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  1. I won by a LOT. But hey man, take it easy out there. It was nice having you around and shooting the shit with you, especially since over the past few days it feels we've gotten closer than we have in years on this server together. Life's a bitch, but you got this- you've got a good head on your shoulders, you can tackle this shit. Hit me up in DMs whenever you want my man.
  2. welcome back to the pits old one...
  3. Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
  4. welcome to the pits, old one..
  5. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Due to timezones it may be hard for me to attend, but I'll try to find a way to participate in this.
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    I grant u ur freedom veterans badge welcome yung Lupar
  7. i cant believe the elves killed arthas' chicken
  8. feel free to add these two teleports for the public highmountain campsite area .t hmcampsiteupper .t hmcampsitelower
  9. Well my password keeps changing no matter what I do every 15 minutes or so, and I lost everything I typed for the past 30 minutes so... Like I've been resetting my password between every one of my posts just to keep up with this convo. I'll just do really lazy one sentence responses to everything from before in retaliation of this hell I'm going through. We're flippin the script Communication is paramount. you literally can't spell community with out it, yknow? So a lack of it must be addressed and swiftly, because without that then just everything falls apart. It was hard to take that in any other way- a lot of it looked like it was in direct response to me, but ey thanks for clearing that up. I had a lot more written here but I honestly dont have the energy to rewrite it all. That won't really help much at all either. What would help you out the most is getting another admin with you, someone that can agree but also disagree to help balance out your decisions and just to help take some of the weight off your shoulders in general. And the pride comment was unnecessary now, it came from a place of my own frustrations and some separate feelings from the events of the time we're in right now. My bad, I'll just outright take it back. I think a lot of good could come out of this- but the things that get talked about here have to be followed up on quickly. It cant be left for months to be forgotten, I think paragon could really use more active and decisive decisions when it comes to the problems it tackles, because the slow pace it has gone so far just seems to only do damage.
  10. Oh yeah nah I get that completely dont sweat it, I just figured I'd mention it because I really like this topic and think its a good and important discussion to have, and I wanna see everyones thoughts and opinions too- so I wanted to encourage putting as much thoughts and opinions down as possible too
  11. I'm going to address some things out of order just so I can reply to this first and foremost... Okay? I was referencing my own experiences primarily from when I was on the team. I'm upset that Data core seems to be a consistent obstacle for this server, whether it be intentional or not. And you know what? That's totally possible. Maybe he doesn't intend to do any of that- but he still does it, whether he intended to or not. I don't appreciate how your first instinct was to insist that I'm making him the primary source of all my woes and troubles... You realize me mentioning Data is one of the shortest parts of my whole post, right? I only mentioned it because while he isn't the thorn in paragons side, his actions have consequences that ripple throughout the entire server and he has never truly stopped to address them and clear the air. And that just makes me worried- and I won't feel bad about being worried about that. Truth be told, I expected more from you. You have probably been one of the weakest admins I've seen in my time on paragon- and I may as well mention it because that affects us entirely as well. This isn't me talking bad, this is me being completely upfront and honest. Considering that you're directly responsible for my issues with Hunk getting off the ground initially by extending my contact mod app to non-moderators to allow them to hold sway over my character, I can definitively say that I have seen you bar potential roleplay and directly go against how things work than I have ever seen Data do it with intent. And you know what? I forgive you. Because in all likelihood, it was probably just a lapse in judgement. Maybe you had some horrible malicious super villain intent, but I doubt it considering the prior support you gave on the thread. But it happened, I unfairly felt the consequences of you breaking that procedure of how things like that are handled, and with past issues I have brought up to you specifically, they went on completely deaf ears and nothing visibly happened. And sometimes, whether something happens or not is far more important as to why it happens. Hunk could've happened years ago, but your own poor decisions in tandem with the weight of your position meant I as a player suffered the consequences for no good reason. But shit happens. Hunk is greenlit now, and maybe if we're all around for when I'm able to get things in order to do that, it'll go off nicely. All I want? Is for people to acknowledge the sway their words hold when they hold positions of power in the community, and to acknowledge that even without definitively saying yes or no to something, suggesting support or distaste to subjects can immediately turn the tables on how something will turn out. Evidenced by how you got the courage to share your