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  1. Bevin will turn in his : Suspended Nightwell Droplet Archaic Nathrezim Keepsake
  2. You stumble upon a worn out poster covered in blue-inked scribbles, with a note attached, hastily, underneath it. Despite the messy scribbles on the poster, the note is written with a surprisingly elegant legibility. "Are you a semi-competent, semi-psychotic, semi-poor individual? Are you looking to make it semi-big under a semi-excellent leader? Then look no further - Tamlin's Thunderhawks are looking for adventurous rogues with a casual attitude to (possibly) murder and thievery! Our own ship, the Opportunity, will be your base of operations as we lead semi-successful raids on semi-big targets! Our first order of business - the Stormwind Bank. Do you have what it takes to be semi-rich? Then come find us at Booty Bay for an interview, and begin a life of semi-luxury!" You notice fine print at the bottom of the note. "TT INC. is not to be held accountable for any physical, fire, ice, shadow, fel, or arcane wounds (or wounds from any other magical source), mental trauma, limb dismemberment, or loss of life sustained during work hours. No paid leave." OOC INFO This is an interest check for people who are looking for a more light-hearted, less serious expirience, intended for rogue-ish/outlaw characters (That are on the incompetent, crazy side) Everybody is welcome, as long as they are willing to put up with the random bs Tamlin comes up with instead of a proper plan. If you have any more questions or are interested in this thing, please contact me either here, in-game or over discord (Grinch #8487)
  3. Bevin

    Call to Arms!

    Bevin is also on his way. As he promised Logan he would.
  4. Bevin

    Montarville's Bane

    My Paladin, Bevin, can answer the call for help of the Montarvilles. Being a holy man and all that jazz.