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  1. im only a girl when i want to be
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    who's granodd?
  3. I am far from worried about events beginning to feel too consistently the same. I think when some remember their time in questing through Legion, they just remember Shivarra, Infernals, Fel Guards, etc. Legion entails SO many DIFFERENT encounters, allies, enemies, storylines. -The Vrykul -The Emerald Nightmare -Suramar (And Insurrection) -The Broken Shore -Argus -Naga -Isle of the Watchers All of the above are very different encounters, different locations (Legion is very beautiful too, might I add) and I know that each zone feels like a brand new adventure. Maybe some just didn't feel the same way, but this will help prevent the feel of "too many demons" in the expansion.
  4. Skipping to even Hellfire Citadel sounds like a much better option than the current lul of WoD RP, by far. I would love that, but I'm even more in favour of skipping right to the pre-legion invasions as Jordy mentioned. Lots of people have lots of reasons for hating this expansion's content, and I agree with a lot of them. After a few weeks/a month of Warlords, the large dip in population began to occur. Before the other server had even launched this was happening. With Legion's much more immersive story, one that the characters of Azeroth belong in more than WoD, I can see the population bouncing back a lot more. Legion as a whole generally carries a more neutral atmosphere with it, that is until Stormheim-... And I think in that particular case, faction conflict would be quite fun. But other than that, the heroes of both factions help the new factions of the Broken Isles together. Not as enemies.
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    Hey salmon

    Just skip WoD. Legion is where the new waifus come in.
  6. Like in our own real lives, some characters in WoW can be homosexual, some can be careless of it, and some can be homophobic. There's nothing that would make us decide on the topic, other than individual belief. As an example, humans won't all be open to it, and they won't all be against it. I know this reply just echoes what one or two others have said, but I'm agreeing with it.
  7. 1: The Forsaken. I began to love the Forsaken when it first began, in Warcraft 3. I fell in love with its leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, when she died proud of what she stood for at the hands of Arthas. It only continued to grow when she was reborn full of vengeance, and created her beloved army. 2: The Sin'dorei/The Quel'dorei The elves of Quel'thalas became my favourite race during the story of Warcraft 3 as well, the way that the elves cared for their woodland borders and peaceful life among their lands was a very intriguing setting. Then, my love for them was carried on by WoW when the Sin'dorei returned to reclaim their homeland. 3: Kaldorei The reason I love the Night Elves so much in WoW is because of the way they fit with nature, as if their very souls were tied to it (many of which are, really.) The fierce warriors of the forests, capable of being a strong melee fighter of the Sentinels, the ones who guard nature, to those who serve nature as a druid, and the Priestesses of Elune.
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    IRL Pic Thread

    Rp with me and STOP being inactive
  9. You're the one from Tales of Warcraft then...? That's the only Dalekfodder I know.
  10. If it was decided that a third admin was wanted, could it be a Staff Discussion thread with a community poll where you vote yes on one individuals? Or does that happen internally within the Staff?
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    This guild has the theme that I've always enjoyed, and tried (but failed) to do myself before. I'd definitely be interested in that.