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  1. Azgrim acquired the following: Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire - Intended for Archmage Khadgar Archaic Nathrezim Keepsake - Intended for Illidan Stormrage Warchief's Shattered Tusk - Intended for Baine Bloodhoof It was an absolute pleasure DMing Trilliax. He's definitely one of the biggest personalities to come out of a raid boss for a long time, and I'm glad I could help bring that here. Stay clean, or we'll have to sever your service....
  2. Trilliax Participants: Gramush, Felshade, Rimeblade, Alvia, Dalton, Cephirian, Aelana, Tihshoh, Ascelin, Izusa, Pirris, Natasia, Hartford, Varro, Caemesh, Ethallour, Ashrynn, Senn, Thaeline, Ruis Construct Personality Sphere A power-sphere containing Trilliax' fractured personality. This relic is not embedded into your weaponry and instead acts more similar like a trinket. In its current state the personality of Trilliax is dormant and cannot interact with you. The wielder can use any of the following abilities once per day: Arcing Bonds - Mark two enemies at the same time, forcing them to endure repeated arcane damage per turn. The power of the bonds are determined for every five yards of distance between the marked targets, with its damage being nothing but a faint tingling when they are within five yards from one another. Tidy Up - Unleash a purging blast of arcane energy at your target, removing all negative magical effects they currently have active on them. Sterilize - Target an area, from it a pool of arcane energy erupts much like a geyser of power. Anybody, friend and foe alike, caught within suffers burning arcane damage so long as they stand in the upwelling of energy. ! Deliver the Construct Personality Sphere to Arcanist Valtrois for an alternative reward at the end of the Nighthold. Nighthold Custodian's Hood A hood that may've once belonged to the 'master' Trilliax spoke of, you can still find some remnants of blood on the cowl's interior indicating that it may've been what he wore before he died. This elegant, uplifted headwear glimmers with ancient but untapped potency over the very mechanized entities that he lost his life to. Assume temporary control over a mechanical unit (roll 5, result = turns) that will fight in your name for the entire duration of the control. When the control ends the mechanical unit will, however, put its full focus on you for the remainder of its life or your own. Sterilizer's Insulated Gauntlets Elven chainmail gauntlets with additional decorated padding on the wrist, lower arm while adorned with clawed fingertips. These gauntlets are warm to the touch, even in extreme colds the wearer does not feel the chilling temperatures whatsoever. The inlaid gems shimmer with an almost natural power. Once per day the wearer of the gauntlets can make use of the power these gauntlets hold to purify a poison or disease effect from themselves or another creature. The poison is instead turned into a renewing ability that rejuvenates the target over the course of the next two turns. Fel Poison cannot be cured by these gauntlets. Cake Carrier's Girdle The relationship between the upper caste and those who upheld nature was never a good one, showing in this belt. The symbol of druidism turned into a mockery for the servants of the former Highborne. Proximity to the Nightwell has turned this belt into something more, imparting the arcane power of the font into this druidic girdle. Summon a pillar of raw arcane energy down upon a foe for five turns. This beam of energy does not discern friend from foe and will chase its designated target for its full duration or until the target is no longer active/present. Arcanogolem's Digit One of Trilliax' malfunctioning digits. Broken off from the main unit, there is still some lingering power contained within. While a shadow of the main unit's strength, the arcane energies writhing within are still a force of reckoning in their own right. Unleash arcane havoc, arcanic lightning sent forth in a cone of power. The cone has an ending width of 8ft and reaches up to 15 yards. The lightning does not discern friend from foe and may also end up striking an ally. Such is the nature of a malfunctioning component. This effect cannot be used more than once every day. Perfectly Preserved Cake A red velvet cake that was left behind by Trilliax' sweepers that also endured the tests of time. Resting upon an exquisitive Shalassian plate and kept under a see-through lid, this cake will never go bad. Despite that you're not sure if you should eat from it... Take a single slice of the red velvet cake and eat it. Upon eating the slice your hunger immediately fades and you feel well fed. While well fed your next three spells will not cost any energy to cast, while your next three attacks don't take a toll upon your body. The Perfectly Preserved Cake can be divided into 8 slices. Effect needs one complete slice to work. Seal of Broken Fate (Nighthold) Mysterious Seal This mysterious coin appears to be made from ancient Shalassian silver and seems to have the Duskwatch's symbol over the primary surface. These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss and can be used on future and past loot tables as well. This seal will not work on any raid before or after the Nighthold. By taking the Seal of Broken Fate you relinquish any loot from this boss.
  3. This missive goes to all Alliance naval commanders! The Battleship "Lightbringer's Will" has gone missing in the seas surrounding southeast Kalimdor. Its last reported location was just south of Ratchet heading to reinforce the fleet at Northwatch Keep. SI:7 agents in the port-town of Ratchet have identified a 'Perry Redwind' boasting of her participation in the sinking of the vessel. All Navy vessels are now required to sail in formations of at least two while patrolling Eastern Kalimdor, no exceptions, and nearby fleets are to be immediately signaled if battle is expected. In the name of His Majesty the King, Anduin Wrynn. A bounty has been issued, details below. Bounty: One 'Perry' Redwind - average height, fairly petite - red-head based on her complexion, pale with dim freckles. Hair is dyed a darker shade, to match the color of the icicle-shaped tattoos beneath her eyes and on her lower lip. Heavily armed with flintlock-style firearms. An odd contraption is located on her right forearm, function unknown. Recommend extreme caution when approaching. Last seen in Ratchet, location currently unknown. Dead: 25 gold Alive: 50 gold Any crew members brought dead or alive will be worth an additional 25 silver with provided proof.
