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  1. Lemme get this straight, are you saying that you don't think that characters shouldn't have any sort of risk during travel in a land where most, if not almost all of the wildlife and flora can kill you? Are you asking for more reward, less consequence when the entire expansion is mainly consequence and little reward anyway?
  2. I feel that you have something to hide from the community here. But sure. What is there to hide? Other than them explaining that there isn't a reason for people to know about things that actively don't concern their characters, I don't understand why you're taking this stance of acting like they're trying to hide a secret that will get them into trouble.
  3. Can you give me a basic rundown on how to counteract some of the spells and when you feel its the most appropriate time to start rolling for shit like spells and stat checks if you haven't been keeping track of your stats to begin with?
  4. Halios

    IRL Pic Thread

    when u nut but she keep suckin
  5. It's just to give potential options to make it somewhat more clear bc it was like 3 AM when I made this so I'm probably gonna take the poll off Minor Demons (moreso minor races) as classified on WoWpedia's Burning Legion page would be Imps, Satyrs and small time demons I guess but again I'm not entirely sure since I don't have any recollection of what went on in my head at 3 in the morning Rogue Demons would be Observers that haven't joined the Legions ranks because it states that so I assumed that any average joe demon wouldn't work since you have to gain visions of the Burning Legion to make you want to tear ya eyes out There's also some mention of a 'renegade demon' (Dreadlord Culuthas) on the observer page that was once apart of the burning legion but i figured that was a bad example Non-Sapients under the Demon page would be classifed as one not appearing to have any sort of humanoid traits but more rather animalistic ones, i.e. Felsteeds, Felhounds, Helboars I'm really just trying to see what's in reason to be shooting for if anyone else wants to become a DH and isn't sure what demon essence they can consume
  6. Is there any boundary that a Demon Hunter in training must follow when hunting down a demon for the ritual? For example, does Billy the Kid need to hunt a demon from ONLY the major races and minor races or can he expand his demon selection and hunt affiliated rogue demons (observers, etc.) and/or non - sapient demons, (fel-hound, felhunter, etc.)?
  7. No such thing as the Eye of C'thun in the loot table, please pick a different item. I know, I just wanted to see if you'd notice (^: Anyways, Halos actually claims the Guise of the Devourer.
  8. Halos chooses to obtain the Eye of C'Thun.
  9. Alright, I just wanna know for the sake of discussion and knowing, so hear me out: Undead Shaman. Do you believe that a Shaman could be reanimated and not lose their favor/touch with the elements or anything else that would potentially allow them to persist/become re-attuned with their former standing?
  10. I'm half certain the picture contains your avatar in some sort of corset or some low cut croptop; 5/10.