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  1. my idea with the timeskip is to do it when we're done with our peaceful grace period and then go in immediate timeskip.that was we would have enjoyed the rp and we can just fast forward just a bit. its main goal would be only to push time forward a bit more once we're ready to proceed with the enxt content.
  2. I'd request one main consideration to be taken into account by the moderation while proceeding with the foregoing stories. During my time as mod, I advocated for a time skip and still maintain the same position today. While I understand that this grace period is inevitable, a war even in a year from now would not be feasible for a story that has not seen peace ever since its conception. Either the races of Azeroth procreate at such large numbers that spiders have nothing on them, or Blizzard is just trying to make money off a cheap story. I think it's the latter, as do all of you. Give WoW a peace period. The death toll is high, resources are scarce, finances in shambles. Whether we do a timeskip every few months or one big timeskip, I still think, for the sake of logic, let's timeskip to allow for a smooth transition. that is all from me.
  3. denning

    Freeport Rests

    The de Montarville Trading Company issued a statement that the reins of Freeport remain in the hands of its settlers and inhabitants. The Company vowed to protect the port town until it was able to stand on its two feet. With the pirate threat now eradicated, trading routes have opened between Kingsbay and Freeport, allowing free trade between the two. As for Freeport itself, the Company is seeking farmers to work the land. Preference shall be given to Westfallians. Rumours spread that another Thalmore distillery is also planned to be built. However, before it all, the Company assured that it will have a trading post to aid the town grow.
  4. Heightened movements in the Port de Montarville and the town of Kingsbay as additional redcoats are seen being deployed in the fort of Kingsbay and the Port de Montarville. Statement from the Westfall Trading Company simply states that it is business as usual.
  5. Old Town was filled with commotion as noises started erupting from a manor of a very wealthy businessman in the Old Town district. Reports say that the manor of the rich Mr. Peter Bogton, a prominent friend to many of Stormwind's High Society, was left in shambles after a pandaren man on the larger side, namely 140kg, a red haired elf, a blond haired ragged man, and a hooded figure entered the manor. Fighting ensued inside the home. Weirdly enough, the red haired elf, the blond haired ragged man, and a succubus rushed outside and disappeared. However before doing so, the red haired elf warned the Stormwind Guard and the house was immediately raided and seized. From the carnage it was revealed a slave ring was in full swing right under the nose of the Stormwind authorities! A good number of girls were immediately rushed towards the Cathedral of the Light to receive immediate treatments while the manor was raided in its entirety and sealed. The authorities did not comment any further regarding the manner, however SI:7 agents were seen entering the building and leaving with ledgers. Finally, a black haired half-breed, wearing a sash of the Mage's Guild, exited the manor while cradling a half-breed youth and guiding two others covered in drapes towards the Cathedral. The Crown issued a statement that a full investigation is in full swing and any collaborators shall be caught and severely punished. Uncertain times.
  6. With the recent inspection of High Command in Redridge, the Echo Company received a high commendation. The denizens of Redridge would see soldiers of the Echo Company patrolling the entire mountains in small groups, with gryphons, by foot, and with its cavalry. The current preparedness of the Company received an excellent score by Command as all squad leaders, including any NCO and CO, would have received stones of sending to assure proper and speedy communication. It was to the great surprise of Command that they were informed that command of the soldiers was given to one Sergeant Major de Montarville-Keiramont, who seemed to have taken rapid and swift action and increasing readiness and preparedness. Reports from Redridge indicate that late night drills have been ongoing, even some when soldiers least expect. The experience of the Broken Shore of the veteran is being transferred to the soldiers in a strict drill schedule. Considering recent attacks on Lakeshire and the grave situation of the Steppes, the Company is now considered ready to respond immediately to any threats to the citizens of Redridge with its infantry, cavalry, and air support. Furthermore, upon the orders of Knight-Captain von Karstein, all subordinate commanding officers have been assigned to expedite the training of the militia, resulting in more armed men and women patrolling and prepared to defend Redridge against any threat. The denizens of Redridge are in good hands. The Echo Company is at the ready.
