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    The House of Romanov (Russian: Рома�новы, Románovy, IPA: [r�ˈmanəf]) was the second dynasty, after the House of Rurik, to rule over Russia, and reigned from 1613 until the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II on March 15, 1917, as a result of the February Revolution.

    The Romanovs achieved prominence as boyars of the Grand Duchy of Moscow, later the Tsardom of Russia. In 1613, following years of interregnum (Time of Troubles), the zemsky sobor offered the Russian crown to Mikhail Romanov. He acceded to the throne as Michael I, becoming the first Tsar of Russia from the House of Romanov. His grandson Peter I established the Russian Empire and transformed the country into a continental power through a series of wars and reforms.

    The direct male line of the Romanovs came to an end when Elizabeth of Russia died in 1762. After an era of dynastic crisis, the House of Holstein-Gottorp, a cadet branch of the House of Oldenburg which reigned in Denmark, ascended the throne in 1762 with Peter III, a grandson of Peter I.[1] All rulers from the middle of the 18th century to the revolution of 1917 were descended from that branch. Though officially known as the House of Romanov, these descendants of the Romanov and Oldenburg dynasties are sometimes referred to as Holstein-Gottorp-Romanov.[2]

    In early 1917 the Romanov dynasty had 65 members, 18 of whom were killed by the Bolsheviks. The remaining 47 members went into exile abroad.[3] In 1924, Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich, the senior, surviving male-line descendant of Alexander II of Russia by primogeniture, claimed the headship of the defunct Imperial House of Russia. Since 1991, the succession to the former Russian throne has been in dispute, largely due to disagreements over the validity of dynasts' marriages.

    Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia claims to hold the title of empress in pretense with her only child, George Mikhailovich, as heir apparent. Others have argued in support of the rights of the late Prince Nicholas Romanovich Romanov, whose brother Prince Dimitri Romanov was the next heir male of his branch after whom it is now passed to Prince Andrew Romanov. There is also a rival non-Romanov claim put forth by Prince Karl Emich of the House of Leiningen supported by the Monarchist Party.
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  2. The more I thought into it (i haven't slept in three days) the more I came to realize I was just suffering crippling paranoia, however, on the topic of artifacts, perhaps custom ones could be made? Kind of how the lore clarifications are written in that players submit x original artifact with the proper backing for it's plausibility, and a potential event in recovering it depending on how dangerous it is?
  3. quote quote Yeah, it was a reward for helping to clear the Scarlet Monastery ICly. I genuinely screamed, I said it for comedic value but the fact that this is a legitimate thing just makes me wonder who did this, Sally Whitemane's staff iirc had no power, it was her own ability that just... made things revive themselves. I'd understand if it's like, the Tome of Divinity, or something that belonged to Alonsus Faol, but really? That seems a bit silly.
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  5. Lmao someone already has this. my response was a joke is this real
  6. @Kresh - The 'turn-to-nobility' RP would openly be produced out of being made legitimate, if we do end up going to renegade path I'd completely be willing converting the guild into an antagonistic force akin to the Scarlet Crusade, I'm not going to shy away from my character FIGHTING for his position, as the whole purpose of the Scions partially has the intent to break the truce after revealing the literal war crimes the Forsaken has committed (attacking defenseless civilians with a weapon considered heinous enough to nearly end the Forsaken during the battle of the Undercity.) and showing the Alliance that there is a very serious threat in the north. - Wages will be given through loot, if at all possible. I did mention in my application that he is publicly no longer affiliated with the Alliance, but he'd be supported under the curtains due to how benefical it'd be for the Alliance to garner a reason to bring Stromgarde (and possibly Alterac into the Alliance.) Thanks for the NPC note, I did look through the zones and I saw the immense amount of Forsaken and Stromic forces (i'd personally question where did all the syndicate, ogre and troll forces go but oh well), and am going to write event applications based around the current situation there.
