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  1. Basically what I meant by this, is that these clarifications/additions should be presenting the organizations/traditions these custom classes are coming with, as the meat of the thread. Everyone can RP a Shadow Rogue, but a Lightslayer comes from a specific organization, with traditions and special techniques/aesthetics that are unique to those who followed the path. A Samurai can't copy everything a Knight does, even if they're both swinging steel around - they learned from two different disciplines. A Shadow Rogue and Lightslayer, similarly, could both learn from each other despite both being shadow based rogue-types. Which is fine! It's important to flesh out the organization, because we already know what the class is capable of in terms of canon lore. Anyone could technically replicate it, but that's not what we're interested in, we're interested in authenticity and cool traditions/lore. Also. Things shouldn't be restricted unless they carry some real authority, like the Wardens. If we don't do this, it's going to be difficult for these two philosophies of 'free-form' and 'classes' to coexist peacefully. Power's really not an excuse; At best, put them as a CMod, to show understanding of said power - or its secrecy/mystery/etc. Also, this is gonna be controversial, but let's try to keep the fan books out of the mix. The RPG is already non-canon. The fan books were non-canon even when the RPG books were canon, so, if we're really going to use them for something like... a Ley Walker or Runemaster, for example, then we should be very willing to change around how that class works for the sake of making it viable for RP and those who still value Warcraft's lore.
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    Welcome :pray:
  3. Your checklist asks a lot of questions that'll need a lot of explanation when answered. I think it's better we just let people answer those questions on their own when they post their lore additions. In other words, I'm not sure we need this. On the topic of prestige classes though, I think you'll find almost all of them can already be roleplayed without a lore addition. The lore's very flexible about these things. So, what I hope we start doing is focusing on the organizations themselves, instead of trying to game the server by giving people more spell-lists, especially when 9/10 times those abilities can already be replicated with canon lore anyway. (Quick guides on how to freeform RP with magic are cool though.) If someone wants to detail how to play a particular class (organization aside), I think that should be in the guide section, since it'll be their interpretation and probably perfectly valid anyway. There's no need to standardize such a thing, and keeping it as a guide helps us dodge the potential consequences of legitimizing a bunch of splinter classes. no u I just want to say something about this. There's always gonna be arguments about which class is better in what situation, because classes aren't all equal - some are better at some things than others, and a lot of their strengths/weaknesses can be abstract, or not even combat based for that matter. That goes without saying. In the Templar thread, I mostly was getting irked because there was an implication that Templars are explicitly better versions of Paladins, which is the kind of thinking that motivated people to ban the RPG in the first place. As long as we aren't making things like that, or overly-gamifying the server, I doubt the return of some RPG lore is really going to do much harm.
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    death of a sneedsman

    alright, I'm coming clean, I'm tired of acting like it was for nothing. I uninstalled Paragon so I had room to download rising storm 2 and play it with Howie. There. I said it.
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    I made a lobby post, that basically confirms I'll be back in less than a week. Seriously tho, appreciate it. The door's never closed.
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    . Hello. This place has been wearing on my mental health, something I try to protect. I also have other passions to pursue, among other things. If I come back, it won't be for a while. @Syth @Sam Sorry about the whole absentee DM thing. I had a few reasons for that, but it's admittedly a trend for me to be a lazy shit-head in the DM role. Thanks for having me anyway. RP Business: DMs feel free to use Isildien, Yalei's putting it in the hands of the Priestesses of Elune, as it should've been for some time. I'll think of a reason for her absence if it ever becomes relevant again, though I think the big one is that having a temple-village be a Warden base of operations isn't a very safe or smart combination. Feel free to move Marcyl Pierce's app into denied, consider interactions with him retconned if it's useful to you. Or don't. I just don't want to hog up a Marquis spot or pretend to have any claim to the land on a char I rp'd a grand total of six times. This is the best I've seen the server in some time, I hope you all continue to connect and put away the contrived feuds and clique wars of old. Some people I wanted to skewer a couple years back are now people I love talking to. It's made it difficult for me to step back, but for my own sake, I'm going to. At least for a while. Good luck to the trial mods, as well. Stay solid, thick, and tight. Don't be afraid of resigning when the fire fades. See you in three days.
  7. The gunman known as Emile Varro has been indefinitely banished from Darnassian territory after a scuffle with the law in Astranaar, Ashenvale. He has been accused of; Attempted Assault Veiled Terroristic Threats Threatening a Warden This sentencing has been carried out by Warden Captain Yalei Silverglade after he was removed from the area. He should be arrested on sight and delivered to nearby authorities if seen in Darnassian territory, until further notice. A vague description of his appearance would be included on posters containing this information.
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    Leaving the DM Team

