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  1. The Saltsail Adventures Vol. II The Burning Sea Many moons ago, the port-town of Freeport has been liberated from under the rule of pirates. The Saltsail Pirates. Many still remember the turmoil and the unrest. Today Freeport stands free, thanks to the combined efforts of the locals and the Marquis de Montarville. Lately it's been quiet. Too quiet, some might say. As the town slowly flourishes into a peaceful trading center in the south, there are rumors of a second pirate resistance rising. Gatherings in the night. Most dismiss these as simple rumors, including Samuel Marsh, the owner of the Freeport Trading Company. "Any pirate resurgence will be crushed." Who trusts these rumors? Do you? Would you investigate to find the truth? And, more importantly, will you unmask this potential conspiracy... or will you join the fight to retake Freeport? Chapter I: From the Ashes TBA ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a RP focused event chain that takes place in Freeport, but not exclusively. The story and the events in the area will be overseen and DMd by yours truly, while anything that requires my own characters to make a difference will be handled by a different DM. To those who don't know, this is a sequel to the first chain I did a few months back in Freeport, where the pirate resistance posed by the Saltsail Pirates was terminated, although that was not advertised on the forums as much. As with the first story, you should expect a lot of politics, drama and intrigues, as well as many twists and turns along the way. The environment is intended to be sandbox, which means you are free to do as you please, but there will also be realistic consequences. While character death is a possibility for those who put themselves in highly dangerous situations, it is encouraged that you don't always play it safe. Conflict is at the heart of any interesting story. Feel free to make enemies, but don't forget about making friends too! That being said, if you want to join in on the fun, join us on Discord here.
  2. Alf

    Poll 2 - The Wound

    DISCLAIMER: Poll closes Monday! Following recent events, the Alliance has faced off against the Twilight's Hammer, resulting in the Cult gaining access to Ahn'Qiraj, as well as power over Silithids. The Horde, however, has been investigating saboteurs and discovered clues that they failed to put together. Afterwards they took a hard blow in Southwind Village, where an Alliance envoy attempted an assassination on Grol Warblade, but also on destroying the camp as a whole. Time to choose what happens next! Please, notice that some quests appear available for both factions. These are neutral and anyone is welcome to join. Everything else is, indeed, faction specific. Questlines: Operation: Sandscalp [THREAT INCREASED] More and more agents are disappearing by the day, with Nolan Speed becoming more itchy. It seems that whoever is behind this is taking great steps to ensure that we don't find out anything. Twilight of the Cult 2 The Alliance has faced off against the Twilight's Hammer, resulting in the Cult gaining access to Ahn'Qiraj, as well as power over Silithids. Concern grows. Insectoid Examination [THREAT INCREASED] Tammy Tinkspinner from the Alliance and Pixni Rustbomb from the Horde have called out to each respective faction to examine the effects of a mysterious new ore upon the now-frenzied Silithid hive. Following the recent events, the Silithids seem to have become more violent. Disappearances [THREAT INCREASED] The Cenarion Circle have showed their faces in Staghelm Point, announcing that the hour grows late. A number of individuals have gone missing. They need help to discover their fates. Saboteurs in the Area 2 Whilst Grol Warblade recovers, Southwind Village remains in utter disarray. The main voice calls for violent retaliation against the Alliance. Whilst there is no leadership in the encampment, what will you do? Securing our Operations [THREAT INCREASED] The goblins are working around the clock under their taskmasters to mine this new and mysterious subtance and deliver it to Orgrimmar. Though the work is going on full canvas, there are disturbances rising in the form of Old God forces (Silithid, Twilight Cult) that may disturb the operation greatly. It is time to deal with them. Following recent events, the Silithids and the Twilights have gained more power and become more violent. Insectoid Examination [THREAT INCREASED] Tammy Tinkspinner from the Alliance and Pixni Rustbomb from the Horde have called out to each respective faction to examine the effects of a mysterious new ore upon the now-frenzied Silithid hive. Following the recent events, the Silithids seem to have become more violent. Disappearances [THREAT INCREASED] The Earthen Ring have showed their faces in Staghelm Point, announcing that the hour grows late. A number of individuals have gone missing. They need help to discover their fates. Periodic Cartel [Side-Quest] Several of the unstable elementals out of Silithus have been taken up into private hands out of Bilgewater to be sold on the black market as novelty items. These elementals have been spread out through the four corners of Azeroth, their direct whereabouts unknown. Dangerous and unstable, the Horde must investigate the locations and contain these creatures before irreperable harm is done. As always, thank you!
