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  1. Reports say that late in the afternoon loud explosives and Gunfire could be heard being fired off between Westfall's eastern border to Duskwood. -They had continued all the way into the evening before the area turned completely silent. -Rumours has it that pileso of cartridges and lots of shrapnel was found at the location. -The massed gunpower is believed to have left a large circle of fire which dwindled down until the next day , but didn't damage any major area. Who the perpetrator was, or the reason, is unknown.
  2. Satan

    Miss Paragon 2k16

    " Who has more friends poll. "
  3. T-that's not something people should be aiming for ! ^
  4. Damu , you're just jealous because you still don't have a mount :'p
  5. I'm just messin' with ya anyways. Regardless if you wanted it or not, you earned it legitimately with Lari. T-thanks fam.... I was actually worrying that I got the mount in the first place .
  6. Well , I was actually going to buy Lari a Gryphon IF I didn't get the mount and I never actually expected to , and at the start of the raid I actually mentioned if we can ban the mount as loot-able because around 70% of the players that came were never on the ToT events in the first place.
  7. H-hey... Wyverns are cool as well .....
  8. Well the way I see it, is that obviously choosing to take the mount would count as taking an item from the loot table. And we can keep the mount limited to those players that chose to take it, and just refer to the list if we see someone IC with it to see if they are in it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk There's a limit of 20 people for Ji-Kun. I'm not too sold on the idea of sending a full group of 20 home each with the mount and I won't do that. Now, expecting 20 people might be foolish but given that there is actually something relevant involved (the mount) I'm not excluding the possibility that there will be 4 full groups. The problem is more that people will be going for Ji-Kun just for the mount while their characters may not have a proper reason to either be there or have it. Or because they potentially already have a unique mount (I'm speaking for those who got mounts from Galleon or Horridon for example). I consider that a valid concern and it's something I'm not going to brush off so quickly. Ah I see. Well Cretos has a good reason. His wolf was killed by Horde friendly fire in the Jin'rokh event, and he is a mounted warrior (if he gets the mount he will go wind warrior) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk .... Didn't he try to assault and just shit talk about incan afterwards ? I mean , it was an axe-ident.
  9. When it comes to Horridon people didn't even try simply because they though that they'll get the same response as Oondasta and the bigger reason being that every one was exhausted from staying on a chair for seven hours straight , though keeping that in mind you guys are doing a great job atm.
  10. Satan

    Just an idea

    Well , if you want to start doing stuff seriously we should discuss details etc etc So yeah, contact me on skype which is : s.rizov2 I already have a few ideas but we need to start from some-where.
  11. Satan

    Just an idea

    D-Dothraki? And well , we can perhaps host the entire game on another site , if you guys want ofc , I recently finished the latest 2 GoT episodes and I just got really heated up about the surroundings that the world of GoT can offer.
  12. Satan

    The Crows

    I'll support you if you start killing Half elven peeps <3
  13. Sinae claims Dark Edge of Insanity as her own personal weapon.