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  1. The Real Story Washing ashore in Stranglethorn, a naga mutant quickly sheds her serpentine form. She was amazed at the strange form she had never known outside of killing. The lithe highborne form was nonetheless still scaled, and her finned tail was resting in the cool moonlit sand. She looked down at her clawed hands, a faint orange flickering across her fingers. That’s when the scaled woman heard, something metallic hit the sand. Looking to her left was two goblins sitting at a campfire with fishing poles. A mostly empty can of beans having fallen from the log as they stared slack jawed. Behind them in the distance was a goblin town. Complete with metal walls and a towering metal framed spire. As the shock subsided the furthest goblin reached back and grabs a crossbow and begins loading it, the nearest rushes her with a shovel! Wasting no time, the Naga waves her hand and hisses out an incantation that froze the shovel wielding goblin in his tracks. When the crossbow was finally loaded the second goblin lifted and fired with a loud crack!.. his friend, with enchantment in his eyes jumping in front of the bolt before falling into the sand and bleeding from the bolt in his heart. “Flezk! What-!?” The goblin ran over, searching for their missing assailant before stopping at his companion’s side. “-why’d you do that for!? Fuck, I can’t pay for another wrongful death lawsuit Flezk, COME ON!” “You’re right…” he heard a hissing voice in his ear. A warm sensation washing under his skin. “You can’t afford it. It’s too much!” The goblin shivers as his body froze. But the voice was making sense. “Your life… will be over! Might as well run away. Swim!” The goblin looked out at his escape. Out onto the horizon. “Swim… to your eternal freedom.” The goblin looked down as he dead coworker, a tragic fishing trip indeed. But at least he would be free. As he takes steps through the sand, he felt happy for once. The water licked at his feet at first, than he waded through, and finally he began paddling… and paddling… and paddling. Deep past the waves and into the open water. Lylinde, as the naga was named, sat in the sand. Waiting for the splashing to stop out in the water… afterall. What coin he had could come in handy.
  2. Early this morning the bodies of two goblin workers were found on the beach near a Bilgewater outpost. A shift manager was found washed ashore and drowned with no signs of struggle, while an employee was found shot in the chest. Seemingly as he attempted to flee a conflict between them! Raising questions from the horde leadership regarding the morale of the workers at the outpost! The investigation was closed with a cut and dry case of murder suicide. Tragic!
  3. It was a stormy winter night in the Wetlands. Rain and sleet fell into the swamp and the moon's light hid behind a thick blanket of clouds. Menethil Harbor remained peaceful, their troubles of the last few months long past. A drunken pair stumble from the tavern, the blacksmith works to heat up the forge, and fisherman begin to stir to get the best spot for their morning catch! But in the dead of night they hear a sound in the swamps to the north! What sounds like murlocs, enraged at some unseen invasion, gathering! Then, a terrible howl! The sort unnatural bloodcurdling shriek that chills your bones, and echoes in your soul... and then, silence! When the sun arose scouts were sent to investigate the sound, and what they found haunted them. Even murlocs did not deserve the desolation that befell them. The murlocs were butchered, and scattered over several yards of bloodied mud. The vegetation around them decayed, and their eyes seemed to be burned from inside their skulls after they were torn asunder. The footprints of a man were found near the scene, but they were lost in the mud. Wetlands, and Menethil Harbor. Be well on the lookout, for something cursed may soon walk among you!
