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  1. The word was just heard in the streets of Stormwind that the de Montarville Trading Company Fleet, in collaboration with the Whitegarde Company and the infamous Captain Zavaus Dreadmane who has joined the Company Fleet, and various adventurers have taken down the fleet and stronghold of a pirate admiral. The fleet suffered some loss as the battle raged on, but the results of battle were clear: victory was on the side of the attackers! Two ships from the pirate fleet were captured and sent over to the Navy, along with the island fort. During the battle however, the news spread that the pirate admiral fled and went to find reinforcements. As a result, the Company has started refitting what remains of the fort as an attempt to lure in the Admiral and capture him. Furthermore, during the battle, the Company introduced its newest acquisition, the commandeered pirate admiral's flagship that was refitted and renamed: "Lady Joanne's Revenge". Under the Company, it's now a privateer vessel captained by Captain Tiraus Highsworn of the Second War. Mysteriously, in the middle of battle, the large behemoth's rudder was blown and a pirate vessel escaped. Suspicions point towards two adventurers who joined the de Montarville fleet and then mysteriously disappeared. The Admiralty Board has published two wanted posters: one with the name of 'Perry' and with the description of a young masked human woman (insert Peronel description) and one unknown lover of said 'Perry' with the rough description of a half-elf with an Alliance tabard and a glaive as a sword (insert Alec Windfall description here). Both are wanted dead or alive for crimes of piracy.
  2. Within all the hardships of war and the rising rate of poverty in some areas of the Kingdom of Stormwind, rumours are heard of a charismatic man giving speeches throughout taverns, inns and public gathering areas. "Brothers and sisters, too long have our ruling class not allowed us, the -people- to decide our own faiths. While wars are waged, I see only sadness... sorrow... and hardship. I see children in Westfall weep from hunger while the children in Duskwood look frantically around them, abandoned. And here, I sit here to ask... where are those who are meant to ensure -our- safety, -our- welfare?! Where is the King when thousands over thousands do not have homes or cannot afford a proper meal? Where was the King when the entire province of Westfall burned as nobles dined in their halls. [...] And I see in this crowd some elven, gnomish and dwarven brothers and sisters. Do you not wish a voice? Do you not wish to have a say?! Imagine a place where you pay taxes that you may decide upon. Imagine a place where the people, not those born into power, but those who the people decide rule the people. A government by the people for the people!" And so, the calls of justice and democracy are heard throughout these locations. This man is heard to travel around and goes by the name of Mr. Smith. In his remarks, he calls for protests and petitions. _______________________________________________ OOC This is a revolutionary guild highly based on ideology. The ideology is justice and democracy. Ideology: Establish a free and independent Republic of Stormwind, where all races, no matter their creed or gender, may have a say in governance. Establish a body that will be elected by anyone who is a citizen in the Kingdom. Ensure that the new Republic is built upon the ideals of justice, equality and liberty. Party Ranks Chairman/Founder - Charles Denton. Decided by the Central Committee. Central Committee Members - These are basically advisors and the high council of the Party. These are elected members by the party members of those they wish to represent them. For our intents and purposes, elections will be deemed won by those who wish to take a seat on the committee. Provincial Committee Members - These are those who organize in specific regions and work the same way as the Central Committee. Preachers - These are people in charge of preaching the ideals and recruiting members. Party Members - Voting members of the Party. They may take any role in the Party. Military Section (Party Member Only) Lieutenants - Military leaders of the Party. Appointed by the Central Committee. Sergeants - Aids to the Lieutenants. Soldiers - Self explanatory. Whisper IG to Phillippe or Denton, send a message via Discord or PM me over Forum if interested! We can have a chat.
