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  1. Best part of the entire thread.
  2. Cute She should've spent that money on finishing her armor-- WAIT.
  3. Hey thanks Bulo! Really great insights, as usual; I'll be sure to try that out and see what happens! : )
  4. As a rule of thumb: Anything that an average character would consider rewarding, like gaining a powerful item or defeating a powerful beast, should be reserved for DMs. Mundane encounters like the ones you listed can be ran without any help. This is just a rule of thumb, but if you're still not sure then you can always ask a Staff member. You can't go wrong if you get permission.
  5. I'll do this Name: Joker Timezone & times available: Central, varies, usually free on week days Skill level: Experienced / Who tf plays ranked lol Characters: Aramusha/Shinobi/Peacekeeper :^)
  6. You'll have better luck in the discord honestly, but I'll light a fire when they wake up tmrw
  7. Illusory magic can work in both the ways you described. Arcane isn't the only branch of magic to allow this though; Shadow, Fel, Nature, and perhaps others are capable of some sort of 'shape-shifting' magic - even if they don't all function the same in practice. I couldn't really tell you the semantics of it, and I'm sure someone might swoop in and tell me it's transmutation and not illusory magic - but the point i'm making is that yes, their shapes do physically change, even if it's not a true metamorphosis. Think of a far more intricate version of a self-polymorph. I would say it's more like a mage. Druids attain shape-shifting abilities after long periods of training and communing with respective spirits, and as far as I know, you don't 'dispel' a Druid's cat form like you'd dispel a mage's polymorph. At least as far as I know. It is clear, however, that it is somewhat of a natural talent for dragons to do this specific kind of magic. Why? Idk. There could be a completely external explanation for it in lore, but I hope I helped explain the magic in general.
  8. This thread's been more or less cleaned, if you have an issue with someone then take it to them personally, do not air it out for all to see. This is not the place for drama, or politicking. If you aren't having fun, then reconsider how you spend your time. Consider this a general-purpose warning.
  9. Shitposters all over the shop
  10. EU is all that's left :sad:
  11. Prime time is about 4 hours ago, give or take
  12. Yoker

    think for a moment

    I think it's because some people here still enjoy roleplay