  4. Count me in, hecc yeah. Your discount Elf Geralt will probably be coming.
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    We have a discord now! Use this to get a hold of myself or the other members!
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    The Whitegarde

    The Whitegarde Subdivision of Greenwall Industries, LLC Rumors have begun circulating the taverns of Stormwind and Ironforge about a pair of elves advertising a new mercenary company, lead by genuine, professional monster hunters. They speak of bulletins being posted on local contact boards looking for 'new blood' to find their fortune as monster slayers and soldiers for hire. Honest, but dirty work. Aimed towards those who have neither the willingness nor the temperament to join Knightly orders or enlist in the Army, the Whitegarde Company seeks all individuals, skilled and new to their craft. There are no promises of glory or medals showering down from the Crown, but there is the promise of decent pay for hard work. Applicants may search for Keral or Lorelia Whitestrake, mostly seen within the Redridge, Duskwood, and Elwynn regions. Ranks First Hunter: The name says it all. The head honcho. The big boss. Your brother. Your captain. Your commander. This position is held by Keral Whitestrake. Second Hunter: A formal title to denote rank, and certainly not a statement of skill, it is held by Lorelia Whitestrake née Mirthgarde. Captain 1 : These are the officers below the First and Second Hunters. Renowned hunters and slayers of men in their own right, these men and women are expected to keep order within the rank and file members of the Company. When the First and Second aren't available, issues, problems, and requests are directed through them. They are expected to be able to command missions and contracts on their own with just as much competency as an officer in any enlisted force Azeroth has been witness to. Slayer 4/16 : These are Veteran Hunters who have proven themselves extremely capable fighters, but are either unfit or unwilling to command large numbers by themselves. Treated as the NCOs of the Company, these men and women have earned the respect of the First and Second Hunters. They are afforded additional leniency with requisitions for equipment and armor, though are still expected to be reasonable in said requests. Quartermaster 0/4 : As the name implies, these are the people in charge of maintaining and requisitioning new gear. They are expected to either be competent crafters in their own right, or have the ability to procure quality weapons and armor at reasonable prices. They need not be a non-combat role, either. One can hold the rank of Quartermaster simultaneously with any rank above Hunter in the Company. Apothecary 1/8 : These are the men and women responsible for ensuring the wellness and care for the members of the Company, regardless of whether they're wounded or not. They need not be actual alchemists, but healers of any sort, including mental and psychological wellness. This rank may be held simultaneously with the Hunter and Veteran Hunter ranks. Veteran Hunter(unlimited ): These are experienced members of the Company. Either by completing several contracts successfully or remaining with the company for a requisite amount of time, this rank is automatically attained. Veteran Hunters are separated into six specialized groups. Frontline, Ranged, Sorcery, Support, Scout, and Subversive. Each role is described below: Frontline: The warriors, paladins, and general fighters of the Company. You can rely on these men and women to be your sword and shield when the going gets tough. Ranged: Purveyors of the bow, crossbow, and gunpowder weapons of all types alike. These men and women rain down a hail of projectiles from the cover of the Frontliners, picking off high priority targets and handling contracts where melee combat is a distinctly undesirable risk. Sorcery: Also known as the evokers, these are your more typical war-minded mages, though their talents may slip into that of Ranged and Support due to the inherent versatility magic offers. Support: Men and women who offer healing, these individuals are more than likely to hold the rank of Apothecary within the company as well, though support does not only come from healing magic. Sorcerers, priests, shaman, and druids may enhance and buff their allies, alchemists might hand out potions. These individuals do their best to ensure the highest possible chance of reducing casualties through their tireless efforts. Scout: Fairly straightforward. While not necessarily Frontline, Ranged, Sorcerers or Subversive, these individuals rely on fast feet and keen eyes to accurately report enemy positions and offer the Hunters of the Company the best possible information to ensure a contract goes smoothly. Subversive: A more subdued, but no less critical role than the other five. Subversives are stealthy types, often tasked with poisoning the water supply of an enemy camp, identifying a target and quietly taking it down, or setting up ambushes for the Company to take advantage of. Furthermore, these individuals are capable of vouching for a Hunter's worthiness to join their ranks. To be verified by the Captains or the First and Second Hunters, of course. Hunter(unlimited): These are the recruits and trainees who have proven themselves worthy of taking on contracts individually. Freshly recruited or just come out of training, these men and women are ready to prove themselves as worthy and capable professionals in their own right. They likely already are, but have not had the chance to prove it just yet. Trainee0/16: A rank held by those fresh in the face and new to the art of war. These men and women are eager to receive training in their preferred style of combat, to be handled by Veteran Hunters or those of higher rank. Recruit: Quite literally an individual who just signed on to the company. OOC Hey pals. Geralt #43 here. So what you've got here is your basic mercenary company with the splashings of a Witcher school or a group of monster hunters. Any and all are welcome to join once the company gets started up properly, save the following exceptions: no undead, no demons, and no void-based characters. PM me @Link#4705, we can discuss extenuating circumstances toward your character if you simply must have them in. Collaborations with other guilds/factions are fully accepted and welcomed, feel free to PM me about that as well! We'll do some fun monster slaying events, and once BFA rolls around, we'll probably head out to Stormsong or Drustvar to levy our good old silver swords at the bad guys. Thanks for reading, folks!