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  1. UNRESTRICTIONS OF FACTIONAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL RANKS Hello there, Paragonians. As of the recent announcement, we have informed the Community about our changes in relation to ranks, which remains one of the most restricted parts of the server in regards to Application Processes. With Battle for Azeroth being probably the most fertile ground for the use of this sort of thing after Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria (the old Alliance vs Horde wars) it has become apparent that such a change could possibly benefit the Community and their fun. As such, we have come to the following decisions: _ military and organizational ranks in general are suffering changes. As announced previously, the most junior ranks with what can be regarded under general terms as "junior officers" are being made available as event rewards by Dungeon Masters, with the overseeing of the Moderation Team, which also means that the forces listed in each rank mentioned here comes with the reward without need for an application. Of course, any doubts can be directed to the Moderation Team if any clarifications are needed. _ while still on the matter of ranks, the first officer ranks of each organization and military are being made [Free & Revokable] as a means to help our players to rocket their career as leaders in that specific area of roleplay. This will also serve as a test of skill just as much as a means to learn the intricacies of leadership. _ together with military/organizational ranks, we are also moving the human nobility title of Baron/Baroness to [Free & Revokable] to help people get into the nobility roleplay that usually tends to draw some people interested in that area more easily, while also allowing those interested to have a say in the politics of Stormwind, which can eventually lead to effects not just within the human lands, but also outside. Examples of such exist and can be assessed. They will remain [Limited] though, as to retain quantity control. We will be making the proper adjustments to our Lists and Lore Clarifications to reflect these changes as of this moment. We also trust our dear Community to avoid any abuses regarding these changes as to avoid interventions by the Moderation Team. As always, any qualms, doubts, concerns or you appreciation are all welcome in equal manner. It helps us organize and try to provide the Community with the best experience we can. King Regards, Paragon Moderation Team & Administration.
  2. =========================================================================== The Alliance civilians and military/paramilitary forces have been completely evacuated from Freeport under orders of Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville as of today by magical means of movement. After a few knocks and turbulences in Stormwind and in Freeport, it was judged best by Lord de Montarville to call for such action. In the course of the evacuation, Sir Daniel Amanthos, ranking Commander of the Stormwind Navy, has revealed himself on a covert, solo mission to find the Marquis whom was thought to be trapped in the island by the invaders and pirates. Sir Amanthos' mission suffered a previous failure when an attempt at infiltration came to be compromised in the kaldorei ruins to the east of Freeport. Using of his worgen form and skills, the Commander has been able to reach the holdout through the hills, where he found the evacuation underway. With the Marquis safe and Alliance personnel underway home, Amanthos has also withdrawn from the island. The Laurentius has dropped anchor in the Stormwind Harbor this afternoon. The crew has been given much deserved shore leave while Sir Amanthos submitted his report to the Alliance Naval Command for review. Not much has been revealed, but a ragtag band of pirates have been confirmed to be in the island fighting the Zandalari invaders, as informed by Captain Eleanore Bradley who fights valiantly to defend her home in the island. When questioned about Miss Eleanore's relations with these pirates, Sir Amanthos stated that she is most likely using them as a means to an end and that no alliance or business deal seemed to be happening between them. Lord de Montarville did send word to the Admiralty of the Stomwind Navy commending Sir Amanthos and his crew for their service and determination towards the safety of not only His Lordship, but the Alliance folks who would suposedly be in danger on that island. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ===========================================================================
