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  1. @stolitar Some of these are going to be reviewed, so this list at the moment is just to provide people with information on races that were being called for by the Community lately. Those were exotic ones such as Vulpera, Tortollan, etc. So yeah, there is the chance that we are going to go through this list again.
  2. PARAGON LIST OF RACES FOR CURRENT WARCRAFT EXPANSIONS - LEGION AND BATTLE FOR AZEROTH Hello, Paragon. Here I will be listing the races that come in with Battle for Azeroth, and some of them are in the Legion expansion, mostly coming with Argus, such as Lightforged and a few new demons. I will be listing them accordingly, trying to keep them chronological according to each expansion, their situation Application-wise (Trial, Restricted, etc) and some short explanation. Legion Races: [Free] Fresh Lightforged: these are Lightforged Draenei characters that are receiving the boons and lightforging in general as of the Legion expansion, being fresh made Lightforged that will still master their ways properly. [Free] Ur'zul: these are mostly demonic beasts made out of twisted Draenei souls. Ravaging beasts of Argus. [Restricted] Veteran Lightforged: these are Lightforged Draenei characters that have fought alongside the Army of the Light for eons across the Twisting Nether, completely mastering their ways. It will require a Trial so the player can prove they understand it, although they'll only be available when we reach Argus. [Restricted] Veteran Void Elf: the restriction to these are their actual numbers and circumstances. According to Lore, they are not recruiting (at least for now) so you have to be one of the blood elves that followed Magister Umbric when they were exiled, or Alleria Windrunner - therefore, you'll need a Character Application to play one. [Forbidden] Antaen: giant demons with great power. It was one of those things that literally shot the Xenedar off the sky in Argus. I'm making them Forbidden because it's too much for Players to possess power-wise. The Lightforged Draenei, as explained before, will only be available when we reach Argus. Void Elves follow the same Storyline stipulation. Battle for Azeroth Expansion Races: [Free] Drust: this was a group of seafaring Vrykul that settled in Drustvar, Kul Tiras. They were killed by the human settlers but they somewhat became undead. They are all Undead tied to the will of Gorak Tul in Drustvar and are KoS everywhere in Kul Tiras. They also have the ability to make Sentient Constructs, and those will require of you a Character Application according to Paragon's rules. At least for now, only undead Drust will be allowed. Livings ones are not permited. [Free] K'thir: basically, these guys are some evil Old God-ish creatures coming from the depths per legends in Kul Tiras. Humans can be transformed into these strange things but can hide among the populace disguised as humans, only being revealed when they want or upon death. [Free] Sirens: self explanatory, just the Greek mythology gals that enchanted sailors to kill and eat them away, just a bit more Warcraft-y. [Free] Tortollan: these ones seem inofensive. The real question that people's been asking here: where can they go? Well, they're basically turtles that live centuries, so I'd say they can pretty much swim all around Azeroth. But my recommendation would be that a Player character should have a solid reason to be anywhere else that it's not their usual places. Per example, I don't wanna see these guys in 'exotic' places like Stormwind City. All in all, they're Neutral faction-wise. [Contact Mod] Vulpera: same as the above, just Fox people and not turtle. By the looks of it, they join pirate crews and sail around the world. Later on in BfA, they align themselves with the Horde, but until then, they're Neutral and are not expected to be in exotic places for them or Faction aligned areas. We expect you to open a Contact Moderator thread for further clarification to confirm whether or not you have a good grip on their situation, Lore and stipulations as to where to go and why. [Free] Blood Trolls: yeah, these are trolls focused and corrupted by Blood Magic, servants of G'huun in Zandalar. They used to be Zandalari trolls, but were corrupted by G'huun and now they're gunning for the end of all Loa in the Empire. They are mad cannibals that eat even their own kinsmen so all of them are KoS. [Free] Sethrak: these are those serpent people living off in Zandalar's deserts. There's two types of them, being the evil ones that seek to bring Mythrax back to conquer Zuldazar, and there's the good ones, seeking to stop the evil ones. For now I'm restricting them to Zandalar. The Wowpedia makes clear they consider Vol'dun the holiest of holy grounds for them, so no. No snake people out of Zandalar. [Free] Witches: these are Kul Tiran humans corrupted by the evil magic in Drustvar - making them an actual variation of the human race. They have powers ranging from disguising themselves among normal humans to corrupting the local wildlife to their malefic powers. As such, you'll need to poke a Moderator for some clarification and to let us know you're going for it before playing one. [Restricted] Witch Matrons: a step above the common witch, these are ascended witches who sacrificed themselves when their power reached great levels. They become somewhat ethereal beings, undead creatures like the rest of those afflicted by the evil in Drustvar. As such, they require a Character Application and will be put in the Limited List of Races due to their selected numbers. [Restricted] Botani: yeah, these guys are from the alternative Draenor, but when the new Mag'har comes from AU Draenor, some of these guys seems to have come with them through the rift, some of them heading towards Northern Barrens. Due to how powerful they can be in corrupting other