  3. The World That Does Not Sleep has been completed. Following both IC briefings, the synopsis for each questline has been revealed. Choose your path as a community in this poll.
  4. Shadows of Grim Batol Grim Batol... The mountain fortress of the Wildhammer clan, long lost to the orcs and then to dark cultists. But its history goes far more deeper than that. While the Wildhammers called it their home and capital, other eyes looked to it. Darker eyes. Besieged by the Dark Iron queen-sorceress Modgud, it left behind a foul curse, which made the once proud fortress uninhabitable not just due to the shadows that were brought to life, but for the taint that spread ever since the war of the Three Hammers. It is said that as the sorceress lay dying, she repeated one phrase over and over again: "You promised..." Today, Grim Batol lays in ruin, the quiet echoes of a history long forgotten have passed into legend... yet, an unexpected rumor strikes fear into the hearts of all, but dwarves most of all. Xal'atath, the blade of the Black Empire, has been found and with it, dark powers begin to gather at the top of Grim Batol... in this late hour, an expedition leaves from the Aerie Peak, one lead by Krumr Grudgebearer. Their purpose? To find the dark blade and prevent a catastrophe. PROLOGUE Krumr has begun his expedition into Grim Batol. During their journey from the Aerie and through the Highlands, the party has encountered unnatural storms, an obnoxiously stubborn clansman and most mysteriously, a hidden foe in the sky. Folks in the Highlands call him the Shadow or the Black Raven. The journey ended at sundown, when the party set up camp before the dark-twisted gates of Grim Batol. The Party: Krumr; Daehgan; Ashrynn; Taelizria; Astelan; Elrendar; Farad; Aerylrin; Munden CHAPTER I: Something Wicked Krumr and friends have entered Grim Batol and came face to face with the vile magic that resides inside. Between echoes of lost battles in time, they've encountered a powerful swordsman of the Twilight Cult, hinting at once more an activity in the fortress. However, there was something else in there with them. A hidden serpent with a grotesque figure. They did not see its face, but its presence shook them to their core. To seek shelter from the malign beast, the company broke into one of the bunkers in the Anvil Room, discovering a fellow explorer, a strange elven woman... The Party: Krumr; Daehgan; Ashrynn; Taelizria; Astelan; Duran; Eleanore CHAPTER II: Black Raven As Krumr and company delved deeper, they discovered one of the lower halls filled with twilight eggs just ready to hatch. Unfortunately, they were ambushed by Cult Magicians who were able to use their magic freely due to being connected to three magical devices in the form of crystals that were floating in the hall. Thanks to the combined effort of the adventurers, they were able to deactivate the crystals and stand a chance against the magicians, ultimately terminating them. This, however, broke the balance of magic in the room and did damage to the twilight eggs beyond recovery. In a fit of rage, the twilight dragons in the fortress began to crumble down the tunnels in an attempt to trap the adventurers. Following an epic battle against the Shadow, revealed as a twilight dragon, the company was rescued by Eryna, an agent of the Red Dragonflight. Wary of what comes next, the adventurers have gone to Thundermar to prepare for battle. The Party: Krumr; Daehgan; Ashrynn; Galeseth; Duran; Jengar; Dwolly CHAPTER III: The Battle for Thundermar In the early hours of morning the sky darkened. Hundreds of Skardyn were teleported from Grim Batol to the outskirts of Thundermar, attempting an invasion. After suffering some losses, among them being Aalde Tardi (Duran's gryphon which was thankfully avenged), the party was forced to lead an excruciating battle against Grund, also known as the Shadow or Black Raven, an enormous twilight dragon of old. It was defeated at great cost, many suffering grievous wounds. Krumr himself was rendered unable to move and his predicament being that he may never fully recover from the encounter. As the darkness retreated, the morning washed everyone in reinvigorated light. No matter the cost, life goes on. The Party: Krumr; Arthrur; Ashrynn; Astelan; Duran; Dwolly; Koravein; Munden; Nanaya EPILOGUE Rewards were given, commendations were handed out, but Krumr Grudgebearer has been spoken down to by Moira, Queen of the Dark Iron, for failing to find and secure the blade of Modgud. After an acid exchange, Muradin stepped in to calm the spirits. Krumr was named Bladeseeker and was sworn into a life-long quest of finding the blade Xal'atath. For now, Grim Batol still stands unclaimed, and within, darker things are festering. Time will tell what happens next, but one day adventurers may choose to return here and end the line of Grund Black Raven, the great flight of Twilight. Adventure / Horror / Exploration This has been requested by @Ynvir Alliance-focused chain.
