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  1. Likely this will be after 7:30 BST TIME
  2. Hello Bois and Girlies it's Dread again with a cool event concept that I'm trying to know see if those of you paragonians would find of interest to you. Again this will be a Temporary thing as in I will only come back as a DM for this and this project only due to work, however things change. If you love these events and I find more time.. Well who knows? *Cough* Without further ado, here's the concept in question. Premise/Concept/Quest As an adventurer or explorer of Azeroth, you've come to adore the world and the hidden treasures that have been lost and found to the world. In a recent discovery that has buzzed in between the factions of a new map, leading to a so-called 'Temple of lost Whispers'. What treasures and experiences could you find on this journey? Or potentially, what dangers lurk not only during the search, but what could lurk within if you ever found it... The Clean Cut version As a group you will meet in the hot deserts of Uldum, near an underground dig sight in which the map was found this was the place start your journey. Dungeon Master Knowledge/Style This will not be a tank and spank, easy and fast paced set of events. The keys will be in the details and background of the things around you. Immersion will be everything. Some events will be purely combat and others, being all about talking, discovery and discussing your plans moving forward. FOOD and DRINK will be a necessity - Remember this during my event. Magical use will exhaust you, this is a Game mechanic and will be used in the RP sense. Use too much at my disgression and I'll tell you the negative effects it is having. Please don't be the smart-Wall breaking divination expert, there's no fun in that. We know you can find it with a Scry... So for the sake of this, it's magically hidden. With the premise of an Adventure I'm expecting a commitment from the players and ultimately myself and my DM/Builder abilities to achieve this timescale. As this is also a requirement to join I'll mention it below too. The reason for this is I want the same people near enough every week as due to such a timescale the events will be once a week. The Style I will be running will either work two ways and I'll explain them in further detail below: - The Standard RP Way - Emote battles and freeflowing actions between rounds. The general way of Paragon. - The Immersive DnD Way - Emote battles based on roll initiatives and rolls to hits and dodge. Rolls for detection, lying and various other actions. I see this as immersive and would be a change of pace for the normal RP goers of Paragon. Personal Recruitment....DM/Builder Wanted? Any builders up for aiding me in making an immersive chain of events, newly fresh built places for players to dig into and explore. You will also get to have a say on story and how it should go forward. This can apply to a DM too. During events we can even be on voicechat, overseeing this together. Like a Wombo Combo so to speak. Requirements For the moment I'll leave most of the requirements alone as this is only to Gage interest before an official posting, but generally speaking. Commitment for a long and exciting weekly campaign module would be the main requirement. That, and don't be an arse. Difficulty? Again I need to know who's coming, but generally speaking the campaign will be difficult or hard so to speak however, this campaign can be as hard as you make it. You will be rewarded for being smart about things. Loot will follow this aswell, being put through the EM's after a lengthy set of reasoning and such. Questions/Please Lemme know if you're interested! Hit me up! Post on here, or my discord DMs being Dreadmaw#9141
  3. Events have concluded, And the 6 become 2. https://imgur.com/a/jzEfuem
  4. Chi-Ling Showdown - Act 2: At the Peak of Success Now you're probably wondering... What is this guy talking about? Well Chi-ling Showdown is a largely self-contained story set around various places in Pandaria. Yes.. PANDARIA, a WORLD of ADVENTURERS! The premise is to give underpowered/new characters a fresh new story and so far, the group are loving it! Now, you're possibly wondering why I've posted this since some of you know the event has been closed off from new appearances for a while... Well guess what... That's about to change! Event Time 2:30 PM Severtime II Date: Every Sunday! I'm looking for up to three new people to join the roster of unsung heroes, but I'm not just looking for anyone so listen up to the criteria on how to apply! Current Roster Zhang (Melee DPS) Vexa (Melee DPS) Druzlek (Tank/DPS) Lithvia (Ranged/Caster) Edith (Ranged) What we need to complete the team 1x Dedicated Healer 1x Full Tank (MAYBE) 1x Caster/Melee DPS Criteria! - You're not super-progressed - You cannot one-man show the event - No Ubers... Get outta here you filthy Dragons - Your character will work well in a group and wont incite PvP - NO silly races, remember your setting. Undead wont really fit in here. - You're keen to RP (What I mean is, this is an event.... but mostly it's guided RP. The story is set at the pace of your characters Interaction with the world and one another) - You're keen to be a part of a small group that works well as a team and will actively seek to work with the group instead of against it - You're Keen to turn up to events, keep in contact and let us know if you can't make any event. We understand real life comes first! Anyone that wishes to join, please find me Ingame or on the Discord for a chat! Please and Thankyou!
  5. I'll take Sloshing Core of Hatred - Fire Relic - The blood in this glass orb is hot to the touch, even through the material containing it. The orb can be attached to a weapon and will remain until removed. -This Relic can be attached to a standard weapon. Only one Relic may be attached to a weapon at a time. Attaching this relic to your weapon will give it passive fire damage. Once per day, the relic’s properties will allow the user to superheat their own blood, radiating an immolation aura for 2 rounds to inflict moderate fire damage.
  6. I'll take a seal and take Phantasmal Echo - Trinket - Something followed you from the encounter with the Dragons of Nightmare. You never see it, but you know it’s there. Sometimes it feels like it’s copying you. It doesn’t seem malefic, but it doesn’t make you feel comfortable either. -This echo seems to desire something from you, and refuses to let you die until it gets what it wants. Whatever that is. When you receive critical damage, once per week, the Echo manifests from the Nightmare as a shadow clone of you and takes your place to absorb further incoming damage for one full round, drawing your enemy’s ire as if the clone were you. with it leaving me with 1 seal left and a maximum of 4 more to be obtained
  7. Chapter 2: “The Aftermath: Blood has been shed on both sides, now the ground lies bathed in blood as a testament to our resolve...” - In the second chapter players will review their decisions during the siege and what new horrors will await them.