    Sam is being an apathy tryhard, another day in his acquisitive life on Paragon. Tass has been dealing with that nearly the entire 15~ years he's been here. He'll be alright. He always manages to come back into power, regardless of the absolute opposition that cast him out. In that, I can take some comfort in knowing one day I'll have a worthy opponent in these autistic tantrum wars, one I can rely on to speak honestly and brief, even if it means I have to kill him. Are you going to let this man slander you, Tass?
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    Leaving the DM Team

    "Conspiracy-posting" You act like I haven't been around long enough to see this happen a million times with my own eyes. I was very involved with the bullshit on this server for ages and have a plethora of my own mistakes and achievements in that time. Even before I became a mod or a DM, I saw the drama from the lens of my friends' eyes. It's always been the same. What are you talking about? You act like someone just died. If people are upset by this change, let them be, instead of putting down their attempts to criticize the people behind this decision. Frankly, what's tiring is people like you amounting my posts to some ulterior motive, when the reality is, I'm tired of seeing this happen. As far as the 'dark ages' thing goes, it's honestly a misnomer. It's not a conspiracy, and it's not something we're 'going back to'. It's just human behavior left unchecked by the constant ebb and flow of 'power' on a server too obsessed with self-image and pipe dreams to actually enjoy what brought them here to begin with. Cagi made the bitter, yet wise decision to step away from the nonsense. He's not the first. And if he comes back some day and sees this shit still happening two years later, he'll realize he won't be the last.
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    Leaving the DM Team

    These things have been happening for a long time. They don't change, only the faces behind them. Everyone will get their chance to see it, it'll stay that way as long as there's no one at the top to prevent it from happening. Notice how many times Sage has 'forgotten' transparency in the most egregious, outlandish ways possible, and how he says "We" will fix it later, as an excuse. How much longer are you going to let him get away with it, Paragon
  11. "You're damned to the same fate despite whatever happened in the timeline you're from. This also means that if any version of you joined the One Legion, you're eternally damned." Leave it to WoW to build upon Nietzsche's existential post-moralism. Very profound lore. Thank you, Mighty, Blizzard never fails to impress. What this means is that if you worry too much about the rope and its chronological implications (or lack thereof, given the hand-waving), you might just end up tying yourself a noose with it.
  12. Yalei: After suffering a chaotic break in communication between her Wardens, she learned the value of entrusting leadership roles to subordinates. If anyone is interested in learning about decentralized military command-chains from her, or even just the pragmatism of using a circular blade, they can try to break enough petty laws to warrant an audience with a Watcher, then work their way up from there. Vel: The old tavern shut down, its doors boarded up without a trace of candlelight coming from its dust covered windows. It's scheduled for repossession by Stormwindian authorities, but for some reason, it still stands abandoned. Natural cloggings of a bureaucratic system, or something more sinister? Valindra: Vetoing foreign workers' rights and helping to pass more financial aid toward homeless shelters and orphanages in Silvermoon territory. Great for diplomatic scenarios.
  13. https://vocaroo.com/1mUwtBKr68sq ...
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    5/10, A thrillingly unique work desperately lacking the familiar grounds needed to explore it
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    My face when I realize the Theirin gimmick was done before Revan's time