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  1. Yeah, I don't support this change either. I feel the new "you can pick and choose what to do" will only stem more irresponsibility and worsen the activity in one role or the other. Like it's been said above, feels like a step back.
  2. alf

    Freeport Rests

    Separated from the end-of-days conflict, there was another conflict that blew out of proportion in one of Azeroth's youngest settlements! With tensions rising at an all time high, an explosive resolution soon began to feel imminent. A fierce battle shook Freeport to the core, with Marquis Jean-Philippe de Montarvile eliminating the pirate threat in the port-town. A new order has been installed, with Freeport now being ruled by The Freeport Trading Company and de Montarvile. Calmer days are coming...
  3. noun. elegy [noun] a song or poem of mourning. Elegia aka High Stakes Horde Thriller Chapter One: Moonlight Prowler Strange happenings have plagued the Barrens in recent times. Unnatural thick mists seem to form in various places, and within them, darker things are lurking. Travelers refrain from taking up journeys under the night sky, as reports of deadly storms and disappearances keep rolling in. A With Doctor means to put an end to this, and has since issued a call to all true friends of the Horde. If they wish to help, now is the time. He awaits at the Crossroads. OOC: This is an event-chain that I've been considering for a while, and with Legion finally over, there's no better time to do it. This chain is meant to breathe life again into Horde roleplay and offer you something to do now that the big baddy in the sky is gone. I'll have a player cap, but I'm not decided on it yet. I'd rather have fresh characters joining this, but everyone is invited to take part. Another footnote: this event-chain is only recommended for players who enjoy a slow-burning mystery and don't mind things becoming personal. There will be deaths, but there will also be fun. Let me know if this interests you!
  4. As sun sets over Freeport, the shantytown is shaken by a violent event in the night sky. Green, emerald lights shine as a supposed battle takes place. Some folk throw around words like "The Dark Ones" or "The Burning Ones". Out of fear for their lives, every single torch, lamp or candle has been put out, Freeport falling into complete darkness. Most have taken shelter at Three Boats Tavern, but who can tell who else is out there in the dark, eagerly awaiting to take advantage?
  5. Matters complicate even more as another event shakes Freeport. This time, the head of a man was found on a pike near the pier. An attached note read the following: "The Salt Maiden has a new captain! From now on, we live by salt and blood!" After this discovery, Captain Riley went aboard the Maiden to meet this new captain. Soon after, The Salt Maiden and the Banshee were seen departing, with the black flag raised. The Defiant remained to patrol the waters. The situation in Freeport gets more and more out of control.
  6. alf

    Death in Freeport

    fixed the title. kudos to syth for letting me know
  7. alf

    Death in Freeport

    A dreadful event shakes Freeport to the core. During a fairly lively night, when everyone was busy having a good time and shooting the breeze off, the party has been disrupted by the discovery of the corpse of Captain Orlok hanging from the roof of the tavern. A note had been attached to the corpse, reading: "To the people of Freeport, this is a warning. A warning for all free men thinking they can outrun the King's justice. There is no place where you can hide. Surrender, or else, each day that you don't, another will die. Signed: Peter Grant, Captain of the Lion's Pride and proud servant of the Alliance." Freeport drowns itelf tonight in fury, anger and disappointment. Orlok was Captain of the Salt Maiden and one of the founders of Freeport. This tragedy moves the port town.
  8. alf

    The Freeport Blockade

    Free drinks are ordered by Captain Riley at Three Boats Tavern on Freeport's first day of business. Captain Orlok seemed to have been in a rough shape, suffered a few injuries, but nobody knows how. Later that night, Captain Emmet Granger appears in the tavern with his clothes battered and a few bruieses decorating his face. After a brief discussion upstairs, him, Captain Riley and Robert Redbane rejoin the party. Come morning, the Salt Maiden and the Defiant have occupied defensive positions on each entrance into the strait, with the Banshee patrolling the waters in-between. The Freeport blockade is being dismissed by the locals as a mere exercise. Saltsail sources confirmed as much. Nothing to worry about. Folks are assured they can conduct their business in peace.
  9. alf

    Guild Post - The Saltsail

    Hello! Long time no see! Updated the main guild post and added a follow-up post for Freeport. It's now open for RP, lads!
  10. New Reasons to talk about Sri-La Village: one foggy morning, as the Saltsails keep watch, a ghost ship is sighted in the port. At the same time, Captain Elizabeth Riley has a curious exchange with an unheard voice. Both her crew and the locals have begun to theorize about what is going on and the consensus seems to be that Captain Riley has been cursed. It has been determined that this was also the cause of the Hozen raids of late, as they seemed to be returning back to their home cave once the ghost ship left the region.
  11. Sri-La Village in Jade Forest was attacked by a numerous horde of Hozen pirates who burnt everything in their path, destroying the shoreline and rendering the fishermen incapable of rowing out at sea anymore. The Saltsail pirates were on route to the village to deliver some supplies and trade with the locals, but once they arrived they learnt that a second attack took place just moments before. The Saltsails, commanded by Captain Riley, will help the locals in fortifying the village and repel a next attack. OOC info: I will get a DM soon to run this, for the time being, the area is open for RP.
  12. alf


    Southfury has advanced some more. They passed into Winterspring with the blessing of the Timberemaw Tribe after they eased the pain of a certain Furbolg sick with the grief. The company is taking its rest now at Everlook after a snowstorm out on the road. The final stretch comes next and the Gates of Sothann.
  13. alf


    Things didn't go as planned. Southfury's stay in Felwood has been prolonged following a surprise bombing of their camp, right beneath the Emerald Circle's hill. Few things have been salvaged and Skorpa's wolf (Fury) has been badly injured. The druids of the Circle are working hard to heal the animal and save her life. There is a crisis now in Felwood, with both the Emerald Circle looking to find the remaining Venture Co. influence in the region. Southfury will now work together with the Circle to punish the persistent industrialists.
  14. alf


    Old Skorpa's failed attempt at diplomacy has ended with him returning to camp covered in bruises. The Venture Co. have proven themselves to be unreasonable so Southfury rode out to meet them in battle in retaliation. New allies gave their aid to the guild the same day, and victory was theirs. A path has been cleared to Winterspring and the guild, temporarily lead by Lerkrog the Young Dragon, will be packing and leaving as soon as Skorpa is fully healed.
  15. alf


    The trip to Felwood has met no resistance... unless the sudden and soaky rain is of any importance. A now healing forest, Felwood seems to be disturbed by a branch of the Venture Co., who are drilling somewhere in the area, blocking the main path, as reported by the Cenarion Circle. Elder Skorpa has decided that the Southfury Expedition will need to deal with this obstacle for the spirits would prefer to see the industrialists gone as soon as the druids. A plan is yet to be devised. The party has set up camp right beneath Emerald Sanctuary.