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  1. BREWFEST IS HERE! Hear, hear, ladies and germs! With the invasion of the Legion in full force, the world set aflame, and the end of civilization in sight, things have gotten a bit gloomy, lately... for most, anyway! But as the seasons change and summer staggers, drunk, pained, and bruised from a bar-fight, into autumn, there couldn't be a better time for an old-fashioned traditional harvest festival to raise the spirits of folk and remind them of just what it is they're fighting for. And in the spirit of competition, three teams have decided to face off in a challenge of wit, bravery, and alcohol consumption, something that'll go into the annals of history. Unfortunately, most of their workers are busy sleeping off hangovers... or getting themselves new ones. So they need your help, and they're willing to pay! Naturally, Brewfest wouldn't be Brewfest without the Brew. In keeping with the time-honored traditions of the Dwarven celebration, all participants, are of course, expected to drink enough that each step they take threatens to knock them on their ass by the end of the day. The Teams The Modan Maltmashers Borri Hornbrew Neslin Fizzledrink Raised in the finest tradition of Dwarven brewing, combined with the technical know-how and industrial expertise of Gnomish micro-brewing, the Modan Maltmashers are an off-the-cuff team working together specially for the sake of this Brewfest. Borri Hornbrew, a staunch traditionalist, makes a poor partner to Neslin Fizzledrink, a gnome at the very forefront of developments in day-drinking, but they've agreed to put their differences aside in an effort to make a fine drink that makes the most of a combination of old and new. Red Collar Beer Co. Zhao Hushpour Imdi Maltchewer The Red Collar Beer Company is a new face on the block of Kalimdorean drink-making. Established only a year ago by a Huojin monk and a Mag'har innkeeper, they follow in the footsteps of Chen Stormstout in their partnership- in more ways then one, given that the Company often finds itself drinking what they make long before they ever get around to selling it. Personally, neither Zhao nor Imdi sees this as a flaw, strictly speaking. Grimspill, Ogden & Sons Hansi Grimspill Ellaine Ogden The partnership between Hansi Grimspill and Ellaine Ogden is one borne out of mistrust- a queer set of circumstances set them to work in the same brew-shop in Booty Bay, and in order to keep them from poisoning each other's drink, they agreed to barrel them together. A slew of poisonings in the same town that year forced them both to flee, where, as chance would have it, they both found out that both of them poisoned the swill in the hopes of putting the other out of business. They've been fast friends ever since, and proud producers of "the strongest ferment you'll ever find outside the Grim Guzzler." Information Alright, here's the skinny; this is obviously a holiday event in celebration of that great time October! The one that isn't Hallowe'en, that is. As such, it's not something that you have to take 100% seriously, and the events presented in the chain won't be entirely befitting the grim and gloomy mood of our current expansion, so be warned! This chain will consist of three seperate events on three seperate days, all of them relating to the competition between these three teams; Day 1: The Brewing Contest! Players will be charged with collecting rare and specific ingredients to help their chosen team make the best brew, before it gets speed-fermented by magical means. This is followed by a taste test, and the team that succeeded the best in gathering what they needed (and managed to keep the other teams from sabotaging their efforts) will win this round. Day 2: The Three-Legged Race! - Teams will be split into pairs of two that have to conduct a three-legged race to deliver a barrel of brew to the chosen location. While drunk- and not allowed to teleport themselves. Whoever gets the mostest there the fastest will win, but mind that the barrel arrives in one piece! Day 3: The Drinking Contest. This one's pretty straightforward... whoever stays standing at the end of it, wins! Anybody is welcome to work for any of the teams presented, but in the interest of fairness I'd like the three teams to have a roughly equal distribution of players working for them, so in the interest of good planning I suggest you express your interest in this thread so I can start splitting people up. The events themselves will be centered on the Broken Isles, though being a drunken mess, they might end up ranging farther and wider onto other continents. The event chain itself will take place sometime in early-to-mid October (still pinning down the date!) Likely either on the 11th, 12th, and 13th, or spread across the following week. Bar fights (PVP) are to be expected, but killing anyone- or injuring them too severely- is both against the spirit of the holiday, and, more importantly, will get you cut off at the bar.
  2. Watsiro

    [Zone]: Stormheim

    Listed a few upcoming events. The Story So Far The Horde have begun their search for the Aegis of Aggramar, under the guidance of the Troll Priest, Blood Guard Hado. After stumbling onto Aggramar's Vault with the assistance of a strange Vrykul by the name of Hafi, they managed to enlist the help of some of the locals- specifically, Slash Gutspill, and Gro Rumblehoof. While the other Challengers viewed each other with suspicion, they held the Felskorn that had overrun the Vault with sheer numbers in equally low regard, and after some convincing, took to fighting them as eagerly as they might have to fighting each other. Unfortunately, God-King Skovald pre-empted the Horde's arrival, and with sword in hand and fire in his heart, cut down the Lich, Baltux Gale-Wrought, for frustrating him the most in this encounter. Aylara, a Thalassian rogue, managed to stun one of the Vrykul darkcasters with dynamite, while between her and Aelyra, one of the Banshee Queen's servants, they cut down an Eredar that had come to the God-King's aid... for now, at least. With the Vault secured, they plunged into the knowledge it held- a means to secure the Aegis. But more tasks are due yet, each equally complex- eventually, at least, they stand a chance of securing that which they seek.
