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  1. We shouldn't ban or artificially weaken a thing just because "Oh, I'm not having fun fighting it.". I think a good middle ground is just limiting the amount of time one can affect in a single casting of a spell, and the effects one can produce. Regardless, I'm sure an article will come out about it.
  2. Honestly, just doing that isn't a bad idea.
  3. I think that misuse of chronomancy should be punished by in-universe means, for in-universe actions. If someone stops time for any period of time that might be noticeable on a large scale, then the Bronze Dragonflight and the Timewalkers would step in to deal with the issue. Players should expect punishment for their actions, which is a topic I see wasn't brought up. Though I hope the moderation team will discuss the topic of player repercussion more.
  4. [The Ebon Blade will remember this.]
  5. The Darkmoon Faire is coming! I hope to see you all there... Times will be posted above.
  6. Post for Event Times. July 2020 July 7th Opening Event - 1 PM ST (Alliance) & 2 PM ST (Horde) The Darkmoon Faire opening event will consist of the opening of the Darkmoon Faire portals outside of Thunder Bluff and Goldshire respectively. Buy your Darkmoon Tickets, and enlist in the Darkmoon Arena event! July 8th Party Games - TBA Participate in DMed Party Games and have a chance at winning small prizes like magical balloons, or even Record prizes such as a deck of magical Blink cards! There are many more surprises to be won, and tons of fun to be had! July 9th Darkmoon Arena - TBA The Darkmoon Arena tests your mettle! Come face to face with many different mysterious monsters, and even other challengers! Work your way through the bracket, and ascend to be one of the two standing at the end! Those who don't want to fight can place bets, and might even win big money if they play their bets right! July 10th Darkmoon Championship & Closing Event - TBA The final match of the Darkmoon Arena will take place, and a Darkmoon Champion will be decided! The Champion will get a medal that allows free participation in the next arena match, and a tabard marking them of their new title. They will need to defend their title next month once the faire opens again!
  7. Ahead of you, down the path... ...A Majestic! Magical Faire! Ignore the darkened, eerie woods... ... Ignore the eyes that blink and stare! Fun and games and wondrous sights! Music and fireworks to light up the night! Do not stop! You're nearly there! Behold my friend, the: Come one! Come all! The faire is here, come before its gone! Starting on July 7th the Darkmoon Faire will begin making appearances on Paragon! Every first Tuesday of the month, the Faire will be open for the week! There will be plenty of fun and games, and plenty of food to eat! Don't miss out on the fun and prizes! There are sure to be many surprises! Test your mettle in the Darkmoon Arena! Enjoy some snacks in the Darkmoon Cantenna! Plenty for all to do! They're all here, you should come too! As mentioned above, starting on the first Tuesday of every month, I will be hosting small events over the course of the week within the Darkmoon Faire. All events will have their times posted on a separate post beneath this one. The Darkmoon Faire has one simple rule that must be followed... - There is no fighting allowed within the Darkmoon Faire, unless within the Arena! -
  8. Date and time have been added! June 7th at 8PM ST will be when the event takes place. If you'd like to book a position, please try to guarantee that you can be there.
  9. The Screaming Cliffs have been captured by various forces of Legionfall. A Shattered Hand and some forsaken forces were left behind to gather intel on the Portal, and maintain the vantage point.
  10. An Unwanted Distraction June 7th - 20:00 ST Amal'thazad has sent the call for help. A recent development has taken place on an island near Northrend, as the Legion has taken control of some feral scourge, and began eradicating a nearby Vrykul tribe and a few blue drakes. Amal'thazad was dispatched along with a small division of Death Knights from Acherus to deal with the issue, however he is in need of some more elite Death Knights to deal with the situation. In this time of war, and with the incident on the Broken Shore, Acherus cannot afford to send any more Death Knights to deal with this issue, and so Amal'thazad has sent out the call for any Death Knights who can spare the time to aid him with this blight. There will only be 6 slots available, and is limited to Death Knights and members of the Ebon Blade. [3/6 Players] Barli Copperheart Tyrwin Drakarn - - - Alvia
  11. Finally, a place where degeneracy is accepted!
  12. Gotta get my current application approved so I can wait the 2 week cooldown for new applications. Get Drak to respond and approve me. :(
  13. Gah of course noble RP sparks up the moment I stop working on my noble application. Time to get started on that again...
  14. Oakentusk VS Oakheart, this should be mildly entertaining.
  15. Hmm, I was considering joining with my Ancient of Lore, so Drak's question is actually pretty important for me.