  7. Taking a look at the current Paragon map, the Forsaken is actively doing things in Hillsbrad (being present past Southshore and Tarren Mill) and with Stromgarde STILL being full of LIVING, League of Arathor-aligned infantry it's implied that there is still a conflict. With the fall of Gilneas still being raw on many minds it'd stand to reason that we'd be supported by the people if not by Varian directly. Any action done against the Forsaken's literal gassing of Gilneas, Hillsbrad, and the undeath of Galen Trollbane (No one knows about his betrayal after all) would turn many faces against the treaty, and give us the wiggle room to start our shit. edit 12:31: also fuck garrosh????
  8. what an edgy and novel thread, perhaps you should invest in running a barber shop, you might actually do something constructive with your cutting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. holy shit i didn't realize that i needed a reply reserved for recruitment, events, etc
  10. guild on hold due to memery in northern EK Current Leader (PC): Beringer Drakesblood - Militia-Commander of the Scions Affiliations: Kingdom of Stromgarde, Grand Alliance, Remnants of Lordaeron, Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Remnants of Alterac, Kingdom of Gilneas Status: Rallying Organization: Paramilitary Group Timeline: 6.x [Current WoD] ___ OOC The Scions is a military-themed guild which will gradually turn into political/house guild RP (if you can call it that), however the emphasis is carving out a name for ourselves as a notable force in the Eastern Kingdoms. DESPITE the name we are not exclusively restricted to Stromgarde-born soldiers, we are actively looking for auxiliaries (quartermasters, merchants, stoneworkers, anything you can provide to further our cause, we'll take it!) and allies from across the former Seven Kingdoms, be it Tirasians, Gilneans, or even the Alteraci. Our goal is practically in the name; to give humanity back the realm it fought for during the Troll Wars. The realm of Arathor. While the current focus will be on building the guild's reputation and generally establishing ourselves, there'll be a big presence in ALLIANCE VS HORDE conflict, as our nature does make it only logical that we'd be against the Horde. Our group isn't unfamiliar with zealotry, as those interested are recommended to make characters hailing from the northern kingdoms to better increase the patriotic and devout nature of our cause. ___ IC "Do you love your country, children of Arathor!? Do you LONG for the day where you can stride through the halls of Lordaeron, of Gilneas, of Boralus and of Alterac once more!? The Scions are searching for able-bodied men and women of the Alliance to serve in the cause against the Forsaken, who see it fit to spread undeath into OUR land, like the Scourge did so long ago! We must not stand for this, and we must fight!" The call was the same, shouted by men garbed in armor bearing the heraldry of their nation, their voices growing hoarse as petitions, contracts, details are signed by the eager to travel north and reclaim the homes they lost to the traitor Arthas, and subsequently the Banshee-Queen Sylvanas. Times are tedious with a war on another world, but if the Horde can attack the soil fought for by heroes like Lordain and Thoradin for their own benefit, then it is time for the Alliance to fight back. Hard. While there was progress made, as Stromgarde sits in the hands of the living, it is debatable as to how long this'll last, and something must be done about the recent plague attacks of the Forsaken on places like Southshore, and the complete silence of Dun Garok. With the Stormpike clan occupied fighting in Alterac Valley, it stands to those willing to fight in this holy cause. ___ Ranks & Roster 1/1 Militia Commander - Holding both historical and practical value, the Militia Commander oversees operations in the Scions, acting as it's military leader in combat and at the negotiation table. The current commander is Beringer Drakesblood 0/3 Officer - [This is more of a placeholder rank, and the IC rank will be listed in PUBLIC NOTES.] Ranging from tacticians to chief quartermasters, the officer staff of the Scions is a valuable asset, and typically travel under guard from their own retinue. 0/x Veteran - The bloodied of the Scions, these are soldiers who have seen battle under their banner, and understand the nature of their purpose. 0/x Auxiliary - Quartermasters, stone workers, farmers, anything goes here, functioning as a support branch and allowing the Scions to work independently should the need arise. 