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  1. Rumours about a recent Satyr attack echo around Val'sharah, specially Lorlathil, where people say a group of adventurers managed to rescue the hippogryph rider & sentinel Elindya Featherlight from death! One of the survivors from the attack, a Male Kaldorei said that they were ambushed by a fierce looking Satyr and two demons as they crossed the border between Azsuna and Val'sharah, and he ran away, crying for help, as he found some adventurers from both Alliance and Horde on the road. Some Lorlathil locals gave a relieved sigh as the group of adventurers arrived an hour later, with Elindya Featherlight safe and sound. The Sentinel offered her aid on any other Val'sharah missions that the adventurers may be. The local druids rewarded the adventurers, but they advised: Take caution whenever going close to the borders of the Forest. ---------------------- [OOC] - The rare-elite mob Skul'vrax, a Satyr and his demon followers who lurked between Val'sharah and Azsuna were killed. - The Sentinel & Hippogryph rider Elindra Featherlight is now a "follower", on any Val'sharah event, if players want, she can be there as friendly and ranged-support NPC, just ask your DM!
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    okay, last pic, me after a 12 hour recording session:
  3. So, i want to create a new monk character to replace Bo, my pandaren. But since my favorite "alignment" playstyle is around neutral-ish characters, i thought on making a neutral-ish monk. I had four races on mind, Orcs, Night Elves, Blood Elves, and High Elves. (maybe the Hozen aswell) Which of these you guys think would make sense for a neutral/indifferent monk character? I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts on it.
  4. I agree with Jake here, as much as i don't mind druids talking on animal forms, i believe it should be a thing that only experienced druids might do, as Jake said, would just take practice, and lots of it, for not-so-experienced druids.
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    "You are at the park, this dude slaps your gf's ass, what you do?"
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    Mitch Mitchell, rehearsing with The Jimi Hendrix Experience for the Woodstock Music Festival. (Circa 1969, Uncolorized)
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    Astigmatism and Myopia at its finest and man-bun
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    Is your character, Viari supposed to look like you ICly, but with Ginger hair? lmao Great beard, and hair #LongHairMenUnited
  9. Salutations Paragon! Hoping you are having an amazing day/night! I was wondering, Druids can talk normally while on animal forms? Or they shouldn't? Why? Myself, i'm in between both, i mean, i have no problem on druids talking while shapeshifted, but at the same time, i think that shouldn't be "over-used" (probably i picked the worse word to say) What's your thoughts about it? Let's start a conversation!
  10. Salutations! Here i come with another 'What's your favorite' post! The title says it all! What's your favorite Warcraft classes to RP? (Being RPG-related or not) You can write the top 3, or top 5, doesn't matter how many! Let's start a conversation about it! My favorite classes to roleplay are! 1. HUNTER (aka. Archer, Ranger, Rifleman, Marksman) 2. MONK 3. DRUID 4. ROGUE
  11. Salutations! I had a weird, but fun thought these days, as i was thinking on event ideas for my DM Trials: What if: Paragon was a MOBA game, featuring Paragon's characters as playable 'heroes'? Then, i came to this topic idea: If you could pick two characters that you play in Paragon, to make them 'Paragon's Moba characters', who would be? And which role they'd have in the battlefield? How to do this? - You choose two characters of the ones you play here. - Then, you choose the role of the character (as MOBA roles), based on their RP classes and skills! - And last of all, choose the lane of your character! Or the lanes that your char would be best (Mid, Top, Bottom, or Jungle) Pretty simple! And feel free to compare your characters to other MOBA characters! I'll start with Akuna, my orcish blademaster, and she'd be a 'Mid-lane Melee Assassin' character, and her skills would be based on Samuro (HotS), Juggernaut (Dota2) and a little bit of Tryndamere and Yasuo (LoL) My second pick would be Gruk, my ogre warrior, he would be a 'Top-lane Melee Tank' character, and his skills would be like Sion (LoL), Garrosh (HotS) and Axe (Dota2) This will be fun! Let's see your picks!
