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    I'm Vaiallia also known as the bestest god damn demon hunter kill stealer of paragon
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    Vaiallia -|- Teianagosa

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  1. There's an undead, waiting in the sky, he wants to come and meet us, but he thinks he'd blow our minds
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  3. So! Me and nommit decided to give it another test! And it turns out musician actually works again! SO! Here it is, here's the links and go download it. I'll provide a physical download over discord if people want it! I've made a winrar with musician-list and musician the addon. Plus a few songs! BUt here's the links So! what does this do? Well, you can play music ingame via MP3 and Midi. And you can also play music live via the keyboard function! You can find out all the information in the post below. Also Keep in mind when you log on! You'll have to relog twice, as when you log on the main menu won't go away, so, once you log on and off twice it should fix it and you're set! ALso! HAPPY PLAYING MUSIC! Woooo, #ParagonsGroovy | For importing MIDI Files! | And this is their discord! | Download the 8.3 version. | 8.3 Version of this too!
  4. Count Vaiallia in for this!