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  1. mynkya

    Republican Party

    this is one of the better shitposts I've seen, well done
  2. mynkya

    Call for aid!

    "We 'accidentally' activated a skyscraper sized golem made out of Adamantine"
  3. Night Elf can work for a Neutral character, they really didn't care much about the Alliance until the last few decades, and given their long lives it's understandable that one might have just gone back to caring only about themselves. They may still have a dislike for Orcs, though. Quel'dorei could also work, but they definitely have much stronger ties to the Alliance than the Kaldorei. Orcs obviously have a very strong allegiance to the Horde, but might have fallen out of favour with how the Horde operates sometimes. Not all Orcs are as violent and thuggish as Blizzard loves to make them, and a more Neutral, Honorable Orc along the lines of modern Saurfang's personality could be refreshing. Sin'dorei I think are mostly in the Horde out of realistic necessity and geographical location, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a politically neutral Sin'dorei that just isn't bothered one way or the other for Horde or Alliance. But, honestly, a Hozen would be a fun little idea if you think you can pull it off. They'd definitely be the best choice in the Neutral category, though I'm not sure how good they are at being Monks. As far as I'm aware, pretty much anyone can learn to be a Monk, so I think that could work. It might seem a little avant-garde to some people, but it won't be the weirdest thing we've had.
  4. I would like to attend one of these events on A'shal, provided that the application for Warden is approved on time and if the DMs are willing to have me. It could create some nice flavour, and I can also just be relegated to the sidelines to cut off prisoners and hold chokepoints if you would like to keep the main focus on Demon Hunter PCs
  5. First half was fun, I recommend going to the second half at 8:30
  6. A'shal is ready to help her strange, unexpected allies once more! The Outcasts may count on her aid.
  7. Watsiro is easily one of my favourite Dungeon Masters on the server and I don't just say this through the bias of being his friend. I've truly enjoyed 99.9% of the time I've been in his events on various characters. He's a quick typer, is fair & balanced in his decision making and leaves room for you to be the hero and perform cool stunts. And he barely even posts thinking emojis anymore. Tip-top Trial. +Support
  8. The only acceptable outcome here is to obviously give everyone an Ashbringer. We will mass produce them.
  9. mynkya

    Demon Souls

    I put Cali back in the anti-shitposting cage.
  10. mynkya

    Demon Souls

    That was Dark Souls silly !
  11. mynkya

    Demon Souls

    Cold said we should discuss this in a different thread. Who was your favourite boss from the game? :)
  12. mynkya

    Joanna Has a Favour

    Player Name: Ash Character Name: Caroline Gladys Character Race: Human Character Class: Thief (Rogue)