fucking Gnolls...
  6. 50 Shades of The Gray?
  7. Added new theory regarding long ranged blinking
  8. I'm with King on the no fighting... Some Pandaren do not enjoy fighting... Also, will some of these quests be available to players who have not had a chance to start from the beginning? Or do we just ask a DM to help us out?
  9. C'mon Chase, even you know how much of a shit storm this is going to cause...
  10. Jokes on you. Luli is all about that Sha Touched life. (She has her reasons for using it.)
  11. Business Name: The Jones Trade Company Location: Stranglethorn Vale Category: Trade and Transportation Teleport: .t HermanPort Ownership: Herman C. Jones (Herman in-game)