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  1. UPDATE OUT! There isn’t, not yet anyway. Selim baited the Bleakmire Cartel into action, and then slaughtered them when they attacked.
  2. *Your choice of press!-* The hold of Redmoor within the Black Morass has ousted the elements of a goblin criminal cartel. In a bloody incident the Baron, Lord Selim Vaughn (AKA: Baron Blackscale) staged a troop movement to reinforce the front within the Steppes. Unbeknownst to the cartel, the Rangers of Redmoor stayed behind in the Lord’s home. When the criminal cartel arrived to attempt to hold the young lord as ransom his rangers struck. The cartel’s leader ‘Stoutfuse’ was captured, along with two of his lieutenants. The rest of the cartel forces were slain before the leaders surrendered themselves to the authorities. The battle was a three hour standoff between Baron Blackscale’s forces, and the so called ‘Bleakmire Cartel’ leaders. Resulting in the death of Redmoor’s Ranger-Captain, and five other rangers. The people of Redmoor had not seen such a violent incident within the port since the first war. This has lead many to wonder if the young lord is fit to rule in his father’s seat. — — — UPDATE — — — Baron Blackscale, Lord-Executioner! Baron Selim Vaughn has followed his father’s bloody legacy. Ruling with an iron fist, and ice cold gaze. The surrendered leaders of the Bleakmire Cartel were beheaded this morning at dawn after a short trial. The cartel’s actions were condemned by the Steamwheedle cartel as a rogue element. With no defense the gang leaders were sentenced to death. The gallows went unused in the morning when the Baron himself met in them in Port, axe in hand. He spoke no more words than their charges, and their punishment. The Bleakmire Cartel’s leaders heads float in the morass below, food for the sentinel beasts that lurk in the red mud below. The people of Redmoor go about their lives without the criminal family’s interference now. Still the question stands, what will become of this young man... hoisted into a throne of blood, and wearing a crown of bones of his own design.
  3. <Free Archeological Society> A dig in Desolace has begun to gather further attention. Promising evidence of titan ruins have gathered a crew to the site in hopes of riches and knowledge. With growing pressure the leader of the party has called upon those that helped make the initial discovery. Led by Vivian Greyhall, and assisted by Lead Engineer Lethril, and Linguistics Expert Maelithstria, the Free Archeological Society was formed. [Neutral Guild, meant to encompass multiple organizations (as well as individuals) and increase RP on Paragon. All* classes and races welcome! Inquire with me on Discord or in game! @Goldfish#8683] (* obvious exceptions of course) Current Staff: >Majordomo - Vivian Greyhall Majorsomo speaks for the society. Negotiating on its behalf with the advice of the Council. This is the leader of the society. >Dean of Coin - Unnamed (acting) Expeditions cost money. The Dean of Coin is responsible for the tracking of said currencies. All accountants within the society are overseen (and possibly trained) by them. >Dean of Scrolls - Maelithstria Dean of Scrolls is the master of secrets and mysteries. Responsible for the branch that studies and catalogs all materials and artifacts obtained by the Society, and for instructing those who join it. >Dean of Gears- Lethril (acting) Dean of Gears trains engineers and tinkers. Keeping them up to par on the proper use of technology. >Dean of Blades- NA Dean of blades is responsible for the training of the society’s martially inclined. Also in charge of those who protect forward operations bases for the Society. >Dean of Spells- NA (pending) Dean of spells is responsible for making sure any sworn society members receive proper training in the mystic arts. >Council Speakers- NA (multiple) Council Speakers come in one of two varieties. You are either a Faction representative, or a sworn member of the society who has shown wisdom enough to be trust with influencing society decisions. >Venture Captains- NA (multiple) Venture Captains oversee works in particular regions or under particular sets of codes. They are the leaders of Venture Houses which can be founded under society name for a fee. Granting them access to knowledge and material cost discounts. Basic Tenants of the Society Include: 1. All materials and items obtained by means of Society expedition will be taken by the House of Scrolls. There the items and materials will be measured, studies, and cataloged. After this process a share of the materials is offered back to the members of the expedition, if not taken the Society will purchase said items from these members to be sold to somebody in need of it. All profits are returned to the Society coffers to be utilized by the organization. 2. Members of the Society will be expected to turn in artifacts of cultural importance to the House of Scrolls for catalog and study. These items are returned to the member that turned them in ASAP. 3. One member of the society shall not knowingly harm, nor allow a member to come to harm should they have the power to stop it. 4. Grievances shall be taken to the appropriate Dean or Venture Captain for moderation before further action is taken, ESPECIALLY whilst on an expedition. 5. Theft of Society property, misuse of the Society name, and/or destruction of society property will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the society. If expelled all currently held assets will be seized and redistributed or sold. 6. Murder of a member, by another member of the society will not be tolerated, and will be met with swift retribution. ((Still a WiP page.))