  3. Greenwall Industries and Vel-Tec, a Greenwall subsidary With the news of new management, Greenwall Industries has re-emerged and is looking for new employees. Especially with the announcement that Greenwall plans to expand into Westfall, talent and manpower is highly sought after. Rumours are heard of a second Headquarters that would be opened in Westfall to aid the region itself and any suffering neighbouring provinces. Greenwall Industries is a business organization started by Kerin Greenwall. They have based themselves from within Stormwind, their impact reaching many but centralized around the less fortunate of the Kingdom. The organization has been famed for their mechanical inventions and innovations with the arcane arts, their most prized service being that of limb replacement. Even its own, Kerin Greenwall publicly sporting their mechanical limbs. While being a political figure, often speaking for the poor, Greenwall is seen maintaining a confident and healthy business appearance. While aligning themselves with the Alliance they are also seen conversing with the horde as they maintain an embassy in Azshara. Their reputation seems to know no limits, as they promise not only quality but also fairness. They pride themselves on their fair work policies, all of their employees being paid fairly and having "Union like" benefits. IC Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Limb Replacement- Greenwall is infamous for helping amputees by replacing their missing limbs with machines. They have even been known to augment them to have abilities; such as strength, spellcasting, agility, or the misc. tool. Mechanics- They often sell mechanical goods; such as gyrocopters, mechanohogs, steam tank engines (usage varies), and others (Such as mechanical NPCS (look at mechanical pets introduced in Legion). Most services offered in this regard are expensive and requires an OOC application. These services are usually not offered to horde players in order to not be accused of aiding the Horde. Arcane Arts- While not as prominent in terms of business, Greenwall Industries also offers a variety of magical services. This includes enchantments, inscriptions, and alchemy. Blacksmithing- Greenwall also promotes their blacksmithing abilities as they offer weapons, armor, and just random blacksmithing needs. Tinkering- Perhaps one of their more advertised services is their tinkering! This ranges from anything to a little clockwork toy to a mechanical sword to a pair of heat sensing goggles! Players are invited to find their limits. Education- This is a fairly new yet heavily promoted service, Greenwall Industry has opened it's doors in terms of educating. Looking for a head, the business is looking for young and talented minds, or not so talented, and offering to teach them anything from making your average health potion to building your own steam engine! Military- Greenwall has also expanded it's horizons into foreign lands to help the Alliance, their most recent, and only presence, being in Draenor. This expedition is looking up as the world continues to progress into new adventures. They also offer protection services to Nobles, or wealthy customers. Board of Directors- Boras Thunderbuss, President and Head of Research and Development; Jean Philippe de Montarville, Company Relations and External Affairs; Kinsival, Chief Executive Officer; Velona, Head of Tinkering and Head of Vel-Tec, One de Montarville Trading Company representative to be appointed. As for Vel Tec: The Vel-Tec Company, created by Velona Bay, it's current CEO, is a new and upstarting Tinker Company with a specialty in creating technological items to improve the every day life of a person, or to make sure every citizen, adventurer and soldier is safe by providing armaments, protection and warmth. Being a new and Upstarting Company, it currently houses over twenty six Employees of varying jobs in the company, and seeks to employ more in the Future. The Company is aligned with the Steamwheedle Cartel, with the CEO Velona Bay being part of the Tinker's Union, this means that they sell to Neutrals, The Horde, The Alliance and almost anyone else who has coin. The Company are currently looking for bigger production jobs, so the Company may grow. OOC Goals ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We didn't have a guild post up here? I was a bit surprised and I figured better late than never. I am looking to bolster Greenwall ranks, accepting new and old characters. We do work with the Alliance and Horde, though if Horde your RP with us may be limited as it is not nearly as frequent. If your character seems like it would fit in anything listed above, hit me up! We are also presently doing some exploration in the world, looking for healthy deposits of varying metals and places that the boundaries of elemental planes seem thin. Military/merc chars are welcome as well. Some ideas of roles that might need filling are, but are not limited to: - Chief Engineer - Head Tinker (Vel Tec Specific) - Head of Arcane and Magics - Head Accountant - Head of Security/Mercs - Head Blacksmith - Mercs/Soldiers - Mages/Researchers - Engineers - Tinkers - Blacksmiths Any new ideas are most welcome! Please contact either the undersigned (me), @Slavo or @Scottie with any questions or interest! TM: Jake's post. I just took it and played around with it, since... he's not around.