races, they are going to be Restricted, and will be in the Limited list with only 4 available slots. [Restricted] Lightbound: these are the guys iron-gauntleted by Yrel in the AU Draenor to become Light wielders. Mind you, this conversion was either willingly of forcefully set upon them, specifically the Orcs and Ogres. [Forbidden] Azerite Elementals: these are overly powerful beings, Earth Elementals infused with the energy of the Azerite and turned mad. Due to their power and dangerous nature, they're Forbidden to Players, be it as companions or as a character. Restrictions by Region The following races are currently Restricted to their original regions as per the expansion they're firstly represented: Drust, K'thir, Sirens, Blood Trolls, Witches, Witch Matrons and Sethrak. Doubts and concerns can be directed towards the Moderation Team or Adminstration for proper directioning and information. Restrictions to Roleplay The following races are not expected to be everywhere, anytime. They have to be justified more than just "I got here." They are expected to have a good reason to be in the places they are, as well as these places have to make sense for them. Per example, we're not tolerating Tortollan walking around in Stormwind, among other exotic races. Going against this stipulation will cost you the character. They are: Tortollan, Vulpera, and Botani. Doubts and concerns can certainly be directed towards the Moderation Team or Adminstration for proper directioning and information. [ All modifications have been applied to the Lists present in the Character Application section of the Forums, so consulting them before jumping into RP is what we expect the Community to do. Further additions of fixes may come in the future as the current WoW expansion .. expands. We will be informing and updating Paragon accordingly. Kind Regards, Paragon Moderation Team.
  3. THE BATTLE OF THE CURSED PLAINS Once again, in the plains of Westfall, the undead marched. Restlessly they came, quick was their demise. After razing the Port of Montarville to rubble and occupy the remainder of the Earldom like a plague, the undead painted to be servants of Sylvanas Windrunner marched outside the borders of the Earldom, ready to continue their march of chaos and destruction across the province of Westfall. Little did they know that the vengeful Earl Jean-Philippe had been waiting for them at the fortified settlement of Sentinel Hill with many soldiers and machines of war, supported by the Crown of Stormwind. In a quick succession of fetid bombardment from Meat Wagons and arrows from the undead invaders, the footsoldiers of the Undead Army, nicknamed the "Fashkorin Vanguard" by the local erudites, assaulted the walls accompanied by gargoyles and followed by the geists - ravaging undead that can scale walls and pull defenders off the battlements. In the southern gate, the surviving soldiers tell the tale of one "Warrior of the Dark Woodlands", a Duskwood man of great skill that has fought alongside the Westfall Brigade relentlessly, costing tens of undead soldiers in their daring attack of the southern gate, so daring that not even the Knights of Stormwind charge ontop of his wounded body was enough to stop the man. Prestigious figures such as the Count of Trautenfel and the Duke of Drywood were also present in the irksome struggle - as well as the Earl of Montarville, whose courage and determination once more was witnessed by the people of Westfall in defense of their homeland. Rumor also has it that the infamous (supposed dead) Alliance Commander, Amello 'Tuskripper' Surblade was seen once more in battle in the name of the Kingdom of Stormwind, although briefly, but enough to fill the hearts of the people with hope for such a figure. Other tales are told of the Tirasian mage in the battlements, raining fire and frost upon the undead, along with a gnomish mage who, despite her underprivileged size, destroyed waves of undead with her skills. Infamous was the young Sergeant that, alone, shieldwalled waves of undead in the field, relentlessly holding the tide and being refered to by the common folk as the "Stonewall of Sentinel Hill", for his stand at this battle can only be compared to that of the walls made of pure stone. Once more, the veteran of Outland, Lieutenant Commander Alderic Bradley, marched into the fortress with the Knights of Stormwind at his back to help turn the tide and ensure that the undead would not flush the Hill with its foulness. In that same side of this base, an elven monk quick as the wind tore many of the walking corpses apart while in the road that leads to the south, a valiant Holy woman stood corageously at the face of certain death, and her holy powers burned many of the wicked to cinders that day. It was thanks to the effort of these true champions of good that once more Sentinel Hill stood firm and now lives to witness the revenge against the wicked that seeks to curse the land and deprive it of its life. Westfall once more griefs for their fallen sons, as does the families who now miss their relatives - whose bodies were only granted its final rites before being burned. Sorrowful are those that couldn't even say goodbye due to the fact that their relatives were barely recognizeable after being violated by the Necromancers and brought back as aberrations to fight against those who were their comrades in life. The undead corpses were ordered to be piled up and burned - which caused many of the common folk to question and judge the cold decision of the commanders in Sentinel Hill on that somber day. The rain now washes the land of its blood, and the Holy Light is expected fervently to cure the ailments of those who lost their relatives. Once more affected by the creations of evil and waving its perfidious hand over the lands of Westfall, this has been registered by theerudites as The Battle of the Cursed Plains.
