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  1. -The Sable Banner- General Information The Sable Banner is the retinue of Sir Teagan Paxton, a Senior Knight of the Silver Hand. Recently recognized for his long and faithful service to the Alliance, he was awarded the responsibility of command. Initially given a 12-strong detachment of Knights, Squires, and Men-At-Arms, he has sought permission to recruit to himself additional volunteers who follow the Light to assist him in the service of the Alliance. Experienced in matters both spiritual and martial, the Sable Banner is an extension of his desire to serve and protect through the Three Virtues of the Holy Light. Payment cannot be guaranteed, as the service of the Alliance frequently comes at great personal cost. If one cannot afford equipment, basics can be provided. No promise of good food or lodging can be made either. This is an expeditionary retinue, and could be called on at any time to deploy far from home for as long as it is necessary to see the mission upheld. --- The Mission -The teaching and practice of the Three Virtues of the Holy Light. -The defense of the Alliance from it's most serious threats: The Burning Legion and the Undead. -The amelioration of the conditions of the sick, wounded, and dying of the world without regard to race or allegiance. --- Races & Classes All Alliance races are permitted to volunteer, so long as the individual follows the Light. Warlocks and Shadow Priests would not be welcome in the Sable Banner, due to its origin within the Silver Hand. --- Organization The Sable Banner is divided into lances, each one led by a Knight. Each Knight has further duties in addition to the command of their lance. There are 3 current lances. -Dame Efa Ewan is a hard-talking woman of Stromic origin that serves as the Sable Banner's Master of Instruction. She commands 3 men. -Sir Patton Tasgil is a quiet and contemplative Stormwindian, dedicated to healing, and is the Sable Banner's Master of Healing. He commands 3 men. -Sir Cael Mowin is another Stormwindian, strong and outspoken. He is the Sable Banner's Master of Supply. He commands 3 men.
  2. To add something in for High Treason, you could make attainment part of the punishment. Attainment means that not only is a person executed, but all their property and belongings are confiscated. Their family name is forever damned and family can no longer hold property in the Kingdom. Further if the attained is noble, their titles are revoked from the family and given to others. Ideologically someone attained has corrupted their entire family line because of the seriousness of their crime.
  3. A little suggestion on the matter of capital punishment... I am 100% secure in the belief that the Kingdom of Stormwind does practice it. However, there's just something in me that doesn't hold to the horrific forms in the current Stormwind laws. Burning at the stake, drawing and quartering, the like. While certainly accurate for the period the Kingdom of Stormwind seems to be set in (Roughly 15th-16th Century?), something just seems odd about including such forms. I would recommend that the methods of capital punishment be restricted to hanging, beheading, and firing squad. People may, of course, disagree.
  4. Possibly Hugh? If he should be allowed to take side jobs
  5. So there's this thing I haven't been able to get a handle on and I figured I would put it forward to the townsfolk. The Church of the Holy Light is, ideally, a altruistic entity. Even so, it's many Priests and Paladins have real and practical needs that would have to be met one way or another. I suppose the question in my mind is: Do Priests and Paladins receive payment like any other worker, or is there another form of compensation for them? If the Church compensates it's members in wealth, would it be in, say, a monthly salary or perhaps a yearly stipend? Or would they petition for money with a specific need in mind? And what amount would seem reasonable? If the Church compensates it's members outside of wealth, it would have to be in providing the functional services themselves. Do they provide armor, weapons, and horses for Paladins? The same for Priests?
  6. -Luther Anderson- Ideally he will succeed in raising the necessary funds to obtain his first ship, from which he will conduct expeditions to find the now-lost islands of Kul Tiras. Should he ever succeed, he will attempt to gather as many Kul Tirasians as he can find and lead them back to their homeland. -Sir Teagan Paxton- The Knight Paladin will continue in his role of raising the next generation of Silver Hand aspirants to the fullness of their potential. When Legion content begins, he will shift into a more martial role given his background in the Third War and Northrend. I would like to see him lead Silver Hand Paladins and Alliance troops against the Legion.