  4. It was announced from the Port de Montarville that the de Montarville Trading Company ("the Company") and Greenwall Industries ("Greenwall") have come to a historic agreement. The Company just bought 30% of the shares of the weapons manufacturing massive corporation, controlling now 35%. With this new transaction, the Marquis de Montarville, alongside Boras Thunderbuss, CEO of Greenwall, announced the Company's expansion in the Province of Westfall. The two emphasized the importance of lowering unemployment and aiding the people of Westfall in their time of need. Furthermore, the two announced that the quiet period from Greenwall was a time for research & development. With that, Greenwall now looks to new horizons under its new management and combined forces. As a reminder, while Greenwall's reputation of goodwill and benevolence is renown within the Kingdom, its products are the pride of the business community of the Alliance. These products range from all kinds of firearms, alcohol, technomagic, steam tanks and so on. With this new duo, the Company and Greenwall both look for talent that will aid push Greenwall Industries into a new beginning. OOC: Anyone willing to join Greenwall Industries in any capacity, be sure to contact my man @Slavo. His character name IG is Boras. As for me, I'm looking for a rep. If anyone is interested, I'd love an active player interested in business RP as well as weapons and shit. Feel free to contact!
  5. The Marquis is calling upon any capable adventurer to aid in investigating this occurrence. House de Montarville has made its intentions clear to Sentinel Hill that it will assist in any way possible to fight this threat. Any person with credible information is invited to come to the Port and seek an audience with the Marquis.
  6. Town criers announce in all corners of the Kingdom of Stormwind of the grand re-opening of the Port de Montarville. By order of the Marquis de Montarville, a banquet will be served tomorrow for all residents of Westfall to celebrate the victory against the undead and to commemorate those who gave their lives for Westfall. Dignitaries, government officials, nobles and merchants have all been extended an invitation as well as anyone present in the Port or who wish to visit the Port that day. The banquet shall begin at 4 ST. Time might change - will advise on Discord.
  7. As such, with the retaking of the Port, the young Earl has already started his work. He has hired a foreman by the name of Mr. Rindle who has started foreseeing the re-construction of the Port to its former glory. Currently, the Port has become active again with large groups of workers cleaning the rubble and preparing construction sites. All the dead have received proper burials while the undead corpses have all been burned in large pyres. The Earl announced that the priority of the construction remains on the docks and the fort in order to resume business as quickly as possible. The opening is expected to take soon. As for the Earl's guards, through kind donations and remnants of equipment, a large number of strong Westfallians willing to be under the Earl's employ have been sent to the Dukedom of Dyrwood to obtain the necessary training to become soldiers. Once trained, the Earl has assured the citizens of Westfall that the prior patrols by the de Montarville soldiers will resume throughout the province to ensure safe passage of all travellers and merchants. With the renewed willpower, the Earl has also announced that the de Montarville Trading Company is hiring any sailors or merchants and is looking far and beyond for further trade agreements. Priority will be given to those from Westfall. Finally, the Earl has announced a number of projects which he seeks aid in funding which are outside his Port. Announcements to follow as to a celebratory feast and his projects for Westfall to follow. The Earl thanks all those who helped the people of Westfall in their efforts. Westfall prevails.
  8. Hi all, The de Montarville Trading Company is always looking for new recruits! Based-off the Port de Montarville, it operates through all reaches of Azeroth having three strong medium armed ships. The company needs the following: Executive director (general manager and top honcho below Jean-Philippe, the owner) Treasurer Advisor to the Board of Directors (tasked to work with executive director, treasurer and owner to find new contracts and to expand) Captain of the fleet (Manages all the de Montarville fleet) Captain of a vessel Crew members I have some cool plans hatched in my head so if anyone is interested, be sure to reach out! All ideas are welcome. Discord: denning#5917
  9. The Port de Montarville seems to be actively preparing for something major. The Port has been put into a heightened security level where a lot of resources have started pouring in from the capital and from Northshire. In a public declaration, the Earl de Montarville explained: "In recent light of events in Westfall, I had a productive discussion with His Majesty, High King Anduin Wrynn, whereas he ordered that the Port de Montarville becomes a training ground for soldiers, alongside Northshire. As a loyal servant of His Majesty and as a member of the Navy, I am proud to have the Port de Montarville as a major training ground for our Army. Once these soldiers are ready, they will depart to the front until the threat against humanity has been quashed. As a result of the foregoing, patrols will increase on the roads of Westfall and the House de Montarville shall continue ensuring that trade is not threatened. The economic viability of our Kingdom depends on the protection of our roads, and we will answer this call. Furthermore, as a sign of our resilient spirit, the official wedding ceremony between Lady Maeva and I shall be in the chapel of the Port de Montarville. Once the date is determined, festivities will take over the Port with the purpose of raising our spirits in these times of troubles and tribulations. Long live the King." TL;DR Montarville serves now as a military training ground alongside Northshire. Wedding TBA soon.