  4. This afternoon was the stage of a meeting between some of His Majesty's vassals in the House of Nobles' Hall in the inner parts of Stormwind Keep. Topics related to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the war were brought to the table and discussed and counted with the presence of King Anduin Wrynn and his trusted, main advisor, King Genn Greymane. The main topic of this discussion though was the terrible Undead Invasion of the Earldom of Montarville, in southern Westfall's shore. It has been decided that the kingdom as well as its vasslas are to send at least the minimum of support they can to the cause of the Earl and the people of Westfall. Stormwind soldiers might march to the southern plains soon or later. As for the arduous rumor that the attack on the Earldom was a Forsaken offensive, King Anduin Wrynn himself will seek out the Banshee Queen in a neutral meeting at the great magi city of Dalaran for the truth of this perfidious attack! On a latter note, a group of extremist orcs from the Badlands are threatening to attack Redridge. With the support of the Marquess of Steelhaven, the Marshal of Redridge will work to contain this threat and ensure the safety of the citizens of northern Stormwind. As the meeting came to an end, a new one shall take place to definitely make some of these topics and their decisions solid and executable. The main topic for the next meeting is, for now, the election of a new Lord Speaker. Were active voices in this meeting: Lady Kyra Hawkmore, Marquess of Steelhaven. Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Earl of Port de Montarville. Lord Logan Theirin, Count of Trautenfel. Lord Egon Keiramont, Duke of Keiramont. Lord Charles Whitehall, Count of Whitehaven. Lord Bryce Westcott, Baron of Lakegarde. Were sitting invitees in this meeting: No invitees.
  5. Greetings, Paragon. It's been some time we didn't had this sort of thing happening, and with the recent things going on in Paragon, the Moderation Team has gathered to discuss these things and through here I'm making it public to the Community about the minor changes being implemented to the server. Community Volunteer's Reponsibilities: the term is something I use to englobe those that serve the community as volunteers, meaning DMs, Builders and Moderators, and of course, the Adminstrator. We are simply implementing a line in the responsibilities of those to further clarify the consequences that Bias (Favouritism or Animosity) while displaying your role will bring in case it is proved by solid evidence (logs or screenshots) that said person is commiting such - which will eventually lead to the person losing their role and ruining their reputation regarding future attempts at returning to the role. All in all, it is merely a clarification on said rule more than anything. The Vampyrs: the recent increase of interest in vampyrs have led us to bring up a Guide solely based on what Lore we have on the Warcraft vampyrs as well as some clarifications and some complements on what we already know about them and direct the players seeking to play one. This is no ruling, else it would be in the Lore Clarifications, but more of a test; but we expect the Playerbase to read and strive to follow the Guide as best as possible given it is based on current Warcraft Lore. People are welcome to write a Lore Clarification if they so desire and we'll read it accordingly. The quantity of these Vampyr characters, however, will be [Limited] by a set number of options for them to be playable - which is also clarified in the Guide and will have its space in the List of Limited Classes and Races. Therefore, Vampyr characters won't require a Character Application, but will have a limited number on them. The Guide can be found by clicking here. List of Named Legendary Weapons: as everyone know, there has been some characters lobbying to get themselves one of the named legendary weapons. As we all know, this has happened after Event Chains. What we're doing is keeping track of it by adding a List of these items in the Gossip section of the Forums. Mind you, that going after any of the artifacts being allowed in the list will depend on a chain of Events with the Event Manager's blessing. This also makes the item Revokable in case the person breaks the rules while wielding it. "But LNB, why in Gossip!?": because if your character is rolling with a special toy with some special tale about it, then some people would probably know about it, and the Gossip section is where things that some if not most people know ICly is where that sort of thing goes, so we're keeping all the information regarding it there. You can read the thread personally by clicking here. Progression Limitations on Ranks: this topic has been the reason of many arguments for a long time ever since the Progression limitations have been imposed