  7. Sir Teagan Paxton of the Silver Hand Description Teagan is a pale skinned man of thirty-six years, with brown hair that he prefers to keep short and well groomed. He is of a stocky build, average height, and brown eyes to match his hair. Unless garbed for war, Teagan prefers fairly common clothing of humble colors, believing that it helps to prevent his vanity from growing too strong. He's well out of his early years now, a man in the prime of his life. His long years of service, however, are beginning to show: A graying beard, a few more wrinkles than the average man of his age, and skin hardened by the sun. Personality Teagan is a man of humble birth, and is a firm believer that humility is a fundamental attribute to living out the Three Virtues of the Holy Light. To his mind, humility is NOT thinking less of one's self, it is thinking of one's self less. He believes this is a necessary component of Respect, the first of the Three Virtues. Teagan strives to see himself as a servant, not a leader, and thereby gives deference to authority in the Church and in the government of Stormwind. He innately believes that all living beings were created equal, and therefore deserve equal Respect. With respect to Tenacity, Teagan is a fervent defender of the Holy Light, not just to others, but to himself. A longtime student of of apologetics, he spends much free time in study to continually reaffirm his faith in the Holy Light. Not content to attain a median level of belief and trust, he strives always to deepen his understanding of the Holy Light in the mission to build a better world. He is therefore quick to jump to the defense of the Light even if it has been only mildly offended. The final Virtue that Teagan tries to embody is Compassion. Fully committed to his faith in the Holy Light and the Order of the Silver Hand, Teagan has had more than a decade of experience in the field. A wandering Paladin by nature, he is quick to respond to the needs of the poor and downtrodden when they truly need it. Gracious, slow to anger, abounding in his desire for good, but ready to punish the wicked, Teagan can best be described as a man who seeks peace but is prepared for war. Brief History The third son of a middle class farming family of Lordaeron, Teagan was a sickly child from birth. Frequently ill with coughs and other issues of the lungs, his parents feared constantly that they would awake one morning to find their youngest son had departed the mortal realm. When he was six and extremely ill, the family journeyed from their wheat farm to Stratholme, where the Temple of Light was the preeminent . It was a long trek, and difficult for the family, but when they arrived, they presented the sickly Teagan to the clergy. They saw him through a dark and difficult night, where he surely would have died were it not for the fervent prayers of the Priests. The morning came, and with it, a healed child. His parents, overjoyed and filled with gratitude that their youngest son would live were moved by the compassion of the Priesthood. And so, after some consideration, they delivered Teagan to the Church as a thank-offering to be raised up in the service of the Light. Selected to join the ranks of the Order of the Silver Hand, Teagan was educated until he was twelve years old in theology, ethics, and of course, the Three Virtues of the Light. His parents journeyed to visit him as often as they could, and despite the distance, their relationship remained strong. He performed many tasks as an Aspirant, from cooking and cleaning to serving assorted Paladins and scribing Holy texts. He was a dedicated student in theology, finding himself a favored subject in apologetics (The discipline of defending one's faith). Eight years of service as an Aspirant lead to a new stage of life when he was taken by Knight-Paladin Sir Bryan Balador as his personal Squire. Teagan's time as a Squire passed largely without incident for the first six years. During that time, his training became more martially oriented, and he was schooled by Sir Bryan in the sword and the hammer alongside learning deeper truths of the Light. He was, as he had been, a focused student. In addition, he was trained in the identification and treatment, mundane and mystical, of assorted common ailments. Most of his service during this period was medical, theological, and mundane: He would be nineteen years old before his first taste of battle was had. Sir Bryan and Squire Teagan were part of the Silver Hand's efforts to track and alleviate the plague that Kel'Thuzad and the Cult of the Damned unleashed on Azeroth, though their efforts would ultimately be fruitless. They fought against the Undead, alongside many others, but it was someone far closer to home that was nearly their undoing. Both were present in the ranks when Prince Arthas commanded the Silver Hand to purge Stratholme in a misguided