  3. The afternoon Local Report of the day reads as follows: DUSKWOOD BATTALION APPROVED BY HIGH COMMAND AND HOUSE OF NOBLES! Stormwind Army prepares to Deploy! Commander Bradley Hailed for Development the Plan! [==============================================================================================] The province of Duskwood has long been neglected by the Kingdom of Stormwind, hardly recognized as an official fief of the Crown. Much like Westfall, such neglection has earned the locals' distate for the reigning monarch and the representatives of the Crown. Even the nobility holds contempt towards the central government for their lack of action regarding the province's literal dark situation that has been going on for years. Recently, the province has been put in a much deeper state of disarray due to the undead invasion orchestrated by long time enemy of the land Morbent Fel. The threat has been quelled after a gruesome campaign that surpisingly counted on different allies, such as the Argent Crusade, and even the Army of the Light, but for many's surprise, the Stormwind Military -- represented by none other than renowned veteran Alderic Bradley. It would seem that the long going disregard for the province hits the Commander, and for months he has dedicated himself to the development of a proper military unit to be deployed to Duskwood as a manner of not only securing the Crown's influence over its rightful land, but most importantly the safety of its residents. And so it came that the Commander provided the High Command with a detailed unit sheet, complete with budget, personnel, officer staff, NCO staff, and even patrol plans taking in consideration terrain and level of danger that proceeds in the province after the undead invasion -- a task skillfully developed by Commander Bradley after being witness to the land himself in the undead invasion. The project has been submitted to the House of Nobles as it includes a budget raise in order to support the newly formed unit. Some opposition has been made by a few sitting members of the House taking in consideration the kingdom's economy after one of the most gruesome wars ever endured by the nation and the Alliance as a whole. But in the end, a good number of the nobility, some of which are known acquaintances of Commander Bradley, were in favour of this much needed security mesure and the budget has been approved. The newly created Duskwood Battalion shall be commanded by Pandaria veteran Knight-Champion Maximillian Hassel, famous for his operations in forested landmass such as the Jade Forest and Krasarang Wilds, who's to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander and deployed with a staff of his personal choice to the province of Duskwood. It will also be his duty, as suggested by Commander Bradley, to provide what remains of the Night Watch Militia with proper military training and tactics such as the ones employed by Sir Hassel in his operations in Pandaria, as well as incentive to expand the militia as possible. The state of affairs in the province of Duskwood after such a surprising turn of events will definitely change -- hopefully for the better, as many pragmatic men in Stormwind City say. The Stormwind Army will finally be taking responsibility for the security and defense of the broad area of the province while the Night Watch will remain under the civilian authority of Darkshire, acting as the town's guard. Commander Alderic Bradley made no comments on the success of this endeavor though he is almost certainly hailed positively by the High Command and His Majesty the King for his diligence in the development of such a plan. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [==============================================================================================]
  4. =========================================================================== In light of today's protest in front of the Stormwind Keep regarding the deployment of the 2nd Fleet westwards, the Stormwind Royal Guard maintains the Keep on lockdown with checkpoints. No one goes in or out without necessity or purpose. His Majesty didn't comment, nor did Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth, though the Office of the Grand Admiral has released a note that their conviction to guarantee the safety and security of the Alliance's western routes remains resolute and that they pity the weak minded for being swayed so easily by seditious elements. The SI:7 has gone out in the streets and is working dutifully to discover whatever they can about who these seditionaries might be under direct orders of Master Mathias Shaw. It is said that Old Town is being turned upside down by agents and operatives, shady invididuals being hauled in towards the SI:7 command center for questioning. The City Guard has doubled their watch as to avoid any cases of damage to private and public assets or any other disturbance of order. Gossip from within the Keep also seems to point that Master Shaw has ordered that Count Henry Valorcrest, a known opposition to the kingdom's spending habits, is sought for questioning. The Count's closest associates, heavy supporters of Lord Valorcrest's ideals of preserving the kingdom's wealth whose names were not written (though some know who they are), are also ordered to appear before the SI:7 to provide their testimony alongside Lord Valorcrest. The 2nd Fleet continues their final preparations to depart from Stormwind City. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ===========================================================================
