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  1. It's only rotten because the people let themselves be such. If you want this place to succeed, no matter who you are, who your friends are, etc, you need to focus on yourself rather than blaming everything on easy targets, or worse yet, suggesting something that might sound like a good idea but won't fix the core problem. But, hey, continue to blame the wrong people and things for whatever problems this server has. Regardless this is off topic for this thread. Player run class halls would be cool for sure.
  2. There's no good in a wipe like this, if it had it's merits more people would have voted yes. Things would be better for a month or two and it'd die because the same shit would happen over again. Because, factually? There's too much bad blood between too many people here for anything to improve through brute force like this. But what do I know, apparently my character who's different from my old one outside of an aesthetic decision is completely the same. :^) (Even tho literally, you've rped with me on her once, don't believe what people tell you 100%, you're better than that.)
  3. "Hasn't even happened yet" you seem so sure it will. 1.Wiping things would drop player count, not permanently, but for a while, depending. Some people don't have the drive to keep churning out characters. Even then? No guarantee any of these issues aside from the progression meme would get better. 2.Would be inconvenient towards builders who spent hours doing something for someone or otherwise, and also people who spent forever working up an event as a DM, or people who wrote applications. It'd be a middle finger to all those hours/days spent. 3.Literally all these issues, like I said before, come down to failure of communication. I'm sorry I don't like making the same point fifteen hundred times when it's ignored the first ten times it's said and not even just by me. 4.I've played the exact same byond thing where these style of 'wipes' were a thing, where Nomit says it works- that community is far more toxic and with far OOC targetting and bullshit because everyone was forced onto a level playing field. Can't speak for the prologue wipes tho. 5. Even suggesting this when there are way easier ways to fix these issues without smashing your face on the big red button is the easy way out. (When really all this would do is cause more issues than it'd solve in the long run) 6. I never said anyone was plotting my downfall, I just know for a fact you have issues with people and this is just an easy way to fuck them over, just like it's an easy way out. Stop putting words into my mouth. Just because I don't trust you doesn't mean I think you're out to get me. 7. Progression meme should end outright, even superman has a weakness, as I said before. No one is infallible, no one is perfect. 8. Jumping ahead an entire expansion would be completely and utterly nonsensical if we're going to boot everyone back to square one when, in all honesty, possibly the worst way to do this and I don't know why it's even an option considering what the Expac events would look like. 9. Wishful is thinking something that works for a 2d RP Dragonball server would work for something like this. 10.If you speak to someone in entirely jokes or what have you and never have a genuine upfront conversation with them even though they reached out, don't be surprised when they think you're sketchy.
  4. RPG was passing fear that friends would be pushed off the server, Ephrael's death was my own mental health oocly fractured beyond belief. And considering the petty bullshit I see thrown daily since I've been back? No. It's not much of a jump to think that. This shit deserves to be locked because of how pants on fucking head regressive and blame shifting it is as a whole. Karadoch's the only one who brought up good points even if his support for a complete wipe is stupid.
  5. You should probably not even be counted in the votes or be in this discussion, honestly. And I'm saying that for your mental health. The fact that you perceive this post as a slight and conspiracy towards you simply because it wipes characters and Calico referred to Nomit as 'brother' jokingly, speaks volumes. It's not hard to connect your loss about one of your characters who got shot in the head or whatever and Emarosa literally being the same thing. I mean, I've seen you with the same set as them, walking around in zones / the mall. I won't say anymore than that, but please. If you're going to argue this so far as to say it's a monumentally stupid decision, give reasons why other than 'my characters gone! D:! This isn't byond!'. That's all I have to comment. I think it'd be better if you don't, though. People like Lanela and you have these overattachment issues and I'm not saying this as a slight or as an indication I hate you or anything or dislike you, in fact, I really couldn't give a shit otherwise. But if Lanela died right now, to someone on the game, they would guaranteed quit either way if they weren't able to remake on the new wipe. Firstly, fuck off, I know what you're actually like given the shit I've seen/heard you/others say in a certain discords and the type of shit you do, I never at all assumed it was a conspiracy towards myself, moreso I know the amount of shit you talk about 'X character should be revoked' along with quite a few other people who voted yes on this- doesn't set a good precedent. Secondly, Emarosa is actually much different, or at least -was- before the RPG was announced as being removed, so I changed them. You've rped with me all of one time on her and are just going off a -set- I used because it fit the theme of the character. I took certain aspects I liked and I rewrote them and changed other things entirely. Also, ghost RP is a thing and when I have been on her in the mall it was literally no different from when Howie was in the mall on Howard when he was a ghost, for fuck sakes. Either that or I was hanging out with old friends who knew the character from another server chatting OOCly, or just chatting with people oocly. Three, no, not anymore, you can think what you want about me, but I don't quite give a damn. The reason you people have issues finding RP is yourselves, not everyone else or their characters. So take your own advice and 'man up', deal with it. It has nothing to do with an attachment, and, quite frankly? I'm more worried about Nomit's attachment to you than anything, hun. The only thing I can at all agree with in these last few posts is the progression shit Karadoch said.