attempt to stop the spread of the Plague of Undeath, and like the rest of the Silver Hand, they refused. Fleeing west to Kalimdor alongside many other Humans, Sir Bryan and Squire Teagan were part of a contigent of Paladins who had joined Jaina Proudmoore in her flight west at Medivh's insistence. When the threat of the Burning Legion became all too real, the mortal races of Azeroth united together to destroy the Demonic leader, Archimonde. Sir Bryan, having long led Teagan, both in battle and in peace, elevated Teagan to the rank of full Paladin on the eve of the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Together with the Orcs and Night Elves, they fought and finally defeated the Burning Legion after the destruction of Archimonde at the World Tree. It was Teagan's first battle as a full Paladin, but unfortunately, it would be Sir Bryan's last. After the battle, Teagan escorted the remains of Sir Bryan back east to the rebuilt Kingdom of Stormwind, where he discovered a remaining branch of the Silver Hand. Laying to rest forever the remains of his greatest teacher and receiving the Sir Balador's sword as a gift, Teagan rejoined the other Knights of the Silver Hand in their effort to advance the Light, eliminate the Undead threat to Humanity, and make the Kingdom a place of peace and prosperity. The dream would be short lived, as the threats facing the Kingdom were too many to contain. For five years, Teagan traveled throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind to combat threats of the Defias, Gnolls, Murlocs, Blackrock Orcs, and so on until the War Against The Lich King began. Now a hardened veteran of battle, girded by faith and the Three Virtues, Teagan joined the Valiance Expedition to Northrend, and took the battle to the Scourge at their heart. For more than a year the battles raged across Northrend, until the climactic encounter that brought an end to the war. Though he was not present at the final battle, Teagan had distinguished himself throughout the campaign both in battle and as a source of inspiration, motivation, and iron-clad faith to the beleaguered Alliance soldiers. Upon his return to the Kingdom of Stormwind more than two years after leaving for Icecrown, Teagan spent many months among the wounded veterans of the War, making every attempt to heal both their bodies and their souls. In an appropriate turn, more than one would survive only due to Teagan's fervent prayer and effort. It was not long after this that, in light of his long service, dedication to the Three Virtues, and success in battle in Northrend, the Order of the Silver Hand would elevate him to the position of Knight-Paladin. Sir Teagan, now a man of thirty six years, continues the fight even to this day. Normal Equipment Teagan prefers well-made, but commoner style, clothing when going about his daily life, though as a Knight-Paladin, he is well suited to an armored attire. His estoc is nearly always with him, as is a thick and spike-like dagger. He is a competent swordsman and well-trained with the warhammer and the lance, on horse and on foot. When fully armored for war, both he and his mount wear steel plate of normal quality. Such armor is unsuited to everyday life, however, and he only wears this when battle is a foregone conclusion. He frequently wears the first set of armor that was made for him, a chain-mail panoply, when traveling, as battle is neither assured nor impossible. His horse is a trusty, but older, chestnut mare that is well cared for. Her saddlebags carry several days worth of food and water for both herself and Teagan, as well as his Libram, a few other small books, tools necessary to make camp, and bedding material. Several changes of clothing are also included, along with Priest-like robes should ceremony be required of him. He does not carry much money with him, as he is a firm believer in charity: Receiving 50 Silver a month, it is not uncommon for him to donate half of it or more. Special Equipment The Sword of Sir Bryan Balador is an estoc, a two-handed sword with an extremely stiff blade meant for penetrating thrusts. The draw-back, however, is that this type of sword has no edges: They are blunted where a normal blade would be sharp. While such a design is meant for piercing only, the traditional movements of a longsword are possible. It would be an impact weapon only when slashing or chopping. It has been enchanted with a faint aura of the Holy Light, which gives it a slight damage increase against the Undead and Demonkind. The side-effect is that the blade glows very slightly gold in the presence of the Undead, Shadow-magic, Demonkind, and other Fel energies. Estoc reference image
  8. 2/10 SHES A REAL CHARACTER TO ME! No Binny makes me sad :(
  9. You could go as far as describing the season. Late fall, early summer, etc. Any more specific, and you're liable to cause confusion.
