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  2. Hi, I've always had a knack for finding the worst bugs in games from my days of game testing and development, but this one's a spark of inspiration to bugs themselves. So, I went to teleport to Stormwind, ended up by mistake in the Eye of the Storm. Fell, like to the point my character disappeared and teleported back to Darkshire to just escape that nightmare. Now for some reason my camera is fixed and I could move my character around, but in a third party view sort of a way. Now I can't even see my toon the second time I logged in trying to shift it. I've hearthed, relogged, shut down, restarted and done whatever has come to mind to refresh the account as such, but nothing's working. ​My thoughts are that the character has died from falling in the Storm, but obviously, it's hard to die here so whatever magic coding there is combined with that of teleports may have skewed my playability here. ​Please help and allow me to play again. Pretty please! Ruth. (Trilby)