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  1. Hell yeah I'm there, no questions asked.
  2. Did I hear DRAGONS?! Anyways, my opinion on this is that it's a form of transmutation only used by dragons since it's a very valuable ability. I don't think it's a thing of natural habit, I'd suspect it to be a spell devised by some dragon long ago to infiltrate society, and it was adopted by the others as the spell was more, well, useful over time, with more dragons going into society. That's what I think honestly. It's just a spell learned very, very early due to it's versatility in every mortal situation. I wouldn't say a dispel could destroy it instantly, because dragons take -some- precautions for such things, but I had my dragon revealed by means after being silenced of my magical abilities, so it's not impossible.
  3. Despite my lack of skills with Paragon, and overall awareness, I'll try my best to have you all see into my eyes and whats going on, as I provide advice for LordDenning. Understand that I'm not the best view, but I am among the players. So, lets see what I can contribute... The Massive Exodus I can relate greatly to this. I feel a lack of action by the staff personally in the server as well. They seem rare to find on the server most of them, and inactive, which I believe has dragged the player base down. Don't take this as a fact, but I'm quite sure the gap between players and staff is growing, and it's getting more rapid as time goes on. It's my opinion, and I can be completely wrong, but that is what I have observed. About the character applications, this part I got a solid say in this, due to personal experience. Yes, the lack of staff checking applications and making applications way overdue has happened from what you told, and at first I thought it was just my application, that took a whole week or two. I find that bad, but nothing to note really, but if it's spreading to more, that's a red flag. I spent a lot of time sitting in mall and trying to find staff, poking at them to FINALLY get my application done and over with. Bad times. Lack Of Roleplay Totally, one-hundred percent. Roleplay is dying, and action must be taken to fix this. I've seen interesting ideas, but nothing to pull us out of the spiral that is Paragon's death. I'm not sure on a city, because it's just a hub, and hubs don't fix issues, like the Forest Song hubs and that short time of Menethil Harbor. Some big event, or some grand idea to spark roleplay more than ever. The introduction to individual DM roleplay was a great idea, but we can use more I believe. Not sure what the plan will be, but it needs to be done. I'm thinking some grand roleplay series. Westfall I think might be too small, a Forest Song 2.0 waiting to happen, and maybe not a Gilnean war, too huge. Something cozy in the middle. Whatever it is, we should unite together as players to do something, a project to bring back Paragon. I hope this comment won't be just me dreaming of glory days to come, but actually the first brick to the revival of Paragon. Lets revive Paragon. -Boomstick
  4. Wiz, Sapper Extraordinaire shall assist...For the money of course.
  5. Maybe don't kick our asses until we get things fleshed out you two, and Drak, Necromancers that help the two factions...Aren't you not allowed to do Necromancy in their borders? It's the reason we don't have Necromancer as a class, and Warlocks, maybe, if they don't summon demons everywhere.
  6. The Remains Of The Damned Greetings fellow Necromancers. Since the days of the original Lich King's downfall, our people have been weak, pathetic, and useless... But what if I told you that you could wander through dungeons of undead, working on unholy abominations, and brewing plagues, like the days of Naxxramas? Well your in luck... The Remains Of The Damned are a group that has decided to take action, and make Necromancers be feared once more. We are currently in progress of forging our great headquarters, but join us, and we will grow ever stronger. We need all sorts of Necromancers...Abomination Makers, Plague Brewers, Necromancy Teachers, and so much more! All you need to do is join us. OOC Plan Currently just a guild that will focus on Necromancy roleplay. We accept basically any Necromancer, Acolyte, any undead that aren't aligned with the Forsaken, but nobody else. Warlocks, Ebon Blade Deathknights, and anyone that tries to stop Necromancy is of course, not allowed. Have an abomination? Want to make a Necromancer? Wish to become corrupted and become an Acolyte? Just contact Noztharas when I'm online. Thanks!