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  1. =========================================================================================== More news about the tragic tomb raiding that has occurred in the Viscounty of Ashwood (currently governed by a Magistrate appointed by His Majesty) has surfaced as the former Bailiff of the territory continued the arduous search for the body of the demised Viscountess, Lady Joanne Riverbanks. Some strange reports describe a possible undead woman fitting the physical description of Lady Riverbanks in the Broken Isles and in service of the Conclave -- the latter news being dismissed by the representatives of the world wide priest organization. After much search, the body of the Viscountess has been located on the Broken Shore, under a tree near Deliverance Point. Much to the surprise of Sir Amos Ardley, knight of House Riverbanks and former Bailiff of Ashwood, the body was incredibly preserved, though the touch of undeath was present. No vestiges of other presences have been found. The trail was as cold as the dead body of the Viscountess, and her trail before ending in such location could not be traced. The body has been brought back to Stormwind with haste in order to be conserved and all the analysis necessary were conducted by members of the Stormwind Mage's Guild with the aid of the Clerics of the Cathedral of Light. Being a former priestess herself, Lady Riverbanks had friends interested in her case as well. Regrettably, no information regarding the results of the proceedings conducted by the Guild and Clerics were made public by the two organizations due to a request of one of the last scions of House Riverbanks in a plea for respect and proper conduct. The corpse of the Viscountess, treated with holy oils and special products to conserve the body, was brought back to its resting place in the Viscounty of Ashwood, in Northern Elwynn. A tragic story, with a conturbed ending. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ===========================================================================================
  2. As the afternoon comes closer to become night, a caravan of supplies arrive at the Cathedral Square, met by a young knight bearing the sigil of the Silver Hand. The caravan bears the colors of House Strike and the County of Dyrsweald. Cloth, linen, food and other supplies are unloaded and hauled into the Cathedral. Led by the young knight whose name was detected as "Sir Amadeo", the supplies are delivered to the Church's authority in order to provide better conditions in the help of the victims of the recently shut down slavery operation.
  3. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... REDRIDGE GOES AWRY BY THE DAY! Citizens Claim For Help! Officials Try Their Best To Control! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ As the demonic incursion is progressively fought back in the charred lands of the Steppes, the province of Redridge suffers further with the demonic incursion. After more damage caused by Infernals, the foul magics that happened in the region have left behind a most unwelcome fog that covers the horizon, making it difficult for the local forces to secure the area and ensure its safety. The local government has declared situation of calamity with so many attacks from all sides -- Lakeshire suffering its second attack, coincidently by Infernals. The Stormwind Army under command of Knight-Captain Vladimir von Karstein, Count of Shalewind, has secured most of the township's vicinity and the town itself with the help of the Lakeshire Guard. Marshal Marris has declared that Lakeshire is officially on lockdown and all citizens going in and out are thoroughly inspected by the military with the help of a Cleric, and mages if the situation demands. It is also said that Magistrate Solomon has been secluded under preventive measure, so the town is now completely under the grip of the Stormwind Army for the time being. The population is said to be on the edge of a breakdown and Light only knows what can come from the terrible reality faced by the province and its main township in these dire times. Rumor has it that undead was also spotted in the southern region. Local farmers and other tradesmen are demanding action from the forces of security. His Majesty the King sends his regards to those engaged in the defence and maintenance of order in Lakeshire, and that He and his auxiliaries are doing their best to at least maintain a proper supply line to the province. There are rumors in Stormwind City, critics to Redridge's local aristocracy and the supposed inneficiency from both them and the government of the province. The King's advisors are doing their best to suppress those rumors to the best of their ability, which apparently includes threats to bring the SI:7 into the matter if such perfidious gossip won't die quickly. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... LAKERIDGE HIGHWAY PARTIALLY CLEANSED FROM UNDESIRABLES! Disgruntled Citizens Cheer, Local Aristocracy Criticizes! Lakeridge Highway is a known road that connects the main road to Lakeshire past Three Corners to the ruined Stonewatch Keep in the far ends of the province. In ages past, the Highway saw constant transit of citizens, farmers with their production, merchants with their caravans and military convoys. In the post-War times, the southern reaches of Redridge have lost much attention with the disrepair of Stonewatch and the advances of the Blackrock Clan of orcs into the area. As of today, the road is much less important though many locals still need it. After a most bothersome protest from the denizens of Redridge against the lack of attention from the leadership of the province in relation to them, Marshal Marris has endeavored to provide the southern reaches with much needed security now that the northern part of Redridge is heavily defended thanks to the presence of Echo Company, Falcon Company, and the 7th Legion in Stonewatch Tower. Deputy Feldon, the man in charge of peace and order in the township of Lakeshire, was tasked with forming a posse from the many adventurers and mercenaries that usually visit the town in these times of strife in order to scour the Highway from any demonic presence. A group was formed and taken into the Highway, though more than just demons infested the surroundings of the Highway. It was related that the posse has confronted a band of fel-tainted gnolls and boars, as well as an Eredar sharpshooter -- all of them being skillfully dealt with thanks to the abilities of the group hired by Feldon. Further down the road, the group came to face a horde of undead, possibly the fruit of a demonic raid in some cemetery of the vicinity. A powerful skeletal sorcerer has also been confronted and almost defeated though the miser froze himself in a prison of magical ice! Counting on the aid of the sinister Warlocks of the Black Harvest, the soul of said sorcerer is now aprehended and under the power of said occultists. At the end of the afternoon, a good part of the Highway has been cleansed and now, according to Marshal Marris, a detachment of troops will make sure that the road is patrolled and safeguarded through a military outpost. The posse's participants were all rewarded with a 2 gold reward for their services. The repercussion of this action has been relatively good among the civilian populace living in the vicinity of the Highway and those that use it the most to ferry their production to Lakeshire or beyond. Even though the populace has hailed the actions of the government, some of the southern aristocrats frowned upon the actions, claiming that it's a desperate maneuver from Marshal Marris and Magistrate Solomon to alleviate the pressure on them and excuse their failures and incapacity of providing the province with the safety it demands. As of now, no comments were registered from Stormwind City on these matters. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters!
  5. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... PEASANT REVOLT IN THE PROVINCE OF REDRIDGE! Disgruntled Citizens Claim Justice For Their Losses! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lakeshire, the major settlement of the province of Redridge, ruled by Magistrate Solomon for long years now, has always been in danger from different threats - from simpler foes such as gnolls and murlocs, to more dangerous foes such as Blackrock orcs and demonic entities from various origins, mainly from the Burning Legion itself. This afternoon has seen a band of disgruntled peasants, farmers and homeless citizens march behind the unified leadership of a disgruntled merchant by the name of Marik Wilson, owner of a caravan that usually ferries goods and provides a few trades along the dangerous Lakeridge Highway. A man of manners and methods, Mr. Wilson has been a known rival to Magistrate Solomon's government. With the recent demonic incursions all over the northern region, the southern reaches have been left undermanned due to the main demon army rallying in the Steppes. This has eventually caused the fall of security in the southern parts of Redridge. Farms, houses and other properties have come under attack from demons and many citizens lost their properties - one of them being Mr. Wilson. Considering those facts, the crowd of disgruntled citizens was rallied under Mr. Wilson's leadership, marching towards the town with the intention of deposing the Magistrate and taking his place (?). Two guards whose names were not revealed were beaten down by the angry mob armed with torches, sticks, forks and other rustic armaments. They were met with resistance by the Lakeshire Guardsmen led by Sergeant Major Eleanore de Montarville, alongside a few other adventurers. It is said that an emerging rum businessman, a Mr. Edward Thalmore, was seen running around and trying to get the authorities to act according to Marshal Marris. Slowly, and with the help of recently certified warlocks representing the Council of the Black Harvest, most of the crowd was dispersed under non-violent pressure, a few loyal followers remaining by their leader's side. With good and proper tactics, the crowd was finally contained by the experienced Lakeshire Guard, Mr. Wilson himself being taken under custody and presented to the authorities alongside seven other protesters whose names were not revealed. They were all hauled to Stormwind City so that His Majesty's justice may conduct the works from now on. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... JASPERLODE MINE BACK UNDER CONTROL OF THE CROWN! Resurged Twilight Cultists Defeated! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jasperlode Mine was opened in the side of the mountainous area of Elwynn many years before the arrival of the Orcish Horde. The mine has produced minerals of varied quality and types, such as copper, iron, tin, very little coal and even some gold. After the defeat of the Orcish Horde and rebirth of the Kingdom of Stormwind, the mine was reactivated only to become abandoned shortly thereafter due to corruption and other evils within Stormwind's government. The mine has been occupied by all sorts of undesirables since then, such as giant spiders, kobolds and thugs. This afternoon has seen some action in our good old Elwynn Forest as Knight Kassidy Reeves of the Stormwind Army led a group to investigate recent happenings in one of the mines in the province. With information provided by local security officer Marshal Dughan, Reeves has proceeded with the group towards Jasperlode Mine in the vicinity of the Stone Cairn Lake where a patrol went missing days ago. According to the military report taken to the Marshal, the mine was infested by dark magics and the lawkeepers of Elwynn who had gone missing were under the thrall of a dark being not described with much detail by the authorities. The group, described as being very capable although not necessarily united in a single goal (this is a trait atributed to adventuring sorts according to the Marshal) was very succesful in carefully ensuring the safety and freedom of our lawkeepers as well as defeating what turned out to be resurged Twilight cultists inside the long abandoned mine. After being freed, the patrol's leader Officer Powell related to Knight Reeves how things happened prior to all of this and detailed the losses they had previously. His Majesty the King has assured vassals of the realm in his dining table that the mine shall be put back to shape and produce much needed ore and stone to the kingdom in such dire times. Most of the aristocracy remains indifferent in relation to this afternoon's developments. The Stormwind Army has assured that the mine will be well defended and protected against further infiltrations and disturbances though they did not disclose how they will be doing that. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. Meanwhile, in the Port de Montarville, the Marquis savours his tea ...