  4. -Current State- Redridge is currently suffering under the snowfall called upon them by the angry god. The church has been overrun by the <Children of Ramduin> cult, and it's elemental guardians. The church is gathering coin to pay for adventurers to take it back for them. 'Long Live the King!' Event 1 (Random): COMPLETE Participants: Xavenos, Cody, & Rowyn Xavenos, Cody, and Rowyn confronted the Ram King, Ramduin as he attempts to discipline his former mate, Missus Nora. They prevented his tyranny when Missus Nora provided a strange simulacrum of Rowyn's absent weapon Demise. The weapon broke off one of the buddy wild god's horns, and he fled into the mountains. But not before cursing Redridge under a wintry storm! Rewards: [Horn of Ramduin], [Missus Nora - NPC] 'I'm gonna need a HEAVY Flamer for this Heresy!' Event 2: Date TBA Participants: TBA The local priest has had his chapel stolen away by the Bleeting God's cult, the <Children of Ramduin>. Such a thing cannot stand! Rewards: 5 GP each
  6. Character Name: Maeva Almeras Written Work Name: Advanced Abjuration, Selective Warding Written Work Description: Advanced instruction tome on the methods of selective abjuration. Written Work Type: The contents of this book describe the use of selective barriers to increase efficiency and strength of any shield. By choosing what your shields are intended to protect against and specializing your spellcraft, this reduces mana burn for a greater protective barrier. Some spells described by the book are as follows: Aegis, Kinetic: This barrier uses strings of circulating mana condensed into elastic but firm qualities. The mana circulates freely in a spherical or circular shape depending on the shape of the shield. Physical attacks are blocked via deflection. This shield appears as translucent ribbons of mana almost is a basket pattern. Aegis, Energy: When magic is your enemy, this is the spell to use. But sacrificing protection from kinetic sources the mana can more effectively neutralize spells of all sorts. From Fireball, to Silence spells, to Flamestrike, and Polymorph. The mana is condensed into a thin membrane that creates tumultuous vortices. This shield appears almost like a oily bubble, smooth and quickly moving colors shift across it's face. Aegis, Current: The forgotten form! Current barriers are designed to keep environmental hazards away. Extended your mana around you in a rapid circular motion as it is charged. This creates a rapid wind around you with which repels liquid and gaseous attacks. The happy accident that it can also repel and extinguish smaller fires and fire spells is just icing on top. But be warry, the bubble form of this spell will only allow you so much oxygen as you trap inside it with you (or whomever else is within it). This spell appears as a misty surface that swiftly repels gases, liquids, and weaker plasmas. Language: Common Ease of Discovery: Found in the advanced sections of the Stormwind Mage's Guild, Elenore's Library, Montarville's Manor's study, and the Kirin Tor libraries. Character Name: Maeva Almeras Written Work Name: Advanced Transmutation, The Three Transmutive Properties Written Work Description: Advanced instruction tome detailing Maeva's theories and practical uses of the three transmutable properties. Written Work Type: This is less a book containing spells, and more a book that teaches the finer points of transmutation to the reader. While anybody can cast polymorph, or follow transmutation formulae, a true transmuter creates their own magics for use. This book instructs on Maeva's Theory of the Three Transmutive Properties; Space, Matter, and Time. Spells that fall under Space include: Teleportation, Blink, and Expeditious Retreat. Spells that fall under Matter include: Transmutations, Rusting Grasp, and Stoneskin. Finally, spells under Time include: Haste, and Age. Language: Common Ease of Discovery: Found in the advanced sections of the Stormwind Mage's Guild, Elenore's Library, Montarville's Manor's study, and the Kirin Tor libraries.
