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  1. Late to reply, but just for record, I'd be taking the 5 gold for my druid Thytharion's efforts.
  2. Yay I need to go to this with my druid.
  3. That's a popular opinion, nothing else, though. I loved WoD just like I love every new expansion. If we were to stop with WoD and not move on, I wouldn't be bothered, really. However, as majority wants to skip, the minority's opinions, like mine, are irrelevant. And as of which, I did vote to skip, (to HFC), because the RP there is almost at a stop these days 'case the majority don't like Draenor. So yeah, I would, despite liking the expansion, skip to events that the majority like more, otherwise the story progression is halted.
  4. I think Legion is at fault here, because if nobody expected to go to Legion after WoD, then WoD wouldn't be so player-barren. Not on Paragon at least.
  5. I feel like the monster is a Yeti or something like that...
  6. I've just asked. I wasn't so sure about it here on Paragon, like on retail nobody cared really, there was a handful of elves and races I saw that had same-sex flirting going on etc. And I wasn't asking because I want to ERP with another guy, it was just to know for small bits in the future RPs for me, so I know if I am permitted to 'flirt' with other guys without getting frowned upon by the community for not being allowed to on Paragon, if that was the case. Anyway, thanks for all the replies, I really didn't expect to get so many replies to this in one day.
  7. Hello, I wanted to ask if there are any set guidelines as to what are the sexuality options for Blood elves, as in, can Blood elves be gays in the game, or bisexuals?
  8. Thank you for a reply! I was thinking of having a player house which would be my character's lair, and then guild HQ after I make a guild, I would have those HQs for that coven meetings
  9. Okay, thank you! And by any chance, could I own a player housing and guild headquarters or can I have just one?
  10. Hello, I would like to know what format should I use if I wish to have a cave system built, if the Guild HQ Format or the Housing Format. It would be a medium-sized cave system.
  11. Don't know how. Can't I just delete it now that I got an answer?
  12. Hello, My question is if the builder can make or put a cave on the given location instead of buildings? I am looking for having a lair for my fel-user instead of a house. Houses may attract more attention than caves. I was thinking of a medium-sized cave system, like the one in Darkshore, near Felwood. When you go in there is a stream of water rushing down, deeper into the cave on the left side of it inside. That cave system.