  5. - Army of the Light & Friends - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Captain Taelizria has come in possession of what at first glance appears to be an ordinary doll, but there's something uncanny about... you can't put your finger on it, but you know things are more than they seem. The doll is being carried into the overcrowded Goldshire, right as Brewmaster Tsing arrives in the town... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is it? Predominantly alliance chain that was requested by @Aleina, but other races can join down the road, provided it makes sense.
  6. Updated this thread with the final story details. I will contact you on discord for your rewards. If I haven't reached out to you, and you took part in at least one event, poke me on discord: alf#2278 Moving to finished. Once again, thank you all for attending this series. It was fun.
  7. Story Update: During Chapter I: The Prologue: Captain Leech begins his expedition. For the most part the journey was smooth, but once they got close to their destination, a storm has struck the the ship and they crashed on the shores of The Isle, an unknown landmass loose from the Broken Shore. Whilst Captain Leech assessed the damage to his vessel, the party went up ahead to investigate the land and came upon one of the Nathrezim's treacherous illusions, a cozy inn in the middle of nowhere. During their inspection of the place, the demon played games with them and managed to brand Elena Williams with the blackspot, a dark device used for enslavement. After a brief battle against the Nathrezim, he fled to lick his wounds, leaving the expedition open ended. The party then established a small base on top of a hill and explored some more, discovering a tribe of Gilgoblins led by Chief Alama and Koba, who became Koba the Killer shortly after: Elena armed the gilgoblin Koba with a pistol, which he used in a decisive battle against a rival tribe of murlocs. During the battle, Chief Alama was wounded by the negligence of one of the adventurers, Mael. Following this, relations between the tribe and the expedition soured. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During Chapter II: The Keeper of The Isle: Elena Williams decided to fix relations with the Gilgoblin tribe. Pas'Jul, a troll hexxer, used a few pairs of perfumed witched bundles to soothe the tensions between the two groups and finally, after Elena made an offer to trade and offered the tribe more guns, Chief Alama welcomed them. The party then learned from the chief about an ancient Keeper of the Isle, that was once imprisoned by the Nathrezim at the edge of the island. They also learned about a great serpent that hunts on The Isle. They decided to go and free this Keeper and find more about the Isle. On their journey, they faced off against a fel-corrupted basilisk, who they assumed was the serpent the Gilgoblins feared. Afterwards, with a little guidance from Tiana, the party went to the edge of the island and faced off against a mysterious Demon Inquisitor, a battle that left them weakend and scarred. After looting the Inquisitor's robes, they used his magical key to unlock the Keeper's prison, which was an underwater tower. The Keeper was revealed to be an ancient Sea Giant, one of two protectors of the Isle. The party has made some progress in tracking down the hiding Nathrezim, but much work is needed to be done to heal the tainted land before the demon can be faced head on. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During Chapter III: Sanctuary: After a short respite, the party went to meet the Keeper to continue their work throughout the Isle. Whilst the Sea Giant went to clear out the serpent, the adventurers went into the tainted Heartglade to find a way to clear it out. The adventurers discovered Sanctuary, a mysterious ancient ruin of elven origin, home to a mysterious well of water, pristine in nature and with highly protective effects. After a lot of trial and error, they used the magic water to cross the border into the tainted Heartglade. After making work of a group of corrupted Dryads and their imps, the party proceeded to free two cleansing shrines, in the meantime discovering that the Heartglade was corrupted by a seed of the Emerald Nightmare. They discovered that the Nightmare's Heartroot was pouring its defiling energies into the withered body of a slumbering druid. A figure appeared, adorning the nightmare's colours, and revealed she was