0/x Military - The backbone, the footman, the cavalryman, the sword and shield of the scions proudly bear the uniform and wield the arms forged for the righteous. To join you simply pledge either in-character (I'll be doing recruitment rounds in Stormwind City) or here, as I'm hoping for at least 5 members prior to us making recruitment exclusively in-game. Accepted races; Human, Dwarf (any clan), Gnome, High Elf (pls not too many), Half-Breeds (Half-Elf-Human) Accepted classes; No Death Knights or Demon Hunters, Warlocks will be under close watch. ___ Rules-IC Disobeying direct orders from an Officer or the Commander's will result in disciplinary action. This can include forceful removal from the Scions, regardless of the guilty's position in the ranks. Fraternization with the enemy will result in disciplinary action and a cut in pay. Prisoner policy - If one of our own is captured, a trade is priority, especially for those of higher rank. Crimes such as stealing, looting in battle, or murder will result in losing the criminal limb or possibly being put to death. [Not going to put it here ICly, but ERP is taken to whisper, you fucking weirdo(s)] Uniform Mages, Auxiliaries, and so on can wear their own sets, and officers are recommended to build off the set above. This applies only to infantry. GUILD TABARDS are REQUIRED. Goals Arathi Highlands Push the Forsaken out of 'Galen's Fall', and establish a sentry on wall with aid from Stromgarde and the League of Arathor. Capture Go'Shek Farm from the Forsaken, hopefully liberate any survivors. Push the Horde into Arathi Basin, and seal the tunnel at Refuge Pointe, establish Hammerfall as a secondary base. Push the Witherbark and Boulderfist out Arathi - their own territory/main holdfasts will suffice. Officially declare the Kingdom of Stromgarde with a legitimate heir on the throne (Danath?) Hillsbrad Foothills Capture Durnholde, thusly creating a base for the Scions to use exclusively. Defeat the Mudsnout Gnolls at Nethander and learn the fate of Dun Garok. Secure Eastpoint Tower. Liberate Southshore and Tarren Mill. Azurelode Mine is considered a bonus. Establish a temporary human faction in Hillsbrad; Regency of Durnholde Alterac Capture and secure the ruins of Alterac City. Aid the Stormpike Clan and gain their support in the campaign. Defeat the Forsaken forces at Strahnbrad. Learn of the fate of the Syndicate in Alterac. Reform Alterac as the Regency of Alterac. Gilneas - Silverpine Aid the Gilneas Liberation Front in re-capturing the city if at all possible. Tirisfal Glades [LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE] Liberate Lordaeron City, and reform the Kingdom of Lordaeron. Rename to the Might of Menethil NO PROLOGUE MEMES HERE HURR DURR DUE TO THE NATURE OF EASTERN KINGDOMS (FROM WHAT I SAW IC AND OOC) I'll be changing some things on feedback from DMs, players, etc. ___
  11. If you want a powerful Death Knight - give him Shadowmourne warrior - Ashkandi or Quel'zerrar, shit even Gorehowl (Malchezzar) paladin - Quel'delar, Ashbringer Mage - Atiesh Dragonwrath Demon Hunter - Warglaives of Azzinoth Warlock - Gul'dan's staff (the transmog item from the movie OR the skull of gul'dan) Shaman - Sulfuras Hunter - Thori'dal Rogue - Fangs of the Father Druid - N O O NE P L A Y S D R U I D S T H E Y A R E S H I T Priest - Sally Whitemane's Staff, or Light's Wrath (the one time you could reuse a Legion artifact) Monk - N O O NE P L A Y S D R U I D S T H E Y A R E S H I T This avoids us doing big shit like 7.3 as the main cast and if you want to feel special makes your character wield some lore-relevant item.
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  13. big news i suppose Update:
  14. Every demon is different in terms of this; Doomguards, being the best example are mana-hounds almost, capable of sniffing out arcane users so you can call that some kind of... nasal spectral sight. Felstalkers and Felhounds while looking different are slightly similar; hounds are usually summoned through ye' traditional warlocky, but Felstalkers also have the purpose of burning the mana of magic users ( though it seems both species do this ) And the lack of eyes makes me think they use Spectral Sight. Every caster/specialist demon probably has an ability like this like Inquisitors but it's an optional thing instead of being almost always present like Doomguards and Felstalkers/hounds. My sources being quests (specifically green warlock fire) and how the intergalactic evil dogs function in Warcraft 3 and the novels.