  3. Confused reports have finally given way to a public statement; the Earl de Montarville has been attacked, in his own home province, of all places, by dastardly agents of the Horde! Rumors have abounded about the Earl having turned to some corrupted influence ever since he showed up to Sentinel Hill and demanded the requisition of the corpse of a previously interned Thalassian infiltrator. Fortunately, the Earl himself was quick to dismiss fears on his re-arrival in town. The story goes something like this... After his carriage was accosted by a small party of Thalassian infiltrators, his guards were killed, and his betrothed taken hostage. The Blood Elven highwaymen demanded that the noble proceed to Sentinel Hill to retrieve the body of one of their former comrades; on pain of his death, and that of his beloved, should he try to turn them in. Despite the Earl's best efforts to delay, he failed to secure any assurances from the red-garbed brigands, and as such, was forced to comply with their demands. The Earl is understandably upset about this occurrence, but equally so the authorities in Stormwind. They have offered a sizeable sum to anyone who comes forward with information that leads to the proper identification or capture of those responsible. Those who intend to pursue the bounty are to be on the lookout for a dangerous band of five Blood Elves, including a warlock, two spell-casting rogues, and a Monk by the name of Zethiel, led by a Spellbreaker. In the meantime, more regular patrols have been ordered along the routes in the outer areas of the Kingdom.
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    which instance of slavery, really
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    make him a warlock or, even better a shadow priest
  6. Near as I know he hasn't been given any sort of official warning, just told not to do this again. And as you might be able to read into my thoughts earlier, that's an idea I can broadly agree with. I think he's made his position clear enough earlier.
  7. He was? I don't think that's actually Smeghead's position. I don't think this is as black and white as you put it. The DM chat isn't explicitly meant to be secretive, but there's reasonable grounds for saying that things that are posted in it are meant to be secluded from the general community. I'm sure that this doesn't extend necessarily towards insults on the part of DMs towards certain players, but Drak makes the reasons for not issuing his statement publically (in his view) clear. Does this mean that someone should be punished for doing something that the rules aren't clear on? Probably not. This, I can find some sympathy with. I don't think any course of action we take should be as radical as you might hope, though.
  8. there's gunships in deepholm? wtf
  9. I specified that I also thought that towns looked too empty, something not resolved by retail-spawning. Then it'd probably be best just to scan the vital objects.
  10. Scripted events don't encourage roleplay. Do not do them. Co-operative DMing has worked before. It'll take some planning and effort, but we can make it work again. If this is a matter of simply spawning objects and NPCs, I don't think it's really a matter of concern. Using the scanning method we get hilltops full of predator animals and garrisons with maybe 20-40 troops in them. Here's a shot of some nature. As you may notice, there are no animals in the picture. This is why I'd rather have us spawn these zones by hand, on the basis of what's going on story-wise, maybe sprinkling zones with some patrolling NPCs rather than a sheer mass of retail-derived creatures. If there's some other technical matter that I've failed to understand, I apologize. We've been trying to do this. Maybe we should be trying harder, though. Public service announcement: if you're quoting a bunch of people in your post, just highlight the part you want to quote. A button should appear; This will add the quote, noting the time and the author, to the quick reply panel at the bottom of the page, wherever you last left your cursor.
  11. I like this. I like this a lot.
  12. you don't seem to understand that humor and the origins thereof are fundamentally subjective making fun of the nazi regime is inevitably going to draw a few links to the holocaust, and people who do that need to be prepared for that eventuality that doesn't even necessarily include offense, but the fact of the matter is that if you accept the notion that you shouldn't police what people say, you also can't expect to police what people think, which applies equally to notions of humor and offense
  13. the franco-german alliance is the centerpiece of western european geopolitics and the uk is an american client state i'm afraid your apocalyptic dreams of a new rise of national-socialism is going to have to give way to the fundamental realities of national interest "i don't think this is funny, it makes light of [bad thing] doesn't it" "NO YOU'RE WRONG IT'S REALLY CLEVER BECAUSE OF JUXTAPOSITION STOP THINKING DIFFERENT HOW DARE YOU" wrongthink indeed on the matter itself while i don't believe in the slightest that someone should enter legal proceedings over something this innocuous i'm more inclined to attribute this result to the inherent lack of free speech as a result of operating a state without a real constitution