thoughts on the Forgeborn when Data posted his own thoughts. No ill intent from either of you, but the consequences were a lot more significant to others than you give them credit for. I'm simply making sure everyone's on the same page as to who actually has 100% control over what happens here. It's important to acknowledge if we're going to solve the rest of the issues, of which there are many and many of us if not all shoulder. And now for the rest of... This. You honestly look like you're throwing a tantrum right now. For one, I never said that he was puppeteering anyone. That's a surprising choice of words and I'll just note it down in the back of my head for future reference, going forward with this thread. I've seen a good amount of admittance that everyone across the board has problems that they bring that they need to work on, or at least I've seen willingness to accept this idea if it wasn't mentioned themselves. We're a community, this is a collaborative effort... So when you try and paint the community at large as a bunch of ungrateful angry people because you have basically nothing to show for everything you promised? That is a bad look. I don't think you're a puppet. I think you have bad judgement, lack confidence in many of your own decisions, and have a crippling case of blinding pride. Do you really think people are just being ungrateful? That's a naive view. This community at whole has issues, and the includes you- neither you nor Data core are outside of that. It's unbecoming of the Admin of the server to attempt to relinquish himself of any blame and consequences for where the server is despite being in one of the positions of most power and ability to fix problems. You could do a lot, but you choose not to- and that is much more apparent than any of the liberations you supposedly brought us. You sound almost as egotistical as Drak did running around harping that he "dealt with Dave", which led to him becoming an insufferable admin. Before you point outwards, look inwards and take a good look at yourself. And for your question as to why you don't get praised for things getting accepted, it's because by the time it's accepted you've sat around and let people basically fight tooth and nail to argue in favor of the concepts. Accepting things that other people start the work on is the easiest thing to do. For example, unofficial half-breeds. I fought for hell in the mod chat to let that be accepted, I stressed over as many alternatives and ways we could make it work possible. I butted heads with fellow moderators to give the concept and the rp it might bring the chance to see if it works. You did not even a sliver of the work that I did just to get it talked about, take credit where its due and leave credit to others where its due. You accept things, that's easy. So is leaving things off to the side and letting them become more and more muddled and for interest to die down as clearly the higher ups don't invest any interest or care back. Regarding that bit with the half-breeds, moderators who were on the team with me at the time can confirm that as they see fit, or not if they'd rather not get involved. I wish I could say a lot more on this part to be honest, but it's just you swinging your fists and screaming because people aren't satisfied with what you've done so far. Because we're so ungrateful, right? You have one of the calmest and reasonable populations this server has had in years, you should be more grateful that you have a perfect population to make significant and meaningful changes to Paragon. And you should be ashamed that you only go for the safest options at your disposal time and time again. Whether that be banning Porsk where a permanent mute may be more necessary, and likewise where Bulo probably should have been banned rather than getting a seemingly permanent mute. Your priorities are backwards and clash with that of your own community- and you sit here and point the finger at us for being the problem? So I'm going to round back to this beginning bit: Don't insult me like this, trying to say this is 'below my person'. You're right. I've been on the team, and that is why I'm so confident that these changes need to be made. I know how things work. I also now, after being on the team, know that things should work differently if the server is going to improve. And I know that you could fix many of these if you simply let yourself. This goes beyond concepts for rp and individual characters, if we want to properly fix problems that plague paragon, then we should all do our best to acknowledge and fix the problems that are present. That means you too. Data too. Me too. Everyone. I'm not targeting anyone for the cause of all the servers problem, but I will point out individuals who do influence how things do and will go, because these things have to be acknowledged if we want to do this right. This isn't a problem of you or me, at the end of the day, the paragons problems are an us problem. Don't forget that, please and thank you. Not to go against Iristles statement, but I think it's important that we do try and keep as much of the conversation on the thread as possible. It's a paragon problem, so it should be made readily available for everyone to see, while I agree we shouldn't start bashing anyone unfairly, if there are significant things that contribute to paragons problems or could help contribute to paragons success, we should talk about in the same space that we're talking about everything else. Some things will probably need to go to DMs, sure, but we've all got parts to play in this, so we should all have opportunities to talk about as much as we can together to find the right path forward.
