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    Arakkoa Outcasts

    Here is some links to some Videos and sites to help you learn more about the Arakkoa.
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    Arakkoa Outcasts

    The Arakkoa are a race of bird-like humanoids that hail from Dreanor. They have brightly colored feathered bodies, hooked beaks, clawed hands, taloned feet, and a crest of feathers in their heads. They wear ragged clothing with either priest-like garments or guard-like armor. The Arakkoa of have a great magical power over the Arcane and depending on the race of Arakkoa, They are either masters of Void or Light. There are two kinds of Arakkoa, the Adherents and the Outcasts. The Adherents/Arakkoa (Until The Spires, you cannot play as an Adherent in the guild) The winged Arakkoa are the proud descendants of the once large and grand Apexis civilization, A massive empire of the sun that ruled a vast territory alongside the ogre empire. While many of the great works of their forebears remain a mystery, the Arakkoa of this era - proud, hateful, and defiant - have masterd their own distinct magical arts to channel and control the power of Dreanor's sun. Being a shade of their former self they have been driven to the Spires of Arak where they look down on all other races. The Outcasts ​Those found guilty of breaking the law, dabbling in shadow magic, or worship gods other than Ruhkmar are hurled from the top of the Spires into Sethekk Hollow, Where their bodies shrivel and their feathers wilt, and they are no linger able to fly. these Outcasts have formed their own communities in the shadows of the spires, particularity in the refuge city of Skettis. The outcasts are a tight knit group and deeply distrustful, However, they are willing to make allies if the situation calls for it. Zelifis's Outcasts Zelifis has gatherd a group of Arakkoa from Outland that have chosen to still stay true to their anciant race and still worship Aznu, they have struck out in order to find Allies in Azeroth in order to help rebuild their lost Race, Recently they have heard of Dreanor and have headed out that way in order to reconnect with their old homelands. This is a strictly Arakkoa guild that wishes to focus on getting more Arakkoa RPers on the server, the Arakkoa lore is really amazing and i wish to have everyone else see that as well, for now you will only be allowed to RP as an Outland Outcast Arakkoa, However in the future when we get to the spires there will be WAY more opportunity for RP. When the spires are reached you will be allowed to RP a AU Arakkoa, A Adherent, and will even be able to get to fly around as a Dread Raven if you so wish. At the current moment we do not have a Guild base. However, if this becomes popular and we get to the Spires we will make a permanent base there. Now this will be my first guild that i make, so i apologize for any mistakes i have made with making this and i hope to see alot of people interested in playing an Arakkoa! Ranks in the Arakkoa Outcasts are more of a "Class" type of rank, They determine what you are in the guild. Talonpriest - Arakkoa folowers of Terokk that wield dark powers of the Void. They use elixirs to shift into the realm of shadows and such bears a special connection to the realm of shadows. When terokk was betrayed by his followers and cast into the cursed pools of Sethekk Hollow, the Raven God Anzu saved him and granted him and his followers Dark Powers. in time Terokk's followers would become Talonpriests. Talonguard - Are the Arakkoa who have not chosen a life of Magic and thus use their shadow powers to fight with small blades instead, they wear heavy plate armor and are usually sent to guard the homes of the arakkoa and their leaders. Shadowsage - Arakkoa seers who are revered among Arakkoa Outcast society. They are very adept at shadow magic and all kinds of healing. Ravenspeaker - The Ravenspeakers call themselves the Flock, and are an eccentric cult of cursed Arakkoa that worship Ka'alu the Raven Mother, the consort of Anzu. They are based out of the Nest of the Ravenspeakerss in the Spires of Arak and are led by High Ravenspeaker Krikka. They are considered not to be entirely sane. and are Allies of the Arakkoa Outcasts. Outcast - [The base rank of the guild in order to show weather you are an Outcast or Adherent] Adherent - [The base rank of the guild in order to show weather you are an Outcast or Adherent] Rules 1. Must be Mature and respectful. 2. No ERP. 3. No Drama. 4. Must know some of the lore based around Arakkoa. 5. Just have fun. Joining the Guild is not hard and we do not require an IC Joining RP, just message Zelifis whenever i am online and we can talk about it more. As long as your willing to learn Arakkoa lore and RP as one then you should be ok.
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    Explorers' League

    Dude that was an amazing post we need more Roleplay like this !