  7. GoldFish

    Coven of Ash

    "Any can walk the path of the light, praise and glory showered upon their actions. True courage is in standing in the shadows, where; despite your conviction to do them good, they scorn and hate you. - Only in the light can the selfish prevail! But here, where it is cold and lonely, selflessness is a choice." -Lady of Graves, Dr. Vicktoria Appleton- There is a covenant forming in the wake of the Legion. A pact of the dark arts, mysterious and bold. This Coven of Ash, named for the white bark of the tree that grows in the ashes of destruction, stands as an unexpected shield for the Alliance against the depravity of the world. Elements of the Illidari, Black Harvest, and Ebon Blade have come together to form this coven. With three purposes in mind; Education, Balance, and Protection. Life and death, Light and Void, Chaos and Order... no one of these can succeed without an equal measure of the other to temper it. The Lady of Night, second mother of the Coven teaches those who seek the secrets of the dark arts. Shows them what it will take, and what they will sacrifice to attain such power. Instilling an understanding of the social and magical ramifications of employing such powers will be. The arts themselves are not the enemy, and through education the coven seeks to show the Alliance this fact. For just as a knife is dangerous when it is dull, so too is the mind! As we sharpen the blade of our sister's minds, we also see the flaws that may break them. The Second Mother also tends to these weaknesses, strengthening their resolve with spiritual guidance... and if need be... discipline! Discipline, in the dark arts, may come as punishment. But often, a lesson in the second tenet will do. Balance; as important as education. Without this facet of the coven there is no purpose! Lady of Graves, the first mother, oversees the continued education of the sisters after initiation. While they may seek the others for instruction, the First Mother acts as the eyes. Flaws seen in them are stressed in the tasks required of the coven. They will be instructed how to balance not only their magic, but also their own life. The mind is fragile, and so we strengthen it! But there are many that, even with these tenets upheld will scorn the coven. Desperation in the face of persecution has created more villains then any black magic has. To prevent more villains being created within the coven's embrace, it has decided to provide layers of protection. This duty falls to the Lady of Malice. -WIP-
  8. Travelers to and from Duskwood report seeing figures tending to the fields of the dead acre. The abandoned farm crawls with strange creatures of timber and bone. Though few have dared, those venturing nearer find the Witch of Ilgalar taking samples of the soil and churning it with these strange beasts she brings to life. The word is; This Witch intends to revive the land so it will bare crops once more. She has put out a call to any harvest witch, or wayward druids. Any who might aid in the revival of the desolate farmstead. The Witch’s magic is strange, and chilling. But she has nonetheless caused the soil she has sampled to bare seeds once more! Perhaps there is hope for healing the long dead land.
  9. Late in the evening, as the sun descended upon the mountains around Redridge, the Tower of Ilgalar lit up the sky! The amber glow of the setting sun, with a pained howl, became blood red! A darkness cast up into the sky as the recently deceased were torn from their rest. Their souls drawn up into the bloody crimson vortex that enveloped the infamous tower. Windows shattered, and a feeling of dread washed over the lands! For several minutes chills would wrack the body, and those closest to the tower would have an unnatural fear cast upon their hearts. And just as quickly as it all began... it stopped. The pounding heart would continue, but the darkness lifts. The sky becoming amber once more as the sun disappeared beneath the mountain peaks. Any who investigate the lands around the tower have reported that the mutant gnolls that once inhabited the tower are all dead. Left in dry, lifeless husks in their camps. Bled dry, in figures of agony. Only two gnolls remained, the Blood Witch's favorites. Soon the apprentices of the Black Harvest would return... What dark magics would they learn of now, in the wake of the ritual that took place? Even they have seemed perturbed... The Ebon Blade on the other hand have begun sniffing around.
  10. War Hounds <Underworld Mercenary Guild> Leader: Acheron Rathmore [Mission] Further advance the membership’s personal goals through shared resources, network assisted cooperation, material supply, and financial assistance. Guild gathers contracts for a variety of services including, but not limited to: Information brokerage, asset neutralization, asset acquisition, debt collections, bodyguards, and paramilitary operations. Elite agents, called Hounds, are given priority on jobs, greater payment, and boons from leadership within the organization. These agents swear an oath of service to the Boss and are given the option of a single boon from the old-mage. Sworn in War Hounds are given a single gold coin upon joining, their earning power depends entirely on the jobs they take. The gold coin is intended to be used for funerary costs, should the Hound fall in battle. Current Members/Positions [Boss]: Acheron Rathmore The boss is the head hancho of the War Hounds. The position can be inherited by default, or it can be passed to anyone of the current Boss’ choosing. The boss makes the biggest and most impactful decisions within the Hounds. Contracts that involve large factions, such as the Alliance or Horde, would have