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  1. Point and case is , you can get weapons of equal fame and power if you make a story around it. Basically avoiding the entire drama that comes after going for "lore" weapons. Any one with two cells in their brain who are not here to measure their character's power versus another but to make a story would realize and go with that. There is literally no benefits except power and fame to owning a lore item to your own character, something that you can already alter through your character's story and other custom items also obtained through events. It'll just turn the entire environment toxic as it was before. I've suffered icly and oocly from putting the effort into obtaining this and through other means that you of all people should know more than people give you credit for. Oni messed up with this , and its basically allowing a mistake to repeat itself. Tass, the person who wrote the entire post at the time agreed that lore weapons shouldn't exist in player's hands agreed with me. And myself who's only had bad experiences from this.
  2. Honestly I really really think this shouldn't be a thing as one of my character's who owned Zin'Rokh the destroyer of worlds I feel like the theme to it is pretty toxic , toxic to the point where I had to alter the events of my character obtaining the item. Pretty much the first thing that happened was a player whispering me "you can't have that". The hassle of balancing this and the potential to measure your D compared to other characters is limitless which I don't think is something that we should promote. If you have a custom based weapon that has legendary power and status of its own , sure go for that, you are building up the fame of your character in your own little way. But I simply don't think the effort put to balance this and all the drama it'll come with is worth it for the entire server. Think of it through the eyes of a new player that are coming on the server. Sure this place has been running for nearly 10 years and there are going to be characters that are extremely powerful and fleshed out but it's extremely discouraging and from my own experience on how things can be lead either now or in the future I don't think we should be giving people this opportunity as a special treatment. What if two people want one weapon at the same time? What if one item is more powerful than the other? Vastly more powerful? Yeah, sure you can say that we could make it like last time, if you're inactive you get the item revoked, it'll pretty much be like the DM title was thrown around back during MoP 2016-2017ish where half the server pop were DMS but only dm'd one event every 12 months.
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    Hit me up if you need your horde/troll itches satisfied! Saetahn#7371
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    Inca is right hell awaits >: , but welcome to the server! Enjoy your stay, and avoid suspicious people.
  5. Satan

    See ya

    I'm not throwing any sort of tantrums. For all I care I've already stated that I can wipe my ass with each and every item that has been handed to me because that's not an issue. The issue I find here and what I'm doing is pointing out how rediculous the whole situation of items is being handled moronically and that apparently your logic is flawless. How was I supposed to know as a player that the rules had changed after every two events? How was I supposed that a law which held weight two months ago holds no weight now, all of a sudden? And that the items of which I didn't even win that has been gotten from another character who the actual penalties related to , now related to me? No one is adressing those issues, the inbetweens. You never even cared to notify me of the changes you made. By your same logic , if Mithaniel joined an event of mine I could retcon your whole fucking character because "my event, my rules."
  6. Satan

    See ya

    At the time of which this occured Oni was in fact still an event manager, it simply didn't fit in your narrative that my character won a crappy item and you had to bend your own rules without even informing me of it. If you're willing to take items away from players after a certain amount of time because you weren't aware that they had uniques on their other characters then good luck retconning half the items people won in Cataclysm , MoP and custom events. ( Edit ) I suggest people make it even harder to roleplay on this server. Every one should have a chronology of books for each one of the dms and their rules so they can get called out once bullshit begins to appear. Here is how rediculous this is > my character got handed over an item from another character who got the actual penalty from another DM, of which then. I won an item in another event chain , from another DM. Which then! Co-relates to you Sage, taking that item away without me having any knowledge that the item instead of having a penalty on Zahariel, the one who won the item. It now has a penalty on me? So that would mean, Zahariel has -20 on rolls for Oni's events and I get a -5 on yours. Which is supposed to justify your decision after you've handed me over the item to then strip it away and not inform me for two weeks. Alright.
  7. Satan

    See ya

    This has been disputed countless of times and you yourself know that after the lenghty conversation we had , the only issue which remained in your mind is my usage of my character going "berserk" and the active way of which I pursued it in order to go that extra step and keep on fighting. I've had my characters lose limbs and be near death in more than one event. As for the "many" , is what I'm essentially quoting of the information you gave me at the time. I do not have a tab of who did what and when , when it comes to events. I began making event requests since last year of july and they have all added up to five in total , for a 13-14 months? It doesn't seem that bad anymore. As for the impatience I know that is a flaw of mine. Yet you have only taken note of it during my last event request which took an entire month to get approved by the moderators first of all , and another month until it got critisized by other dms and had to be reworked by you. Impatience is a flaw of mine, and I can't use the timers as an excuse. However, when you include stress of me getting kicked back down during that time and having to wait long did it for me. I'm not putting any pressure on you for not being able to supply me with names or having to do doing anything for that matter. You haven't done anything else other than help me , which I'm grateful for. I was only mad because people began digging in their claws and saying it was unjustified. I'm done with items , be it uniques, legendaries. Whatever you want to call them. I don't even want to keep talking about them. But apparently I have to. For the staff. The story is getting more and more rediculous because I just finished a conversation with Sage, and I wasn't even informed that it had been stripped away from my character and granted to some one else two weeks after the event had finished. With the reasoning for not being informed is that I'm an unpleasant person. Kaiba and Sage. Oni herself told me that the penalty only applied to Zahariel and not to me as he was the one who left the zone with the Scythe and thus kept it. The scythe wouldn't have been in my character's hands or me oocly if the penalty was ever there. I never hid that my character was the owner of it. This wasn't personal when I first read the entire post, but after digging it over and trying to look through more information myself through sage, I will take it personally.
  8. Satan

