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    Pray for Paris

    I wasn't sure in what Subject I should put this but I knew that this should be mentioned. If there is anyone here affected by the tragedy that happened yesterday in Paris you have my best wishes and as little as it might mean, I will pray for you and your families. Things such as that of yesterday do unfortunately happen and it just shows how monsterous some people can be. I would also like to say that on other social media like Facebook or Twitter there is a hashtag # PorteOuverte that you can use to find shelter so please post this on your Facebook wall or tweet this incase anyone is looking for help! #PrayforParis!
  2. No your answer is very helpful. I realise the rough bouderies between powerful and hard to make compared to Game breaking and overpowered so I dont think I'll go overboard. I was just wondering if the powerful recepies are infact possible. I also forgot about the Noggenfogger which seems to be a purely cosmetic morph yet still shows its possible. Thanks for the reply! :)
  3. Hey guys and gals! I was just wondering how developin Alchemy would work. I've recently made a character who is now in the Royal Apothecary Society and I was just curious how finding new things would work? Are we limited to the ingame potions, poisons and elixers or can we invent our own mixtures and if so, what are the principles? Are we allowed to mix anything within reason such as plants and liquids and are there any speciality elixirs based on rare materials such as blood of a demon for example? I realise that materials such as Demon blood would have a very negative effect on non demonic beings while possibly benefiting demons themselves but I'd like to make sure so that my character doesn't whip out a game changing/breaking potion mid battle. Another question related to the topic is; are there any potions that would have an effect on the look or abilities of the user/victim. Is there a polymorph potion? Or perhaps an elixir that changes you into an Strong, Brute-like monstrocity? Thank you in advance! My character is called Kenai! :)