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  1. Welcome aboard! Let me answer these questions for you. 1. The main drive and story is created by the players, at least for the vast majority of the time. However usually several times a week, a DM will host an event pertaining to the story of the world in some way. Either player requested, or to progress the Blizzard narrative. TL;DR, both. 2. Anywhere between nobody online during the wee hours of the earliest morning, or 5-10 people on for an event. These numbers are actually abnormally low for us, at least historically speaking, and we're seeking to grow as a community! 3. Cross-faction guilds and parties are supported. Furthermore, cross faction RP is also supported, though within reason. One shouldn't expect a peaceful conversation with an orc as a human during the Fourth War, for example. I hope this has answered your questions! And once more, welcome to Paragon!
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    The Brawler's Guild

    Reward list coming soon!
  3. The Brawler's Guild The first rule of brawls is you don't talk about the brawls... Welcome Paragon, not to an event chain, or an in depth story of triumph, but an experience. An experience that, starting [TBA], will change how your characters make a name for themselves forever! The Brawler's Guild has arrived, and soon I'll be running BG Events once every two weeks! Each event will have a large cast of unique and challenging NPC enemies to fight off against, but will also include PvP elements. I'll go over the structure of the events, and how everything works first, before diving into the PvE/PvP elements respectively. Structure Each event will have the same structure, bar the Championship event. Each person who registers to participate will have to fight, in rotation, a gauntlet of five opponents. It should be noted that these fights aren't intended to always be fair, but each opponent is defeatable. As you progress through your gauntlet, you will earn a number of points each round based on the number of the round completed. (See the chart below) However, once each participant has done their five rounds, a Challenge Round will begin. If you lose to one of your NPC battles, they will go on to fight in your place in the Challenge Round. Challenge Rounds are special rounds that have unique rulesets. For example, one might simply be a free for all, or the other might be a team of three against another team of three. It may even be that all challengers must face a single creature! In all cases, the rules will be stated before the match begins. The challenge round is optional, however it provides a hefty sum of points. In addition to the points for bragging rights, each successful round has a payout sum of Platinum Coins (See Rewards section for information) that is non-cumulative. So if you win Round 3, but lose in Round 4, you would earn 30 P.C. Finally, at the end of the event, the points are tallied up and tracked. The top 5 highest scores will be tracked and marked here. Additionally, every so often a Championship Event will be held. These events will be where the top 5 Brawler's face off in a bid to see who will challenge the current Champion in the Challenge Round! Successfully defeating the Champion, or successfully holding onto your title of Champion, will earn you a large payout of Platinum Pieces. However there are no other rewards associated with the points system, and they are purely for IC reputation and bragging rights. PvE Elements One thing I want to make abundantly clear about these events: These NPCs will be using every ability, both natural and otherwise, to try to take you down. In fact, NPCs that do particularly well will also have their points tracked, and occasionally, you should expect to see some NPCs climbing the ladder. Some enemies will be tougher than others, and some will seem almost insurmountable. However the best advice I can give, is if you think the opponent in front of you is too strong to take on head on, it's probably because it is. PvP Elements Championship Events, and sometimes Challenge Rounds will include PvP combat. Now I'm sure a lot of you are jittery at the mention, however there will be no exceptions. If you want to be the strongest, you really have to be the strongest! There are no additional rewards associated with having more or less points than your peers, other than IC bragging rights and reputation. The only thing that has any significance is the Champion title itself. This is to ensure that Championship Events and Challenge Rounds remain optional content, that isn't required to have fun or reap the rewards of the Brawler's Guild. Below are the listed rules of the Brawler's Guild. The [IC] or [OOC] tag simply designates the intended reach of the specific rule. 1) [IC] Don't talk about the brawls. 2) [OOC/IC] Any disputes will be decided by the DM currently hosting the event. They may decide an outcome, make you roll, or simply narrate the result of a decision. However disagreements with the DMs decisions must be kept until after the event to better preserve the atmosphere and flow of the fights. If the matter is absolutely pressing, and MUST be discussed in the moment, please do so by whispering the DM. 3) [OOC/IC] Killing your opponent will cost you 5000 Points, and 1000 P.C., and adjust your rank accordingly if it applies. Additionally, you will be banned from the next event. Failure to pay the P.C. cost will see you banned for an additional 1 Event per 100 coins failed to pay. The Brawler's Guild does not take any responsibility for pain, suffering, bodily harm including loss of limbs and/or organs, psychological harm, loss of life, loss or destruction of property, equipment, or livestock, and will not compensate for any or all of the aforementioned cases, or similar cases. Brawler's are responsible for their own safety. 4) [IC] Attempting to leave the Arena (defined by the barriers on each side) in any way will immediately disqualify you, and invoke a 500 Point penalty. 