    See ya

    Sadly I have already talked things through with Kaiba and Drak surrounding "rumours" of me power grinding and godmodding. I took it seriously and was on the verge of taking a step back on my character just to let things calm down, after I received news that many members of the DM team were afraid of taking my event requests due to bad rep. Not too long after I contacted the same people who I suspected were spreading those rumours, people who not too long ago would spit on me and try to discredit me on the forums and/or take jabs at me during small ic interactions , I asked them for feedback surrounding my character and very little progress was made other than a suggestion or two. Kaiba further convinced me that it would be in my best interest to take a step back and I simply did with the request that they tell me who's giving them all of this feedback of my own character in order for me to personally ask them for feedback on my character , in order for them to tell me straight to my face what they were iffy about , or what they had issues with. That would have been the best solution for me. I was told that they would be asked if they'd like to show themselves. Weeks passed , and I got no answer. So. How does one report something. When they don't have any proof? When they don't know who's the actual cause of the rumours? What even the actual issue is? That aside. Here is what broke me. Some time after, I joined the mage order hall event on a character of mine. The character in itself wasn't very progressed and I only did some roleplay on them a handful of times. Nothing too bad. I won an item. Which then caused the participants of the event to go into a shitstorm about fresh characters (Mind you, I had around a day and a half worth of roleplaying time on them), and further I believe that it contributed into the decision of the three unique account limit that was enstowed they day after. I got three people messaging me after the event. "That's a good staff." Sage gave his two cents in saying that Fresh characters shouldn't have been eligible for loot. And right after that a staff member poked me and asked me of all the 30-35 people on the server first about the other unique items I held on my other character. Safe to say, I went on a tantrum afterwards. Progressing newer characters is semi illegal unless you're a Corigossa and have demi god like abilities who actually deserve items during events (who even cares about those, am I right?). And progressing stronger character is illegal , less you reach the point of no return and form a shitstorming cycle.
  9. Satan

    See ya

    Usually I don't do these , but I thought that adressing a few issues that stopped me from rping on the server might open some one else's eyes and realize the ongoing issues here. Over the past few weeks I've realized that instead of having fun in paragon what ends up happening is that I get more and more frustrated the more time I spend roleplaying my characters for several reasons. Silly examples , such as = I end up taking more screenshots in the game whenever I think there might be a conflict ahead or there is an ongoing one instead of ones where I'm genuenly having fun with other players. There are several issues at play with paragon at the moment, I feel like people have been grouping up now more than they have done before to achieve greater roleplaying quality. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well yes, and no. Many are focused on character progression and power as it is. I'm not an exception and there is nothing wrong with progressing your character. However after passing through several stages of progression people started noticing my character. Which is essentually what I hoped for! The more popular your character is , icly , the more rp you get. Right? Wrong. Most of the time you'll end up getting ridiculed , spit on , trash talked in mall while you're not there, and have rumors spread about you to every corner of the server. Whilst if there was an active issue with your character , no feedback will be provided. You're fucked, essentially. All because people are in a character race of "who's the strongest" "Who can do the most powerful and bullshit move of the century". I was never here to measure my dick-size of who's the strongest character on paragon. But apparently there are some people who just can't stop themselves from sucking on it till I get pushed away. Well! You've succeeded. You know who you are, and I sincerely hope that you take a look at yourself very clearly and think through your next steps on paragon. Even if I didn't get a lot of rp outside of events , I still had fun progressing my characters and do not regret a single path I've taken on them. This is not a full "goodbye" or whatever. But I'll be taking a significant break until things improve. Thank you for the great memories, and whoever read this far I hope you enjoy your time on the server.
  10. Satan

    Marky plays drums!

    I'm more interested in the audio recording part, as I'm quite a newbie when it comes to it. Apart from using mics, I don't know too much about interfaces and other solutions etc.
  11. Teach me how to (war)lock
  12. Satan

    Marky plays drums!

    Your shtuff looks pretty dope dude! Would you mind giving me a few tips on how you record your content?
  13. T-that's not something people should be aiming for ! ^