  8. Chapter 1: “And thus, we are thrust upon a new world once more..” In the opening Chapter, the adventurers will arrive in the refugee town “Rohnins Fall” with the hopes of finding trade and adventure or even perhaps a divine/unholy sense of purpose. What they will find however, will change the outcome their lives... forever…
  9. Join the Discord to get involved! : https://discord.gg/57v2bWe Undying Light By Dreadmaw and GrimGr3g Plot Chapter 1: “And thus, we are thrust upon a new world once more..” In the opening Chapter, the adventurers will arrive in the refugee town “Rohnins Fall” with the hopes of finding trade and adventure or even perhaps a divine/unholy sense of purpose. What they will find however, will change the outcome their lives... forever… DND Style/Roleplay Information Interactive Storyline This is an Interactive storyline, there is no definite ending. By this I mean players will have a full say in how the story goes via in game decisions. E.g “they’ve overrun the barn and I can hear a woman screaming inside!? Or do we save Zale from being sacrificed? “ Each way the potential to keep a follower or let them die and potentially gain another is there, but not guaranteed. Side quests Many of the side quests will be issued from the followerss(I’ll explain more down below), this can be to help out the camp/help the plaguelands or just to simply further their own agendas.(Morals are null and void here) E.g Zale wants to cheer up Sally because of the lose of her sister. He heard she really likes apples so the group venture out to find the best apple merchant in the plaguelands Niahnae wish’s to delve deeper Into her research of the darker arts, so the group set out to hunt down the evil cultists and use them for her sacrificial experiments. Followers During this campaign players will have the choice to recruit followers to their cause. To note this doesn’t mean each follower is good, they in some cases can be worse than people they fight or even formerly part of them. It’s up to the players to decide a. If they trust them B. Are they a worthy edition to the team. Why would the players want followers? Answer) Followers play a crucial part to the dynamic. Each follower playing a different roll, views and skills in which they can take along with them during key events. They help with changing the story, allowing players to choose 1 or in some cases more followers on missions/events with them. This could make events easier and harder. Followers are not immune to plot armour and are/if not more expendable than players. Player Priority and Recaps Players who frequently attend events will get priority over others. It just makes sense. “BUT dreadmaw, what if I miss an event?!?!?” Don’t worry, full recaps will be posted on the forums/Discord group(That I’ll make). Player Locks and eligibility If you’re OP, you’re still welcome to join however not preferable as the difficulty will scale to people in the events to make it harder to rick roll through events. You’re NOT locked to this storyline, however any loot you get outside this storyline will be invalid during the events, same goes with items you’ve acquired during this storyline to the outside UNTIL this campaign concludes. The Rolling system Players from here on out will be forced to use the rolling system during my events. To note this doesn’t mean you’ll be rolling for everything, but I will detail a list. Rolling list: Actions during bosses Incredible feats Power scale Counterplay Examination of items, scenery etc. Dodging hard mechanics RP when I'm offline “BUT Dreadmaw, what can we do when you’re offline?” players can still chill in the rest/Follower ZONE and RP between themselves DEATHNOTE… *Cough* Death Death is very real during these events and everyone runs the risks, some events will be harder than others and that we be indicated on discord/Forums. A note to remember, you’re on unholy ground which means magic of the light variety will be weakened greatly. How to Attend/Sign up Players who wish to attend these events need to join the preset Discord below and post on the main page their characters basic info like: Name: Race: Gender: Class(Tank/MDPS/RDPS/Healer): Faction: Age: The deadline for entries for the first event is the 10th of april as the first event will commence on the 11th. Discord Players attending are required to join the discord as newer chapters and info will be posted there along with a place to optionally commune during and outside of the events. Discord Link: https://discord.gg/57v2bWe
  10. Hey guys it’s ya boi, Dreadmaw Title: Smitten Event type: Seasonal/Mystery(Sort of, not really) Lore/Event Starter: With this time of year, it’s natural for Couples to leave their homes for a vacation. This years craze is apparently the dense jungle of Stranglethorn vale. With its hot weather and tropical beaches, why anyone would want to be anywhere else is beyond me! The worst place to be is Winterspring as currently it’s too cold at this time of year for most, However a young couple have been reported missing after heading to Winterspring for a romantic time by the frozen lake. With missing posters handed out, adventures would meep up with the concerned parent in Everlook. Difficulty: 4/10 Not hard, just casual Rewards: Seasonal Duration: Medium Date: 14 February 2018 Time: 7PM UK time.
  11. Hey guys, it’s me again! The Tear (Boss Fight) j IC information Story so far: The group had/has cleared the Collapsed Twilight depths, only to find one last problem within, A tear, torn between the Firelands and Azeroth. Objective: Venture into the Depths and find a way to close the tear. OOC Information Date: 6th Feb 18 Time: 12 Midday UK time Difficulty Warning: 10/10, be advised this is a highly dangerous Boss Fight and ending to this storyline. You’ve been warned. Loot Warning: 9/10 Good Loot at a High Risk. Reservation: Those who took part in the Twilight Depth event get priority but there will be extra Slots available. Any questions? Hit me up InGame/Discord/Forums DropDeadDreadmaw