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  1. Title memes aside, this doesn't really have much to do with mod trial resolutions- though there is something a bit questionable there for me as well. After an interaction with someone, and now having lost a fair deal of confidence and having bad vibes I'm just gonna take a step back. I cannot confidently say that this server and those in key positions maintain the same moral values and standards as myself, and rather than try to change that can't be fixed I'm going to cut my losses. It might be nothing, but I'm trusting my gut here in stepping away for now. This server's doing good right now, so I hope it's nothing. Hopefully it keep on the up and do better. You guys ARE racist for not making me a mod though, I'm not editing this out of my thread and if you do it yourselves you're doubly racist.
  2. I won by a LOT. But hey man, take it easy out there. It was nice having you around and shooting the shit with you, especially since over the past few days it feels we've gotten closer than we have in years on this server together. Life's a bitch, but you got this- you've got a good head on your shoulders, you can tackle this shit. Hit me up in DMs whenever you want my man.
  3. welcome back to the pits old one...
  4. Degenerates like you belong on a cross.
  5. welcome to the pits, old one..
  6. LETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Due to timezones it may be hard for me to attend, but I'll try to find a way to participate in this.
  7. TimtheTumbleweed

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    I grant u ur freedom veterans badge welcome yung Lupar
  8. i cant believe the elves killed arthas' chicken
  9. feel free to add these two teleports for the public highmountain campsite area .t hmcampsiteupper .t hmcampsitelower
  10. General Overview Zandalari trolls prove to be particularly unique among troll kind, regarded to be the first of all the tribes and the father of the rest of the subspecies- and thus, the grandfather of elves. Where as many of their sibling tribes are regarded in a much more barbaric, tribal way- the Zandalari are regal and almost elegant in a way- even while boasting immense brute strength, individually and communally. Regeneration Zandalari trolls boast a somewhat better power of regeneration to regular trolls- though to someone fighting a Zandalari and inflicting wounds, this may not be something immediately noticeable. Indeed, it’s not as though Zandalari close their wounds passively much quicker than their peers, but rather outside of combat they have an easier time of focusing and healing wounds then. For a Zandalari, it’ll take a quarter less of the time to heal a grievous wound outside of combat than other trolls- though this is easily interrupted by inflicting more wounds. Warlocks Blizzard recently made a statement that Zandalari trolls don’t have warlocks on the basis that “the race has no connection to the fel.”. Due to the nature of this statement applying to almost every race (bar orcs) who have Warlocks, and NPCs displaying the ability to be warlocks, we have decided to allow Zandalari warlocks- however they must be state serving and accounted for by the Zandalari Empire or they will find themselves exiled/executed, as the only BfA Zandalari we see using warlock abilities is in fact an exile that is hunted down. The vanilla class Demoniacs are a lore stub that begin and end with Vanilla, and due to no confirmations post vanilla to their existence and no references or appearances come Mist of Pandaria or Battle for Azeroth, they are being considered non-canon. Prelates Zandalari Prelates are paladins of the Zandalari, a particular sect and order of individuals that worship and have been blessed by Rezan to carry out the will of Zandalar as a heavy fist of judgement. They are capable of all of things any other paladins of other races can, outside of racial specifics, and very much carry the power of the light- or an equivalent power that lets them achieve the same ends. Come the death of Rezan, many Zandalari prelates lose their powers and are reduced back to average individuals. However, there are those who few are able to retain their abilities, and for the purposes of roleplay, these should include any player Zandalari Prelates. Druids Zandalari druids are a particularly interesting case- as despite being druids and capable of shifting into forms and controlling, only very few of them are in fact druidic in their nature and actions. Many of them are urban based and worshippers and/or blessed by Gonk, the raptor Loa- generally a part of the Raptari order. Zandalari of the Lun’alai however, oppose this. They are a small order of Zandalari druids that have a matron of their, however whom this matron may be is unknown- what is known, however, is that the Zandalari Empire rejects their matron to be a loa, thus branding them as heretics. Lun’alai are true druids, in their sense of balance and respect and co-existence of the wilds- in stark contrast to the Raptari’s forceful manipulation of nature to suit their needs. There are heavy implications that their matron is Elune- however, there is no confirmation on this matter. As of present, neither Lun’alai nor Raptari have access to the emerald dream. Sources: https://wow.gamepedia.com/Zandalari_troll#Appearance_and_traits https://wow.gamepedia.com/Za%27roco_the_Grifter https://wow.gamepedia.com/Zandalari_troll#Classes https://wow.gamepedia.com/Height#Troll_subspecies https://wow.gamepedia.com/Troll#Troll_regeneration https://wow.gamepedia.com/Regeneratin%27_(racial) https://wow.gamepedia.com/Prelate#Zandalari_troll_culture https://wow.gamepedia.com/Raptari https://wow.gamepedia.com/Lun'alai
  11. name one of your 15 kids after me
  12. Drohal's gonna take this. Horn of Cenarius - Trinket - This ivory horn was once an instrument used by Cenarius, and still carries some of the dream’s power within. The horn’s sound is quite beautiful to listen to. - Once per two days, this horn can be blown to send a wisp from within to an ally or oneself. The wisp will explode with divine spiritual energy, healing all allies within 10 yards of the target as well as the target itself for moderate healing.