  12. Things i'd like to RP but probably i will not? 1. Tortollan old and wise Monk / Wanderer 2. Human blademaster 3. A completely reasonable, and intelligent Hozen. 4. A gnome paladin 5. A Draenei rogue (or stealthy scout/rangari, name it as you like) 6. A gnome tinker that uses a golem as combat armor. 7. A Shattered Hand Orc from AU in the MU. 8. A reasonable and intelligent Mo'arg brute. 9. A Tol'vir outside Uldum/Tanaris 10. An Earthen outside Northrend 11. A Tuskarr outside Northrend. 12. A Wandering mountain giant. 13. An Orc Argent Crusader that doesn't hate Humans 14. A reasonable Dire Orc 15. A human born in Tol Barad. (somehow) 16. Probably a Forsaken Val'kyr 17. A wandering Kvaldir 18. A wandering Vrykul huntress 19. A Troll without using Troll accent when writing. 20. A wandering peaceful Yaungol. 21. Binky
  13. Also, i will post the other races that i like, but don't make it to my top 10: 11. Tortollan 12. Hozen 13. Grummles 14. Yaungol 15. Goblins 16. Mountain giants 17. Ancient Protectors (I like to call them Ents) 18. Dryads 19. Abominations 20. Tol'vir
  14. Salutations Paragonians! Hope y'all are having an amazing day! Here i come again, with another "top 10" post! This time, let's see your top 10 favorite Warcraft races! If you don't have 10 favorite races, no problem! Just write the ones you like (being RPable, or not), or if you have -more- than 10, you can write it too! Let's start a conversation about it! 1. Gnomes / Mechagnomes Gnomes and their ancestors, the mechagnomes, were always my all-time favorite race in the Warcraft, that goes a long way for my love for small races in most fantasy settings, anyway, i always loved gnomish lore and culture, as much as Blizzard left big holes on the race lore and story, and also as much as "gnomes are a mistake" or "gnomes are a joke race", i love them, and always will. 2. Dwarves (Bronzebeard & Dark Iron) / Iron Dwarves / Earthen Almost the same as gnomes, i always loved dwarves in any fantasy setting, since in most of them, their culture is almost the same, in Warcraft, i always liked the Bronzebeards and the Dark Iron dwarves (the Darkies being my favorite), about their "ancestors", the Earthen and the Iron Dwarves, are basically dwarves, made of "harder material" haha, so cool! 3. Kaldorei In all fantasy settings i ventured within, the ancient elves of Warcraft were the ones that caught my interest the most, their culture, aesthetics, lore, story is fantastic to me, their women are exceptionally great in my opinion haha, the huntresses, wardens, sentinels, and all this race gone through, is amazing. 4. Shal'dorei (Nightborne) The same as above, since the nightborne were once night elves, their aesthetics, and lore are great for me, some people even say they are "purple blood elves", since both share the "addiction" for a magical well, hahaha. 5. Orcs On most fantasy settings, Orcs are pictured as brute, savage, and monsters, but in Warcraft, i love how Blizzard gave them a better look, with all the tribes, and customs, and honored shamanistic traditions, and i have a special live for their Raiders, Blademasters and the old Shattered Hand clan, my favorite of all clans. 6. Ogres I always see the Warcraft Ogres the same way i see the "Tolkien-universe" trolls, big, dumb, brutish, the great Horde shock-troopers, and fierce casters, mages and warlocks, if we put the two-headed ogres into the topic, and also, the ancient Draenor ogre empire and lore are great! 7. Ethereals I just love their lore, basically being a race that lost his home-planet to the void, turning all of the inhabitants into beings made of pure energy! Their names coming from the Arabic/Middle-East culture, they are basically "sophisticated goblins", being traders and merchants of various magical goods whitin the twisting nether! 8. Geists My favorite type of undead, the story and speculation on how they became undead is great! Most people say they were criminals in life, executed, hanged in public places, then risen to undeath into those twisted forms, and also, their aggro sound in WoW still creeps me to this day, they also work great as scouts and rogues to the Scourge/Ebon Blade/Forsaken! 9. Pandaren Their culture and customs somewhat reminds me of the Tolkien's hobbits, the love for food, farming, and peace, and i always loved ancient-dynastic-chinese culture, and monks are dope! Bonus points for the Brewmasters! 10. Humans (Kul Tiras & Gilneas) On the human side, Kul Tiras and Gilneas are my favorite nations, i always loved sea-faring and sailing-related things, pirates, ships, naval battles and such, and Kul Tiras, being a "sailor nation", is one of my favorites, Gilneas on the other hand, got me fascinated because it reminds me of the Regency-era/19th London, their culture, lore and aesthetics are great, the Gilneas weather and country-side is amazing! And last, i would like to mention my favorite human-faction, the Defias Brotherhood, i just love their lore, and how a former mason turned against his nation, building a huge criminal band, only to seek revenge, and "justice"!