5) [OOC] Being unsportsmanlike is uncool. Regardless of if you won or lost, being a jackass will only make the experience worse for everyone. At the DMs discretion, anyone considered to either be unnecessarily angry at their loss, or overtly and disrespectfully celebrating their win, they will be banned from the next 3 Events. Currency & Rewards Platinum Pieces (P.C.) With a shine comparable only to the softest twinkle of a star, with a reflection like that of a mirror, Platinum is one of many precious metals on Azeroth. These soft metal coins are used in the Brawler's Guild as currency, and they can even be exchanged for gold. Now you can RP out your fantasies of being a career fighter in WoW! The Brawler's Guild may also require you to pay a fine for breaking certain rules, and these fines must be paid in P.C. The most important part about the P.C. however, is as a currency to purchase rewards, such as shady consumables that may increase your performance in the arena, or magic items that make your punches really, well... punch! All rewards are purchased at the Quartermaster in each arena. As of the time of writing this post, the rewards list has yet to be completed. But it'll be posted soon! Platinum (p) to Gold (g) Conversion Xp x 0.2 = Yg 5p = 1g | 100p = 20g Challenge Tickets One of the rewards you can cash out on is a Challenge Ticket. These are five special coupons that can be redeemed to challenge their respective boss. If you defeat the boss, you'll get the chance to roll on that bosses loot table, which are all full of unique magical items, resources, and even currencies from other event chains! Each of their loo tables contains items unique to that boss's theme. For example, the Blingtron 3000 has a chance to drop a hefty amount of gold, or some rare metals or gemstones! As I enter the planning stages of the individual events, I'm open to suggestions. Once the events begin, the rules will be sticking around until the end of the first Championship Event. So speak up now, or keep quiet until then! Best of luck to all prospective Challengers, I'll see YOU in the Arena!
  4. Ah, I see... An opportunity for William, Commander of the Ebon Blade, to prove his worth.
  5. You can still play your deceit-based characters. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. Hey man, I'd also like to follow up Turtles thoughts with my own. Thanks for taking the time to reply! You're right that pop culture references have always permeated World of Warcraft, both canonical and non-canonical. However creating characters that are copies of pop culture references have always been against the rules. Nothing has really changed here. I stated the references to the White Lotus from Avatar, as that was the exact inspiration that Blizzard used. I simply followed that train of thought, and allowed myself to be inspired by the same ideas as I went in to more Pandaren lore. One of the last things I made sure to highlight in the clarification, was that Transcendents are NOT Avatars, and that there are clear differences. Players are absolutely allowed to take inspiration from other fantasies. This has never been off the table, and I personally have no issues. As long as they aren't outright calling themselves something, that literally does not exist in WoW. I understand that it appears gatekeep-y, however the reasons for the rule are a lot less grandiose than that, I promise. "The Like" refers to any character which has no intentions of being brought into the world. It's fairly easy to tell when someone's character is simply an OOC Avatar/DM Avatar. I don't particularly understand what is confusing about this however, even after you explained your side of things. OOC Characters that aren't serious, and aren't 'actually' played characters, don't need to be serious. I'll use two of my own characters as an example. I have Celarc, who is just my OOC Avatar, and where I dump all my Building, DMing, and Mod macros. I also have Adventurer, who's just a joke character I bring into mall to meme. The exact intentions of the rule, at least these were the big discussion points, were; A) Prevent any misleading information from popping up on Character TRPs. With an influx of new players, some of which might not be completely in the loop on all things WoW like us. It'll help to alleviate some confusion, at least that's the hope. B) As Turtle said, and as Sam expressed in Discord, DMs often do use the TRP3's of characters to get information on their characters. I know I do as well, at least. This rule should help assist DMs in this task. If you've got any suggestions for how you'd change or re-write the rule, I'm all ears man. I'll be honest in admitting I wasn't entirely confident with its wording, but I figured it covered all the basis's. I'm merely human after all, and I'm certainly no lawyer or politician, so I'd hardly call rule writing my specialty. Thanks again for the feedback!
  7. Hello Paragon, Following a discussion amongst the Moderation Team, we'll be implementing rules in regards to Total RP 3's (TRP3) use on Paragon. Going forward, any and all information in the Characteristics tab of TRP3 will need to be truthful, within reason. As written, the rule reads as such; "All information in the Characteristics tab of a characters Total RP 3 sheet must be factually correct. Omitting or withholding information is allowed, however information that is inherently false or misleading is not. This includes, but is not limited to, memes, pop culture references, or variant names for a class that does not exist within World of Warcraft. Characters that do not have any intention of being taken In-Character, such as joke characters, DM Avatars, and the like, are exempt." This would mean that, calling yourself something along the lines of a battlemage or pyromancer is fine. However referring to yourself as a "Dragonborn" or "Witcher" is not. If you've got any questions, or doubts about what can and cannot be included in your TRP, feel free to post them below. The Rules section of the Forums will also be updated accordingly. Kind Regards, - Celarc
  8. Celarc


