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    Southfury has advanced some more. They passed into Winterspring with the blessing of the Timberemaw Tribe after they eased the pain of a certain Furbolg sick with the grief. The company is taking its rest now at Everlook after a snowstorm out on the road. The final stretch comes next and the Gates of Sothann.
  2. drake


    Things didn't go as planned. Southfury's stay in Felwood has been prolonged following a surprise bombing of their camp, right beneath the Emerald Circle's hill. Few things have been salvaged and Skorpa's wolf (Fury) has been badly injured. The druids of the Circle are working hard to heal the animal and save her life. There is a crisis now in Felwood, with both the Emerald Circle looking to find the remaining Venture Co. influence in the region. Southfury will now work together with the Circle to punish the persistent industrialists.
  3. drake


    Old Skorpa's failed attempt at diplomacy has ended with him returning to camp covered in bruises. The Venture Co. have proven themselves to be unreasonable so Southfury rode out to meet them in battle in retaliation. New allies gave their aid to the guild the same day, and victory was theirs. A path has been cleared to Winterspring and the guild, temporarily lead by Lerkrog the Young Dragon, will be packing and leaving as soon as Skorpa is fully healed.
  4. drake


    The trip to Felwood has met no resistance... unless the sudden and soaky rain is of any importance. A now healing forest, Felwood seems to be disturbed by a branch of the Venture Co., who are drilling somewhere in the area, blocking the main path, as reported by the Cenarion Circle. Elder Skorpa has decided that the Southfury Expedition will need to deal with this obstacle for the spirits would prefer to see the industrialists gone as soon as the druids. A plan is yet to be devised. The party has set up camp right beneath Emerald Sanctuary.
  5. drake


    After receiving aid from the elves in the fight against the beast behind Warsong Hold, one Kaldorei Druid has met with the orcish expedition and explained to them that the root of the grief has to come from further upstream, maybe from Mount Hyjal itself. New information revealed that almost a month ago a group of Kaldorei have been sent upstream as well in order to do the same thing that the Southfury Expedition is. The Druid offered the help of a night elf sentinel and Skorpa accepted the aid, however not without attracting doubts from his fellow orcs. Djezal Cogsteal has pledged his support to this quest as well. At dawn, the company will tear the camp down at Splintertree Post and depart for Felwood, their next step in the journey to Mount Hyjal.
  6. drake


    While at Splintertree Post, Skorpa has checked the waters at the spirit's wish and discovered that only the Southfury River is poisoned. Furthermore, he has confirmed and sent a message to Orgrimmar that the Night Elves nor the Alliance have been behind the plague. The Southfury Company investigated the rumors of a beast preying on workers from Warsong Hold and elven sentinels. After a fierce battle against the Mist Lurker, the night elves worked together with Southfury to destroy the creature and put a stop to its madness. But the creature was not the cause of the plague, it was only a mutation. The real cause is yet to be revealed. Southfury is stationed at Splintertree still, but they will not for much longer. It will be time to venture further north soon.
  7. drake


    The Southfury River has been cleansed, but there are questions Old Skorpa needs to find the answer to. He and the Southfury Company will depart tonight from Orgrimmar through the West Gate. Their journey leads them to Ashenvale Forest, Grahkhar Helltale having suggested that maybe elves or the Alliance could be against the poisoning of the river. The company is expected to reach Splintertree Post by daybreak and set up camp there.
  8. drake


    Skorpa has made a call within the Horde, calling for brave souls who are willing to journey upriver and discover the cause of the Southfury Grief. He awaits you in the Valley of Trials, Durotar.
  9. drake


    Word travels that a supposed deadly plague haunts Durotar and its inhabitants. Amidst the cliffs and the arid deserts, rumors speak of cough and blisters and black skin. Razor Hill is at the moment under close watch and the barracks are closed and sealed off to stop any spread of the disease. One Skorpa, elderly shaman from the Valley of Trials and one Lerkrog of the Dragonmaw, are looking into the problem. No one knows yet what the cause of this plague may be, but some speak of many deaths already heard of in Orgrimmar itself... As the efforts against the Legion are in full swing, who will rise to look after the little ones back home? OOC: This is my attempt at stimulating Horde RP as I feel the Horde and Horde zones in general are heavily neglected on Paragon with most of the playerbase inclining towards either neutral or alliance-aligned characters and stories. Consider this a response to the repeated invasions Westfall and Redridge have suffered. I am looking to build a story like that around Kalimdor and the Horde exclusively, so... bring out your Horde characters from the storage, dust 'em off and lets balance the universe a bit. If want in on the fun, contact me on discord at puppe#2278.
  10. dw, fam, it was coolio event was fucking massive never burned myself out like this but got some cool development out of it which is nicea danke
  11. I was wondering about this as well. And what about Horde zones? Only the Eastern Kingdoms have been hit so far.
  12. cause then people wont be able to get rid of people they dislike
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    Oh, my dude, Stranger! I wanna join this! I'll try my best!