in certain Ranks on the server. The Moderation Team has discussed about it and we might be giving some more leeway in order for a Player to be able to achieve these ranks, but in exchange we will require that the player going for these is at least familiar with the community and its rules. Wheter or not some ranks might have these speculations lifted or downgraded to a [Trial] process remains to be decided in the incoming future. Miscellaneous Applications - Metals: we are adding the following metals to the Miscellaneous Application System: Leystone Lumenstone Azure Ore And we'll be also removing the following metal from the Miscellaneous Application System: Fel Iron The reason for these changes has been that the metals being added are quite powerful in their own right, being metals from the Broken Isles. It can be futher clarified in the current Lore Clarification for metals. As for Fel Iron, it is but fel tainted metal that gives a slight boost in Fel damage, although still capable of inciting Fel corruption on one's being. Moderator Candidates: last but not least, we all know, there are 2 canditates to the Moderator role: Syth and Tim. Today, they are being put forward so the Community can vote and pick the next Trial Moderator(s). We kindly ask you to be civil and avoid stupid/unecessary/passive-agressive/agressive comments in these threads. They're not the place for that. The voting process will be closed at June 5th, 2019. All in all, these are the minor changes/additions Paragon will be going to have for now. In future discussions the Moderation Team will be debating the options to better improve the RP experience in our server, as well as ensuring that the Rules are enforced and clear. Kind Regards, Paragon's Moderation Team & Administration.
  6. Today's afternoon was marked by a ruckus of high quality. Stormwind Navy under Captain Terrence Harrison were shocked by a commotion in the docks as Marines and Civilians entered a frenzy and attacked fellows, the Captain himself ending up in a quite pitiful state mentally. Witnesses describe a mighty confusion with wounded Marines and civilians in total confusion. Soon after, a prisoner of the Navy, a Mr. Octavian de Flavigny, imprisoned and sentenced to the gallows for acts of Piracy against Stormwind vessels, has been sucessfuly 'rescued' from prison in the ruined Menethil Harbor keep. Local security officer Lieutenant Timothy Clark claims that two robed figures claiming to be Clerics have entered the precint with the purpose of giving the condemned a final blessing before knocking out prison warden Reginald Flintwell and local security chief Captain Stoutfist in their escape. The whole ruckus in the docks was confirmed to be the works of dark magic as declared by local magician whose name was omited for security purposes. Witnesses also informed the law about two individuals of felony appearence strolling through the harbor and near the docks as detailed by Marines: a high elven man with light blonde hair and a human with black hair and a rag covering her face. The wrecked town is now on high allert for the following days while the search for said individuals is conducted in the swamps.
  7. HOUSE OF NOBLES MEETING December 30, 2018 After a long time of recess the House has come together to another session this weekend to discuss some of the topics brought in the last meeting although some of them were actively tended to out of the halls of Stormwind Keep by the nobles. With the new trade agreement between Houses Theirin, de Montarville, de Lyons and Korvus with the supervision of the Montarville Trading Company's merchants a new trade opportunity has emerged between the provinces of Westfall, Elwynn and Duskwood with the construction of a new trade post. Aside from this little yet notable improvement, the following decisions have been made from the last session: Election of a new Lord Speaker. For the next month, Lady Isabel Korvus, Countess of Ravenholm, will be holding the position as voted by the last session. Elevation of the Earldom of Montarville to the status of Marquis although His Majesty is yet to approve* of it. *Moderator approval still pending. Were active voices in this meeting: Lady Isabel Korvus, Countess of Ravenholm. Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Earl of Port de Montarville. Lord Logan Theirin, Count of Trautenfel. Lady Joanne de Lyons, Viscountess of Ashwood. Lord Markus Tyrodius, Lord-Foreigner (Stromgarde). Lord Rorlhin Blackwell, interim Baron of Rosevale. Were sitting invitees in this meeting: Dame Emilis Fairweather, Hereditary Knight, vassal of House de Montarville. With the spot of Lord Speaker now fulfilled, a new Meeting is expected to happen soon by the Right Honourable's call. His Majesty thanks his loyal subjects for their perseverance in this time of difficulty and danger. King's Honor.
