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  1. I'm hella interested in doing some rp in this place, Leeyi might be down for some 'questionable' work if it means getting some coin in from it. Might well be trying to enter into the competition too
  2. Just wanted to check what music is okay to RP or reference / sing when it comes to characters being music artists or having a hobbie to such.
  3. I remember when I was applying for Defilers Lost Vambraces it was a bit of a hastle due to previous staff at the time and the whole atmosphere back then. It was enough to kill rp on that character for me, I did finally get the legendary after a while but I gave it up recently along with my character Vaiallia for sake of RPing Taelizria and Leeyi as my mains. I do like this idea and I do think it should be handled with care now that BFA is around the corner. Things like the ashbringer or other artifact weapons are now shattered due to the ritual to contain sargeras's swords power. Could be that we're able to wield the artifacts if we have reason / apply for them. Or have pieces of those artifacts able to be placed into players weapons to enchance our own when we come to key lore storylines like fighting N'zoth or something that needs a good ol artifact to help beat it. I do genuinely think this should all be considered to bringing in, we already have a legendary rule 1 per player at any given time, I think it being increased to 2 would be a bit much as it encourages alts and not mains. But all in all I quite like the idea of the post, wouldn't mind Taelizria knocking about with Zalatath
  4. Can't wait to get my steam suit! The grind is real
  5. I was speaking to Sam at spawn and he said that the AoTL (Army of the light) Aren't apart of the alliance military yet, which seemed rather confusing to me considering the alliance welcoming in the lightforged in / that event we had a while back with the sons of lothar and the introduction into the alliance I believe? Maybe I misunderstood it but below are my questions Are we apart of the alliance? If not questions below Is Turalyon still in talks with the alliance? Are the AoTL still an outside entity? Are we going to join the horde? All these questions demand answers!
  6. Mayabel approves this message
  7. So! Me and nommit decided to give it another test! And it turns out musician actually works again! SO! Here it is, here's the links and go download it. I'll provide a physical download over discord if people want it! I've made a winrar with musician-list and musician the addon. Plus a few songs! BUt here's the links So! what does this do? Well, you can play music ingame via MP3 and Midi. And you can also play music live via the keyboard function! You can find out all the information in the post below. Also Keep in mind when you log on! You'll have to relog twice, as when you log on the main menu won't go away, so, once you log on and off twice it should fix it and you're set! ALso! HAPPY PLAYING MUSIC! Woooo, #ParagonsGroovy | For importing MIDI Files! | And this is their discord! | Download the 8.3 version. | 8.3 Version of this too!
  8. Count Vaiallia in for this!