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  1. I didn't have the option to let people change things. I was told we were following the story the way it was meant to be. We're now allowed to do things differently. So let people do it differently. If I could have avoided the rail shooter, I would have. It doesn't take a ton of work It's not for the hell of it. It's because I do NOT want to do the Vindicaar Krokuun intro. It's because I WANT to have some actual stake in the war. It's because PLAYERS should feel like they matter and that this is THEIR story. Not Velen and Company take The Player on a Wild Ride. If you have this much issue with the idea, and you don't think the other DMs are willing to handle this, then let me. I'll run Mac'aree, and I'll show how players can have choice and a custom story without killing the DM. EDIT** I posted this just as you did Sage. I'll leave it at this.
  2. You do understand I ran The Karazhan and Ulduar intros, Broken Shore Intro, a TON of Val'sharah, Emerald Nightmare, Darkheart Thicket, Maw of Souls, Trial of Valor, and the intro to Stormheim for the Alliance, right? Are you aware that VS took us a few weeks? That emerald nightmare was less than two weeks? That each dungeon took 1 week or less to complete? You are aware of how much I've done and how long I've DMed for this server, right? Don't give me that. Do not. This is not "my way or the highway". I've had entire events cut from 4 hours to 1/1.5 because players were smart and they did interesting things that weren't in my plans for the event. I worked around it. Because Dungeon Masters are supposed to provide fun, and they were having fun. I've improv'd time and time again for people. It's not hard. It doesn't take a lot to change a few ideas. If you have that much work planned that's going to be "wasted" by this, then you're overplanning and railroading the story. I know what it takes because I've done this for years Cagi. Don't act like I'm not talking from experience. There isn't a need for a community consensus. Just let it happen. You want to follow a script so bad? Do your vindicaar stuff. Enjoy Krokuun. I'm stealing a Legion Ship and going to Mac'aree. And I'm going to take whoever wants to come. Because that's creative freedom. That's player agency. That's letting players matter and letting players have a choice. If the fact that we want something out of the box is that detrimental to your ability to DM, then go do Krokuun. I'll write it off as another zone story lost to the server's rail shoot style. Don't stop Mac'aree from happening at the same time. Let people have fun. Let people do something different. And why exactly is it more viable if Velen and the army of the chads are there? We're going there on a LEGION ship if it happens. Several of the notable folks frontlining the idea of hijacking a Legion Ship to Argus are dark casters and understand utilizing evil magic against the legion. They're MORE likely to be accepting of Alleria's pursuit of the void.
  3. ....This doesn't make any sense. There are plenty of ways to get Alleria there early if you work dynamically and think outside the box. The call of the void. Easy. Send her there lured by the call and let her interact with the players that show up at Mac'aree rather than Krokuun. All this requires is that you're willing to bend the story, which is the entire point I'm trying to make about creative freedom and player agency. Let her come and participate with the players on her own. Who said that can't be done? She doesn't have to be the star of the show to still earn her character development and void form. Is the Steppes ship the only one? Because last I checked, Kaiden convinced Terin to help her steal a different ship specifically because getting the Steppes one would be too difficult. Again, outside the box. Cerrin was offering a potential ship crash to be repaired. There are methods. People are trying. They want to work together and they want to have a hand in the story. Yes. YES. I want it to be US who did it. I want US to matter. Why are we playing this game if it's not for our OWN fun? You literally just argued against pre-emptively accessing Mac'Aree and pursuing the Crest of Knowledge because it would affect Alleria. So we have to play within your realm of possibilities or it's a no go?