  4. Both are allowed. So long as they abide by the rules of the people running the job. All materials and relics acquired with the assistance of the expedition team are to be turned in, all items will be studied and cataloged prior to being evaluated and returned to a capable members of the expedition. Any items deemed corruptive in nature (in that they affect free-will) will be kept and sealed away. Materials found will be split and returned evenly among the expedition’s individuals. They may keep the item, or the expedition will purchase them from them to be sold to those who have use of it.
  5. A dwarf and a gnome walk into a bar!... They exchange tales and coin. Supplies for a archeological dig deep within Desolace. Head up by a commanding human woman named Greyhall, they seem to have found evidence of an untouched Titan facility! A strange discovery was made already in that the caverns grow crystals that respond to magic. Taking on their properties, and somehow binding elementals to them. The group within is equally strange as their discovery. While one would expect the multiple mages, the elf engineer, gnome death knight, and human monk are a strange bunch to see working together. Rumor is that they defeated said elementals and a crystal giant capable of absorbing spells just to find the door to the place. There was friction in the group, but Greyhall demands respect, and shows she will not tolerate anything that endangers those working to make this discovery! ... might be lucrative!
  6. - - -July 24th (2019)- - - In Defense of the People of Bradensbrook ALLIANCE *an article among the Alliance war-reports* Late in the evening of a warm summer day a dark presence fell upon the Alliance settlement of Bradensbrook. Confirmed sources state that an Eredar began to haunt the people within the small town. Terrified screams for help turn to bone chilling laughter. Blood seeping from the ground. When the presence became stronger, a sister from the church of the light stepped in in defense of the settlement. Sister Emmeline Thorne, having traveled with two other companions (Keral & Elyon). Sister Thorne stood against the darkness, the demon forcing her to mutiliate herself and burning out her eye. Thorne scours her injured eye with holy light and expels the demon! Shortly afterwards the demon appeared outside of town. The dark illusory figure drew Sister Thorne and Keral out. After a heated exchange of words the figure explodes with fel magic and bound the defenders to the ground. Keral attempts to dispel the bindings and is slung into a nearby boulder! Sister Thorne stood up against the demon without fear. For her courageous challenge the Eredar begins to assault her with his demon magics. The people of Bradensbrook looked on as their guardian suffered. But the light would not suffer this transgression lightly. With a grand prayer, and a display of tenacity, Sister Thorne stood against the Legion’s champion! Golden wings of light pushing her through the demon’s flames and she struck a blow with her daggers. The strike sent the demon back to the nether! After the fight Sister Thorne was exhausted, but still held enough strength to carry the unconscious Keral back to Bradensbrook before collapsing. The priestess departed before she could be interviewed. Keral Whitestrike(*), when asked about the incident had this to say “... a powerful demon has emerged, don’t trust the shadows.” we asked him to explain and he described to us what exactly an Eredar is. Masterminds in the Legions service with powerful fel magic, who are physically imposing as well as magically skilled. His description harkens back to Kil’Jaeden and Archimonde, and the destruction they have wrought. We asked the defender about Sister Thorne’s defense of the settlement and he said “Bradensbrook was lucky to have such a paragon of faith and strength to defend them.” Sister Thorne has since been recalled by the church. We hope all is well for the Defender of Bradensbrook.
  7. The Night’s watch discovered a force of undead gathering strength near the chapel south of Darkshire. The watch called upon the church for assistance, but with the impending threat of the Legion the church could send only one Priest. A rallying cry was loosed in hopes that heroes across the region would hear of it and gather for the task. Sister Ammeline Thorn met with eight heroes whom stood against the darkness (no matter their motivations). The sister led the group to the barricade line and stayed back to heal the wounded. As the advance began it became clear that these undead were not mindless, not intelligent by any stretch, but not entirely mindless. Pushing through the initial defense the heroes find themselves interrupting several rituals to raise the dead. Many of the cult acolytes are killed, with one left alive for questioning. One ritual was completed and created a lesser burning bone wraith. Felling the creature was not an easy task and there were many injuries, but nothing fatal. After the beast was felled, and the barrier against the party was destroyed by Sister Thorn, they found the Banshee responsible for the attack on Westfall’s southern gate and for the amassing force at the chapel. She was an easy target after the Crypt Lord, Sebek’Rak, has already disciplined her for her repeated failures. Sebek’Rak claims to spare the heroes only because they did him a service is ridding him of that Banshee. - - - - - >Sally’s Bracers - Ithil’nir Minor spell resistance. At will: Light. >Cultist’s Dagger - Ruby Mithril. Endless Poison (hemorrhagic). Serrated dagger. >x2 Burning Bones - Odigs/Kaulder Can be brought to a craftsmen and shaped into any light/medium armor. Or any slashing/piercing weapon. Armor: Applies resistance to fire & shadow damage. Halves armor weight. Same strength as steel. Weapon: Applies Fire & shadow damage. Halves weapon weight. Same strength as steel. >Each player also awarded 1Gold and 25Silver. PLAYERS: Kaulder, Odigs, Ithilnir, Gwonlon, Ruby, Carlyn, Keral, Sydd, and Rodrigo.
