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  1. i do not!!!! please save me from this hell
  2. Marina

    Madness in Malice

    the miscarriage machine cometh.... (except not for the first one bc birthday!!!)
  3. time to fuck up aeith again....
  4. tbh the most difficult part for me was understanding how each force scaled to the NPCs shown, but it was a really enjoyable event and majorly action packed (even for playing the side destined to lose)
  5. Marina

    Even More Herbs

    The herbs are all quest-specific or otherwise, so its pretty much all confirmed lore. This is just a compilation of the info for anyone who wants it.
  6. Marina

    Even More Herbs

    Major thanks to BestBe on Project Chaos for allowing me to restructure his guide and post it here. Here's a list of herbs (Up to MoP) that are quest-specific or have special attributes outside of herbs that are part of the herbalism profession. Essential for alchemist/herbalist characters, but also pretty useful in general. Healing Herbs Poison Herbs Magical Herbs Dark Magical/Plague Herbs Other Herbs Herbs by Location Here's a link to BestBe's guide.
  7. We a-almost made it... Thanks anyway Phoenix <3
  8. Marianne looked to the pair of handaxes, seeing them as a potential alternative to daggers. She requests the pair.
  9. Seems really cool opportunity to partake in tbh, really interested in this.
  10. Marina

    Pandaria Events

    "The Purge of Dalaran" Aw yissss.