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  1. LNB you seem to have a pretty defensive and hostile tone toward people for a thread where you've barely been mentioned
  2. Dungeons and Raids are largely just a set piece with a set outcome, and rarely serve as an impactful tool for character development. I don't feel like any of it should be mandatory for the server to do before moving on, and really we could do with a community vote to decide what content we actually want to do. I'm sure the community has the best interests of storytelling in their hearts, and don't want raids and dungeons just for clout and loot, but I think our DM's could serve better in fitting a role more dedicated towards the storytelling we want, and not the storytelling we seem to be forced to do at times. tl;dr, I'd like to see more focus on the development of our characters and not Blizzard's characters, and I think we can come up with better ideas than Blizzard I think Bulo has some good notions in that regard
  3. Say no more.
  4. mynkya


    hi I forgot to mention i was going on a break for a week but I'm back from LAN now and will be returning to DMing once I've recovered from LAN flu xxxx
  5. mynkya

    Whatsup I'm back

    Good to see you again, champ
  6. Sup, welcome, have fun out there
  7. mynkya

    Silver for Monsters?

    tl;dr, I honestly have no clue, only theories, sorry ;( I'm happy enough with the explanation that Kul Tirans used Silver as their means to combat special monsters in the absence of anything substantially Holy, and that Holy powers are substantially more cost effective, if you have them. If not, you use what you have at your disposal, expensive or otherwise, to make sure your family sees another sunrise. As for why it only affects Drust magic, I'm not entirely sure. It could be its inherent property as an uncorruptible purity that makes it effective against 'impure' witches, or its anti-microbial properties that make it react well against rotting, sulfurous flesh being translated to acting well against dark magic in general, including that of Undead and Necromancy. You can think of Silver as a 'blood purifier' in this case. In our world, in historical folklore, Silver was also heavily linked by some to the mysticism of the moon, and by others to the solar deities (Horus for example), symbolising superiority over foes. So if you wanted, you could go down a route connecting it to Elune for the lunar side of things, or to An'she for the solar side of things, both of which are known deities that resist against monsters and the undead specifically. Perhaps this gives Silver an inherent holy boost, or perhaps it makes it easier to enchant with holy power. Perhaps it's something else entirely. Up to you. There's also a route with Silver linked to Alchemy, and whilst I doubt anybody in the WoW universe knows what an Electron is, Silver exists in a permanantly agitated and 'excited' state, having a single electron that exists in a higher energy state. Whilst this doesn't mean much for combating undead or Drust, it is a unique property amongst the elements, and given that we know you can do some seriously powerful things with Alchemy in WoW, it could be a contributing factor as to why Silver alone is so combat effective against certain types of energy, as it is energetic itself. Unfortunately, as you can see, there's really no hard concrete evidence for why Silver is effective, there's just some points that you can use to craft some custom lore (Audience Cue: gasp!). It might be poignant to look at what Drust magic actually is, in order to suss out why it's used against that form of magic specifically. We can see that they use dark rituals and sacrifices, using the hearts and other organs of creatures in the practice of dark arts. They also use Fetishes and draw runes to shape their magic. Perhaps this is variant form of combining Voodoo magic and Inscription, and Silver is just a combatant against specifically Voodoo, rather than 'necromancy' too (although you can use Voodoo to raise the dead so it's maybe a moot point). Could be that Silver is also used in Kul Tiras to combat the Zandalari, which is why there was an abundance in ages past. But that's just pure gesticulation, since as far as I know, nobody in BfA uses Silver against the Zandalari, not intentionally anyway.
  8. Drag the 'item' folder into your Paragon root directory, where the Data, Cache, DBFilesClient, Interface etc etc folders are. Just leave it there and boot up the game and it should be good to go. Remember, put the folder there, not what's in the folder.
  9. mynkya

    Call for aid!

    "We 'accidentally' activated a skyscraper sized golem made out of Adamantine"
  10. Dunno how much people care about progression anymore, on my end I haven't really been bothered and have just been getting DMs to help me develop my charater's story, and I've seen other players doing the same thing. I've also seen DMs willing to branch out more from the strict regime of Retail quests and able to put in their own flair, which has so far only been a welcome change.
  11. Server has had its ups and downs but we're currently on a streak of having community members who arent complete assholes no thanks to a few choice members being banned. I hope for your sake and everyone's that it continues, hope you stick around and get stuck into the RP.
  12. I would like to attend one of these events on A'shal, provided that the application for Warden is approved on time and if the DMs are willing to have me. It could create some nice flavour, and I can also just be relegated to the sidelines to cut off prisoners and hold chokepoints if you would like to keep the main focus on Demon Hunter PCs
  13. First half was fun, I recommend going to the second half at 8:30
  14. A'shal is ready to help her strange, unexpected allies once more! The Outcasts may count on her aid.