  5. The afternoon Local Report of the day reads as follows: STORMWIND 2ND FLEET DEPLOYED WEST! ALLIANCE ROUTES REINFORCED! Possible Zandalari Threat! Piracy Energetically Condemned by Grand Admiral! =========================================================================== After a session of the House of Nobles this afternoon, Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth has been seen accompanied by naval officers heading to the War Room of the Stormwind Keep, joined by King Genn Greymane and His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn shortly afterwards. The meeting lasted for an hour or so. As she left, the Grand Admiral informed that the 2nd Fleet of the Stormwind Navy is to be deployed on short notice towards the western routes, specifically the maritime perimeter directly adjacent to the continent of Pandaria. It was revealed by a sitting noble (whom the Grand Admiral preferred to not name) that the Alliance routes in that region, mainly responsible for trade with the goblin Steamwheedle Cartel and pandarian communities as well as Alliance settlements in Kalimdor, may possibly be under threat of Zandalari naval pushes, as well as piracy acts from a group specified as the Saltsails. The Grand Admiral stated the following: "Piracy is a curse, a sickness of the ocean that must be cured with haste and determination. These people are vile, taking upon hard working seamen using violence and fear to feed off the industry of honest men. We must crush this vermin, and remove this plague from our waters. As for the Zandalari, they have proved how equally vile they are with their actions in Pandaria and their hand in the ressurection of the Thunder King. They're as much responsible for the damage caused to the humble pandaren people as Garrosh Hellscream's antics in that land. The trading community of the Alliance can rest assured that our fleets will do the utsmost to secure our routes and get rid of these murderous curs. The Navy offers its deepest considerations to the young lady who provided us with this information -- else we wouldn't know that our vital veins of trade would be under threat." _ Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth Further news also include an earlier intervention in the settlement known as Freeport by the Westfall Trading Company under Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Marquis of Montarville. According to recent news, the Marquis' company had effectively rid the young port town of piracy, establishing what seems to be a branch of the company to administrate the town's activities. Regrettably, the Zandalari invasion has brought an end to the Marquis' investiment in the island. As of now, His Lordship is yet to make a statement regarding such events. The trading community has expressed their worry with such news, calling for action. The Grand Admiral's reassurement has certainly quelled even the most serious complaints that poked at the threshold of sedition. A small group of aristocracts dubbed the "anti-spending faction" criticized the actions of the Grand Admiral, stating that while they lament the state of affairs in the western routes, the kingdom is in no condition of supporting such moves without risking yet another hit to its healing post-war economy. Stormwind Keep gossip tells of a planned intervention in the small port town though it was not confirmed nor denied by officials in the Keep and in the Admiralty. His Majesty and his closest advisors preferred to not comment on the matter, only reassuring that everything is under control. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ===========================================================================
  6. [=========================================================================================================] In a bid to restore order in the township of Darkshire and its surrounding regions, Commander Alderic Bradley of the 4th 'Nethergarde' Regiment has marched his seasoned Falcon Company into the township as of recent, establishing a military occupation in the town alongside the Argent Crusaders and Knights of the Ebon Blade already present and posted in the local vicinity. With reluctant approval from the High Command of the Stormwind Army, Commander Bradley will be facilitating the work of those already present by ensuring the town's safety as well as the roads where possible. When questioned whether or not he will be assuming the post of military governor, the Commander stated that currently the operations in Darkshire are not led mainly by the Stormwind Army and that the operational success of the effort will rely on shared command between the organizations present. Furthermore, Commander Bradley has reinforced the thesis that an official from Stormwind fetching command of the township and vicinity would turn the situation highly fragile and therefore dangerous to the operations being conducted due to the negligence suffered by the province as a whole for years now. In consideration of that, the seasoned veteran has reassured that the town's elected leadership will be enough to hold its own while the military and militant forces do the job of returning peace to the region. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [===========================================================================================]
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    House Zambrano must rise again now that we have an actual Kul Tiras in the map! Nice hearing from you, by the way. I hope you're well and make a full comeback and stick around to have some fun!