to be passed up to the boss for review. Within the chain of command, none can question the Boss but their advisors and their First. Even still, doing so should be done with heavy consideration. [Advisors]*: -None- Advisors may or may not even be Hounds themselves. This position is reserved for any number of trustees that may have a part to play in the decisions of the guild. Unlike others in the hierarchy, Advisors ranks vary depending on who they were appointed by, as any and all leadership roles may appoint a number of advisors. Each is limited, and all advisors must be approved by the above ranking member except in the case of the Boss: First - 6, Second - 4, Third - 2, Captain - 1 -----[The First Hound, Spymaster]: -Open- The First Hound, shortened to ‘The First’ is the Boss’ right hand. Their task is the oversee the actions of the Second and Third hounds through their own curated spy networks and report directly to the Boss. Any command given by the First Hound is to be considered from the Boss by all others. Only the Boss’ advisors are (theoretically) on equal footing with the First Hound. The First Hound has execute authority on any below rank, this authority is only subject to review from the Boss. For all intents and purposes, they are the Spymaster of the War Hounds. ----------[The Second Hound, General]: Leeroy ‘Banjo’ Clancy (NPC) The Second Hound, more simply titled above, is tasked with overseeing the day to day operations of the sworn Hounds within the guild. Quartermaster, Master of Coin, and General to the guild. He must be a skilled tactician, and inspiration to the soldiers in his charge. The Second Hound has execute authority to any within his branch of command. But not to the branch of the Third Hound, who is by all measures his equal despite title. ---------------[The Third Hound, Master of Coin]: -Open- The Third Hound is for all intents and purposes, the manager of public relations and writer of contracts. While the Second oversees the Sworn Hounds, the Third oversees agents of the guild who are not sworn in soldiers. Other than the First Hound (and the Boss) the Third has no equal in the matters of money and agreements. They are authorized by the Boss to accept or decline any contract proposed to the War Hounds despite the wishes or opinions of the Captain of that den. They have execute Authority on Hounds AND agents, however this may be reviewed by the Second and/or First if it is deemed to make a significant impact on the Guild. [Second Captains] Captains are sworn War-Hounds that fall under the Second‘s branch of power. Trusted soldiers, but beyond that they are leaders. Each den will have a Captain. Their role in the den is to command the Sworn Hounds in protecting the den, and performing missions for the guild. In addition it is the Captain’s task to ensure the den is providing the appropriate tribute to the guild’s coffers. [Lieutenants] Lieutenants are the second I command of a den. Their role is largely decided by the den captain. However, this role is often called the ‘First Eye’ of the den. As they are often favored by the First Hound’s spies for information. [Sergeant] Sergeants are the leaders of the rank and file. Older War-Hounds that have proven themselves. They often lead squadrons in mission at the command of the Den Captain. They may, however, be selected as trainers for War-Pup’s. Sergeants are by and large in charge of recruiting Pups from among the Petitioners. [War-Hound] Any War-Pup that is deemed worthy by their Den’s leadership can be promoted to War-Hound. Loyalty, strength, and accountability are enforced during their training. War-Hounds are often strengthened by magic items or alchemy. Each War-Hound is given a single golden coin with their blood bound to it, this promises the Hound a proper burial, and glorious feast upon his death... if it is worthy. [Guild Member / War-Pup] Members and War-Pups stand on the same playing field, only above the Petitioners. Members enjoy the benefits of protection, discounts on goods & services, priority on the lower contracts, and a safe place to stay within any den. They are given a special iron coin stamped with the insignia of the three headed core-Hound that is the Guild’s digit. [Petitioner] Petitioners are those who approach the guild for services, or wish to join the War-Hounds. After some time and payments they may be granted membership. Or a Sergeant may offer them a position as a War-Pup, where they can work and fight for their membership. [ W I P ]
  11. Maeva Almeras, Court Mage of Steelhaven 1.) Quit the mage's guild. 2.) Spending more time with her family. 3.) Mapping out Ley Lines. Vicktoria Appleton, Blood Witch of the Black Harvest 1.) Experimenting further with blood magic, and traditional warlock disciplines. 2.) Serving Legionfall as a combat medic and surgeon. 3.) Occasionally gathering herbs and other materials needed for the medical stations. Maltorius Almeras, Wanted Dead or Alive! 1.) Working a case for Teller involving some gnolls in Redridge. 2.) Recently escaped from the Stockades after being treated terribly. 3.) Was bitten by a worgen in the Stockades. Selevis Lockewood, Undead Baroness & Deathstalker 1.) Planning to strike against a corrupt government for the good of the Horde & Alliance. 2.) Uncovering more of the mysteries of unlife. 3.) Seeking answers to the light's betrayal of her people. Erasne Manabloom, Arcanist of Suramar & Botanist 1.) Working for Terin in Chiselgrip to help grow crops. 2.) Exploring Azeroth's various plantlife. 3.) Drinking tea! Brothir, Thorignir Drake 1.) Seeking glory in battle against the Legion. 2.) Flying the skies, seeking to learn of new cultures and peoples. 3.) Worried about stepping on gnomes.