  8. Summary: Seems Westfall isn’t the only place where the dead are causing trouble. Duskwood has always been a hotspot for accursed activity involving the monstrous. Recently however an influx of dead who seems capable of thought and speech baffles the Night Watchmen. At first it was a ghoul here, or a skeleton there. But more and more undead seem to be gathering closer to Darkshire. Venturing to far has gotten multiple traders ambushed and killed along the road. Rumor has it that there is a cult growing somewhere in those dark woods. -The Banshee’s Demand- Late last night in Westfall, all seemed quiet. The guards went about their routines and walked the roads. Most were concentrated at the north of Sentinel Hill watching for the undead to attack once more from Montarville. What none would expect was the force that wanders their way from Duskwood. A small army of skeletons, abominations, gargoyles, crypt fiends, and banshees marches on the southern gate! Ghouls dropped from the walls to draw what defenders came to their aid, they only realized too late that the crypt fiends and banshees planned this out! Shrieks and webs from above hampered the defenders greatly! The appearance of a blue dragon took care of the gargoyles, and the banshees were eliminated by the Court Wizard of House Theirin, Corrisa. On the front line of the fight a soldier from the Order of the Eventide defended the gates along with several others. Strangely, some people claim there was a man at the gates who seemed to just be eating a snack during the battle. The earl arrived after the battle was concluded to answer a spectral image of a banshee. The banshee demanded that the Earl send men to eliminate a failing subordinate in Duskwood before disappearing. It seems there is more than one undead threat. One can only hope by the light’s blessing they will not join forces. -More Coming-
  9. Blackrock Assault UPDATE: 6/2/19 Upon the evening of the second the Renegades gather in their tents. Their assault upon the nearby Blackrock Encampment that has been a thorn in their side, was near! Word was spread that the Renegades called for the aid of heroes. In the late night smoke arose from the mountains north of Lakeshire. Several minutes after the sounds of battle could be heard the storm clouds above parted. The moon shines brightly through the clouds before a single brilliant beam lit up the night, and aloud crash echoed through the rocky walls of the canyons. Those sent to investigate find the orc encampment abandoned. The gate destroyed by overwhelming force. And evidence of an exodus into a portal. The valuables within the encampment were long gone.
  10. I mean. That’s just because most of the horde would still be adversarial if they happened across any of the members.
  11. They left Redridge. They’re in the Burning Steppes now. Just up in the coast.
  12. ASHFALL COAST UPDATE: 5-29-19 Careful to select a defendable location, and seeking eventual permanancy here, the occupants of the camp have moved on. Along the mountainous rocky coast of the Burning Steppes they set up once again. Gathering wood and iron from the mineral rich region to turn to steel. They gather materials to eventually build permanent structures. Savion Drakkar met with Duke Egon of House Kieramont and returned one of his charges to him. Fearing the man’s untamed affliction would overtake him, as Savion himself once experienced, he requested no reward from the Duke in exchange for his actions. Savion did however make it clear that his group has no malicious intentions. Even offering to work with the House so long as it be known that they would not act as agents of the Alliance.
  13. BLACKROCK TROUBLE UPDATE: 5-21-19 Late in the night a band of Blackrock Orcs marched upon the settlers of the camp. The orcs acted with a Warlock to try and reclaim a captive the camp was holding, having not yet decided what to do with him. After a lengthy battle, the settlers fended off the attack! Although at the cost of many grave injuries and a good portion of their shelters. Smoke rises in the morning but those sent to investigate found nothing... the site had been abandoned. Only the charred remnants of a few tents, and a pile of orc bodies remain! The present whereabouts of the group is unknown!