  8. The afternoon report of the day reads as follows: MARSHAL GRYAN STOUTMANTLE RETURNS TO WESTFALL! Westfall Brigade's Commanding Officer is Welcomed by Sentinel Hill's denizens! [===========================================================================================] The Kingdom of Stormwind as a whole rejoices today, especially the Province of Westfall as the notorious veteran of the War against the Lich King, commanding officer and founder of the Westfall Brigade, Marshal Gryan Stoutmantle, has made his return to the kingdom after finishing his business with the Order of the Silver Hand in the north, though his membership in the famous paladin order still stands firm and proud. Gryan Stoutmantle is one of the most well known citizens of the Kingdom of Stormwind, forming the People's Militia of Westfall years ago when the conditions of the province, lack of support from Stormwind and the then powerful Defias Brotherhood made the life of most if not all Westfall denizens a living hell of terror and fear. Under his command and with the support of valiant heroes, the People's Militia pushed the Defias Brotherhood back and brought about its downfall. As things seemed to settle down in Westfall, the Militia was transformed into a military unit proper and added to the Stormwind Army as the Westfall Brigade, with Stoutmantle as its commander. In the War against the Lich King, the Brigade has achieved important developments that supported the war effort, more specifically in the zone called Grizzly Hills. Promoted to Marshal, Gryan Stoutmantle and the Brigade returned to Westfall and to this day, the Brigade ensures that the province is kept safe and orderly. As the Burning Legion invasion began, the Marshal has fought the demons back by the Brigade's side in Westfall. A dutiful and selfless man, he decided to join the Order of the Silver Hand in its efforts during the entire war up until the demonic invasion was pushed back and the Burning Legion defeated. Commended for his actions, the Marshal stood with his paladin comrades up until recently when the kingdom's situation was brought to his attention and he was called home by Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade. Greeted by His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn himself, the Marshal was offered a hero's welcome which he turned down, stating that his services to the people of Stormwind and Azeroth were his duty and honor and that he would always dedicate himself to them without question -- a declaration considered to be questionable by a few members of the aristocracy. Regardless, the Marshal left Stormwind City this morning and was escorted to Sentinel Hill by a company of Royal Guards, courtesy of the King. He was welcomed with applause and rejoice by Sentinel Hill's soldiers and population. Commander Alderic Bradley, interim chief officer of security of the province until now, received the Marshal in Sentinel Hill's tower, along with the Brigade's officers Captain Danuvin and Captain Alpert. The Commander has briefed the Marshal on the operations conducted recently and those planned to occur in the coming days. After a modest, personal ceremony, Commander Bradley was thanked by Marshal Stoutmantle for his efforts so far before being officialy dismissed and will be recalled to Stormwind City soon. We wish Marshal Stoutmantle the best and thank him for his service and dedication. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [===========================================================================================]
  9. The afternoon Local Report of the day reads as follows: DUCHESS KATLYNN STRIKE DECLARED LOST AT SEA AFTER MONTHS! The Nobles of Dyrwood opened an Emergency Regency Council! [==============================================================================================] The modestly known Duchess of Dyrwood, Lady Katlynn Strike, has departed in a maritime voyage months ago with a purpose yet to be informed by the Lady's most close family and associates. The turmoil of the Legion invasion has brought many strife upon the young daughter of Lord Dawid Strike, the latter's current condition also unconfirmed. The young Duchess has been repeatedly attacked by demons, one of those occasions incurring the loss of a baby. The Stormwind Home Fleet, which is the naval unit in charge of protecting the immediate perimeter of the Kingdom of Stormwind's shores, have reported that the ship in which Lady Strike departed was never seen again in the nearby waters. As of today, the Emergency Regency Council of the Duchy of Dyrwood, formed by the Barons serving House Strike, has declared the Duchess to be lost at sea -- a thesis officialy supported by the office of the Duchess' husband, Lord Jean-Philippe de Montarville, Marquis of Montarville. The legal heir to the Duchy is the young son of the Duchess and the Marquis, Roran de Montarville Strike. With the legal heir currently underaged, the Emergency Regency Council will be gathering in the coming days in order to establish a consensus among them for the leadership of the Duchy until young Roran reaches the Age of Ascension, or another member of the family is appointed to the ducal throne. It is unknown yet whether or not the Council will claim/enforce the right for Regency of the considerable domains of House Strike, or if they will appoint one of the Duchy's vassals to uphold this much important duty. Some claim that a proper fit would be the heir's father, the Marquis of Montarville, though there are those among Dyrwood's upper circles that express a certain anti-Marquis sentiment even though they publicly express their respect and condolences towards Lord de Montarville. Locally, the population is somewhat concerned. This is the second time they find themselves in a limbo regarding the