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  1. Cold and Bonky can't play the fucking game without roleplaying in it. While roleplaying, I'm forced to do all the killing. You can bet your ass this is a callout post. >:C
  2. urgot

    Compliment Thread!

    Spins a fresh meme here and there. I would trust this man.
  3. urgot

    Compliment Thread!

    frank is a great rp partner he is my friend and i love him
  4. urgot

    Demon Souls

    what??? what about the guy who transforms into a wolf and if u play a music box he gets angerierr?
  5. urgot

    Demon Souls

    i liked the fat guy with the hammer and the cool guy with the spear xd
  6. urgot

    Final Fantasy XIV

    I'm on FFXIV too! Balmung mainly. Catch me on Sereaux Voltain, V'aabir Nunh or unnamed Raen Au Ra!
  7. urgot

    IRL Pic Thread

    When the client tries to tell you to do some sketchy shit.
  8. If it honestly gets to the point of your character being ruined as a result of others, then I believe you're free to move to other areas. If I know Paragon well enough, then you're certainly not restricted to one area for roleplay. If you believe a character that was applied for is being roleplayed incorrectly, then I suggest contacting Staff and speaking to them of the issue. Just my two cents.
  9. I will show my support, from one Slav to another (inferior) Slav.