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  1. Bulo

    A Troubling Development

    Gah, website ate the rest of my post. Give me some time to edit this.
  2. With a month of backbreaking labour behind them, the
  3. Bulo

    Trouble in Paradise

    News update: An archived image of the suspected follicle bandit has been released for public consumption by the Dalaran propaganda bureau Fig 1. Mister Albany is suspected of supporting a number of prior attempts against the city's "sorry, unkempt, foul-stinking, and grease-laden hair"
  4. Bulo

    Trouble in Paradise

    Chaos today in Dalaran as its citizens and guests awake to discover themselves the victims of a horrific city-wide practical joke. The prankster, a yet-unnamed human mage suspected of harbouring anti-magistocratic sentiment, is wanted for questioning in relation to the illegal mass transmutation of the city's shampoo stores into fast-acting hair removal cream. The city's civil leadership have yet to come forward with an open statement, but hopes are high that the culprit will do the appropriate thing and turn themselves in so that punitive actions may begin. (PLAYER CONSEQUENCE: Any character recently residing in Dalaran is asked to address the fact that they are now pot bald.)
  5. Bulo


    tl;dr shite guillild
  7. Bulo

    Legion Events

    That's definitely Comic Sans.
  8. Curb the lip you fucking humanzee
  9. You can actually bypass DMs altogether by roleplaying in a bubble with a trusted circle of friends
  10. @Boomstick great profile picture
  11. Bulo

    Clean up off-topic

    Is military life THAT boring?
  12. Thank you David, very cool!