  4. So you're telling me the promises of freedom to do what we want were lies? If you've pre-determined the route that is. I don't care who decided on the current setup. I don't like it regardless if it was you or Tass. Argus was supposed to be different. There were so many options people have been excited and pushing for in regards to introducing Argus and they're being ignored for the same regurgitated retelling of the story. You CANNOT expect people to believe you're going to allow freedom to approach this however they want when the LITERAL approach is the same story as retail. You also quite literally state the story will be linear, meaning you already have plans in motion for who what when where and how. So, we aren't getting the free choice and free approach method we were promised. If we were being given the choice for how we, the players, want to approach this, then there are other options. These options haven't even been considered. And before you state that the reason Argus is being handled like this is to allow people to create their own stories during the Grace Period between Legion and BFA, that isn't what we asked for. We asked to just make Argus personal and interesting to us and to let us handle it the way we want. This isn't letting us handle it the way we want. It's using NPCs and not letting the players have any modicum of personal stake or claim to the story. I'm going to reiterate my earlier point. This means the story has been predetermined again. We did custom things on the isles too and people still considered that to be a blizzard rail shooter because we want to change the main story. Not be fed offshoot stories that we have influence over that aren't relevant to the big picture. Doing events between events is exactly what we were doing before. I straight up do not believe that events will allow for the alteration of the plot. If that was the case, we'd see a different introduction to Argus, because there are plenty of people trying to figure out other ways to get there. But rather than utilize those ways, it's the Vindicaar and Krokuun. This just shows nothing has changed. If you want to prove it's going to be different, then make it different. Do you not think this is a problem? The DM Managers who are supposed to be in charge of the team that is our storytelling backbone both refuse to have anything to do with custom storylines? You're essentially claiming you're going to strike Argus if it's not a blizzard rail shooter from what I'm reading and understanding. If that isn't the case, please feel free to explain what you mean. I'm doubtful. There's a reason we've had to make a discord specifically for 'late night' players.
  5. Gosh. It's almost like what my character says and what I intend are two different things! I know this is a shocking concept, but plans can differ between ooc intent and what the character is doing based on ic knowledge! :D Many people have discussed using the Steppes. It was clearly not considered or we would see something about that here rather than another generic story plot event. It isn't until I called it out that we're now seeing a response regarding the possibility. I can only trust that the players will be able to change the progress of Argus and how we handle it when I see that happen rather than... This. There were 1000 ways to handle entry to Argus and the fact that I'm seeing a shoehorn for the Vindicaar Krokuun intro is what has me hesitant at the claims that there WILL be changes.
  6. I returned to the server under the impression that things had changed and we'd be capable of producing a story our way rather than adhering to retail storylines and procedures. This does not inspire confidence. Syth has been working on a plotline in the Steppes that many have been hoping to see as a method to contact the Lightforged or find our way to Argus. I've personally been trying to push for stealing a Legion Dreadnought and turning it into an alternative entry ship for Argus shenanigans before the Vindicaar appears. These ideas have been ignored, and it looks like we're still being forced onto a Retail Rail Line. Has anything actually changed? Where is the creative freedom we were promised?
  7. And it turns out I had less meat to work with than I thought. The event has been completed in part 2 and the manor has been saved. Please note everyone who participated has received a Peacebloom Key.
  8. Dates have finally been posted.
  9. The following are the Uniques that have been passed out from Trial of Valor: Hilts of the God-King - Quest Item (Exclusive to Azumak) - With the Dragonslayers lost to the nether, Odyn has granted you the chance to create your own version. A pair of runewood hilts have been granted to you, and two draconic targets. Take these beasts down, and forge your weapons! - These hilts unlock a questline to earn a new pair of Dragonslayers formed from a personal hunt of Odyn’s, and the remains of Shar’thos, fallen to the Nightmare. The Dragonslayers, Reawakened - A pair of mighty axes formed from hilts of runewood and two new dragon skulls. With the loss of the originals, Odyn sent one of his champions on a quest to create a new, similar pair. One axe crackles with Divine Lightning while the other