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  1. Krenan's got a Keepsake he wants to hand to Illidaddy.
  2. Name of Bounty: Kerith (Name not given IC) Description Bounty: Black-haired Sin'dorei Female, Dark Green eyes, approximately 5'8" tall and with a lithe build. Information suggests a novice Mage. Possible Locations/Last Seen: Last seen within the Crossroads. Reward for the Bounty: Reward if killed and proof of death given: 1g. Reward if captured alive: 2.5g. Information that leads to capture: 25s.
  3. I could do this for you, if you'd like.
  4. Don't forget to wear your helmet, Vykax. Also, I've never used the wiki before but I guess now's a good time to start.
  5. Posting for Salmoan. "Nobody complains about someone focussing on one character. Min-maxing is an issue because it makes a character invincible in the tradeoff of IC narrative versus OOC ego. Becoming powerful due to the former is not only acceptable but encouraged. While I agree custom artifacts are a lame idea, I only believe so because I believe not allowing characters to actually be the protagonists is lamer. What's the point of even playing on Paragon if you're relegated to being some inept side girl and all the credit goes to NPCs? Whilst I appreciate that limits must be set for player involvement with lore characters (you can't have Jaina on speed dial, Dellorne.....) acknowledgement as a reward for participation seems like a fair result to me. Hell, people would spaff their briefs from Lor'themar giving them a nod. Not only should people be allowed to acquire artifacts reasonably, but I believe that the adventurers roles should be filled by reasonable characters in Legion. Factions become absorbed into other factions and suddenly characters who were previously soldiers become adventurers, e.g. Blood Knights -> Knights of the Silver hand. To deny players the ability to even be part of the story is tyrannical. To refuse them the ability to even compare to the items Demon players have at their disposal is favouritism. Let the players have their toys, just get a few more GMs and set some standards so they can actually police it effectively."
  6. Nalyd

    Fallout Roleplay

    Text-based Fallout Roleplay. clicky mcclickerson if you want to join.
  7. 6.5/10
  8. I'm fine with BWL, although I wouldn't mind ICC, which is why I voted other.
  9. Arald's gonna SMASH Xuen for a second time.
  10. Intro Quote: Stormfury heeds my call! Attack Quote: Your blood will soak this earth! Death Quote: I join... the Ancestors...
  11. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  12. Maaaaan fuck. I was trying to do timezone math but okay, if its 12h from now I may actually be able come, if only by a big stretch.