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    I lift, I RP and I play games - so what? xDDdDDDDDDdddD
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  1. No males are allowed to post here. This is strictly a WAMEN thread because I respect womane and I am sick and tired of slizy guys always asking for bobs and vegane pics all the freakign time!!! So all woman are all welcome to post here, just talk about your day and all or gossip I don't know, I just wanted to show you lovely ladies how much I respect you.
  2. Paragon has been purged from filth, that's what happened.
  3. Pandaple we had a deal that we would never talk about this. Sigh... Alright, fuck it since no one will probably care anyways - I guess we'll just reveal it. I worked with Pandaple behind the scenes as well. Funnily enough, I met Raz on a game we used to play about a year after paragon was created. We became friends, started talking about programming and such since I know a lot about it. Eventually I was introduced to Data and he asked me if I knew C++, knowing how to use MySQL and such and I told him yeah. So I tutored him whilst I did the background work for them with Pandaple. Eventually, with Data and Raz owning the spotlight, we were just average peasants with GM powers and access to the mainframe. They thought no one would know, and we agreed since they said they'd need agents and assets within the community to control the media in paragon. However, Raz wanted to appoint me as the Server owner since I deserved such a token for helping them out and always being there for them and their real life problems, however when I revealed to Raz that I was the one that taught Data how to program and such, he became oblivious and confronted Data, but he instead began shit talking me and manipulated Raz into making me look like a monster, so I had to hide. My powers were removed, I lost everything and now I just want to be left alone.
  4. CHAPTER TWO A Hideo Kojima Production *You find a holotape on the ground, with the text written: From: "The man who sold Paragon" on the case. You pick it up and a familiar, eerie song begins to play. You continue to listen to the song as you find the masterpiece to be wonderful. However, after the song is cut at the end as someone begins to speak. A voice, familiar, yet not the same as the singer. It is Sev's voice. You also find some pictures related to Sev's monologue.* [Listen to the lyrics, it's relevant] We passed upon the stair, We spoke of was and when, Although I wasn't there, He said I was his friend, Which came as some surprise. I spoke into his eyes, "I thought you died alone A long long time ago." "Oh no, not me, I never lost control You're face to face With the man who sold Paragon." I laughed and shook his hand And made my way back home, I searched for form and land, For years and years I roamed. I gazed a gazley stare At all the millions here: "We must have died alone, A long long time ago." "Who knows? Not me, We never lost control. You're face to face With the man who sold Paragon." "Who knows? Not me, We never lost control. You're face to face With the man who sold Paragon. "So... Now you know the truth? This platform.. This server. We all built it. It all started with Raz, who had a concept. An idea. Without that man, he created us. We are all part of Razmataz's will. Whether you choose to accept this truth or not. For there are many forces that pull left, and right. Up and down, here on Paragon. Some people here, are puppets. Some are the ones that play you like a damn fiddle. I have lost everything. I have walked the path of adventure with people I considered close, only for them to change and transform into malicious monsters. This is my cry, my wrath, my fury. I've become a Demon myself. Lost myself in the road of wanting to do good. A demon I have to drive out that remains inside of me. The friends that I have lost, that have either quit or changed. I remember you. I will remember you, for the times and the memories we shared. The purging of cancer, it is complete. But at what cost? Gallus, my Shan'do... Are you proud of what I have accomplished? Another hunt, another mission, right Shan'do? [To be continued] ____________________________ POST CREDITS CHAPTER 3 Mission - 1
  5. i fucking hate ur profile pic it pisses me off remove it edit: ugly motherucker
  7. Sevthetics

    Sev's Poem

    Hello there, please be gentle with me but I like to write poems and I would love any constructive criticism. Thanks! ^.^ Little boy growing mad, Little Lad going bad From China to Korea From Seoul to Shanghai Shot in the face Shot in the ass what is life anymore when time won't pass I look at paragon and I waste my time I wake up and I hope to die BUT MY HOPE WILL NEVER DIEEEEEEEE MY HOPE WILL ENVER DIE
  8. die a hero, or see yourself become a villain the truth will be shown not everything is black and white think.
  9. Sevthetics

    Destiny 2 - PC

    cash grab stupid whore peasants you'll get what's coming hey if u wanna play chapter 3/15 of our game buy dlc xDD