  8. This evening was the stage of a meeting between His Majesty and some of vassals in the House of Nobles' Hall in the inner parts of Stormwind Keep. Topics related to the Kingdom of Stormwind and the war were brought to the table and discussed in the presence of the young King Anduin Wrynn. The following topics have come to the table of the House: _ election of a Lord Speaker: with the office of Lord Speaker being vacant for some time. an election was held and once more, the Duke of Keiramont has been once more elected for a new term. His term lasts for the next 3 months, ending in September 16, 2020. _ the situation in the Steppes: King Anduin Wrynn was briefed about the situation in the Burning Steppes and the demonic raids and infiltrations in the kingdom's borders and beyond. After a confident speech, His Majesty has sanctioned the following decisions: _dispatch the 7th Legion to the front against the demons in the north, with a platoon of them present in the March of Steelhaven. _assignment of Count von Karstein to form a militia in Lakeshire to help defend the province. _assignment of Baron Marcelson to form a militia along the Marshal of Eastvale. _raising of the limit of levies in 15% of their current number as per Baron Vaughn's suggestion though 1/4 of each noble's forces will be drafted into the Stormwind Army. (subject to changes) As the meeting came to an end, a new one shall be scheduled to further discuss the dire situation in which the kingdom finds itself currently. Were active voices in this meeting: Lord Selim Vaughn, Baron of Redmoor. Lord Erik Marcelson, Baron of Vysberg. Lord Vladimir von Karstein, Count of Shalewind. Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Marquis of Port de Montarville. Lady Katlynn Strike, Duchess of Dyrwood. Lady Kyra Hawkmore, Marquess of Steelhaven. Lord Egon Keiramont, Duke of Keiramont.
  9. The morning War Report of the day reads as follows: THE DEMON LORD KIL'JAEDEN IS DEFEATED! LEGION HOMEWORLD IN THE SKIES! Demon Lord finally Defeated and The Betrayer's Gamble! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Yesterday, Stormwind City came to a state of almost open chaos in the streets, in the harbor and in the outskirts of the city. After a thunderous sound, the twisted image of a shattered globe involved in what seemed to be fel magics was mistaken by the Legion's final move against Azeroth by many -- a meteor that would crash against the world's surface and end all life in a question of minutes. But, thankfully, it did not came to be so. Some judge it as a much worst situation than a meteor would have been. It has been later revealed that the truth was that the demon lord Kil'jaeden the Deceiver has been finally defeated for good in the Twisting Nether! The initially supposed meteor was in truth revealed to be the shattered world of the draenei, Argus, long ago corrupted by the Burning Legion's malevolent crusade. The reason behind the twisted image of the homeworld of the honorable draenei being seen in our skies lies in the one known as 'the Betrayer', the Lord of the Demon Hunters, Illidan Stormrage. Using a keystone meant to open portals to many worlds, the infamous brother of Archdruid Stormrage has ensured that the center of the Burning Legion's crusade is now close at hand. Many question the possibility of an all out invasion in the Legion's homeworld and how many lives will be lost in the mere attempt -- as well as the Betrayer's name can be seen associated with many heavy slurs in the streets for his reckless move. The demon hunters currently stationed in Stormwind City refute any and all critics towards their master and mentor, stating that they have full confidence in the intentions and plans of their infamous leader. His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, has assured the people that faith in the Light and determination in brotherhood are paramount and will be pivotal in the defeat and destruction of the Burning Legion. The aristocracy condemns the reckless actions of the Betrayer but claim to be in full support of His Majesty in his convictions. The other sectors of Stormwind's government and security organizations have not manifested anything regarding the situation, only the assurance that they will look after the people of Stormwind as always. More on this matter, as it develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. The evening War Report of the day reads as follows: ... KING ANDUIN WRYNN HAS RETURNED TO STORMWIND! Missing King returns home with King Varian's sword in hand! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Today, Stormwind City rejoiced the return of the young King Anduin Wrynn. The King, highly affected by the pain of loss as King Varian fell in the Broken Shore while battling the Burning Legion, had gone missing for weeks under suspicious circumstances. Members of the House of Nobles, local politicians, clerics and soldiers as well as the commoners murmured in corners about the motives behind the King's hushed disappearence though none dared to speak out loud or inquire about it, given King Greymane's sternly disposition on such matters. Stormwind Keep's personel has always been silent in the matter. After the Burning Legion's counterattack in the Broken Shore some days ago, reports came in that His Majesty was sighted in the middle of the defense of Deliverance Point, the main base of operations of the