  6. It'd be a step in the right direction if this was byond.
  7. I'd compare it to trying to treat a decapitation with a children band-aid, personally.
  8. Tyler

    Compliment Thread!

    Probably the best friend I'll ever have and could ever ask for. Despite all the bullshit over the years you've stuck by me and I'll always value you no matter what, you're caring and neat. Plus your characters all have neat quirks even if they're all legiontrash edgy evil. You've also got a pretty good taste in music, imho. Well balanced though still down for some of the heavier stuff.
  9. I'm sorry, but with the amount of pettiness here and the amount of shit I've personally heard/seen? Bullshit. (Surprisingly not from myself in this case.) Complete and utter bullshit. I refuse to believe at all there is no ooc desire (for some of these people :D) to just outright flip someone they don't like the finger because they play characters they've established over years that they also probably do not like. I've told you, several times- talk to people, make alts, take all the advice everyone has given me and use it. This isn't a byond game that should be wiped every iteration just so new people can be on equal footing icly. That said, to the people with stronger old characters, try to realize even superman has a weakness and don't act like they're infallible and people won't whine about turning Paragon into Nagasaki because they can't be assed to try to rp with new people or new chars like they're saying everyone should do if the servers wiped. Like give me a break.
  10. I like this idea but like I said prior I think the way the setting is going in general this just will not work for Paragon what so ever, in both terms of the wipe and this actually pleasant idea- and it'd require OOC communication which people seem to lack to the point they'd rather just nuke the entire server 'to better it'- or just don't want to deal with the people proposing such actions because of grudges and vice versa, etc. It's not a lot of people saying nuke it, no, but I mean, still. There's a reason for it and again, I doubt it's not at all just for the better of the server in (most of) these peoples eyes.
  11. Or just stop playing entirely. More so if this actually happened which would more than likely dishearten more people than anything else and drive people off. Also, suggesting ANYTHING that works for Byond on a WoW server is... Lmfao. Literally just remake the same character and go again. Unless you were planning on, if this got traction, to say 'haha fuck you the character you've written up for years can't be remade even if you don't rp them like you would have pre-wipe' which leads me back to the two sentences at the top of my post. New characters (And by extension a new start) are good. Having some consistency and a character you're 100% sure with your direction on isn't a bad thing. Frankly I think this is more an issue of lack of communication, people being out of touch with one another, and the way the setting is going. There are, honestly, no benefits of a wipe like this on a server like this in my eyes, it'll just make people bitter, or they'll quit. You just kicked some people in the gut with removing something that you should have years ago by removing the RPG, this would be like kicking them in the gut, fucking their mother, dog, and nailgunning their cat to the wall. The fact some of you are even considering this reminds me of how selfish I was before my ban. Quite frankly, at this point it just feels like you're trying to push some agenda like it always does because you don't like some people and aren't upfront about it, though considering the people pushing it and even if 'brother nomit' was said jokingly... Well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. In all honesty seems like a joke that did provide some healthy discussion but looking over what I missed it seems the wrong type in some cases... :T
  13. Usually by the time things are done I'm too drained to keep rping on that character, it's sad to see when it happens with an ENTIRE group but a few people going off isn't a bad thing. Really all that needs to be done here is people having genuine conversations with one another, like 'Hey I wanna have X char fight Y char with (Insert premise) or whatever else.' or setting shit up in other aspects, doesn't even have to be combat RP, really. Edit: Also, I'll say this, don't change your character to suit every RP, but alts do help, you can't realistically just play one character unless you don't give a fuck (Like me since I only play like 3 tops.)