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    The name's Nova or Novarius depending on where you know me.

    I won't spread too much information about me because I would like to be judged on my behavior, words and personality rather than where I am from, how old I am or what I do for a living. I am interested in RPing, Gaming, Information and Technology, Architecture, Military and Aviation.

    I like creating characters that often times tell a story to what they are, why they are and who they are.

    I am GMT+1. Contact can come in the shape of Skype, Discord or PM.
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  1. German and Polish. The End.
  2. I will explain the process of acquiring everything tomorrow.
  3. Well that's my luck gone for the next 40 years. XD
  4. Novarius


    Aw, yeah! Good luck out there buddy! What are you specializing as? Or what role specifically?
  5. I have played this game to tears when the free weekend was in. And I prayed to got Ubishit made a mistake and make me have the game for free. Besides my clan playing it and whining over and over for me to get I truly think I would enjoy the game. If you have a spare key throw it my way Schmoochers! But if there is someone more deserving throw it their way.
  6. Stranger I think you can make the server pretty easily you will just need to switch two things in the server config, to make it more secure just put a password on it.
  7. It could be fun to add a music bot to it. But I remember you said something about it being payable?
  8. How interesting. Reminds me of the blue dragonflight. 8/10
  9. I never understood what in god's name is going on in Scouts signature/10
  10. Time to add my little input no? Some... scenic photos. Incriminating and silly photos.
  11. Novarius

    Battlefield 1

    This is going to be good... might be the first game I want to get out of my own volition.
  12. I am pretty pumped for this extending of the Warhammer series... the first game was golden... the second one I didn't like so much because it branched out so heavily from it's predecessor while offering little innovation besides the blazingly obvious graphical enhancements. We shall see what they will produce, the current "Fantasy" Warhammer is producing quite a lot of good reviews.
  13. Novarius

    Fallout 4 Mods!

    I had Fallout 4 I finished it rather quickly, proceeded onto mods but at the swing I was playing in the development kit was yet to come out which made the game lacking in the terms of mods. But what surprised me rather dearly was the fact that the modding community even with that much hardship still made mods that were blisteringly good... even to the point of rendering a few Bethesda DLC useless and un-needed... matter of fact single or a group of modders working during free-time to make to execute the robots even better than Bethesda did is rather... "WOW" and alarming, begs us to question as to how much work is going into these 20-30-40 dollars of DLC.