Armies of Legionfall. Stormwind troops and citizens in the place denied any sightings, though they could be acting in the interests of keeping the King's presence there a secret. Early today, a lot of cheering was heard as the young King marched through the streets of Stormwind City, wielding King Varian's sword, the infamous Shalamayne, in his hand, accompanied by King Greymane and none other than Prophet Velen of the Exodar. The young King, otherwise always presenting a sad and shaken disposition, had a look of confidence and pride in his face as he marched towards Stormwind Keep in the company of his advisors. It is said that the Marquis of Montarville himself accompanied the King in his journey through the Broken Shore, as well as someone only identified as "Lord Blackscale", as well as Lt. Commander Alderic Bradley who has been present in the Broken Shore ever since the start of Legionfall's operations. A hooded figure was said to be present as well though his name remains a mistery. Bradley has refused to share any comments on the matter. Some folks inquire about this "Lord Blackscale", all sorts of deranged thoughts such as implications that with such a name it has to be yet another dragon infiltrated in our fair Court. The Marquis has also given no declaration yet. King Greymane scowled when requested to bring light to recent facts, interating that His Majesty needs nothing more than his people's comprehension in such dire times, and their cooperation. It hurts a lot to the people, he said, but it hurts even more to the child of a man that represented so much not only to Stormwind but to the Alliance as a whole. Conspirators speak of weakness and the necessity of a stronger hand gripping the reins according to gossips around the Trade District, but those are supposedly being handled by the SI:7. We can only hope things will be settling down from now on, with our throne once more filled by His Majesty. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. The evening Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... DISTURBANCE IN THE MAGE QUARTER OF STORMWIND CITY! Mage's Guild Senior Mage Assaults Goblin and Quel'dorei! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ This evening has been agitated in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind City, in front of the famous pub, "The Blue Recluse". Senior Mage of the Stormwind Mage's Guild, Eleanore de Montarville, has been caught in the act of racial assault against a goblin who's been identified as being Mr. Vito Flops, CEO of the not quite notorious Flops Life Insurance Company that currently operates outside of the kingdom's borders, as well as a quel'dorei woman who goes by the name of Elethira. The Stormwind Guard has been called to the location, though two SI:7 agents were present in the scene, taking care of subduing the maddened Senior Mage under control until the proper public security authorities could handle the situation. Mr. Flops has suffered minor injuries although Mrs. Elethira has been knocked out. Reports say that the maddened Senior Mage screamed about Eredar and waved her magic recklessly around with no regard of danger, either to public patrimony or the lives of those nearby -- right in front of her organization's headquarters no less! SI:7 official, Master Ael'thanas, and Operative Smyth were present in the situation and provided the proper means to help subdue the situation -- a job succesfully completed. The Stormwind City Guard took the unconscious Senior Mage to the Stormwind Stockades while the situation is diffused. A shady woman wearing an Iron Mask has been seen leaving the area afterwards, taking unknown directions. Locals from the Mage Quarter report of intense shouting and disturbance. Many of them started to question the sanity of those being employed under the Guild's command, as well as complaints have reached the Petitioner's Chamber about the disturbing state of affairs. The Stormwind Mage's Guild has declared nothing yet as of this moment but one can expect that they are anything but content with the display of one of their upper level scholars nowhere other than in front of the very headquarters. Given the information that another Montarville has caused a scene in the streets of Stormwind has brought the lesser nobility in the city to question the sanity and motives of the Westfallian family, while some louder sections of the aristocracy claim that nothing more can be expected from them. The Stormwind City Guard advises that no such gossips are going to be acceptable in the streets and that local peace is to be maintained at all costs in this time of intense crisis. The Stormwind City Guard and the SI:7 have not manifested themselves officially up until now, but we wait for further information on this rather unusual and perhaps inappropriate event. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
  12. "May their sacrifice never be forgotten. May the Light guide their path to a peaceful and deserved rest." _ Sir Bevin Brightguard
