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  1. erodrel


    Well well what do we got here, this is indeed interesting. Expect my elf coming by muahaha
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    I am lvl 19 but i do play overwatch! if anyone wanna play you can poke me, meinland#21486
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    Clan Bloodhorn

    If there are any Tauren, Troll tribes willing to start a warband with me i would be happy to edit my clan into a whole idea for a warband, since i wont be able to "Keep" nor manage the whole idea alone. Since the warband is a one group that accomplish military act. But like i said if there's anyone to help me with it i am all eyes to read ideas and to merge as a whole.
  4. erodrel

    Clan Bloodhorn

    We stand with pride at the face of corruption, and noble the preservation of the old orcish society, we are Mag'har. The bloodhorn story starts back in the village of Garadar in the land of Nagrand (Outland) not being affected by the fel energies the group remained uncorrupted and lived a normal life, following the discover of the Mag'har by Thrall and recruitment to the New Horde, one small group of hunters and warriors emerged into one clan called the "Bloodhorn" in honor to the orcs who died by the red pox. Now living in the lands of Durotar as a clan of formers warriors and raiders with honor they welcome any orc who would like to adopt the old orc culture. Training the next generation of honorable warriors fighting for the horde. Chieftain – The leader of the Clan and the one who has the last word in everything. 1/1 Council – The Council is two-four individuals who aids the Chieftain in leading the Clan towards Honour and Glory. 0/2 Champion - The Champion a single individual chosen each month in the Clan Tournament. All Clan Members can be a part of this Tournament and prove themself for this rank if they lose the rank, they will become an Oathsworn once again (Unless they were Raider or Spiritrunner) 0/1 Raider - the traditionally wolf-riding warriors of the clan and the horde, capable of fighting mounted or on foot supported by their dire wolf, these warriors have proven themself to become the face of the clan. Spiritrunner - the elemental combatants and menders who have proven themself worthy of becoming the face of the clan. (Just like Raiders) Oathsworn - This rank is for those who have proven themself worthy of becoming a full-pledged member of the clan. They have proven that they have the mindset to progress in the clan. Clan Member - This rank is given to the civilization of the guild, meaning cooks, skinners, leatherworkers, peons and the like. New Blood - This rank is for the new orcs in the clan, new blood train hard and try to prove themself worthy of becoming a Oathsworn. OOC Information The main idea of the clan is to gather all the interested and dispersed horde roleplayers that are around paragon, giving them a new "Home" of hope to revive what in my opinion is one of the coolest Roleplay given the orc story and variety of what could happen in a clan. For the moments it's just me trying to step with this idea, many have seen my orc Ghrog in the hub and in frostwall and well the land of kalimdor. But if any of you are interested of trying out and pulling this with me just seek me out over paragon discord. Anyone is welcome, any kind of orc loyal to the horde can join. Anyone who wants to play their char and have a progressive roleplay, clan tournaments and pull the idea as a solid one is also welcome to try out and not let this idea to just fade away!.
  5. Hi im karen i wanna leave my comment here too.