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  1. We (thank you Ashlight + Ferras + lumberjack) collected wood and piled up sandbags today IC + recruiting for more tomorrow. Wetlands is truly becoming a hub <3
  2. Ley gasp, twas you; @Nathaniel? Appreciated! I'd hope the other side of Menethil looks much the same (at least in likeness)- might be more difficult to put a decent area around all the half-submerged, debre though.
  3. @Smeghead Awesome- appreciated DM to speak to ley' leaders of Menethil! @Aelle If you would be so kind - but no rush:
  4. This is truly awesome! + I can see you put a lot of thought into this. Nicely done + extra kudos for taking peoples suggestions and addressing them as well!
  5. I think you are correct - either way, it's about flipping time! Let's make this place a hub for all kinds of RP!: From mercenaries seeking quests to help out around the area, to merchants just trying to scrape by, to a place of RP happenings for would-be-travels, to idk - even crazy mafia or insider corruption. Menethil's a great 'between plot line' area because it's a flipping port! Open to all traveling folk! Bring your ships, your goods, your hopes and dreams and let's make some PROGRESHHHION happen!
  6. Awesome - will do up a wanted poster after my character, and hopefully some of her peeps, get to speak to someone in charge. If anyone's interested right off the batt, I should be on tomorrow night (roughly 8 hours from now as I'm on NY time around 8pm) to seek out someone in charge and start collecting would-be good-doers. ^^ IG Char: Szra
  7. OOC Request: While I realize there is little we can do 'ascetically' (to the land mass) to bring back the sunken part of Menethil - I would like to propose an event out of the ordinary, involving a bit of hard labor to fill and build back up the sand bag walls around the area to keep it from further flooding. I noticed there are a myriad of guards around the area but most of them are standing in or around the waters edge, seeming to wait for orders of the higher ups. As a 'concerned citizen' occupying the wetlands, I would like to propose a minor event or even a single DM acting as the leader of Menethil (who-ever they have in the central fort), so that my character and HOPEFULLY, a group of good-hearted do-gooders, can help this town through it's belated devastation. The goal is (at very least) to get more sand bag walls spawned around the harbor and (if all goes well) to build it out a bit (perhaps with an over-the-water planking system) so there is more room for the inhabitants and trade to flourish at this major port, bringing new RP to light in this sunken treasure-of-a-town. I'm happy to organize this IC and reach out to a DM/GM for the changes on the spot- but I believe my character would need to get such changes approved with who ever is in charge of Menethil before hand. Please let me know + I'd love to see others interested so we can restore Menethil to it's former glory!