hisses with Nightmarish Shadow. As such each of these weapons has moderate passive damage for its respective element. Once per day each weapon may be slammed against the ground to release a 15 yard cone of the respective element forward to strike enemies in their way. Alternatively, the weapons can be struck together to release a combined holy/shadow explosion from the user in a radius of 15 yards. Due to the opposing elements, the explosion is… Exceptionally volatile. Eye of Guarm - Unique (Exclusive to Logan (Frost) Jen'gar (Shadow) and Baltux (Fire)) - These eyes are strange, and appear to have crystallized into smooth spheres. One purple, one orange, and one blue sphere. Once an eye of the three-headed beast Guarm, these objects have shrunken down and now radiate energy of shadow, fire, or frost corresponding with the color of the iris. You feel a strange urge… The urge to pluck out your own eye… And replace it with this one. WARNING: TAKING THIS WILL INCUR A SEVERE URGE TO REMOVE YOUR EYE AND PUT THIS ITEM IN YOUR EYE SOCKET. When the eye has replaced your own, you feel its power become a part of you. Shadow/Fire/Frost energy pulses through your blood now. You are now capable of expelling a 10 yard cone of moderately powered Shadow/Fire/Frost breath from your maw that corresponds to the color of your new eye. This counts as a full action, and must be the sole focus of your turn. The breath works on a counter system starting with five points. Using your breath costs two points. Each turn you do not use the breath, you regain a point up to the maximum of five. Kin of Guarm - Unique (Exclusive to Akkrim) - A young, lost hellhound. The poor thing looks sick, and incredibly young. The size of a small dog, this hellhound has yet to imprint, and may be taken under your care. Outside of the realm of Helheim, the hound will not grow. The dark magic of Helheim must either be supplemented or replaced. The user must make a journey, a quest if you will, to find a method to supplement the energy of Helheim to help their companion grow. With the power supplemented, it will still take 1 full OOC month to grow. The Kin of Guarm will stop growing after reaching the size of a standard Dire Wolf. The Kin of Guarm has the same abilities as Guarm on a much weaker scale. This creature is still however, quite formidable. And jealous. The user may not have any other pets or the Kin of Guarm will refuse to cooperate and may even attack the other pets. (The quest will require an actual event of moderate or high risk, and check ups on the power supplement with the moderation team must be verified each week to ensure the user is actively keeping up with tending to their Kin of Guarm.) ADDITIONAL LOOT NOTE: This item can be taken instead of any of the loot posted. Seal of Broken Fate (Valor) - Mysterious Seal - This mysterious seal appears to be made from ancient vrykul gold and seems to have the symbol of the Valarjar on it. -These seals can be used to take additional loot from a future boss. They may be used on any future raid loot tables as well. This seal will NOT work on any raid before the Trial of Valor. Players may ONLY acquire a MAXIMUM of 6 seals of broken fate during the expansion regardless of what characters they are given to. This does not include the additional Nightmare Seal gifted for the Holidays.
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    Montarville's Bane

    With Montarville reclaimed I will archive this until further notice.
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    [Zone]: Highmountain

    Highmountain is complete. This thread will now be archived.
  12. "Duskwood wasn't always like this you know... Once upon a time it was beautiful and full of sunshine. The citizens were happy, and our biggest worry was a stray troll or two from the south. But now...? Now it's a nightmare." "Rumor has it Lord Peacebloom escaped the nightmare and dragged his whole family home back to the realm of Sunshine. I hear others can join him, if they follow the scent of Peacebloom." Peacebloom Manor Part 1: Friday July 5th, 8pm Server Time Participants: Alexander, Carlyn, Dawid, Fuala, Ianthe, Jaquet, Kaulder, Maylene, Ruby, Vasarian. Peacebloom Manor Part 2: Saturday July 6th, 8pm Server Time Participants: Artegore, Carlyn, Geil, Jaquet, Kaulder, Maylene, Ruby, Vasarian, Vulpera, Ianthe. Loot List
  13. The Earth Warder Neltharion, later known as Deathwing, once called this cavern home. Since his fall, the drogbar that once worshipped the great dragon built their capital within this ancient lair. Now, Dargrul, chieftain of the drogbar, rallies a massive army within these depths. Bolstered by the Hammer of Khaz'goroth, this army will surge from the mountainside if left unchecked, devastating Highmountain and threatening the security of all Azeroth. Rokmora - TASS (HAIETH HAS EARNED) The Stormfist - A strange union of the powers of Deepholme and Skywall. The stone fists appear to burst outwards slightly before retracting every few moments. Strikes from these weapon are forceful, with an additional strength to their hit. They also strike with passive lightning damage. Once per day, one may slam their fists together. An aura of lightning surges around the wearer in a 10 