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  1. Kaepora Gaebora! After encountering another hiccup or two after your sagely advice, I've managed my way into the game world. I'd give you a reputation but it seems the dark forces at work refuse to let me. Seeing as how I just arrived, I highly doubt I've anything worth carrying on your wings. So let me simply say thank you. Let me know if you need someone to clean out your bird cage! Or that old oak tree you like to visit upon. Cheers friend, Avenhold ISSUE RESOLVED
  2. Greetings Paragons, I wish my first note on your forums wasn't a technical issue, but seeing as how it is, I'll make do. I ran through your http://www.paragon-rp.com/forums/index.php/topic/3-how-to-connect/ page and followed each step to the letter (obviously I still managed to bugger it up)! Now before I get to rambling I'll show a picture of the issue I'm experiencing: Just a disclaimer, here's my patch info: After downloading the client, all the extra bits and bobs, I've still had no luck. Even though I've ran both the standard patcher from the windows folder and the "v2" edition. In short, here's what the folder looks like, in all its glory: Initially I suspected it might be the realmlist.wtf file; however, I actually haven't been able to locate it in the folder whatsoever.. normally, my alarm bells would be ringing already, but I thought I'd come ask anyway to be on the safe side. I've already tried constructing additional pylons and it's done bugger all for my concerns. Maybe I should press B to jump instead. At any rate, if you lot have any ideas/suggestions, it'd be greatly appreciated. Cheers!