  12. The Night’s watch discovered a force of undead gathering strength near the chapel south of Darkshire. The watch called upon the church for assistance, but with the impending threat of the Legion the church could send only one Priest. A rallying cry was loosed in hopes that heroes across the region would hear of it and gather for the task. Sister Ammeline Thorn met with eight heroes whom stood against the darkness (no matter their motivations). The sister led the group to the barricade line and stayed back to heal the wounded. As the advance began it became clear that these undead were not mindless, not intelligent by any stretch, but not entirely mindless. Pushing through the initial defense the heroes find themselves interrupting several rituals to raise the dead. Many of the cult acolytes are killed, with one left alive for questioning. One ritual was completed and created a lesser burning bone wraith. Felling the creature was not an easy task and there were many injuries, but nothing fatal. After the beast was felled, and the barrier against the party was destroyed by Sister Thorn, they found the Banshee responsible for the attack on Westfall’s southern gate and for the amassing force at the chapel. She was an easy target after the Crypt Lord, Sebek’Rak, has already disciplined her for her repeated failures. Sebek’Rak claims to spare the heroes only because they did him a service is ridding him of that Banshee. - - - - - >Sally’s Bracers - Ithil’nir Minor spell resistance. At will: Light. >Cultist’s Dagger - Ruby Mithril. Endless Poison (hemorrhagic). Serrated dagger. >x2 Burning Bones - Odigs/Kaulder Can be brought to a craftsmen and shaped into any light/medium armor. Or any slashing/piercing weapon. Armor: Applies resistance to fire & shadow damage. Halves armor weight. Same strength as steel. Weapon: Applies Fire & shadow damage. Halves weapon weight. Same strength as steel. >Each player also awarded 1Gold and 25Silver. PLAYERS: Kaulder, Odigs, Ithilnir, Gwonlon, Ruby, Carlyn, Keral, Sydd, and Rodrigo.
  13. Summary: Seems Westfall isn’t the only place where the dead are causing trouble. Duskwood has always been a hotspot for accursed activity involving the monstrous. Recently however an influx of dead who seems capable of thought and speech baffles the Night Watchmen. At first it was a ghoul here, or a skeleton there. But more and more undead seem to be gathering closer to Darkshire. Venturing to far has gotten multiple traders ambushed and killed along the road. Rumor has it that there is a cult growing somewhere in those dark woods. -The Banshee’s Demand- Late last night in Westfall, all seemed quiet. The guards went about their routines and walked the roads. Most were concentrated at the north of Sentinel Hill watching for the undead to attack once more from Montarville. What none would expect was the force that wanders their way from Duskwood. A small army of skeletons, abominations, gargoyles, crypt fiends, and banshees marches on the southern gate! Ghouls dropped from the walls to draw what defenders came to their aid, they only realized too late that the crypt fiends and banshees planned this out! Shrieks and webs from above hampered the defenders greatly! The appearance of a blue dragon took care of the gargoyles, and the banshees were eliminated by the Court Wizard of House Theirin, Corrisa. On the front line of the fight a soldier from the Order of the Eventide defended the gates along with several others. Strangely, some people claim there was a man at the gates who seemed to just be eating a snack during the battle. The earl arrived after the battle was concluded to answer a spectral image of a banshee. The banshee demanded that the Earl send men to eliminate a failing subordinate in Duskwood before disappearing. It seems there is more than one undead threat. One can only hope by the light’s blessing they will not join forces. -More Coming-
  14. I know what the colors SHOULD be in my head. I don’t know, not like I could really stop you but it’s feel weird giving up my work for somebody else to finish.
  15. Will do man. Currently working on a Star Wars character, but after that I’ll be sure to hit you up!