leadership of the Duchy, as Lord Dawid just recently stepped down in favour of his daughter, and now, once more, the ducal throne remains empty. Certain gossip runs within the walls of the Stormwind Keep, in which the Court criticizes the possiblity of the Marquis -- a powerful and influential man on his own, being delegated power over the sizeable Duchy of Dyrwood. With so much assets in the south, the more conservative lords fear an increase in the political pressure in the region and against His Majesty. The Count of Dyrsweald and uncle to the Duchess, Lord James R. Strike, was reported to be setting sail this morning in a private vessel hired from a modestly known trading company from Stormwind City, presumably, and almost certainly with the objective of finding his missing niece. His Majesty only expressed his wishes for the safety of the Duchess and that the Holy Light guide the Count in finding his missing niece so that order may be restored to the troubled Duchy. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [==============================================================================================]
  10. The evening Local Report reads as follows: VALIANCE KEEP REOPENS MINING OPERATIONS IN THE FARSHIRE MINE! New Jobs have been Opened in the Preparation for Large Cobalt Extraction! [=========================================================================================================] Great news arrive from the otherwise dormant continent of Northrend to the masses of the Kingdom of Stormwind who just recently lost their jobs due to the crisis faced by the post-Legion war status. His Majesty, King Anduin Wrynn, has deemed the closed Farshire Mine near Valiance Keep to be a possible asset for the kingdom in its dire times, and as such, has sent an envoy in the person of Lord Vladimir Von Karstein, Count of Shalewind, to confer with the long time commander of the Keep, General Arlos of the Valiance Expedition, in order to evaluate the mine's conditions and to discern how worthy are the deposits still buried in those rocks. The Farshire Mine was deactivated long ago after numerous cases of infection by the Plague of Undeath, which took the lives of many workers and soldiers. As the mine was reopened, a few undead was still found roaming the caves but were swiftly dealt with. Now that the threat of the Scourge is inexistent, the Count of Shalewind has inspected the mine and, employing his own Redridge Stonemason's Guild, he has ordered the start of the preparations for the arrival of numerous workers to continue the extraction of the mine's resources. An impressive stash of cobalt ore has been confirmed, as well as the precious deposits of limestone and flint. Thankfully, and surprisingly, the infrastructure of the mine remain very conserved and safe from attrition. The tracks meant to unload the mine's production are currently under reparations and machines are being required to expedite the process of putting the mine to work. As such, it is with joy and pride that His Majesty announces the opening of jobs in the frigid north, with a salary fixed on 20 silver/month, 8 hours/day work, food, and housing provided by the Count's lease, for every able-bodied citizen willing to travel to Valiance Keep and join the operation. Families in need of relocation are advised to seek out the Stormwind Harbor Authority as soon as they can with all necessary identification papers in order to get a free pass on the next vessel bound for Valiance Keep. Dwarven specialists from the Ironforge Miner's League are being contacted in regards to the proper execution and organization of the Farshire Mine's operations and are expected to arrive in Valiance Keep within the week. It is indeed a great day for the considerable number of unemployed citizens already wandering the streets of Stormwind City and its nearby settlements even though this is but one (considerable) first step on the way to stability in the kingdom. The King has officially complimented the work of His Lordship the Count of Shalewind on this vital effort to fix the kingdom's troubles as well as He has expressed his empathy towards those who struggle to maintain their families in this time of strife. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! [=========================================================================================================]
  11. The morning Local Report of the day reads as follows: KINGDOM OF STORMWIND FACES POST WAR CRISIS! Sectors of the Economy and Military suffer with the weights of the War costs! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The defeat of the Burning Legion has brought great joy for the citizens of the Alliance, but the Kingdom of Stormwind now faces the heavy weight put upon everyone's backs due to the costs of the War against the Legion. Many losses have incurred in families now fatherless and motherless, which leads fo a raise in the number of orphans in the Cathedral District's orphanage, homeless citizens and cases of famine on the lower sectors of society -- mainly on those families who depended on a soldier's salary to eat. The High Command of the Army and the Alliance Naval Command are still reeling from the costs of war, with numbers dwindled and budget cuts. Earlier today, the military academy has dismissed an entire class of officer cadets, leading to considerable unrest among the families of those young to-be officers who are now unemployed and with their future uncertain. Rumors circulate in the capital that the Stormwind City Guard is also going to be affected by a cut in the budget, which leads many to speculate that a number of guards may find themselves unemployed in the coming days. The Stormwind City Harbor, under heavy military presence since the Legion assault, is now slowly being occupied by the