  13. The evening War Report of the day reads as follows: ... FELRAGE STRAND CAPTURED BY THE ARMIES OF LEGIONFALL! Fort Providence Retaken and Casualties Sent Home! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Reports came from agents working with the Armies of Legionfall in the Broken Shore that a force gathered in Aalgen Point has marched in and defeated the Burning Legion and their naga allies in Felrage Strand. Under the command of Knight-Defender Halaari of the Draenei Vindicators, supported by the Stormwind Army and a number of adventurers and mercenaries, the otherwise outnumbered force has turned the tide and effectively eliminated the Legion's presence in the area. Comprised of fel tainted Naga and their monsters as well as demons, the group is said to have been miraculously effective against such overwhelming threat! However, it was a victory that came with its costs as some of the skilled members of the group were wounded, some of the gravely. Lieutenant Commander Alderic Bradley of the Stormwind Army was said to be present in the field himself with a Squad of his men giving support to the operation although the Draenei forces and their allies formed the bulk of the fighting force. After defeating the Legion, the Lt. Commander has marched onwards to see for himself if anything could be done in regards to scavenging in the ruins of Fort Providence. Regrettably, the only thing he could find was grief. Knight-Defender Halaari has endeavored to re-occupy the position and hold it as her base of operations. She, along with the Lt. Commander's forces, the Senior Mage Eleanore de Montarville and Sir Bevin Brightguard of the Silver Hand also endeavoured to recover the casulaties of the terrible counter-attack of the Legion. Many were the corpses they recovered, both soldiers, marines, sailors and even civilians who were supposedly working to erect fortifications under orders of the Fort's commanding officers. Sir Bevin Brightguard has provided them with the honor of a holy service, as well as the Stormwind Army has provided them with a military ritual to honor their sacrifice. The dead soldiers have been brought to the Stormwind City Harbor by portal, and now they are being recognized by their families thanks to their IDs being recovered in the ruins of the Fort. A difficult and painful process, as many of them are far gone due to putrefaction. It is said that Lieutenant Commander Bradley sent a requirement that they receive a funeral with full military honors as well as he recommended that all of them be awarded the Silver Lionhead with Valor and a monetary gratification to their families in recognition for their sacrifices. Gossip around the city criticizes Bradley's act, claiming it means little now that all of them are long gone while gossips in the higher circles speak that no more could be expected from an officer with a known background of anti-aristocratic positionings. His Majesty the King apparently has not manifested his opinion regarding his dead soldiers returning home. The High Command and Admiralty issued a note grieving for the losses and apologizing to the families for the fiasco that the operation turned into. We wish the best of the Holy Light's compassion and kindness to the families of those lost in this fight. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  14. The morning Local Report of the day reads as follows: ... COMMOTION AT LION'S REST! King Varian's Memorial Disturbed! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ People in the Stormwind Harbor and in the streets that border the fallen King's memorial spoke in this morning about a commotion that happened behind the late King Varian's empty tomb. Witnesses described House de Montarville's guardsmen positioned in the area, so most people speculated that the Marquis himself, or someone of importance to the House, would be present there as well. A ship captain whose name was not revealed claims that he has seen some events unfold from the pier, looking through his spyglass. He claims that a woman dressed in dark outfit arrived and from there on a whole discussion started, with a blue coated man falling to the ground -- that man supposedly being the Marquis, further giving strength to the prospect of his presence given his guardsmen were in the area. The captain claims that the dark outfitted woman might be responsible for the Lord's fall to the ground since the man stood in front of her. Two other individuals were spotted, them being a petite woman with a spear and some old robbed man with a staff in his back. The authorities were more surprised by the tale of the captain due to the fact that he claims that the dark outfitted woman has literally jumped off the cliff into the sea some minutes after the commotion started. No signs of this woman was found in the shore nor in the vicinity of the harbor. Officer Brady of the Stormwind Guard suspects that the witness in the harbor would be under the effects of alcoholic beverage, though that was not proved nor confirmed by anyone. A few wild gossipers claim that Lord de Montarville is only expressing his disappointment, and perhaps his regret in case the dark outfitted woman was a mother of any or some of the many men killed in the destruction of Fort Providence by the Burning Legion some days ago. Others claim that the Marquis is definitely losing his control over reality and should be taken to a proper institution to care for his wrecked mind with haste! Others claim that it was just another of many assassination attempts at the seemingly cursed nobleman. The Stormwind Guard and the SI:7 have not manifested themselves officially up until now, but we wait for further information on this rather unusual and perhaps inappropriate event. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________