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  1. trens

    A Cure to Undeath

    pleas do not buly
  2. What with all the events lately and some thoughts on future scheduling, I'm gonna rearrange this again to a once a week thing - sorry for the indecisiveness!
  3. Gonna have to reschedule the event, apologies for the change of plans! Date has been updated.
  4. Part 1 done, part 2 date added!
  5. To unlock the secrets of Master Zhe, one must pursue true harmony. Sadly, we're talking about adventurers, here. What? The great Master Zhe is an ancient monk of legend, a champion of Pandaria and hero of the Peak of Serenity. Praised for his strange philosophies and unusual martial techniques, the Lorewalkers hold a great many scrolls detailing his mighty tale. Yet some facts elude even the venerable order, learned from the unlikeliest of sources. A grummle sherpa claims to have found a hidden vault dug into the Peak, undiscovered until now. According to the finder of this place, an ancient edict was carved into the stone; "To earn my legacy is to follow my path; seek my apprentices and master harmony." Though what that entails, exactly, is unclear, the Lorewalkers have pledged their support to any seeking to enter the vault, in return for the honour of copying down any of the great master's works. Adventurers have already begun flocking to the continent in hopes of finding Zhe's ancient treasures. Who? Just about anyone is welcome to the event, as long as the Lorewalkers wouldn't forbid them outright! Where? All across Pandaria! When? This event will be a 3-part chain, with rewards at the end of each event, and bonuses for anyone who attends all three! The schedule is below. Shue the Learned Thursday 27th April 1400 ST Kip-Kip the Brave TBD Zhe the Harmonious TBD Why? Adventure, unique treasures and the respect of the Lorewalkers! It'll probably be fun, maybe, or something, too.
  6. trens

    Spy versus Spy

    Being moved to THURSDAY because SURPRISE FUNERAL dont worry it's nobody i know, i just have to do stuff tomorrow now
  7. trens

    Spy versus Spy

    It's well known that the more straps you wear on your person, the more successful an assassin you'll be. What? Menethil Harbour is enjoying a visit from a decorated Alliance war hero, Commander Edward Horley! The veteran soldier of Stormwind is paying a visit to the port city where he served much of his duty to the Alliance, and a small celebration is planned for his arrival. However, all's not well with the heroic return... SI:7 agents have been assigned to monitor the situation, and have caught wind of a plan to assassinate Commander Horley during his visit! With many of SI:7's finest agents still deployed to Kalimdor in the wake of the Siege of Orgrimmar, the organisation finds itself somewhat short-staffed. To that end, the agents in charge of the case have turned to the more varied heroes of the Alliance - adventurers. The talented few selected will be sent to Menethil to ensure the celebration doesn't end badly - ideally without causing much alarm amongst the locals. Will this be a cunning gambit by SI:7, or will the adventurers live up to their reckless reputation? That's up to you! Who? This event is open for Alliance-affiliated characters only. I'll be taking up to 8 players for this event. Where? Menethil Harbour! When? Thursday the 16th of March, 1400 server time! Why? Players will be performing a service to the Alliance - maybe they'll even impress SI:7, if they do well enough. And, of course, they'll be rewarded with a few items from the organisation's coffers.
  8. The rewards from this event have been ADJUSTED. The 200 gold is now 200 goblin macaroons - the exact same value, but they'll need to be illegally laundered before seeing use. Very illegally.
  9. Gadgetzan, the city that never sleeps! You might, though. With the fishes, that is. Yeah. What?! The goblin banks of Gadgetzan hold the wealth of all the city's ruling elite - the merchants, the moneygrubbers, even the Trade Princes! The bankers know better, and keep their savings in their mattresses, but hey. Though guarded by inches of steel and dozens of mean-looking bruisers, these banks make a tempting target to one in the know... enter, the Safesmashers! A ragtag team of criminals and ne'er-do-wells, they've made a nefarious living off the unlawful opportunities presented by Gadgetzan, and now they're looking for a big score... but they can't do it alone! The adventurers (of a more dubious moral bearing) will work for the Safesmashers, acting as their muscle as they crack into the First Tinker's Trust Bank of Gadgetzan! Carnage! Mayhem! Explosions! Gold! Women! All of these things might be included, depending on how badly you mess up! Join today! Who?! I'll be taking up to 8 players for this end-of-trial event, and anyone is welcome! As long as they're willing to break the law, of course. It's goblin law, at least. That's barely any law at all. Where?! ...Gadgetzan? When?! Tomorrow! 1400 server time! Why?! How many people can say they've robbed from the Steamwheedle Cartel and lived to tell the tale? There will, of course, be wondrous treasure and booty up for grabs if you prevail!
  10. Event has been rescheduled, sorry for the erratic schedule. It'll take place on 03/03/2017 at 0900 server time.
  11. This event is delayed by an hour to an hour or two to avoid clashing so much with another. Apologies for any convenience!