Stormwind Marines. A rumor circulating in the harbor speculated that the harbor's guard may be the first on the list to be fired as their posts are slowly replaced by Marines that now lack vessels to occupy given the Navy's damaged fleet. The Harbor Authority's former Chief Officer, Vice Admiral Thomas Perch, has resigned his post after the Legion attack right before his retirement. The post has been left unfilled ever since and the Stormwind Harbor Authority was exercised by civil servants appointed by the Crown, but there are rumors that a new officer is meant to occupy the role again soon. On the regional level, the Province of Redridge has been recently saved from the clutches of yet another Dark Horde army by corageous champions in an effort organized by the newest vassal of the realm, Baroness Cody Feld. May the Light bless her and her efforts, as well as all those supporting her. Elwynn Forest and Redridge are considered to be stable, whereas the southern reaches are still suffering. The Westfall Brigade keeps close watch to their homeland but despite the Brigade's valorous efforts, strife still runs outside the vicinity of Sentinel Hill coupled with the arrival of a number of unemployed and homeless citizens. The Province of Duskwood remains largely untamed, its forests still dangerous to any unsuspecting trespassers. Deputy Mayor Role Dreuger has assured that the Night Watch (or what's left of it) is working tirelessly to keep order in the province, but there's only so much the militia can do. More news as the case develops. For the Alliance, brothers and sisters! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. OPERATION: WOLFHOME |===================================================================================| Much time has passed ever since the forces of the Alliance had raised the gilnean flag in the capital and the Liberation Front retreated into the gilnean peninsula. The capital is blighted along many holdings, farms and manors, currently abandoned. Some consider the kingdom a husk - a mere shadow. But all's not lost. Some stout hearted gilneans still cling to their homeland, and the sheer ammount of resources, above and under gilnean ground, are more than enough reason for the High Command of Stormwind to consider it a valuable point, and that's where Operation:Wolfhome was born by the hands of then Army Lieutenant Commander Alderic Bradley and a commission formed by other General Officers of the Army and Admiralty of Stormwind. |===================================================================================| What is it? A military operation developed by a gathering of military officers from Stormwind's High Command and Admiralty to make a push into the ruined Kingdom of Gilneas, with the (obvious) help of its King and its forces, to secure a stronger foothold in the gilnean lands. What is the purpose of [Operation: Wolfhome]? Cleanse and secure the gilnean lands to a point where the extraction of valuable resources and beginning of the re-settling of some gilneans that fled the land few years ago is possible. The resources will be pivotal in the healing of the Alliance after the campaign against the Burning Legion. Considering the Crown's very close relation with King Genn Greymane and the necessity for resources to refit the infirm Alliance forces, the Operation seeks to achieve something very meaningful for the Alliance: the security of gilnean lands and a new fountain of valuable resources. Who may be allowed to join? Given it is a military operation, the aim is mostly military characters, but others may join as well, though with the knowledge that you will be working under military laws and command as some sort of mercenary force, so be warned. It's a no nonsense deal, but fun nonetheless. What are the rewards? Military characters are paid a military wage, so don't expect much else from this except more juice for your Promotion Application if you aim to rise in the ranks. As for non-military, there will be payment for each event, and perhaps something more special on the side as we go. Don't expect super duper artifacts though. Who attend my events know that I don't go wild on that end. Is this an actual official takeover of Gilneas for the Alliance? Yes and no. This isn't going to be that huge, but we are basically setting the foundations for Gilneas' return to Active status. You'll know more about what's going to happen if you stick by the events, of course. I'm not giving too much spoilers. |===================================================================================| [Preparation] The Debriefing In order to begin the Operation, officers and other meaningful participants must first be debriefed on how the Operation will proceed. This gathering will be called by the chief officer of the Operation, Commander Alderic Bradley, in Stormwind City as the Navy and "Nethergarde" Battalion prepare to embark and set sail in the coming days. Date: To Be Decided Hour: 15:00 ST (probably) Participants:
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  14. I was referring to the thread I linked here, there is a " : " at the end of the phrase.
  15. Hi. I don't know if people missed this, but it's something regarding Suramar and their aristocracy, it also has a custom Council idea in it, so .. for good or bad, it exists: As for the context of the thread, the idea isn't bad and Syth's suggestion sounds fine. Regarding this thread's suggestion, I can work with anything as long as it is solid and politically logical from an IC point of view. Blizzard's version sounds silly in the political environment. I think the Blood Elves-Nightborne relation means 10 times more than the Horde-Nightborne relation, so .. you know where my opinion goes. This is no official response to this, just my two cents for now. Later.