  8. Just a reminder: regarding what happened in Darkshire, Duskwood, if you're not a part of the Uncrowned, you're not supposed to know who was responsible for dealing with the problem in Darkshire. IF you are part of the Uncrowned, you're not supposed to go shouting "It was us!" through rooftops and alleys.
  9. The tragic news of the ongoings in the township of Darkshire has finally arrived in the capital of the kingdom, Stormwind City. After the Rogue organization known as the Uncrowned led their operations into that region, it has been uncovered that the city's ruling Council and the forces of law and order known as the Night's Watch under Althea Ebonlocke were involved in a Legion worshiping cult that led to several assassinations of the townsfolk. Upon such dire news, the Uncrowned has taken the reins and delivered justice to the victims of their madness and ended the lives of several Night Watchers, including their leader Commander Althea Ebonlocke. The ruling Council of the town has fled while the rogues ended the Night's Watch. The following names are Wanted for High Treason and Conspiracy against the King: Lord Ello Ebonlocke Ambassador Berrybuck Councilman Millstipe With this, House Ebonlocke's rule over the town is over after decades. The events have left Deputy Mayor Role Dreuger as the sole civilian official leader in the town with Watchmaster Sorigal organizing what remains of the Night Watchers. Outlying patrols have been recalled and the town is in a state of public emergency. The townsfolk remaining are more than terrorized even after so many years of struggle and fear for the horros of Duskwood. A missive has been sent to Stormwind City for any forces that could be spared or resources. Outsiders not wearing official representation in the form of documents or anything relating them to the central government will be met with suspicion and doubt.
  10. Don't give up hope! We're currently working on initiative, by we I mean the names involved so any noble RPer would be welcome.
  11. This afternoon was the stage of a meeting between some of His Majesty's vassals in the House of Nobles' Hall in the inner parts of Stormwind Keep. Topics related to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the war were brought to the table and discussed although the presence of the young King Anduin was not something that happened - thus such topics will once more be brought to the table with the presence of the Monarch. The following topics have come to the table of the House: _ the situation of Westfall: a housing project for those suffering from poverty and public dismantle shall be tended to through a coalition of nobles for the resources _ the situation in Duskwood: according to one of the member of the House, the Dark Riders are on the ride again and measures must be taken - measures to be discussed in the next meeting. _ election of a Lord Speaker: it's been a long time since the House has lacked a Lord Speaker so a new one is to be elected. Since the meeting party hasn't been able to come to an agreement, the decision remains on the King's hands. As the meeting came to an end, a new one shall take place to definitely make some of these topics and their decisions solid and executable. Were active voices in this meeting: Lady Isabel Korvus, Countess of Ravenholm. Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Earl of Port de Montarville. Lord Logan Theirin, Count of Trautenfel. Lady Joanne de Lyons, Viscountess of Ashwood. Lord Charles Whitehall, Count of Whitehaven. Were sitting invitees in this meeting: Lord Lothar Engelas, Baronet, vassal of House de Montarville.
  12. Goldshire is being more important than Broken Isles at this point. Hmm ... time for military I N T E R V E N T I O N ! ! !
  13. There's a logical explanation to that which is currently being researched into by SI:7.
  14. Once more the peaceful people of Goldshire has been put on a frightened state. Yesterday's night the local security force has been harassed by a horrible murder of a dwarven woman with no identified name in the basement of the famous Lion's Pride Inn. Deputy Rainer of the Westbrook Garrison was the one to attend to the cries of help from a merchant on the road to the same fort. The Deputy attended to the call of help with his two assistants, Corporal Mills and Private Smithers, being the first authority to be present by the location. Helpless, the Deputy informed the Marshal but in a moment a great deal of people has offered their help, among them, the Guard Captain of the County of Trautenfel, Sir Viari Riario and his subordinate, Guard Carlyn. A few others offered their aid to the Guard Force, among them are a Stromic veteran of eccentric behavior, a one-eyed woman of dubious character yet useful skills with the matter of stealth and another one-eyed man wearing a yellow-brown suit, a white-haired mage named Albany and some others. While a messy investigation was installed, a great deal of people shown up to help - including a coincidential visit of SI:7 Agents, their names not revealed by the local military office, whom ended up taking the case under their wing with the cooperation of Marshal Dughan, the head of the security in the region. For now, the case remains without any solution although many evidence has been found to work with. Local gossip: For now, the inn's services have been barred for further investigation. The Stormwind Army thanks each individual that offered their aid to the cause of justice and peace.