  10. Official declaration from the Earl de Montarville "Loyal subjects, These recent attacks on my person and that of my family is a cause of great concern for the security and prosperity of our Kingdom. While House de Montarville dedicates its ressources and energies to the wellbeing of the people, the Horde sees our actions as weakness and continuously send assassins and kidnappers to undermine the progress of the province of Westfall. A strong, prosperous and rich Westfall means a strong, prosperous and rich Kingdom. House de Montarville and the de Montarville Trading Company will continue its dealings for a better Westfall by continuing ongoing trade dealings with its new trading post, the cleansing of Moonbrook and the construction of the Westfall housing project. However, as a result of these actions, the Earl de Montarville is calling an urgent meeting of the House of Nobles to discuss the security of the Kingdom. The Earl is also going to ask an audition with His Majesty to discuss these matters. Thank you all for your concern."
  11. Rumours spread as the de Montarville Trading Company ("de Montarville"), an independent entity from the Earldom de Montarville, has acquired 2% of the shares of Vel-Tec and 5% of the shares of Greenwall Industries. As it stands, the business composition of Vel-Tec, Ms. Velona Bay owns 50%, Greenwall Industries 48% and de Montarville 2%. This transaction follows many agreements between the three parties, which includes a metal manufacturing plant in the Port de Montarville that has been operational for some time, workers for a Vel-Tec factory in Stranglethorn Vale, and plant project in Westfall. Currently, de Montarville vessels will also carry Greenwall Industries products. As a result of this transaction, the Lord de Montarville has been offered a position as a member of the Board of Directors of Greenwall Industries.
  12. Throughout the Kingdom of Stormwind, posters are placed everywhere with the following content: "WANTED: A dark haired woman with an eyepatch, short in stature and thin in weight. She has no tongue, she has lost half of all her fingers and her ears are broken. She has a black leather attire with red entails and tin cans on her knees. Very dangerous assassin with the capacity to use shadow magic. Wanted for a number of murders, attempted murder against the Count Theirin, illicit use of shadow magic to attack members of the House of Nobles, and sedition against the Crown. Bounty: 1 gold piece dead or alive. Report to the Port de Montarville to collect the reward with proof of death. Last seen in the Viscounty of Ashwood"
  13. Troubling news out of Westfall. During a banquet organized by the Earl de Montarville to celebrate the recent victory in Westfall against the Legion, cultist infiltrators have killed numerous residents of the Port de Montarville. Right after a victory speech by the Earl de Montarville, cultists dressed as Montarville guards attacked the Earl and massacred the guests. The guards bore scarring from demons and also signs pointing to the Night Watch in Duskwood. A good of brave attendees, notably Kirin Tor members, sir Ghodrey Valorsworn and Count Theirin fought valiantly fend off the cultists. In the process, the Earl de Montarville was gravely injured. The Earl has rung a call to arm against the Cultists and is looking for adventurers to aid in his efforts to avenge those who died.
  14. As I told the admins and a few people, I am always available to help any way. I am not interested in a position. The purpose of this post is to raise concerns and address issues head on, which I think is happening and I'm happy. Beyond that, I don't want to meddle in the OOC politics of Paragon. Thanks for the thought though!