  7. It's with great pleasure that the Marquis de Montarville and the Duchess Strike announce the birth of Roran Strike de Montarville, heir to the Duchy of Dyrwood. By mutual decree of the Duchess and Marquis, the inheritance of both the March de Montarville, whose heir remains Amelia de Montarville, and the Duchy of Dyrwood, who shall be Roran Strike, is now secure. On this news of stability, both the Marquis and the Duchess have declared a feast for all in the Port de Montarville. In these times of turmoil, the soul cannot be neglected. The Marquis is a vocal proponent of the idea that a war is fought on multiple fronts, including domestically. The feast invites the refugees who have lost their homes to wars, soldiers, sailors, merchants alike. Further, shipments of ale and food has been shipped to all camps in the Redridge Mountains and Chiselgrip. As for the banquet itself, the top brass of the military have received an invitation, as well as prominent business people, and especially the nobility of Stormwind. Guests are also expected from different factions to attend. The security in the Port shall be at its maximum. The Marquis has ensured all his personnel, with the assistance of the Mage's Guild, SI:7, and the Westfall Brigade, are ensuring the safety of the area and any individuals entering or exiting will be thoroughly vetted, including and more rigorously with magical means. The Marquis has assured that no personnel has been removed from the war efforts and any and all individuals present are reservists aiding. For all invited guests, the banquet will be held in the Castle de Montarville, and as for anyone else, the feast shall be outside and around the town. OOC: The feast will be on Wednesday at 2ST, subject to any changes. Invited guests are any military COs, including Navy and Army, a +1 for them, the landed gentry, prominent business people, diplomats, state officials, and anyone who can convince me that they'd get an invitation -- somehow. The name of any Kul Tiran present shall be transcribed and there are chances that they receive an invitation. Private message. I did not plan on anything more fancy than just a social gathering of players. I need to put this disclaimer that any action of any player shall be their own and not my own. xD See you all then!
  8. Yep cz I forgot the names. @Luther Anderson, need your help.
  9. Bounty is for the named person. 5g reward from the crown if dead, 10g if alive.
  10. Lakeshire Time A gruesome murder has shaken the town of Lakeshire as an entire family, whose identities are not disclosed at this time due to national security, have been slaughtered! A group of volunteers investigated with the lead of Sergeant Major de Montarville-Keiramont and Sir Teagon Paxton (insert title) of the Silver Hand. The scene was immediately shut for the general eyes and a bounty poster has been published everywhere of a past aspiring paladin who has turned rogue. The paladin is named <INSERT NAME> and is wanted for thievery, murder, and illicit use of dark magic. In her capacity as Senior Magus, de Montarville-Keiramont has warned all to not approach the target and inform the authorities forthwith upon sighting. The scene is closed off and under investigation of the Mage's Guild and the military.
  11. [Lakeshire Training Camp, Echo Company, Redridge Mountains] "An incident of immense void and necrotic energies has erupted in Render's Valley. Forces of the Echo Company under the order of Sergeant Major de Montarville have been ordered to secure the valley temporarily. An order has been sent through urgent missive to the Mage's Guild to take over and investigate further. Currently, attempts are being done to cleanse the land of the damages of the damages. During a routine patrol, the face of one of the suspects has been identified as Ashrynn. According to records, Ashrynn is a wanted crinimal within Alliance and neutral territories. (Description attached). Target has been labeled as a high threat against the Crown and the Alliance. A kill on sight order has been issued. For the Alliance, Brothers & Sisters!"
  12. Early in the morning, the portal that once connected Silvermoon City to the dimensional old library named Galewing Library closes. Before it shuts down, a sign is placed outside, right where the portal used to be stating: "Portal closed due to orders from the Blood Knight Order. - Management" with no further details. The Stormwind City and Dalaran City portals remain open and access to any faction has not been restricted.
  13. It was recently announced of a new partner joined as a shareholder and director of the Westfall Trading Company, previously the de Montarville Trading Company. Ever since the acquisition of the Cloudshop Merchants, the Company changed its appearance and internal governance and opened it to others. Furthermore, with the Lord de Montarville's recent appointment as a royal trade advisor, the Company has seen a change in leadership. As a result, in recent days, it has been announced that Lord Selim Vaughn, Baron of Redmoor, has joined the Company as a shareholder (percentage not disclosed) and as the head of expansion of the eastern coastline of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is said that the wood provided from Lord Vaughn's demesne, that of black morasses, and the knowledge enclosed therein are key ingredients of the highest quality of ships. Furthermore, as a director of the Company, the young Lord was announced to take part in important Company decisions and directions. The Company announced that it planned on developing the eastern navigable areas of the eastern coastline and invest as well in the development of the Swamp of Sorrows. The Marquis himself did not offer any additional comments. The future is ambitious and bright! It's no secret that the Company is looking to expand even further! OOC: Anyone interested in getting involved more with the WTC, either director, shareholder, or partner, let me know!