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  1. What about the people who only play one character? Only a few, yes, but there are people who play solely for a singular character on this server. They'll likely bring their character back, in which awkwardness will ensue.
  2. This brings up a lot of questions that would need to be addressed. Starting with, what of the people who wish to retain their characters? Sure, they can remake them, but it'd be really dumb for Paragon to say 'hey, we know it's still the same character but you gotta forget all of your progress with them and start over.' Additionally, what about two people who retain two characters that both knew each other? Let's say I got Mezikir back and Fizzly got Malfegor back. Are we to just act like they've never interacted outside of their childhood again like we did when we first roleplayed together? That'd would be very, very weird. Other than the numerous questions I have, I have no strong feelings one way or the other about this. It would be nice to have a clean slate of things to roleplay, I'd definitely do a lot different. It'd also suck to lose everything I have done in roleplay too.
  3. zach

    Compliment Thread!

    hey hes pretty cool and has the most powerful felsworn on the server
  4. zach

    Compliment Thread!

    has one of the most adorable characters on the server (glae)
  5. zach

    Lost and Found

    This is no longer happening.
  6. This was already discussed at length in the Sons of Uther thread. The Alliance will likely denounce them publicly but privately support the hell out of them. Remember, both factions hate each other still, having a truce doesn't change that.
  7. zach

    Compliment Thread!

    very kind person, and cooler than most give him credit for
  8. watsiro memes a lot, we all know that, but he's also one of the best DMs on the server had a lot of fun with the fire force event and it was very fair for everyone involved singularity
  9. zach

    Happy freedom
  10. Yet when you see it in game, you can see stars through it at night. This means it's transparent as a portal would be.
  11. zach

    Lost and Found

    Yea, having some scheduling conflicts with IRL stuff popping up. Apologies for all those who are reserved, this may be a while. I'll try to keep everyone updated, though!
  12. As it's already been pointed out, that's sooooo fucking boring. As others have also said, what's the point in having a small, strict community if no one can do anything relevant? We're a community of ~50 active people and yet, at best, we're side characters to the side characters. That's not good enough when we're facing the full might of the Burning Legion.
  13. that's a terrible idea, I dont want everyone running around with mini-Ashbringers