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  1. I'll take a Radiating Metallic Shard from Il'gynoth.
  2. I'll take the Ancient Dreamwoven Mantle on Miri, if I can. :o
  3. I'll take the Blackened Portalstone Necklace on Miri.
  4. Oh boy. I'll see if I can get Miri in on the Alliance event. Fighters are gonna need some HEALS if they want to not die.
  5. Shame there's only so many item rewards from the event, though. (And that they're all evil 'n' shit.)
  6. It's 5g total? Not per event attended? Miri was in, like, all but one event for the Swamp of Sorrows. It's still just 5g? Nobody gets more or less for helping out more or less? I could be a brand new character that kinda-sorta helped in one event, and I'd get the same as Martellus, who (afaik) participated in every single one of 'em? Egh. If that's the case, I'll take a Truesilver staff. Miri's been wanting some kind of focus, anyway.
  7. Aww yeah, Pandaria RP! You can bet your buttocks Miri and some Blessed Moment dudes are coming to help! I'll be there for the 8:30 event. Can't make the 11:00 one, sadly.
  8. The sermon scheduled for March 3rd has been cancelled due to real life issues. I'm sorry to everyone who wanted to attend.
  9. You perceive warriors to be shit because you cannot accept rage magic into your heart. Join the Cult of Rage. Gain enlightenment and inner peace through rage--wait shit nvm I didn't think this through. But seriously, warriors in WoW are badass -because- of rage. They can shrug off attacks that'd fell lesser fighters, deliver quicker blows with the use of rage, let loose a deafening roar to terrify their foes...Arcane is a weakling's shortcut to power. REAL MEN don't use magic!
  10. Typically, we ignore retail lore if something's completely dumb and counter-intuitive, such as the one-legion, multiple-universes bullshit. So...what's so dumb and counter-intuitive about holy casters using mana? Is there something that states that mana is -purely- arcane, or that holy types don't need mana? Basically, is there any reason -why- you believe holy types don't use mana? There has to be a reason to discredit a retail source, is basically what I'm trying to say.
  11. The first sermon is scheduled to start one hour from now! EDIT: We're starting! EDIT2: And we've finished! We'll be holding another sermon next Saturday at the same time.
  12. Awesome! I should note that Miri's views -are- closer to human orthodoxy than draeneic orthodoxy (what little there is, at least), but it's still the same Light at heart.
  13. Across Stormwind, Silvermoon, and various places across Pandaria, fliers are hung up to advertise weekly sermons for the Blessed Moment, in Pandaria. It reads the following... THE BLESSED MOMENT High Matron Miri would like to formally invite you to the Jade Valley Mission between the Jade Forest and Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria on Saturday at 12:30 PM for a weekly sermon! Refreshments will be made available after the sermon for hungry patrons who wish to hear the word of the Holy Light and how it can impact and better their lives. We accept anyone, Horde or Alliance, who has any sort of interest, be it a desire to better themselves, or a scholarly interest. The Alliance can come via a portal behind Olivia's Lake in Stormwind. The Horde may take any mage portal to Pandaria, and follow the map below. Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated! We ask that you leave your weapons at home, but we will only confiscate them if we deem it necessary to protect those in attendance, including themselves. The use of any dark magic is not permitted within the Jade Valley Mission grounds. This includes, but is not limited to, fel magic, felfire, demonic magic, necromancy, and shadow magic. If the above suits you fine, please join us! [Below is a map of the area around the mission, with the bridge between the Jade Forest and Valley visible toward the bottom.] This is meant to be a more relaxed, social scene, in contrast with people fucking dying left and right the Draenor campaign and other action-oriented events going on concurrently. l hope to add a lot of audience participation, much like my last sermon, so it's not just Miri Talking About Shit: The Movie, so there will still be moments where you'll get to share stories and speak up, too. The event will be at the Jade Valley Mission (.t jadevalleymission, or .t jadevalleyportal if coming by Stormwind portal) at 12:30 this Saturday. I hope to make this a weekly event as well, culminating in Miri and other interested parties going on an expedition to the Serpent's Heart to cleanse it's sha taint. Sermons will still continue afterward, however, as the Blessed Moment starts to try and cleanse the rest of Pandaria, one patch of sha-tainted land at a time.