  12. I'm kinda scarce around here lately again but what the hell, I'll join in. I'm of the mind that Paragon could be in a much better place still, one that it used to be in, and the main driving force for me to keep looking back to this server- despite being far from the same server that I initially joined now, is that I have hopes that it can get back to the place where it used to be. It helps having a good number of friends still here, but honestly it's the hope that paragon will become better than what it is right now is what draws me back. Frankly, as I see Paragon right now... It's kinda shit. And as mean as that sounds, just hear me out for a lil bit. It used to be that casual roleplay within zones wasn't that rare of a thing. Whether it was pre-rp for events that was set up hours prior to the events time for starting, or just people going to hang out in the zones that acted as their own little hubs for rp, roleplay for a good time was never really hard to find. For me, that was chilling out in Goldshire with the Arkandorks that were there, and occasional prancing around places in Northrend way back when Krilari was still swinging his trunk around these parts too. I think the reason this changed is because of the people who made up the servers population at the time. We had a lot of shitheads around at the time- and while they never made up a huge majority, they were some of the most outspoken people on the server and with questionable amounts of sway for getting their way in what's supposed to be a hobby about collaborative storytelling and writing. A lot of them are gone now, but the consequences of them being allowed to behave the way this did still seems as present as ever. The moderation team has so many hoops to jump through to get anything done, all because of the paralyzing fear of being the 'totalitarian' regime of the past. I only put that in quotes because I think its a bit of a stretch, but not entirely wrong. But when I can watch a moderator get constantly tagged and harassed and then told the person doing the harassing needs to be reported before they can be punished? That's kinda scuffed, especially when a lot of issues are quick and momentary and need to be able to be dealt with as quick as they come. Now, it seems that when something happens, it only happens because it's the easiest thing that could be done rather than what should have been done. And on the more relatable side of the players- it feels like most of the time we're only interested in each others characters when we see something we don't like. I've been particularly guilty of this for the past year or two in regards to rp in general, but as paragon declined and went through its lowest moments I do feel that played a majority of the role in making me behave like that- not to help that it's just what most of the people around me were doing too. It feels weird to me that a lot of us are far more likely to jump at the opportunity to comment on the things we dont like about each others characters than the things that we do, to the point where at times when I do see compliments given, it feels like a flip of the coin whether it's a passive-aggressive jab or just a shitpost. We may not be at the point where we're just constantly talking shit to each other, but I think we could work on this a bit too. The actions my characters made in roleplay felt like they mattered, whether I was playing an unorthodox character concept that, thanks to there being enough roleplay persisting before, and after, and irregardless of events, I was able to play a Saurok trying to prove his people worthy of the horde and vice versa thanks to rp that people before me built up. Ideas that weren't based off of the simple available class + race combos felt more supported, even if some of there did feel a tad overdone, and it felt like it was more rewarding to invest time and energy into rp because it'd invest back, or at least meet you halfway. Whether that's NPCs from events actually developing relationships with PC, as basic from recurring IC teasing of npcs and lore characters to some people actually having some pretty substantial relations with them. I felt even at the time that's something that could've been expanded on, and now I don't even feel like that's really there anymore. Lately, I've seen more examples of people trying to gate keep attempts at character concepts and impact than support them. And to be fair, a lot of that isn't for bad reasons... But just using this as an example, a month or two ago when folks wanted to do rp in AU Draenor, it's not the most inspiring sight to see the event manager try to make a point out of, "What's the worth in that?". If there is interest, then that's all the worth that we should really need as a roleplay server- what else could give it any worth? The only substantial thing we have as a resource as roleplayers, is the interest and desire to rp. Not being able to facilitate and support interest will only lead to dwindling desire, and if people don't wanna rp or their interests are curbed time and time again they'll just go somewhere else. This extends to our characters having an impact that lasts, events are fine and dandy- but if they only matter for that moment and that moment alone, I feel like that makes them matter a lot less. While not every event should be something with effects that last as long as our characters do, there could be more where what happens in the event matters well beyond the point of that event coming to a close and people scattering once again. Malfegor's attack on Stormwind I think evidences that doing something big and a bit unorthodox and off the rails is a good thing, and something that should happen more. It was impromptu, and many of the people who stuck around to attend it stuck behind afterwards... because they actually had something to stick around and rp about. Just the context of what happened was enough to keep rp going a good couple hours after