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  1. Date and time have been added! June 7th at 8PM ST will be when the event takes place. If you'd like to book a position, please try to guarantee that you can be there.
  2. Celarc

    Broken Shore Campaign

    The Screaming Cliffs have been captured by various forces of Legionfall. A Shattered Hand and some forsaken forces were left behind to gather intel on the Portal, and maintain the vantage point.
  3. An Unwanted Distraction June 7th - 20:00 ST Amal'thazad has sent the call for help. A recent development has taken place on an island near Northrend, as the Legion has taken control of some feral scourge, and began eradicating a nearby Vrykul tribe and a few blue drakes. Amal'thazad was dispatched along with a small division of Death Knights from Acherus to deal with the issue, however he is in need of some more elite Death Knights to deal with the situation. In this time of war, and with the incident on the Broken Shore, Acherus cannot afford to send any more Death Knights to deal with this issue, and so Amal'thazad has sent out the call for any Death Knights who can spare the time to aid him with this blight. There will only be 6 slots available, and is limited to Death Knights. [2/6 Players] Barli Copperheart Tyrwin Drakarn
  4. Fair enough. I'm good with that then. If a player does not log the event, and on a future application sites that event as their source for a material, will it be counted? Also does this mean I can ask anyone to DM me getting the ingredients for my Shadowplague now, since I was told I require a DM to make an event for me to gather the herbs?
  5. I don't see any problem with this option here, similar to the Contact Moderation thread. It still allows for players who do a small event to log what players get how much money/items. It just irks me to think that in a few months, someone will apply and say "Oh I've done these events and got this much money." and there won't be any proof for any of it. Because we know people will try to get as many simple events as possible to rack up gold.
  6. Will there be a section in the Event Requests where players who DM instead of a DM, can fill out just a small sheet? Like: Joe, Mary, and Billy killed 5 boars. I gave them 15 Silver each, and Joe got a Magic Rock. Mary got 5 boar pelts. This way we can keep track of things that transpire, and also gives us a way to look back on things that were handed out.
  7. Finally, a place where degeneracy is accepted!
  8. Gotta get my current application approved so I can wait the 2 week cooldown for new applications. Get Drak to respond and approve me. :(
  9. Gah of course noble RP sparks up the moment I stop working on my noble application. Time to get started on that again...
  10. Oakentusk VS Oakheart, this should be mildly entertaining.
  11. Hmm, I was considering joining with my Ancient of Lore, so Drak's question is actually pretty important for me.
  12. The Army of the Light has shown that it doesn't really care WHO joins it, so long as they worship the Light, and only the Light. But, this is something worth discussing among the Staff Team.
  13. None of those races are really neutral... Your best bet at neutral races would be Night Elf though, like Ash mentioned.
  14. With the scheduled change, do the late night events change to those dates as well? Or will the American events remain on the Saturday? @Oni @Mighty
  15. Nice. I don't imagine there'll be multiple runs for people who can't make it, huh?