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  1. Thanks, I will check that out
  2. So, my character is choosing which of the four ways of the monk will choose, but I have little information relating about the crane style, can you share me some of your wisdom?
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    Life is too short to be angry
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    Explorers' League

    You ain't interested? well check this Heartstone Trailler! (IC: Imagine you are in a Gnomish cinema and before the movie you see this commercial) The green torch at the entrance to the Guildhall is lit, this means that the Explorers' League is open to accept new aspirants. But hold you horses! Hundreds of applicants answer this call, and fewer than a dozen are actually accepted! Do you have the skills, knowledge and determination to pass our three weeks trial? Well we will see lad/lass! "Why should I join the Explorers' League?" Asked a lonely Archelogist. "Excellent question" answer Brann Bronzebeard "The Explorers' League encourages the exploring, adventuring and archeology! We even pay you for being a member! Two gold pieces per day and Five pieces while on duty, in return we ask you to report your discoveries and deliver any odd object to investigate it (we pay an extra for them too!), also we offer shelter in our Guildhall and will aid you with equipment and supplies for official expeditions." An image of our Guildhall I will try to explain how the membership works: As I said before, the Explorers' League is very selective with the hundreds of aspirants. We chose only twenty potential applicants, they are qualified by their: 1) skill with languages 2) historical and geographical knowledge 3) survival wisdom and tracking 4) physical ability and stamina 5) personality and determination That doesn't mean you need to be perfect, we just want to check your pros and cons. Let me explain how those qualities are examined: 1- First part: Written test. To exclude and choose the twenty potential applicants, we make a written test, which is made by the Excursion Council (they are the group who oversees the League's daily opperations and tests), they cover the points 1, 2 and 5. If you are interested in participate in this test, check the topics bellow: 2- Second part: Practical test. Now with only twenty applicants, the members of the Excursion Council will take the aspirants into a three-weeks trial around Khaz Modan (and now in other parts of the world too), they will qualify the points 3, 4 and 5. That means they will check for survival wisdom in several climates and dangerous situations, tracking of resourses, archeologic artifacts and maybe animals, physical capacity and stamina and their personality and determination in these trials (We are not responsible for one's stupidity and bad decisions like suicide, eating a poisonous herb or looking for danger to collect any kind of insurance). We can't fully explain this test because it will always change according to the applicants decisions and the place the Coucil chooses. When the second part finishes the Expedition Council gathers again to determine who passed and who doesn't (the average is fewer than a dozen). The selected ones are now inducted into the Guild and recieve a certificate that makes them official prospectors and a necklace that proves that the user is a League's member, along with an official League's lantern. Now, being a fully member of the Guild you have all these perks: 1) Full access to the Explorers' League library. 2) Post and accept quests in the Guild's boulletin board (you may accept peon class quests while not a member). 3) Call yourself an Explorer of the Explorers' League. 4) Recieve the daily payment (two gold pieces per day and five pieces while on duty). 5) Shelter in the Guildhall. 6) Recieve assistance with the equipment and supplies of official expeditions. 7) Call yourself a Prospector. 8) The most important: Be a member of a family that loves to eat, drink, chat, explore and more! What are you waiting for? At least you can try our tests and see if you are truly a Loremaster! Join the Explorers' League, we have everything you hoped for!
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    May I use D&D's 5th edition lifespan? Or should I use wowpedia's? Maybe we can organize a concensus to clarify Race's lifespan and adulthood?
  6. So yesterday I role played a Sandfury troll based story, I thought that a Mojo could distract some of the trolls but in the end none paid me attention. First of all lets clarify that most of the tribal trolls carry a mojo in their inventory (in game you can loot a lot of this objects {am not talking about Mojo, the frog companion}).But why do they carry it? A player called TukeDuke (wowhead) tried to explain it, because there's not a clear lore-wise description for them: You can find more of his speculation in this wowhead link Hope you people add these important and mysterious objects to the RP, feel free to comment your opinions and Mojo's points of view (Double points for Troll Role Players).