the event came to an end. And when the legion events began becoming more centered around individual characters that our PCs could relate to, I could see more of a willingness to stick around and engage in pre-rp too. I think the worst thing that contributed to all of this was paragons love-hate relationship with player characters having importance in a story that otherwise, was written for a single character to push the plot forward, as well as individual lore characters stories. Divide being a plot device on a pre-determined path with an unchanging conclusion, and it becomes all the more watered down. With a private server like this, taking player characters and essentially making them passengers to the plot is only harmful. We're getting better about that, and ideally we'll get to a point where that won't be an issue at all anymore. But until it isn't an issue, we should still treat it as the issue it currently is and try to mitigate it however we can. It's why I've been so vehemently against the main blizz story very early on- I've almost always felt like it was in direct conflict with the importance of our own characters... And honestly, considering this server can only exist as long as our characters do, I feel like we should be willing to place more importance in them- at least than we already do. No player kings of stormwind.... Yet. And Lore Adherence gets its own whole ass little spiel piggy backing off of everything else I droned on about, cause honestly this is the root of so many problems. I get it, we're a world of warcraft private rp server- and ideally it says a world of warcraft private rp server, rather than turning into the fantasy roleplay server equivalent of Smash Bros or Super Robot Wars... But I think at least now we can all agree that now it is definitively in a place where we only suffer from it rather than benefiting. And I do get it, there are some things where it'd be best for an event to happen the way it does because there is a significant to world, lore, or whatever. But like I said before, Paragon is only paragon because of our characters- and the past few years we've only had more haphazard retcons, poor story writing, and plot holes and blank spaces that still occasionally get debated to this day. What the fuck even is Voodoo besides what we've come up as a best guess? And it's not entirely just blizzards fault too, Paragon has had a fairly lack luster approach to lore at all... That is to say, we simply just let ourselves be victim to whatever changes or inconsistencies stroll through. There are two things called Anima that do entirely different things, and one is now the new source of power for death magic. And is comparable to mana, which proposes it is a separate pool of energy. Who knows what this means for any Necromancers that for years have been using mana for both regular arcane spells and necromancy alike- because... Not anymore! And supposedly this is how it always was! Come back in another year or two, where it turns out warriors have been using a separate pool of energy besides their own physical prowess and rage this entire time too! Gamina! Because of our blindly loyal approach to sticking to blizz lore, many locations are completely static besides for when events touch on specific spots in regions briefly, and then things eventually simply return to how they were before. By sticking staunchly to blizz lore, it eventually means that given enough time, all our RP will just get retconned as the new team that overlooks WoW continues guiding it towards their new vision for what WoW's stories should be focused on and what themes they should be built around. And I don't think even they know what they really want yet. This wouldn't even be an issue if we could reliably morph our characters around blizzards lore and story, but it's so jarringly inconsistent and self destructive that we just can't without playing characters that every 2 years just change completely and utterly. In today's Paragon, Night Elves and Nightborne characters will gain rapport and fight side by side to liberate their world from the invading burning legion. If tomorrow's paragon were to be one of staunch lore adherence, they'd be at each others throats, and even the ones who would or should stop and question whats happening and their loyalties can't. Because it's against blizzard's lore for a Nightborne to join the alliance, and the only opportunity blizz allows for Sylvanas to confronted and dealt with is at the very end of the expansion. And even then we couldn't really deal with her or let characters get revenge or impact the situation meaningfully, because blizz still has plans for her. Even though there are several characters with more than enough troops, power, or even just knowledge to deal with her, or at least significantly hamper her progress on the things she does. And honestly that's a bit silly considering that WoW the actual game treats the player more fairly than they do within its lore and story, at least the game lets you kill run into the capitol and kill Sylvanas if you gather enough people and plan right. In fact, our servers attempts to be blizz-like having been so ridiculously hamfisted and forced, I'd like to remind everyone that a genuine part of Warlords of Draenor was doing actual dailies for us to work on our garrisons. Honestly that shit was like the Guardian Ape from Sekiro, especially when I heard about Thunder Isle in Mists of Pandaria. You think you cut the head off of the beast and it's dead, but then dailies come back with a vengeance. I actually sometimes stop and question whether this server is intended to be a private roleplay server when I see how much investment things like this get compared to sitting down and trying to solve issues that actually plague the server. And worst case is, throughout all of this stuff pertaining to lore adherence I just talked about? We don't have any actual control over changing any of it, that's