responsible for the predicament. After a battle against the Nathrezim, the elf suffered mortal wounds which threatened his survival, prompting his lover to fall victim to the corruptive powers of the Nightmare, a sacrifice in exchange for the survival of her lover in a comatose state. Tiana managed to convince the woman that it was not worth to keep the man living this way, so she released his body and entrusted the adventurers to bring it to Sanctuary, while she stayed behind to destroy the Heartroot. Done. Whilst they allowed the elf's body to bathe in the purifying waters of Sanctuary, the party faced off against their toughest foe yet: a Nightmare Drake. They battled valiantly against him and to their limits, in a successful attempt to give Tiana enough time to prepare a powerful spell: a cosmic beam filled the Drake's broken bone armor, resulting in an explosion of energy that blasted everyone away, but successfully destroyed the beast. The Nightmare's hold on the Heartglade withered and died, and with it the elven woman, leaving the rebirthed spirit of her elven half, now in the image of a bear, in mourning. The party succeeded in cleansing the Heartglade, but it was only a small victory in the face of the one truly responsible for all of the Isle's destruction: the Nathrezim. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During Chapter IV: The Blackspot: The final push into the Demon's Lair resulted in a lot. The Keeper of the Isle, whilst wounded, was murdered by a Death Knight who then defiled his corpse by raising him as a mindless zombie. Pas'Jul was luckily there and managed to absorb the Keeper's spirit, which now remains silent and dormant. After defeating the Keeper's corrupted brother, Elena was captured by the Nathrezim and the rest of the party pushed on to rescue her. After a short skirmish, the Nathrezim was expelled. Captain Leech turned out to have been tricking them and stole the Blackspot Device for himself, vowing to pillage and plunder without bounds across all Azeroth. The black taint of the Dreadlord remains prevalent on The Isle and a mysterious tree stands tall, glistening with void and shadow. Now, all that remains to be answered is: will the adventurers go after Leech and stop him? What will they do with the Blackspot Device? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- During Chapter V: The Finale: After a week, the party reunited one last time to track down Leech and take the Black Orb from him. Following what was perhaps the most explosive battle of our story, the adventurers composed of: Elena, Pas'Jul, Tiana, Ethallour, Vicktoria, Amynta and Pistol Pete, managed to destroy the Black Orb and with it, Leech disappeared into dust, only leaving them with the location of his ancient treasure.
  8. A long time ago, before the Sundering, a Nathrezim traveled the world. He devised a powerful spell to bind mortals to his control and enslave them for eternity. Sailors have come to know it as the blackspot, and it is mostly considered a folk tale. It is used as a petty threat between rival pirates, yet the threat still looms over Azeroth. One unlucky soul has suffered the curse of the blackspot for thousands of years, sailing the seas with his undead crew, enslaved and bound to spread the blackspot, and with it, the Nathrezim's power. Many weeks ago, during an unnaturally long night, this same Nathrezim has struck fear in the heart of Freeport. The brave sailors bested him, but he vowed to return. One of the survivors that night, Elise Sparkbuck, has found herself forced to team up with Captain Leech with the sole purpose of storming the demon's lair and deliver him away from this earth. Their journey leads to an ancient and forgotten isle off the Broken Shore, where an amalgamation of vile and twisted magics reign supreme. Captain Leech offers an equal share of his ancient treasure in exchange for your help to storm the isle and defeat the demon! - CHAPTERS - Chapter I: The Prologue Chapter II: The Keeper of the Isle Chapter III: Sanctuary Chapter IV: The Blackspot Chapter V: The Finale
  9. Update 1: added Light's Harbor (tonyux) added Del'amar added a spoiler list with teleports
  10. Yeah, that's cool, but the map only serves as a quality of life geographical representation of in-game custom settlements. Teles for expansions to retail settlements belong to the public interiors tele thread.
  11. cries in *kalimdor so empty*
  12. Get me suggestions and sure will do!