  14. Red Valley Renegades <Free Men in the Mountains> Rumors abound that, somewhere in the Rocky Mountains between Redridge and the Burning Steppes, lies a neutral camp of free men and women. Staying far from the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde. Stories tell that this small group remains friendly to all who do not seek them harm. Yet others still spread that these people may be some sort of dangerous cult, or perhaps simply a group of well organized bandits. Nothing can confirm these claims as of now. One known member of this group, Savion Drakkar, insists that the rumors of malicious intent are just that... false rumor. The residents of Lakeshire, who have regular dealings with the lesser know mage (Savion) have nothing but positive things to say of the man. When questioned of his demeanor they state he is a polite, and always fair individual in his trades with Lakeshire merchants. *more to come* - - - Faction Stances - - - The Alliance <Neutral> The Alliance has had very limited contact with the group as a whole. The grand bulk of the Alliance is not even aware of the group's existence, while Lakeshire shares a friendly enough trade relationship with the camp. The camp's representative, Savion Drakkar, comes and goes freely within Redridge and Lakeshire while he does business with locals. He has been known to eliminate Blackrock threats from the road, but not to seek them out. Overall, the Alliance knows very little and stands neutral with these renegades. Lakeshire's relations of trade puts them at a friendly, yet distant position with one another. No official representative of the Alliance has ever visited the camp. - - - The Horde <Unfriendly> The camp's proximity to the Stormwindian hold of Redridge makes it risky for citizens of the horde (or horde races) to access. However the limited few that have found the camp have all returned with no injuries caused by those within. All but one of the camp's current residents seem to be of Alliance or neutral races. The Horde may or may not be aware of the encampment, but it's size does not warrant worry from Horde locations within the nearby swamps or steppes. The residents of the camp do approach horde races with increase suspicion though, which comes off as rude at first. No official representative of the Horde has ever visited the camp. - - - Blackrock Orcs <Hostile> The Blackrock Orcs attacked the camp! The Renegades will slaughter any Blackrock orc that approaches while armed. - - -
  15. "How Did this Happen?" Heavy breaths echo in the stone halls of a small manor. Heavy, rapid footsteps clatter frantically away. The men he sent for me stand as if ready to strike but they don't bother me. Their granite faces show such ferocity it's almost impressive. Shame really that they will have to endure this for a small while longer. I have a job to do, he must pay for his crimes against humanity. I put my hand against the door and hear the disheveling of furnishings within; loud crashing, papers scattering, and the faint whimpering of Lord Tillwell. A grin spreads across my mask and and gather sorcerous power between my fingers. The tingle of power is sweet, and satisfying but best ignored for my own sanity. My will blows open the door and a sharp pain shoots through my arm, I look over and my blood begins to trickle down from my shoulder. "Oh Lord Tillwell, you've made a grave error!" My masked voice distorts his face in fear. He pulls out a second small pistol pulls it towards me: so predictable. All it takes is a pinch of my fingers, and a spark of magic before he pulls the trigger. Messy... but he made his grave. Still I can't help but feel my gut wrench at the screams he's making while he looks at his mangled dripping hand. The screams yes, but the hand is almost intriguing: the twisted flesh, and splintered bone fascinates me. No, I must finish the job. "Lord Tillwell!" I shouted through my changed voice. "You've committed crimes against Stormwind, the Alliance, and Azeroth! You've sold out your world for the comforts, and promises of the Legion! For this, I sentence you to die! All will see the evidence of your actions... NONE will mourn your loss." "Dad?" Behind me? No... a child. This scum of a man has a child? Here I stand holding him against the wall of his study. How could I have missed this? The little boy only sees a monster threatening his father. He won't understand! I drop him to the floor and the child rushes to his side. He's sobbing. What did the Legion promise him? His life?... or the life of his child? No! It doesn't matter! I lift my hand up and a flash of yellow magic arcs out into Lord Tillwell's eyes. He screams for only a moment before his vocal chords turn to stone. I'll hardly have to lay out my evidence for this one, his papers are all over the room now, better I just leave. But I can still hear the cries of that little boy... Summary In the night the manor of a minor Lord of Stormwind was assaulted by an unknown assailant. No accurate description could be made with some of the surviving guards (recovering from their petrification) claiming the person to be of a totally different race and gender from the others. The only similarity being the mask they wore, etched in arcane magics. The manor was a mess of shifted materials as it appeared Lord Tillwell attempted to flee the attacker. He was found in similar condition to his guards, but having taken additional injuries that required his forearm to be amputated. Evidence of Lord Tillwell dealing with the Legion was found in his study, where he was found. The rest of the Lord's family was unharmed during the attack. Investigating mages found magic writing upon the Lord's forehead that read as follows: 'The corruption of power is hard to overcome, Let me make it easy for you.' The investigation is ongoing! ((Not an IC event, just something I wrote up since nothing has been going on recently.))