up to Data. Every single one of us could collectively agree we don't want to adhere to lore anymore, and all it'd take is Data simply saying no, and the communities vision for itself gets shot down completely. It's something that's just been an unspoken rule, to the point that when Data does decide to participate and set a definitive opinion on something, a surprising amount of people just completely defer to him simply because it's the easiest thing to do. I don't entirely blame them, and it's not like me mentioning it here can change it, but I still think it's a contributing problem for as long as it persists and so I'll mention it all the same. And it's because of that, that my opinion of what paragon encapsulates is this: Empty promises, more than anything else. As much as I'd love for it to be otherwise, it's simply the lesson that paragon keeps trying to teach us. Or at least, it's definitely what I've been taking from it. I'd like to believe that the promises of becoming a more free-form and less lore strict server is true, but I simply can't as attempts to step towards that have only been really shot down besides things I intend to do on Hunk. But I honestly can't even bring myself to do things on Hunk when I see others attempts at deviating from blizzard's lore just getting unceremoniously shot down time and time again. Going back to the same time as the earlier example regarding people wanting to do stuff in AU Draenor, people suggested that they wait until I do what I intend to... And the idea that my idea for an interesting storyline and rp would even be suggested to be used as a barrier for others who want to pursue rp in the same place is honestly just discouraging. And similarily, the fact that Data can just step in and set a foot down and go "No." also will make me wary of any steps we take forward, because there's no guarantee that we can just take a step in a direction he doesn't like and we're right back to square one... Assuming we even get our feet off the floor to begin taking any steps in any direction. Maybe I'm worrying about it for nothing- but I will worry about it all the same, because even if Data says otherwise, it's a reality that'll always stick with me for as long as it proves to be true. There are a lot of things Paragon should focus on fixing, and I've got some small simple ideas for how to start immediately. I think the DM team could do with a little bit more all-around collaboration. Not as in they have to sit down and have union meetings in a damp basement over a table with an oil lamp or anything, but from one DM and another, it can feel like my characters are interpreted in completely different ways and thus get treated completely differently, even when the situations they find themselves in are very similar. And it's not necessarily either DMs fault, they can't read each others minds- but anything that can assist in someones character feeling consistent in their abilities and relations with relevant NPCs across different DMs feels to me like a very good priority to have. DMs should also consider instead of pushing themselves to run events time and time again, if you see people rping in a public space- just pop in, maybe declare that you're there and see if you can just... Casually DM over npcs and the like in the area. A lot of rp felt more dynamic thanks to that back in Pre and Mid WoD, while just hanging out in Goldshire talking about some random stuff, something could just happen. And maybe it wasn't even something happening, maybe it was just someone interacting with the community. We need more than just epic tales and adventures and battles, we need simple and down to earth interactions with the world around us outside of all of that- it has a bigger impact than I think a lot of people realize. Some characters just don't fit in those heroic battles and adventures too, doing this would give an entire demographic of civilian and 'mundane' characters more things to do than hugging themselves to characters that do run around fighting things and getting hurt. And most of all? Just give a shit about each others characters. I'm not saying that we should just give up on consequences for characters or anything, but we carry ourselves in a way where a lot of us only express our dislikes for things. We should put in more effort to help lift each other up more. Rather than immediately telling someone their concept doesn't work and they should change it, we should try to find out ways to make it work. Dms should seek out every narrative alternative at their disposal than killing a character, unless the death is either the most narratively appropriate or most narratively impactful thing thing at their disposal. But deaths shouldn't just be glossed over entirely either. Not everyone should stop what they're doing for 60 seconds of silence and prayer, but if there's an opportunity to give acknowledgement to someone losing their character? Do it. See an opportunity to create more roleplay and stories instead of just killing a character? Absolutely do it- shit like that is what we're here for. Help someone and their idea out rather than immediately shoot it down? Yes. I know I've used we a lot in this- but again, this is all just my views on things. I just wanted to use we to signify that I've also got a lot of shit I need to fix myself in how I behave and conduct myself and more. But I do genuinely believe we all do, and most importantly the server as its own entity and community desperately needs change, and so we should all pick up our slack and try to go forward in a better direction. Anyways we'll see if I come back and need to edit anything or whatever, I basically saw the thread linked and blacked out while binging half life vr but the ai is self aware so who knows maybe this is all just an incoherent ramble and the moment I press submit I'll only realize it then We're slaves to Blizz Lore and toxic rp culture no longer, every roleplayer a king!!!
