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  1. Kelwyn is really ugly at the moment and can't be saved through this force-customize, what ever will Paragon do...
  2. Void

    Lost and Found

    If any of those 5 can't make it then I'll come on Lightwood
  3. Void

    Supply Retrieval

    2PM Server Time - June 30th 2017 (Today) - Max 7 Invites, needing at least 4 people - 1G 50S each IC ----------------------------------- A few Horde men which had just been traveling to Stranglethorn encountered a bit of an issue upon landing; they landed just Northwest of Booty Bay, then upon their landing they were attacked by raptors. One is missing, though almost certainly dead, the rest of them ran away and made it to the Bay. Though they need their supplies. They ask for help in the Bay, offering the money they had on them in return, to give once they received their supplies. OOC ----------------------------------- This event shouldn't be too hard to complete, really. No powergaming, make sure the character is suitable for the zone (no dragons please.) Though I'm not against dragon RP, I simply don't believe they would be in Stranglethorn killing raptors. It is Neutral.
  4. Sounds like it was a lot of fun. Would love to see some more of these, or some more similar events.
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    Joanna Has a Favour

    A few changes in attendance occurred. Romeo - Glaeweth Doomsong Jordy - Oliver Richford I T S Y A B O I - Daniel Williams Vesna Ash - Caroline Gladys Nomit - Alexander Beaumont Bradley (spectating)
  6. Void

    Joanna Has a Favour

    All spots are now taken. I'll be sending out the invites 15 minutes before. If it's been longer than 5 minutes after 5PM server time, I am afraid we will start without you.
  7. Void

    Joanna Has a Favour

    The post has been edited to include the re-scheduled time and day. Not many people were available for the original timing.
  8. IC A few Alliance travelers, fighters or citizens that were around the area of Marshtide Watch would be asked by the Watch Commander to head Northwest of the base, where there were rumors of a Murloc camp causing some trouble. These rumors have now been assumed to be true, as the two guards sent out to investigate a few days before, did not return. Rewards Joanna would ask the travelers to do this task, in return getting two gold each if they come back successfully. OOC So, this is going to be my first trial event. I'm aiming to keep it small, and I am hoping that this doesn't take more than an hour or two. It shouldn't, really. Characters that attend this event of course, should be prepared for fighting. The level of difficulty is not high at all, I've been vehemently advised to keep this event basic by other DM's, or former ones. Just fill out the form below, it isn't too long. Player Name (OOC): Character Name: Character Race: Character Class: Currently 6/6 spots taken: I T S Y A B O I - Daniel Williams Ash - Caroline Gladys Jordy - Oliver Richford Nomit - Alexander Beaumont DeadOfPool - Candice Bloodhaven Calico - Keyriah This event will take place this Friday at 5PM server time. It needs at least 5 people to run, but I don't want to take more than 6.
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    Romeoean Stuff

    U do commissions tho is the real question?
  10. im not smart enough with the program to know how I would even do that
  11. Void

    Romeoean Stuff

  12. It was pretty easy to change the eye colour to this, just figuring out the proper tool was just a bit hard when you don't know anything about the program. Nothing special but I just sort of thought the art looked nice! Unfortunately the ears aren't as long as I would like them to be for a Quel'dorei, but it was the most accurate thing I could find facial-wise.