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  1. Drohal's gonna take this. Horn of Cenarius - Trinket - This ivory horn was once an instrument used by Cenarius, and still carries some of the dream’s power within. The horn’s sound is quite beautiful to listen to. - Once per two days, this horn can be blown to send a wisp from within to an ally or oneself. The wisp will explode with divine spiritual energy, healing all allies within 10 yards of the target as well as the target itself for moderate healing.
  2. Bertren's gonna yoink the Storm-Battered Legplates.
  3. Bertren's gonna take a Seal of Broken Fate.
  4. idk, i dont really like the idea of everything being wiped and just skipping to legion. while i wouldnt mind going back to square one to say, go from vanilla to the point we're at now, i could imagine a lot of people and a lot of their characters would be at a loss at what to do with some grand reset that deleted their characters. especially for those who are playing much more recent races, like worgen, pandaren, etc. rubs me the wrong way. if we could try this somehow to see if anything changes without subscribing to it in full might be able to change my view on it, but i doubt that such a thing will be possible plus fuck you i commissioned art for hunk dont skip him .
  5. Ya boy Dugan will be there
  6. I'll probably try and get in on the later events on Trent!
  7. bradley's one hell of a good guy to be a around. probably why i'm feeling such positive vibes lately, and is always able to put a grin on my face. love ya bro.
  8. darkness will fall, praise the army of light