  10. I'm doing some disaster response training till late tomorrow (Approx 6pm est). Sad I'll be missing the first part.
  11. Awesome. I had meant to see if this idea was moving forward. If you need anything further from me, let me know.
  12. (( Moved this post to this thread. Apologies for posting it incorrectly. )) Luther Anderson Race: Human (Kul Tirassian). Birthday: Fall, 597 by the King's Calendar. Age: 36. Height: 5'7". Weight: 210 Lbs. Build: Stocky. Brief History: Born five years after the opening of the Dark Portal (597 by the King's Calendar), Luther was raised in a family of Kul Tirassian commoners. His father and mother, Ulric and Elana, were carpenters at the famed dockyards of the capital city, and from an early age their children would grow to love the sea and the ships that sailed on them. He was but a year old when the Horde, victorious from their conquest of Stormwind in the south, arrived on the shores of Lordaeron. Tales of their brutality had proceeded them, and even from a young age, Luther would be taught to hate the savageness of the Orcish menace. What had once been a prosperous nation of merchants, Kul Tiras would become the fleet base of the Alliance, and many of her people would answer the call to arms. Luther, his older brother Art, and his younger sister Alice would miss the Second War, but all three grew up in a society focused on war-time production and under the ever-present threat of invasion from the cruel Orcish Horde. In Year 615 by the King's Calendar, all three of the Anderson children would enlist in Kul Tiras' famed Navy. Expecting to come to blows with the decades-old nemesis of Humanity, the three would serve primarily against an even greater menace. In Year 617, the Scourge of Lordaeron began, and the warships of Kul Tiras would fight a more horrific enemy: The masses of Undead that would come to conquer Lordaeron. The fight against the Undead would be brutal, short, and demoralizing: Most of the ships were destroyed or heavily damaged, and their crews would forever be scarred by the war. When Jaina Proudmoore, daughter of the Lord Admiral Proudmoore, sailed west to Kalimdor, the siblings would become separated for the first time in their lives. The vessels that both Art and Alice served on joined Jaina's exodus, while Luther's vessel remained. Luther, now a bosun aboard the frigate Indefatigable, would continue the fight with the remainder of Kul Tiras' once proud fleet. Some months later, when it became clear that the fight against the Scourge and the Legion was unwinnable, Lord Admiral Proudmoore would lead the remnants to join his daughter. In the Year 618 by the King's Calendar, Lord Admiral Proudmoore's fleet would arrive in Kalimdor. Hoping to be reunited with his siblings, Luther would, as many would, be initially aghast: Jaina Proudmoore, from her seat of Theramore, had established a tentative peace with the Horde under Thrall. The Lord Admiral, adamant that the Orcs of Durator should be crushed before becoming a serious threat, threatened the fragile peace that Jaina and Thrall had forged, and the only solution was conflict. The bloody civil war that followed pitted family members against themselves, from commoners to the Lord Admiral himself. In the Year 620 by the King's Calendar, Lord Admiral Proudmoore and the fleet that he led, Luther included, was decisively defeated and the Lord Admiral himself slain. Jaina Proudmoore, now the de-facto leader of Humanity in Kalimdor, reunited the two factions and restored the peace with the Horde. Luther would soon after learn that his sister Alice had died in the fighting. The knowledge would haunt him for the rest of his life. Year 621 by the King's Calendar: Art, now a leader of a Marine detachment from Theramore, would dedicate his life in that service. Luther, on the other hand, saddened by the loss of his sister and the knowledge that he fought for the side that killed her, resigned his position after six years of honorable service and turned to the private sector. For the next ten years Luther would serve on merchant and privateer vessels of every shape in size: He served aboard the Curvaceous Cat, Half-Moon, Swiftsure, and several others. Crisscrossing the Great Sea and seeing every major port city, Luther would gain a reputation as a valued sailor and fighter. There are even rumors he signed on with a Defias pirate crew for a year, though it remains unverified. In either case, no one can question his seafaring experience. When Garrosh Hellscream destroyed Theramore with the Mana Bomb, and Luther's brother Art along with it, Luther's hatred of the Horde would boil to the surface once again. Both of his siblings now dead and his parents unaccounted form, he specifically signed on with a privateer vessel appropriately called Revenge and cruised against Horde shipping vessels for two years. When Revenge was sunk in an action off of Booty Bay, Luther survived and signed on to a merchant cutter called the Golden Fox beneath a suspicious and scheming Captain Hallan. When said captain intentionally ran the vessel aground in the north and tried to claim the insurance money for it, it would be Luther's testimony before a harbor master that would lead to Captain Hallan being hung from the yard arm for barratry. Rewarded with some gold, supplies, and a spindly horse, Luther headed south. Stormwind, which he had not been to for several years, was a bustling port city, and he hoped to return to the sea err too long. A common man, Luther has a generally distaste for the nobility due to their entitled attitudes, domination of leadership roles, and hereditary wealth and power. He intensely hates the Orcs and Undead for their previous wars on Humanity, but is generally friendly and welcoming of the other Alliance races. Stocky, with tanned skin, long brown hair, and a thick beard, Luther has an almost stereotypical appearance as a man of the sea. Strengths: Sailing, stellar navigation, balance, and climbing. Strong at fighting lightly armored opponents. Weaknesses: Riding, hunting, cooking, and economics. Poor at fighting heavily armored opponents. Positive Qualities: Altruistic, courageous, friendly. Negative Qualities: Superstitious, cautious, paranoid.