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  1. cool things are not allowed in the paragon wow universe
  2. trens

    DoW: Apogeion [IC]

    Turn 3 Points This Turn: 13 Create Avatar: -10 Points Remaining: 3 Running Bonus: +3 ​With a heavenly cacophony, the skies tore asunder. Formed from the very skies of Apogeion as they watched eternally over the tumultuous land, and the indomitable will of Yaran Va, the Headsman plummeted from above. Brought forth was the physical manifestation of the Raven Lord, by a single command. "Ne'er shall I sully this virgin earth with my own intent; save to menace the trespasses of other gods." The Headsman took flight, scouring the clouds of Apogeion, the ever-vigilant eyes of the Two-Faced God.
  3. trens

    DoW: Apogeion [IC]

    Turn 2 Points this turn: 13 Shape Land (3): -9 Power Remaining: 4 Running Bonus: +2 Yaran Va was wary. All across this infant world, their fellow gods were making their mark, and little of it was to their liking. They would need to make sure that enough of this land was suitable for an honest living, nothing akin to these loathsome deathscapes they saw formed before them. Yet, so too would their faithful need protection from whatever evils might arise - and a place to be closer to the heavens, too. With a swipe of his blade, the earth rent down upon Apogeion. The startled stone rose into a great range of peaks, spanning across the coastline - not overly tall, perhaps, but strong and stout. A stern command saw the soil was seeded with grass, flowers, plants, verdant with life. Woodlands crept from the good soil, and the ground gave way to streams and rivers. It was a start.
  4. trens

    DoW: Apogeion [IC]

    Points This Turn: 7 Shape Land: -3 Power Remaining: 4 Running Bonus: +1 The Crow Lord set their sights upon the barren rock of Apogeion, and turned their gaze to the West. What they saw displeased them - corruption, darkness and madness had already begun to claim the land, even at this early juncture. And so, the Two-Faced God made their first decree. "Let no evil be beyond the vigil of judgement," spake Yaran Va. "Let rise a realm of good soil and daylight, where honest souls might one day find a goodly home. Let it watch over this world, that it may be rightly judged." And it was so. Upon the coasts of that great landmass, stone gave way to fertile soil, grasslands and the odd copse of trees. A humble province, but a fair one, with a great expanse of open sky that the messengers of Yaran Va might reach him better. The Crow Lord was pleased, yet ever were they keeping a wary eye trained upon these other gods who had wrought such strangeness.
  5. trens

    A Cure to Undeath

    pleas do not buly
  6. What with all the events lately and some thoughts on future scheduling, I'm gonna rearrange this again to a once a week thing - sorry for the indecisiveness!
  7. Gonna have to reschedule the event, apologies for the change of plans! Date has been updated.
  8. Part 1 done, part 2 date added!
  9. To unlock the secrets of Master Zhe, one must pursue true harmony. Sadly, we're talking about adventurers, here. What? The great Master Zhe is an ancient monk of legend, a champion of Pandaria and hero of the Peak of Serenity. Praised for his strange philosophies and unusual martial techniques, the Lorewalkers hold a great many scrolls detailing his mighty tale. Yet some facts elude even the venerable order, learned from the unlikeliest of sources. A grummle sherpa claims to have found a hidden vault dug into the Peak, undiscovered until now. According to the finder of this place, an ancient edict was carved into the stone; "To earn my legacy is to follow my path; seek my apprentices and master harmony." Though what that entails, exactly, is unclear, the Lorewalkers have pledged their support to any seeking to enter the vault, in return for the honour of copying down any of the great master's works. Adventurers have already begun flocking to the continent in hopes of finding Zhe's ancient treasures. Who? Just about anyone is welcome to the event, as long as the Lorewalkers wouldn't forbid them outright! Where? All across Pandaria! When? This event will be a 3-part chain, with rewards at the end of each event, and bonuses for anyone who attends all three! The schedule is below. Shue the Learned Thursday 27th April 1400 ST Kip-Kip the Brave TBD Zhe the Harmonious TBD Why? Adventure, unique treasures and the respect of the Lorewalkers! It'll probably be fun, maybe, or something, too.
  10. trens

    IRL Pic Thread

    please pray for my cat y'all nothin wrong with her she just look like a bag of potatoes
  11. trens

    Spy versus Spy

    Being moved to THURSDAY because SURPRISE FUNERAL dont worry it's nobody i know, i just have to do stuff tomorrow now