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  1. Astral

    House Corbett

    is this still a thing? I'd like to join.
  2. Damnit, just before I managed to get into the process of applying for it. Vlad why you do this. :-: But seriously speaking, guild looks fairly interesting, and I wish you good luck with it! Has a lot of promise, and i've been toying with a similar idea in my mind. We'd love to have you as a Magi! Over-throwing ICly is a thing y'know!
  3. The application for the magister officer position is now closed!
  4. Applications can be submitted via skype or PMs.
  5. Yes I am indeed. Let's keep things guild related here.
  6. To note, applications are indeed open. Please come along and submit, I have no applications so far so start to submit!
  7. That's not even a rank! Here have a link This should help. Lieutenant it is.
  8. That's odd, I don't feel it's necessary to apply for a scout captain rank so instead I'll knock it down to Head Ranger. Or do you have to apply for every non-normal position here? And for those who need it for any questions, here is my skype - lawfulvindiction
  9. Nope unfortunately. My elf personally with shoot her down if she refuses to leave if she comes in sight of the Sin'dorei there. She has an issue with Quel'dorei / Alliance regardless of whether you're neutral or not. She can barely stand the Kirin Tor as it is. That's just her! Feel free to apply as a Sin'dorei however, that's totally cool.
  10. Eh Quel'dorei are not allowed. If she wishes to re-join as a Sin'dorei then sure.
  11. Thank you very much! I would have wrote more but I lacked time to, I hope it was pretty self explanatory.
  12. There is one officer application currently open and that is the Magister who will be in command of the magi and researchers of the guild! Lieutenant: 1/1 Magister: 1/1 Ranger: 2/x Magi: 1/x
  13. NPC Leader High Examiner Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher PC Leader Lieutenant Silverwind, Magister Falion Felborne Alignment The Horde, Quel'Thalas Area of Influence Azshara Rating Mild/Mature The leader of the Reliquary, Tae'thelan Bloodwatcher, had spent a lifetime mastering the arts of sorcery and furthering his pursuit of magical knowledge. Gathering like-minded blood elves, he formed the Reliquary, a primarily blood elven (but nonetheless multiracial) organization to acquire powerful magical artifacts for the sin'dorei and their Horde allies. Tae'thelan maintains that such power not only should not be feared, but can be safety utilized with proper teaching, a creed he aims to instill in allies of the Reliquary. Through these moderate and controlled methods, Tae'thelan ultimately aims to free his people from their magical addiction, and unite them as the proud, mighty race they once were. With the reignition of the Sunwell the Sin'dorei turn their gaze now towards research and magical developments - led by a scout captain and powerful magister these elves have set off under the wing of the Reliquary to retain and capture powerful magical artifacts and transport them to Silvermoon as well as aid the Horde on their travels. The guild will be ultimately led by two significant forces, Farstriders who act as the defense and guards of the guild and the Magisters and researchers who capture and detain the magical secrets of Azeroth! With their eyes currently set on the Highborne powers in Eldarath they travel now by boat and port in the ancient enigmatic woods of Kalimdor in hopes to find refuge and knowledge. *Other Horde races are subject to approval if deemed worthy *Shadow Priests and Warlocks will be ICly sanctioned to command their powers Short Term Find a settlement to build an encampment on. Marshal troops and set up a connection to Silvermoon City Long Term Defeat the Naga and capture a ruined base for operations. Defeat the Naga in Eldarath and capture the Highborne ruins there for the "Horde"! By applying and roleplaying you accept the rules and terms of the guild. Respect the rules of Paragon-WoW. Officers have the divine right to deny an application. Please keep ERP in whispers and characters created for the purpose of ERP will be removed. Conflict Roleplay is always great, just make sure it's IC and not OOC. If you have an issue we'd prefer if you brought it to one of the Officers rather than spread around complaints. Roleplaying is a hobby, have fun and respect lore! Coming SoonTM! Player Application Name: Class: Age: Backstory: Purpose: RNG Stats (Coming Soon): Skype: Officer Application Name: Class: Age: Backstory: Purpose: RNG Stats (Coming Soon): Time Zone: Why?: Skype: Roster Elesa Commiser Vladamir Stealthscout Enigma Turtle