yard radius for 5 turns. During this aura, lightning damage from these fists is twice as powerful. (MITHANIEL HAS EARNED) Shard of Rokmora - A beautiful shard infused partially with the wild energies that radiate through Neltharion’s Lair. One can sense a pulsing magic within this glimmering jewel. Once per two days, the user of this shard may activate it. While activated, the shard is absorbed into the user. For one hour they may shift at-will between their flesh form and a hard crystalline form with the same strength as dense stone. In this form, their bodies are 20% slower and thrice as heavy. (RHIZ'GA HAS EARNED) Vest of Rupturing Diamonds - This leather vest is inlaid with beautiful diamonds of irregular shapes and sizes. They all appear to be flawed, but that doesn’t make them any less hard. The user may expel the diamonds of their vest from it, exploding them outwards at anyone around them to slice and stab into them. These diamonds disappear in three rounds and return to the vest, but won’t expel again until the next day. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Ularogg Cragshaper - TASS (RHIZ'GA HAS EARNED) Warmace of Shirvallah - How this weapon got into the hands of the Drogbar is a mystery. When swung, one can very distinctly hear the roar of a tiger. In the hands of a shaman, their spirit beast form becomes that of a mighty tiger. The Warmace of Shirvallah strikes with an additional passive spirit damage. The user may use the mace once per week to activate the Avatar of Shirvallah form, becoming a powerful half-human half-tiger beast for one full hour. This form has an enhanced connection to the spirits, providing a 50% spellpower boost as well as increasing strength and speed considerably. (RORLHIN HAS EARNED) Rockbound Sabatons - Boots made from a relatively moderate-weight stone. They appear to alter to the size of the user. When worn, the user may activate them once every three days to become encased in a tomb of stone for three turns to protect them from injury. (LAMPDINA HAS EARNED) Loop of Vitriolic Intent - This ring appears to be made from an amalgam of different metals an a glimmering red crystal that glows faintly. The ring may be aimed at enemies once per day to release a total of three acidic bolts per day. These bolts cause mild acid damage to objects and creatures they strike. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Naraxas - TASS (NEJA HAS EARNED) Gauntlets of Innumerable Bards - These mail gauntlets appear to be covered completely in sharp bards. Unarmed actions and attacks will pierce the enemy on the barbs of the Gauntlets. Once per three days the barbs may be activated, letting them trail across the user’s entire body for five rounds. (ORDOEL HAS EARNED) Naraxas’ Spiked Tongue - While initially massive, as this tongue dried rapidly without being connected to its owner, it became leather-like and much smaller without moisture. This ten yard long whip has passive acid damage and can be wrapped around the user’s arm or leg, activated by lashing out ones limb to send the whip flying. 3 Gold for everyone who attended. Dargrul the Underking - TASS (RICHFORD HAS EARNED) Burning Plate of the Worldbreaker - One of the first attempts to replace Neltharion’s scales when he was first corrupted, this chunk of Adamantine has become infused with part of the former Earthwarder’s fiery energy. Lava is visible in the center of the plate, but doesn’t appear to burn the user. The plate of the Worldbreaker appears to glow brighter each time it is struck. Every three strikes to the weapon cause an explosion of fire to burst around the weapon in a 5 yard radius, harming enemies within range. Once per week, the weapon’s aura may activate. A burning aura of fire surrounds the shield in radius of 10 yards for 5 rounds, harming enemies inside the aura. (URDREN HAS EARNED) Hate Sculpted Magma - Fire Relic - This relic may be attached to a weapon. Only one relic may be attached to a weapon. Removing the relic will destroy it. This intense magma appears to be pulled from the deepest reaches of Neltharion’s Lair. It does not burn the user, and can be coated onto ones weapon. Weapons coated in this gain passive fire damage. Once per four days the weapon may release a bolt of magma. Magma is molten rock and therefore will burn and melt rapidly through many materials, clinging to what it touches. (BALTUX HAS EARNED) Mark of Dargrul - At some point during the battle Dargrul struck you with the ferocious Hammer of Khaz’goroth. Somehow, you resisted the power of the strike and ended up with a strange titanic rune somewhere on your body (in a reasonable spot). The power of the earth is a part of you now. Once per week you may summon forth a landslide. The earth itself breaks around you and rushes toward your enemy like a rock tsunami. 3 Gold for everyone who attended.
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    [Zone]: Highmountain

    Huln's War is complete. Secrets of Highmountain incoming on Monday at 2pm server time.
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    [Zone]: Highmountain

    As tass has completed chapter 4, up next is Huln's war. The thread has been updated and will await @nuggiemancer's update for Huln's war.