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  1. Perfect! OMG that profile picture though...
  2. Hello everyone. I am David Blackwald, and I've started a new guild, of which is called "Blackgrasp Company" You may know me as the former leader of Farhood Syndicate, however that's gone after my prolonged leave from the server. I hope to actually do shit this time around. So lets get down to business shall we? "Blackgrasp Company" a neutral mercenary guild, looking to recruit all races and talents. We currently have our at this moment, encampment is stationed in a mountain area (.tele Blackgrasp), At this moment there is not more information to be held, will update as time goes on. If wish to join, please contact: Davidblack or Bonky Ranks listed highest to lowest as followed: Leader Co-Leader Captain Trainer Regular Rookie Further ranks may be added as we expand.