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    Hello there, I'm the Spinter...
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    Overall, I like to RP, make friends, do stuff...and that's about it, pretty uninteresting eh? OH WELL.
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  1. Soo, we gotta wait for an eclipse to happen? Actually, an eclipse is more likely to happen then that...soo yeah, sorry if I don't exactly hold HIGH hopes about any of our chars being rescued.
  2. Reminder that Velen is probably 50k years old...there's a big difference. As for the teenager behavior, what behavior? She doesn't act like that, she never did, YOU guys had to place it in that space for god knows what reasons.
  3. And yes, trust me, it is true, I have a thousand more of examples...and if I go to much in detail, I might as well start a flamewar, which I'd rather avoid.
  4. Again, I don't have issues with anyone...nor I'm willing to go that far, it's not necessary really. But people need to understand that they cant all be peaceful Anduin copycats...it becomes dull and overall annoying, I know that I'm an easily triggerable person...but this is seriously bothering me in ways that you can't even imagine.
  5. I can understand that...HOWEVER. AS I said PREVIOUSLY, why almost 70% of Paragon? Why? It doesn't MAKE sense, and don't tell me that isn't true...because I know it is, for a FACT.
  6. Because it has reached a certain limit, Sindo...I -DONT- want my character to be ruined just because someone wanted to apply that behavior, just for the sake to stick with the "cool guys" of a place.
  7. I don't have issues with only ONE person here, I have issues with the behaviors that people APPLY to their characters. By all means, your char your rules...but NOT all of them, otherwise it just becomes annoying as fuck.
  8. Can we BE a tad bit serious here? I'm honestly, and seriously...TIRED of the goody-two-shoe idiotic behaviors that almost 70% of Paragon members use, especially when they are a certain CLASS or RACE. For example, a light user (Such as a Paladin or a Priest) shouldn't act all friendly and welcoming with a fucking Death Knight with unholy energies coming out from his damned armor...they can be annoyed by it, yes. OR (And I'm not making ANY NAMES here...) a fucking -SHAMAN DRAENEI- that calls another Draenei childish because she or HE hates demons with his or her guts, and wont stand having a damned felhound slapped on her or his face... In short, can we TRY to be a bit more realistic with these behaviors? Or we want to all become goody-two-shoe Anduin fucking copy-cats? I don't think we do, with this, I'm done.
  9. Ya wanted something Void God oriented? here ya go. Entry: *Sinister chuckle* "The Void calls..." Attack: "Death is upon you!" Death: "M-Master...I-I come..." Special quote when Aletha "Blueflower" is played: "Hmm...an interesting turn of events..."
  10. Very well then, this is a thing. Entry: "Knowledge binds us all..." Attack: "For the Naaru!" Enrage: "Feel the wrath of the celestial's might!" Death: "M-Mother...I failed you..." Special Quote If Tayu is on the board: "Guess we'll know who's the better mage..." Entry: "The mistress calls..." Attack: *Elemental noises* Death: "I'll return..." Special quote if Soluna is on the board: "Miss Soluna...I think it's payback time..."
  11. I'll put this as example, yesterday I got pissed off at John Dongus for literally shitposting ingame about my titles, then proceeded to make fun of my char like if his dear Marty was a big deal (Which he literally counts as NOTHING), it's not that I don't appreciate feedback, is that there are WAYS to do it. Just like there are times to joke and be a dummy, and times to get serious and actually participate into a serious and friendly discussion about stuff IRL OR on Paragon, just like I said before. You can joke around, just tone it the fuck down...that's all.
  12. Wanna know the truth? I hate memes, I hate them all, why? Cuz they are for people that literally CANT make a joke, most memes ruined amazing experiences in EVERY-SINGLE RP SERVER, BOTH GMOD AND WOW... That's why I started to develop an hatred of them...I get that some might, and I repeat MIGHT, be funny...maybe one or two, that's okay...I don't mind it, but I've seen people doing it EVERY-GODDAMN-HOUR-OF-THEIR-GODDAMN-LIFE! Like seriously? Want an example? Mighty (Plz Mighty, don't get this as a personal grudge, I honestly love ya <3), he is funny and all of that...but rarely I've seen him in a serious state. In the end, jokes are fine...just don't overload them.
  13. You know, I ask myself the same goddamn questions whenever I log on Paragon. For the OOC facts, I can confirm, lack of loyalty toward other players and fear of loosing a char...but also ONE extra thing...is that the person is WAITING for other RPs where his/her characters COULD fit into. About Warhammer 40k universe, maybe it's because of the diversety of the various factions, I mean...lets admit it, 40K has probably MORE races/factions into its overall lore, and still has to spare a few new ones, plus, unlike blizzard, they don't put somekind of walls like "Okay, this is arcane, it can do this this and this, however it CANT do this and that." while 40K does this "There are psychic powers, these powers can corrupt someone, have fun." and THAT'S IT, however it's just an example. Also, 40K lore is more...friendly sort to say, you don't have to know EVERYTHING about every race and class, why? cuz you just gotta understand the basics, that's all...however WoW RP is way, WAY more complicated then that...that's why 70% of WoW RP community, EVEN VETERANS, still do a LOT of things WRONG! That's my overall opinion...It's not like people DONT wish to embark for epic quests, with lotsa of story and well done drama, it's just that...they don't HAVE the patience, nor the imagination or LOVE, to create a compelling story-driven adventure, something I still wanna do myself. That's why they stick to simpler things such as "Tavern RP" or "City RP" or a simple and fast quest... And lets admit it, every-goddamn time someone fucks up even the littlest of things, MOST of us instead of facing the damned problem, they start shittalking in mall and never come back again in that adventure, without giving out any feedback to the creators...which is a bit infuriating, just look at the Azuremyst event, see how much people complained, do the math, and ya will have yer bloody answer. That's all folks.
  14. I see, I was honestly surprised to see an application system into a WoW RP server in the first days of my experience...never thought I would've ever seen one, usually they are only used on Gmod...and we all know that RP community went to hell. I was an admin on two or three RP servers back then...ehhh good times.
  15. Oh, nonono...I don't mean like have only ONE person on it, I meant to have any of the staff members to accept or not an application...or implement somekind of +Support/-Support system to let RPers decide, of course this is not a fully perfect system...but in some cases it can speed things up (Sorta). However I totally understand your point, Verum. Also excuse me for the lil' mistake I did with the word limits, thought it was only 1500...my bad.