    Welcome aboard! I'm looking forward to seeing what sorts of ideas you bring to the table. Having a good handle of the main overarching story throughout WoW is a great start! By that I mean, the main stories of expansions and Warcraft 1, 2, and 3. In regards to this server specifically, we follow a curated set of rules to ensure everyone is having a fair and fun experience. Looking those over, as well as exploring the Forums as a whole, is a great place to get started! If you've got any questions, and nobody is available in-game, you can also join the Discord and ask there. There are normally a few people kicking around, even in the late hours of the night!
  9. Welcome aboard, lad! I've seen you making your rounds 'round the server. Looking forward to seeing what you bring in the future.
  10. Celarc


    Welcome to Paragon! If you've got any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out to the Moderation team. The community itself is pretty friendly as well, and most people will be willing to answer questions. I look forward to seeing what you bring to the scene!
  11. Celarc

    Hello once again!

    Welcome back aboard! I'm looking forward to seeing what sorts of ideas you bring to the scene!
  12. I'm in agreement with this. A lot of 'prestige classes' like the Transcendent have very specific cultural and organizational lore and tradition that need to be understood and adhered to. Using the Transcendent as an example seperate from the Templar, to broaden the perspective here; They are Pandaren-only shaman/monks, that could theoretically still be played with all of their abilities in tact. However the story behind those abilities, and how they're used, as well as the significance behind them in terms of how important they are to that culture, are all a part of the class as well. In that regard, all prestige classes being brought in, need to have a consensus on what we agree is and isn't canon about them, in regards to a narrative sense. Which is where the Lore Additions/Clarifications would come in. They help explain a prestige class beyond just its abilities, but also its story, and why they are significant. To bring it back to Templars, they are called Argent Dawn Templars because they are a part of the Argent Crusade, and it is the Argent Crusades mentality, doctrine, and practices that allowed them to exist. Not the Scarlet Crusade, not the Church of the Holy Light in Stormwind. But the Argent Crusade. And that is an important distinction, that needed to be clarified. Just like other distinctions for other prestige classes.
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    It's Time

    Welcome aboard, @Kren! Glad to see you've found your way here to the forums! Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the table in terms of character narratives!
  14. The AotL joins the Alliance only once they foresee a war between the Alliance and Horde, which happens only when Azerite is discovered and begins being used. This would imply in the timeline, at least, that the Army of the Light joins the Alliance between Silithus and Lordaeron, and no sooner or later.