  13. General Overview Zandalari trolls prove to be particularly unique among troll kind, regarded to be the first of all the tribes and the father of the rest of the subspecies- and thus, the grandfather of elves. Where as many of their sibling tribes are regarded in a much more barbaric, tribal way- the Zandalari are regal and almost elegant in a way- even while boasting immense brute strength, individually and communally. Regeneration Zandalari trolls boast a somewhat better power of regeneration to regular trolls- though to someone fighting a Zandalari and inflicting wounds, this may not be something immediately noticeable. Indeed, it’s not as though Zandalari close their wounds passively much quicker than their peers, but rather outside of combat they have an easier time of focusing and healing wounds then. For a Zandalari, it’ll take a quarter less of the time to heal a grievous wound outside of combat than other trolls- though this is easily interrupted by inflicting more wounds. Warlocks Blizzard recently made a statement that Zandalari trolls don’t have warlocks on the basis that “the race has no connection to the fel.”. Due to the nature of this statement applying to almost every race (bar orcs) who have Warlocks, and NPCs displaying the ability to be warlocks, we have decided to allow Zandalari warlocks- however they must be state serving and accounted for by the Zandalari Empire or they will find themselves exiled/executed, as the only BfA Zandalari we see using warlock abilities is in fact an exile that is hunted down. The vanilla class Demoniacs are a lore stub that begin and end with Vanilla, and due to no confirmations post vanilla to their existence and no references or appearances come Mist of Pandaria or Battle for Azeroth, they are being considered non-canon. Prelates Zandalari Prelates are paladins of the Zandalari, a particular sect and order of individuals that worship and have been blessed by Rezan to carry out the will of Zandalar as a heavy fist of judgement. They are capable of all of things any other paladins of other races can, outside of racial specifics, and very much carry the power of the light- or an equivalent power that lets them achieve the same ends. Come the death of Rezan, many Zandalari prelates lose their powers and are reduced back to average individuals. However, there are those who few are able to retain their abilities, and for the purposes of roleplay, these should include any player Zandalari Prelates. Druids Zandalari druids are a particularly interesting case- as despite being druids and capable of shifting into forms and controlling, only very few of them are in fact druidic in their nature and actions. Many of them are urban based and worshippers and/or blessed by Gonk, the raptor Loa- generally a part of the Raptari order. Zandalari of the Lun’alai however, oppose this. They are a small order of Zandalari druids that have a matron of their, however whom this matron may be is unknown- what is known, however, is that the Zandalari Empire rejects their matron to be a loa, thus branding them as heretics. Lun’alai are true druids, in their sense of balance and respect and co-existence of the wilds- in stark contrast to the Raptari’s forceful manipulation of nature to suit their needs. There are heavy implications that their matron is Elune- however, there is no confirmation on this matter. As of present, neither Lun’alai nor Raptari have access to the emerald dream. Sources: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Zandalari_troll#Appearance_and_traits https://wow.gamepedia.com/Za%27roco_the_Grifter https://wow.gamepedia.com/Zandalari_troll#Classes https://wow.gamepedia.com/Height#Troll_subspecies https://wow.gamepedia.com/Troll#Troll_regeneration https://wow.gamepedia.com/Regeneratin%27_(racial) https://wow.gamepedia.com/Prelate#Zandalari_troll_culture https://wow.gamepedia.com/Raptari https://wow.gamepedia.com/Lun'alai
  14. name one of your 15 kids after me